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  1. MDogg

    Predict the world team

    57- Fix 61- Colon 65- Yianni - but I think it’s really close 70- Green 74- JB - he gets past Imar this time but if I had to pick for 2020 I’d say that’s when Imar passes him (but unfortunately for Imar so does Dake and Ringer if he drops) 79- Dake - Dake but after watching the trials I’m guessing he wishes he had made that drop to 74kg this year as people had speculated 86- Taylor - as long as he shows up I don’t care if he’s on one knee 92- Cox 97- Snyder 125- Steveson - the term “jump levels” is overused but that’s exactly what we just witnessed in Raleigh
  2. MDogg

    Wrestle Documentary

    Just set a recording...thanks
  3. Update: when included Bulgaria is actually #1 with 9.72 Olympic medals per 1 million people
  4. Georgia has only competed as a country (in the modern Olympic era) since the 1996 games and has 17 wrestling medals. Population of 3.7 million. Factoring in how many summer games they’ve competed in, Armenia is #2 of the countries I pulled the data on. Cubs has a population of 11.5 million and has been competing as a stand alone country since the modern Olympics began in 1904. 24 wrestling medals. Olympic wrestling medals per 1 million people (2018 population): georgia: 4.6 (since 1996) mongolia: 2.9 (since 1964) armenia: 2.8 (since 1996) cuba: 2.2 (since 1904) Japan: 0.54 (since 1904) Iran: 0.53 (since 1948) USA: 0.40 (since 1904) Russia: 0.38 (since 1996)
  5. Based on their list 5 of the top 6 P4P wrestlers are going to be in just 2 Olympic weight classes next year
  6. Not that they’re the definitive end all on the subject, but Flo just came out with their P4P list: 1) sad 2) Dake 3) sidakov 4) Taylor 5) Snyder 6) Burroughs 7) Akgul 8) Petriasvilli 9) J’Den 10) Yazdani They had Gazi at 15, Uguez at 13 and Rashidov at 18. Aside from taylor you and Flo mainly disagree on Russian lightweights
  7. MDogg

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    Taylor doesn’t need to be anywhere close to 100% to beat Downey. As long as he shows up to Final X he’s beating Downey even if it’s on one leg.
  8. MDogg

    Steveson deserves a thread

    My biggest takeaway is that he did look a lot more sculpted. I don’t know if that’s because he’s added muscle or dropped some excess weight but he definitely looked stronger to me (at least upper body). Zero shock there as he’s still just a kid. It’s scary to think what he’s gonna be like if he keeps maturing at this pace. What people have been calling the upcoming “golden age of heavyweights” is probably gonna wind up being one big competition for second.
  9. MDogg

    Taylor is definitely banged up

    I’m no doctor but I think odds are pretty good that if his injury was severe enough to keep him out of world’s in September it’d require surgery and we’d have heard by now. Taylor can delay the wrestle-off with Downey until “before the departure for the 2019 world team acclimation camp” so he has until early September to get his knee right. That would 4+ months from BTS.
  10. MDogg

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    I hate the thought of Downey being the US rep at 86kg if Taylor’s knee doesn’t hold up
  11. MDogg

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Can’t wait for Taylor to humiliate Downey at final X
  12. MDogg

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Ringer looks perfect at this weight. Really wonder which direction he goes for OTT next year. Just hard to see him down 11lbs or up 15lbs.
  13. MDogg

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    It’s not easy being an Imar fan
  14. MDogg

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    Cassioppi was the real surprise. I took Spencer’s absence from all things freestyle since he arrived at Iowa with a grain of salt because of injury questions and Gilman being in the room. But (unless there’s some reason we don’t know about) cassioppi not showing to the trials after looking like a lock to make the team (and one of USA’s biggest medal threats) in Vegas is different. It looks like Iowa is obviously making/encouraging their active ncaa guys to abandon freestyle altogether. Really risky move when it comes to recruiting. If these guys don’t perform in senior level freestyle after graduation other programs are gonna have a really easy recruiting pitch against Iowa. “Don’t go to Iowa if your goal is to win a world or Olympic title.”
  15. MDogg

    PSU boys and the Olympic Trials

    I also said in that thread that next year it’s unavoidable at both 86kg and 74kg. Hall has said he can’t make 74 anymore so at least he and Taylor will be at 86kg. 74 will have Nolf and Cenzo and maybe Brooks. They’ll probably have a lot of middle weight guys going for 65kg but Zain’s the only real contender in my eyes.