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  1. That’s 100% the issue...nobody is saying your math is wrong. The number of Americans who have had COVID is more than 10x the cumulative number that have currently tested positive. I don’t think you’ll find many - if any - experts (which I am not) who disagree. Every early antibody study (emphasis on early and de-emphasis on study) done to date supports that.
  2. Dude...we’re talking about crazy wrestling parents (mostly dads)...specifically the one’s who make their middle school age kids repeat a grade so they can gain an advantage in wrestling. Guys like Kolat’s dad. How many of them do you think take those kids to places like Japan to broaden their cultural horizons?
  3. I try to avoid calling people out on this board because it never leads to anything productive...but either we have vastly different definitions of “top 50” or that’s simply false. There isn’t a single top 50 private school in the country that doesn’t have an extended wait list. Maybe super expensive boarding schools that pay firms who rate them and most people don’t actually consider elite, but that’s it. I’m actively involved with a foundation whose singular mission is to help kids apply and get admitted to elite private schools...kids who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend or in most cases even apply. Anyone who says there are open seats at top 50 private K-12 schools just doesn’t know what they’re talking about or the rankings they’re looking at are garbage.
  4. When I was growing up I didn’t know a single kid who ever had to repeat a grade unless they literally failed just about every class and couldn’t advance academically...or they had major social and behavioral problems. I knew kids who were a year too old or a year too young for their grade but that was 100% a result of when they enrolled in kindergarten, not from repeating a grade in middle school. How does that even work? You can’t just call up a middle school and say “I know he passed every class and everything but let’s do the whole 8th grade thing over again.” How can you tell a school your kid needs to repeat a grade for “emotional growth” reasons if the kid doesn’t have social or behavioral issues? It’s not like the school doesn’t know the kid. I imagine it might be easier at private schools but the decent private schools where I live all have wait lists and no chance they would let you unnecessarily take up another seat for an extra year just to gain an advantage in wrestling. Maybe I’m just naive but I just don’t see how 75% of wrestlers do this at certain schools like other posters have said. If nothing else the teachers union would make a huge stink about this. No 8th grade teacher wants a kid back in their classroom unnecessarily for a 2nd year in a row just so they can gain an advantage in wrestling when they get to high school. They and their union would throw a fit.
  5. Correct. Early studies (emphasize early) show 20% of NYC residents have COVID antibodies. Population of 8.2 million people and 20k COVID deaths so...so nowhere near 5%. Not to be dismissive of 20k deaths though, a staggering number. Side note: I had COVID and it SUCKED. I’m 39 and otherwise completely healthy and at its worst it was by far the sickest I’ve ever been...at least as an adult. Worst of it was over kind of quick though. First felt sick on a Sunday morning, fever was at 103.7 Monday night, and then completely gone Tuesday morning. Cough and other symptoms stuck around for more than a week though. I’m no expert on the flu and can only speak from my own experience but at my sickest it was an order of magnitude worse than any flu I’ve had.
  6. Budgetary is 100% the reason. You could theoretically create a practice scenario where each wrestler only has one practice partner and the pair have their own mat that’s disinfected before and after every practice. That’s just realistically never going to happen. Maybe at Iowa or PSU, but how many other schools could (or would be willing to) pull that off? P5 football can (and I think will) pull it off. Each B10 school loses out on $50 million in TV money if they don’t play their conference games next season. Space isn’t a problem for football practices, P5 schools have massive facilities and can practice outside. Within the confines of their existing facilities (at P5 schools), football’s “safe practice” solution is a lot easier to achieve than wrestling’s. More importantly, the financial incentives for these schools to play football are immense, whereas for wrestling they’re really non-existent. I hope you’re right and wrestling can happen in the spring. I’m actually hopeful that’s a real possibility because by spring time we could have a massive number of rapid tests available. If we get to a point where every wrestler can get tested fairly frequently that obviously solves a lot of the problem.
  7. At the P5 level I think there will be football sometime next academic year. They will lay out safe guidelines for football practices that will be onerous but the P5 schools will be able to meet. They’ll lay out the same safe guidelines for wrestling that essentially no school will be able to meet. Part of it is the nature of the sport, part of it is budgetary. It’s not that they’ll outright cancel wrestling and let football proceed as normal. They’ll lay out the guidelines for what each sport must do to be able to practice and compete safely and football will be able to meet those guidelines and wrestling won’t. Not all sports are the same when it comes to COVID risks and their abilities to throw money at stop gap solutions. Unfortunately wrestling is at the worst end of the spectrum when it comes to both.
  8. It kills me to say it but I just don’t see how there will be a season next year. It’s not the competitions that are the problem it’s the practice rooms. In some optimistic scenario you could envision a world where the season is modified down to a few tournaments and every wrestler gets tested before every tournament...but there’s just no way to implement anything close to that level of caution and safety at the daily practice room level. It’s not what you and I think is acceptable when it comes to risk, it’s overtly cautious and liability minded university administrators who are gonna make the call. I just can’t see medical experts saying it’s ok for a bunch of guys to go into the same room and wrestle each other on one big mat. Maybe if each wrestler only had one practice partner and the pair had their own mat...but we all know that’s never going to be possible. Nobody hopes I’m wrong more than me.
  9. Perry is a great pickup for ASU but Pendleton was a big loss. Inevitable that he was going to leave for a HC job (like Perry eventually will too), but a big loss nonetheless.
  10. I’d say 66%...if they wrestle the tournament 3 times he wins it 2 out of the 3.
  11. In the past 20 seasons there have been 12 hodge winners from outside the B10. Not disputing the B10’s dominance but not the best supporting datapoint.
  12. Which classes do you envision Professor Terry Brands teaching?
  13. Micic is the best to never win a title at 133 within 6 years of graduating high school.
  14. The G5 NCAA petition scares me to death. Frankly I don’t think the wrestling community’s alarm bells are ringing loudly enough. Question: is there a minimum number of D1 teams required for the NCAA to keep sanctioning the sport? I would assume at some level there are too few teams for the NCAA to bother? I don’t mean to be an alarmist but I’m genuinely curious. If we do see large numbers of non P5 schools drop wrestling, hopefully the NCAA will look at it across all divisions and the healthy ranks of D2 and D3 wrestling programs renders it a moot point.
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