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  1. Making multiple bets that involve donating to specified charities/non-profits and then refusing to actually make good those donations is a certified scumbag move
  2. I see you’re back posting on the site without posting proof of the donations. Where’s the proof you deadbeat?
  3. Probably has something to do with his girlfriend being from the Ann Arbor/Detroit area.
  4. Hard to “devote your life” to something that 95% of people are finished pursuing by the age of 30
  5. The Brands have done a much more impressive job than people give them credit for when you consider the in-state talent drought they’ve had to deal with. Iowa always dominates in-state recruiting and the cupboards have been bare recently. How many elite college wrestlers has the state of Iowa produced over the past 10 years? Has to be a record low number of NCAA titles won by Iowa natives over a 10 year period. Over the past 5 years the only guys I can think of off the top of my head are Cory Clark and Drew Foster. How many stud Iowa natives did most of Iowa’s championship squads have? 3-5? The record breaking 1997 team had 3 Iowa natives who won NCAA titles that year (Whitmer, Ironside, and Fulhart)...plus 3 more finalists from neighboring states (SD and Illinois). That matters...a lot. Imagine how much more poorly Ok State would be doing lately if the state went on a drought and stopped producing guys like Fix, Brock, Lewallen, etc.
  6. I think you need to check your sources when it comes to 174. Earlier you said every time Kem and Kutler have wrestled Kem has won by 1 point or needed OT...when in fact they’ve never wrestled (at least not in college and they’re both 5th year seniors). Now you’re saying he’s barely beating guys who aren’t on Joe Smith’s level. This season Joe Smith has loses to guys with overall losing records and majored by Steiert...a guy who also only beat Labriola by 1 point. Who are these guys Kemerer is barely beating who aren’t on Joe Smith’s level? Zahid also only beat a guy from Nebraska by 1 point this season so can he not be projected to make the finals? Kem is undefeated this season and recently beat Mark Hall...but can’t be projected to make the finals because 3 years (and 2 weight classes) ago he needed OT to beat Joe Smith? Or because he only beat Lydy (who is 27-1 this season) by 4 points AT Purdue? Extremely few people are “locks” to make the finals. This year I’d say Zahid, Spencer, and both Gable and Parris (assuming they’re on opposite sides of the bracket) are the only locks. Kem isn’t quite one of them but he’s clearly one of the 2 guys who stand on top 174. He may not be a lock but projecting him not to make the finals is a bigger stretch than projecting him in the finals.
  7. Exact tweet from DT on 8/25/17: ”Cox had the Golden goose served on the golden platter to be WC with that draw. He is too talented to have no fight down 6-1. Makes me sick.”
  8. When were these 1 point or OT matches between Kemerer and Kutler? Overall I think “never been past the quarters and can barely beat Labriola” is a pretty unfair description of Kemerer’s career and capabilities. Kemerer is 12-2 at his last 2 NCAA tournaments (excluding an injury default when he separated his shoulder in the 3rd place match in 2018)...and one of those quarterfinal loses was a 6-2 decision to a guy named Jason Nolf. Nobody’s ever gotten past the quarters when they pull Nolf in the quarters. Nobody is guaranteeing anything but it’s not a reach at all to project Kemerer in the finals.
  9. That’s close to a best case scenario for PSU. Only PSU guy who has a shot at outperforming your projections is RBY who I could easily see in the finals. Maybe Rasheed might be able to outperform his place and score another 1 or 2 points but that’s it. And projecting Brooks to score as many team points (and place as high) as Kem and Marinelli is bananas. Could it happen? I suppose so but no way should that be the baseline or expectation. Lugo, Young, Murin and Assad are going to score more than 25 points combined.
  10. That’s really interesting...I totally forgot his brother was still at tOSU and in the room with Cox.
  11. Definitely should not be too late based on where he’s weighed in recently (or somewhat recently). Bo weighed in at 87.7kg on June 8th for Final X when he was wrestling 92kg.
  12. Wow. Amazing to think that one of either Snyder or Cox won’t be on the team this year! I’ll be a die hard supporter of whoever winds up being our rep, but I personally think Cox has a better shot at taking out Sadulaev.
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