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  1. And nobody managed to document it beforehand? InfoWars: Arizona high school wrestling edition
  2. Absurd comment as it relates to his recent competition...it’s as if he hasn’t wrestled anyone since the AZ state tournament? And yes I’m well aware of the differences between folk and free...and I’m altogether ignoring his Fargo greco performance. I don’t know how you can watch him wrestle over the past 6 months and say he’s going to really struggle and he’s just some guy who squeaked our a state title in AZ against D2 caliber competition. You know who else agrees with me? Tom Ryan, Kevin Dresser, the Brands, Zeke Jones, and whoever else who was recruiting him (including Cael according to Willie) before he committed to tOSU. Those guys also know the difference between free and folk and what kind of styles can transition with success. Your comment about him being 7 years older is played out and ignorant. He’s currently 20 (he was 19 at Fargo). He never tried to hide that fact. Look at the pictures he posted on social media of his journey from Guatemala to the US. When he was held and processed at the US border he was in an adult detainment facility and posted pics of him and the fellow men (clearly not juveniles) he was housed with...because he was 18 at the time. He’s never tried to hide his age. He’s currently 20...less than 4 years younger than 3 of PSU’s starters this season.
  3. It would suck to be your little brother’s backup
  4. MDogg


    I’d be surprised if Lewis doesn’t bump to 174 next year. I think him holding 165lbs for the next quad to go 74kg in 2024 is out of the question. So makes sense for him to bump to 174 sooner rather than later if he needs to grow into 86kg/189lbs for 2024.
  5. I don’t know the answer but I’d bet pretty heavily it’s in Oklahoma...and my best guess is Perry High School. Oklahoma State and to a lesser extent Oklahoma have been churning out ncaa champs for damn near a century and their talent is notoriously home grown. A few years ago I think they had 7-8 guys on the roster from Stillwater High School alone. I know they’ve got 2 starters this year (Kaid Brock and Joe Smith) from Stillwater. And Perry has been a dynasty since before it produced Dan Hodge. One year in the seventies Oklahoma won a Team title and 5 out of their 10 starters were from Perry. Final guess: Perry.
  6. I think it really depends if you’re talking about the best programs right now (for a high school senior) based on the wrestlers and coaches in the room versus a programs history and tradition in the different categories. For example, right now I don’t think there’s any credible argument that PSU isn’t by far the best option for guys 184, 197 and HWT. However if you’re talking about a program’s success and tradition over the past 20 years I would think (without looking at the data) it’s a toss up between them and Minnesota. Just depends how much you value the number of individual NCAA champs they’ve had vs the number of super star 3 timers like Ruth and Nickal.
  7. Thank you for your valuable contribution, which was stating the financials were useless because they didn’t provide us with enough to derive free cash flow...when in fact they do. You then smugly offered to educate the unwashed masses by defining free cash flow as “how much money was coming in and how quickly.” And I’m glad you attempted to insult me by calling me a low level bean counter. I’m not, but you thinking it’s an insult to call someone an everyday accountant shows your true colors.
  8. Yes my point was to impress you and I’m devastated it didn’t work. Your definition of free cash flow was “incomplete” because it was the definition of revenue.
  9. What the NLWC financials linked previously provide is something which much more closely resembles a cash flow statement than an income statement. It provides everything you need to arrive at a cash flow or free cash flow number.
  10. “while the other is a measure of how much much money is coming in and how quickly” Ummmm...how does the fact you referenced net assets in that same sentence justify this incorrect definition or “free cash flow?” It doesn’t. I’ve got a CPA and CFA so I’m not one of the folks “who don’t speak accounting” you referenced in your original post.
  11. “while the other is a measure of how much much money is coming in and how quickly” What about your definition indicates anything is being netted? “How much money is coming in” is clearly the definition of revenue.
  12. Extremely hard to hold one weight class all 5 years during college like Nolf did, nevermind cutting down afterwards.
  13. That’s the definition of revenue, not free cash flow.
  14. Same dynamic with Nolf and 70kg. Only 3 pounds below his NCAA weight but couldn’t hold it without it being too taxing.
  15. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen but you can be damn sure Tom and Terry will be ITCHING to pull Eierman’s (assuming he’s enrolled and eligible in the second semester). They’re all in on a team title this year and Eierman would arguably be a title favorite. Even if he doesn’t win a title he’s a lock to score serious points at the NCAA tournament. Murin’s a solid wrestler and fringe AA but him scoring meaningful points at the tournament is far from guaranteed.
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