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  1. See the update to my original post
  2. Barring some big upset before the quarters, 48 hours from now either JB will be world champ again or that statement will no longer be true.
  3. I said best NCAA tournament resume ever (which I’ve since updated and changed based on the fact I messed up his freshman year big ten and ncaa tournaments). HUGE difference. I never said he was the best 3x champ ever and honestly don’t even think he’s in the conversation. Either way I still stand corrected on what I did say.
  4. Zain had a 4 loss career...all his true freshman year and 3 of them to Logan Stieber. Only loss in the NCAA tournament was to a 4x ncaa champ his true freshman year. In my opinion he has the most impressive ncaa tournament resume of all the 3x champs. UPDATE: my bad...I thought his loss to Port (his only loss in his NCAA career to a non 4x champ) was at Big Tens. I’d now say Snyder and also Cox have more impressive NCAA tournament resumes.
  5. If you want to compare Metcalf and Zain that’s fair (though probably premature), but one of the biggest factors they have in common is they’re both tweeners. I don’t think either belong at 143lbs, but I also don’t think they are big enough to go 165lbs. If you look at all of our NCAA weights and how they fit into Olympic weight classes, I think 149lbs has the worst fit. 16lbs is just too much to make the jump to 74kg...and cutting another 6lbs down from 149 is brutal for most guys at that weight. When you have a 20lb gap in weight classes in the middle weights it’s going to screw some guys over...and in this case it’s guys who would naturally wrestle between 150-155lbs if given the chance. That’s clearly Metcalf and Zain. That’s inevitable when you only have 6 weight classes.
  6. JB has just about the worst draw possible, and Chamizo has just about the best. To win gold JB will likely have to avenge losses to guys who have beaten him in the quarters, semis, and finals.
  7. Gross is cutting to 125 because of where UWW set the Olympic weights not Bono. As a true 133 pounder, he either has to go down 8 pounds or up 10 pounds. Olympic trials are so soon after NCAA’s he essentially has no choice because he won’t be able to add 9 lbs of good weight that quickly. I guess his only choice is to go 141 this season, but he and Bono have already definitely said he’s going 133 and I’m guessing that’s because they know where his body is at and he’s too just small for 65/143 and guys like Retherford. Gross at 57/125 is going to be super interesting. Don’t know how he’ll fare in freestyle, but assuming he’s healthy and back to the level where we last saw him in 2018 he should be a major factor. I think he’s being slept on right now. He’s my dark horse Heisman pick right now, especially after the 133 redshirts have emerged. If guys like Suriano and Fix come out of redshirt 2nd semester in time for NCAA’s they will probably go 125 because of the Olympic weights.
  8. While a much tougher Greco field, “Friendship Games” sounds like some kind of new age millennial sporting event. I’ll take the Olympic champ label.
  9. I hope so too but I’d bet they go with folkstyle. It would make it so much more seemless for the NCAA to implement. No need for a new official rule book, can use same officials, etc...plus it would be a continuation of what they wrestle in high school (at least scholastically). To the extent they can influence the decision, it’s a safe bet that both folkstyle coaches and officials will be pushing folkstyle. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. Thanks...good stuff. Data is accurate but worth pointing out that 2 of the 3 golds the US has ever won in Greco (along with another silver and bronze) were at the boycotted 1984 games. To put it in perspective, in 1976 (the last games prior to 1984 without a sizable boycott) 70% of the finalists were from countries that boycotted the 1984 games.
  11. Serious question: is there any other Olympic sport competed at the individual level where the USA is consistently as bad as it is at Greco? Where we send our 10 best guys to compete individually at world championships and nobody back home is even surprised when we don’t bring home 1 of the 40 medals given out? By my count we’ve medaled once in the past 4 world/Olympic championships...so we’ve accounted for 1 of the 136 medals given out over that period. Are we this bad at any other individual Olympic sport?
  12. That would be great for Wisconsin if it can happen...but I just can’t see him making 184. People who think he’s gonna make 184 in a year or two should go watch the video of him and Amos wrestling at 92kg for 3rd in Fargo in 2018. Christensen is both pretty shredded and on the tall side...and that was 14 months ago. I just can’t see him making 184lbs 2-3 years after that match...which would be 18 pounds lighter. But as you said I guess we’ll see. I’m a big Christensen fan and think both his ceiling and floor are higher than people expect at 197.
  13. The title of this thread should now replace the name Braxton Amos with Pete Christensen. Huge get for Wisconsin but at the weight they probably needed it least. Wonder where Pete Christensen winds up assuming Amos goes 197 like everyone projects? Can’t see Christensen making 184 and I think he’d be getting thrown to the wolves trying to go heavyweight in the Big Ten. Lack of options to fit both these guys into the lineup highlights how ridiculous it is that there are as many weight classes for guys who weigh 185 pounds or more as there are for guys who weigh 133 pounds or less.
  14. First off you should post this under the thread Willie posted 1-2 weeks ago named “Top 5” I believe. Could not agree more. I lurked for a long time before I started posting a few months ago. In my opinion the overall value of this forum is decimated by no more than 10 posters. BY FAR the worst are the total bully, smart-a*s, know it all keyboard warriors who seem to only be here so they can jump down the throats of well meaning strangers with no repercussions. Just so they can prove they know more or just feel good about themselves. The rest are much less damaging: spammers and overly sensitive fans of certain programs or wrestlers who turn everything into a perceived slight. There is a great community of well informed wrestling fans who are here for the right reasons, but as you said they seem to be increasingly drown out by a vocal minority of anonymous wanna-be bullies who ruin things for the rest. The 80/20 rule in business, where 20% of the people add 80% or the value, is true but in reverse and to an even bigger extreme: maybe 1-2% of the posters do 90% of the damage to this forum. In my opinion either the moderator needs to get more active in getting rid of the smarta*s bullies or they need to make it easier for everyone else to block or ignore certain posters (at least on the mobile version...which is the only way I post). There’s still a lot of value to this forum but it could be so much more. Not giving up yet but also don’t think I’d recommend to anyone else right now. Maybe that’ll change once the NCAA season kicks off and the hibernaters come back...then again maybe that’ll just make it worse.
  15. Interesting there are two 2019 junior champs...Japan’s 61 rep and India’s 86 rep. Curious if anyone on the men’s side has ever won both a junior and senior world title in the same year? I know junior eligible guys have won senior world titles, but did any of them actually wrestle and win the junior world tournament that same year?
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