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  1. Yes my point was to impress you and I’m devastated it didn’t work. Your definition of free cash flow was “incomplete” because it was the definition of revenue.
  2. What the NLWC financials linked previously provide is something which much more closely resembles a cash flow statement than an income statement. It provides everything you need to arrive at a cash flow or free cash flow number.
  3. “while the other is a measure of how much much money is coming in and how quickly” Ummmm...how does the fact you referenced net assets in that same sentence justify this incorrect definition or “free cash flow?” It doesn’t. I’ve got a CPA and CFA so I’m not one of the folks “who don’t speak accounting” you referenced in your original post.
  4. “while the other is a measure of how much much money is coming in and how quickly” What about your definition indicates anything is being netted? “How much money is coming in” is clearly the definition of revenue.
  5. Extremely hard to hold one weight class all 5 years during college like Nolf did, nevermind cutting down afterwards.
  6. That’s the definition of revenue, not free cash flow.
  7. Same dynamic with Nolf and 70kg. Only 3 pounds below his NCAA weight but couldn’t hold it without it being too taxing.
  8. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen but you can be damn sure Tom and Terry will be ITCHING to pull Eierman’s (assuming he’s enrolled and eligible in the second semester). They’re all in on a team title this year and Eierman would arguably be a title favorite. Even if he doesn’t win a title he’s a lock to score serious points at the NCAA tournament. Murin’s a solid wrestler and fringe AA but him scoring meaningful points at the tournament is far from guaranteed.
  9. Not trying to be a smartas* but not sure what “make a strong discussion” means...but there’s no making a strong argument that there are only 2 functional RTC’s in the country today. After all as a Mizzou fan you should know since you just lost your best senior level prospect since Cox to Iowa because of the strength of the Hawkeye’s RTC. And NJRTC and Cornell are not just functioning, they’re thriving. There is no debating the fact that the NLWC is far and away the #1 RTC right now, but despite their dominance I think it’s very, very possible they produce 1 of our 6 Olympic reps next year. Personally I’m taking Cox over Taylor at 86 and Yianni over Zain at 65 (though those - especially the latter - are far from locks). That would make Snyder the only NLWC rep on the team...and unless he beats or really pushes Sadulaev not many people will consider Snyder making the team and medaling a feather in the cap of the NLWC. There are 6 Olympic weights and the NLWC has no serious contender to make the team at 3 of the 6 weights. There’s nobody in that room that’s genuinely in the mix for 57 or 74, and I don’t think Cassar is a serious contender in freestyle this quad...trials are just too soon after the NCAA season ends and he has very little freestyle experience. In freestyle I don’t see him beating Gwiz, Coon, or Gable.
  10. I think it’s a big stretch to list 133 and 165 as potential AA’s this year. Mocco got pinned once and majored twice at the Southeast Open last weekend. Its also important that my opinion those are also the 2 of the 3 deepest weights this season (along with HWT). But I’ll give you that they could very well get another AA out of 157, 174, and 184. In fact if the tournament was wrestled today it’d probably be a coin toss whether Flynn AA’s or not. I assumed Elam would stay in RS when I said 2 AA’s...if he wrestles in March he’s definitely more likely than not to AA. Normally I’d say he’s a virtual lock but HWT is so deep this year and I don’t think there are too many locks to AA.
  11. I wouldn’t say they’re in trouble but this year Is going to be a very down year compared to what fans have come to expect. Based on current Flo rankings (hey, have to pick someone’s rankings to use) they are projected to have 2 AA’s this year...and one of those 2 guys is Grant Leeth who comes with huge injury risk. If their 2020 recruiting class holds they should be back to being the 5th or 6th best team in the country on a remarkably consistent basis. I don’t see anybody currently on their roster or committed who I think will be an NCAA champ (except maybe in a year like this when tons of champ-level guys are on Olympic RS)...but I see a lot of multiple time AA’s. If heavyweight wasn’t so damn stacked the next 3-4 years I’d say Zach Elam had a real shot at winning it all. Same goes with Mauller...he’ll be right in the mix but I don’t see him as the #1 guy at a weight that has so much young talent. But if it’s going to happen this year is probably his best shot.
  12. Since the transfer portal came into existence has any NCAA wrestler not left after entering their name into it?
  13. Deal. I have Venmo, PayPal and Zelle. Is there a way to send a direct/private message on here? If so shoot me your email address.
  14. These 5th year seniors taking an Olympic redshirt are kinda in a weird situation. If you think about it they’ve likely already graduated. So they’re just hanging around - yet not enrolled at - a university from which they’ve already graduated with the plan to come back the following year to re-enroll for a year and compete in folkstyle? If that were me I could see the situation during the Olympic redshirt year getting kind of depressing. All your friends who your age have already graduated and are getting on with their lives...and you’re planning on coming back and re-enrolling next year just because you technically can? Obviously doesn’t apply to the oly redshirts who haven’t already graduated.
  15. No even when Tom stopped competing Terry stayed at 58kgs for the 2000 games...Tom was up at 62kg
  16. MDogg


    Could’ve been but given how wide open 149 is and how good he looked I thought it was too plausible to just be a joke
  17. By statistically I didn’t mean to suggest it was a hard cliff without exceptions...lots of exceptions. The numbers are the numbers though, and the odds of Brands winning another Olympic gold at age 32 aren’t great. Different studies can vary in their conclusions by a year or so, but they almost all have peak wrestling age for freestyle at 24-25 years old with the prime window around 21-27.
  18. You think someone created a fake website to fabricate that Spey finished 3rd in the 1999 District 10 sectionals?
  19. Retiring at 28 after winning an Olympic gold makes a lot of sense. 28 may not be too old to keep competing but 32 typically is in this sport...and that’s how old he would’ve been when the next Olympics rolled around. Statistically speaking 28 is at (or actually just past) the end of freestyle wrestlers’ peak window when it comes to world and Olympic medals.
  20. MDogg


    Sasso looked really good, no other way to describe it. HOWEVER I think people (not necessarily on this thread but on social media and elsewhere on these message boards) need to take it down a notch when it comes to the Hodge talk and him being the big favorite to win 149 in March now. Storr did not look very good yesterday, and I’m not just taking about during his match with Sasso. He needed overtime to beat Keshawn Hayes and SV OT to beat Mason Smith. Those guys aren’t scrubs but Storr is on an “Olympic redshirt” this season. I put it in quotes because everybody knows he probably won’t even make the trials and this is really just Michigan punting on the season to make a run at a team title next year. In other words he’s probably 1) hardly in peak shape on Nov 2nd; and 2) not doing much folk wrestling, especially on bottom. That’s what it looked like yesterday...especially point #2. Is Sasso very much in the mix to win a weak 149 this year? For sure...but I’m not reading too much into what he did against a red shirting Storr this weekend.
  21. I think Hall, Zahid, and Cassar. I love Gross but don’t see anybody going undefeated at 133 this year... If Gable doesn’t wrestle this year I don’t see Cassar losing...but that’s a big IF at this point. If Gable does wrestle I think he could easily win one of the multiple matches he and Cassar will have. I think Hall goes undefeated but wouldn’t bet the farm on it until I see how Kemerer looks at 174. If Kemerer is fully healthy I could see him winning 1 of the 3 matches he’ll have against Hall...especially with one of them being a dual at Carver. Zahid’s the best P4P NCAA wrestler this year. I think he will go undefeated this year but I think Darmstadt at 184 could be a HUGE problem...especially for guys who are facing him for the first time. There’s just no way to prepare for that much length and I doubt they see each other before the tournament in March. Hidlay lost to 4 different guys last year so hard for me to pick him to go undefeated even though I think he’s clearly the best guy at the weight who will win it in March.
  22. I’ve seen threads take weird turns before...but this might take the cake
  23. His tweets are now protected so can’t see his tweet for myself. If true it really sucks...I like CP but I honestly can’t see myself listening to podcasts that consist of him and Nomad.
  24. The guy who beat Ben Askren twice in the NCAA finals
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