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    MDogg got a reaction from cjc007 in How old is Echemendia?   
    When I was growing up I didn’t know a single kid  who ever had to repeat a grade unless they literally failed just about every class and couldn’t advance academically...or they had major social and behavioral problems. I knew kids who were a year too old or a year too young for their grade but that was 100% a result of when they enrolled in kindergarten, not from repeating a grade in middle school. 
    How does that even work? You can’t just call up a middle school and say “I know he passed every class and everything but let’s do the whole 8th grade thing over again.” How can you tell a school your kid needs to repeat a grade for “emotional growth” reasons if the kid doesn’t have social or behavioral issues? It’s not like the school doesn’t know the kid. I imagine it might be easier at private schools but the decent private schools where I live all have wait lists and no chance they would let you unnecessarily take up another seat for an extra year just to gain an advantage in wrestling. Maybe I’m just naive but I just don’t see how 75% of wrestlers do this at certain schools like other posters have said. If nothing else the teachers union would make a huge stink about this. No 8th grade teacher wants a kid back in their classroom unnecessarily for a 2nd year in a row just so they can gain an advantage in wrestling when they get to high school. They and their union would throw a fit.
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    MDogg got a reaction from Show_Me in Wrestling Season 2020-2021   
    It kills me to say it but I just don’t see how there will be a season next year. It’s not the competitions that are the problem it’s the practice rooms. In some optimistic scenario you could envision a world where the season is modified down to a few tournaments and every wrestler gets tested before every tournament...but there’s just no way to implement anything close to that level of caution and safety at the daily practice room level. It’s not what you and I think is acceptable when it comes to risk, it’s overtly cautious and liability minded university administrators who are gonna make the call. I just can’t see medical experts saying it’s ok for a bunch of guys to go into the same room and wrestle each other on one big mat. Maybe if each wrestler only had one practice partner and the pair had their own mat...but we all know that’s never going to be possible.
    Nobody hopes I’m wrong more than me.
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    MDogg got a reaction from gobraves101905 in HWC and the women   
    Perry is a great pickup for ASU but Pendleton was a big loss. Inevitable that he was going to leave for a HC job (like Perry eventually will too), but a big loss nonetheless. 
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    MDogg reacted to uncle bernard in Spencer Lee...   
    is really small. Said he woke up at 128 this morning and never really gets over 130. It's hard to believe he's able to physically bully people the way he does. Can you imagine him at 118 from back in the day? It's also wild to think about him wrestling Rivera who now walks around in the 160s.
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    MDogg got a reaction from ConnorsDad in All-Star Zero-Time Champs Since 2000   
    Micic is the best to never win a title at 133 within 6 years of graduating high school. 
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    MDogg reacted to KSchlosser in Minimum number of D1 teams for NCAA?   
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    MDogg reacted to CoachJSS in Group of 5 AD’s ask for NCAA President....   
    Group of 5 schools with wrestling include....
    Army, Navy, Air Force, Fresno St, Wyoming, Appalachian St, Kent St, Buffalo, Ohio, Northern Illinois, Central Michigan......
    Army, Navy, and Air Force would seem pretty safe. The other 8 I'm not so sure of.
    Wyoming and Fresno St, as well as Appalachian St main conferences don't sponsor wrestling.
    The 5 MAC schools all seem shaky and it depends on this upcoming football season.
    Scary times for these schools.
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    MDogg reacted to CoachJSS in College Wrestling could be a thing of the pass...   
    Great article......
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    MDogg got a reaction from jross in March 2020 Member Leader Boards - Custom   
    Feels so good to finally be an All American!
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    MDogg reacted to Pinnum in Will other teams be dropped now?   
    No, they won’t.  
    It’s about the incentives.  Very few schools are already down to the limit.  So schools still can make cuts if they want.  
    The only schools that would vote to reduce the number are the ones trying to drop below the current number.  And the other schools don’t want to give those schools the ability to be able to compete with them.
    Charlotte sponsors nine men’s teams in CUSA while ODU only sponsors six.  If Charlotte votes to allow ODU to stay D1 with five teams then they are voting for ODU to have a competitive advantage over them.  
    Charlotte is better off with ODU having six sports and cutting funding for each of them.  Or better yet leaving CUSA and dropping a level (though unlikely). 
    What a school like Charlotte and ODU May agree on though is that many sports offer too many scholarships or coaches.  If they vote for these limits they aren’t providing an advantage to their competition like you propose but putting their large budget competitors at a disadvantage.  UVA, UNC, and Penn State might have money for a ton of scholarships and a ton of coaches but if they can’t give them to a lot of athletes and coaches then it doesn’t mean much.  And with fewer scholarships to those other schools, those good athletes will start taking scholarships to Charlotte and ODU.  
    Baseball did this a while back. They put reforms in place that impacted scholarships and roster sizes and it resulted in the most exciting national tournaments because mid majors are now landing great players and going toe to toe with the top programs.
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    MDogg reacted to Pinnum in Will other teams be dropped now?   
    The very real scenario here is that football is delayed a few weeks and the first three weeks of the season are cancelled.
    This is particularly significant because it would help salvage the budgets of the top programs as their conference games, championships, and bowls are the big events.  But it would remove the non-conference games and be devastating for the non-P5 programs that rely on the non-conference to help balance their budgets.
    I will give one wrestling program example of how removing non-conference games and not playing the first three or four weeks of the season would have a significant impact on the budgets.
    - Week 1: $900k from Kansas State
    - Week 3: $1.8 Million from Ohio State
    To put that into perspective, each school in the MAC gets around $700k a year for the TV deal for all their sports--including basketball and football--from ESPN.  They would be better off financially cancelling their conference games and playing non-conference games.  
    I chose Buffalo because they are pretty safe due to the recent elimination of their baseball, soccer, and swimming programs.    So Buffalo is now at minimum number of sports to stay in D1.  I didn't want to call out any programs which I think are most at risk.
    But there are many other programs that aren't as safe.  And this isn't just the programs that are dependent on P5 football guarantee games.  FCS programs will see the impact from G5 programs not being able to pay them what they are use to.  And non-football schools will see their basketball guarantees start to dry up which will put their basketball budgets in free fall.
    And this all assumes that there isn't a significant drop in enrollment or student fees.  The one saving grace may be that more people are likely to enroll in college in an economic crisis, so an increase in enrollment would provide more student fees to fund sports (thanks to cheap government backed student loans). 
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    MDogg reacted to CoachWrestling in The man who recommended ODU drop wrestling.....   
    I disagree with this take 
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    MDogg got a reaction from Schuteandscore in March 2020 Member Leader Boards - Custom   
    Feels so good to finally be an All American!
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    MDogg reacted to NJDan in Div I all-Americans who started wrestling in high school   
    There are certainly some wrestlers who became great after starting in high school. It's possible. But isn't it more instructive to note that the vast majority of AAs started much earlier. 
    I personally was not even aware that folkstyle wrestling even existed until I started high school. When I started, I was very bad. And I stayed pretty bad. And that's OK. I enjoyed the sport then and am still a fan.
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    MDogg reacted to Katie in Americans hurt and helped the most by delayed Olympics   
    At 32 and with three kids, it'll be tough for JB at next year's OTTs. But Dake isn't super young either. He'll be 30 in a year (and I assume with at least one kid.)
    For comparison, last year's non-Dake world champs were 24, 27, 23, 21, 23, 24, 24, 23, and 25.
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    MDogg reacted to Fletcher in Winter sports denied extra year of eligibility   
    Moore can officially enter the conversation of the best to never win a title.
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    MDogg reacted to NJDan in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Yes, it should be Lee or no one. If it's someone, it's Lee.
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    MDogg got a reaction from GockeS in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Moore had 4 matches where he won by 3 points or less. Jake Woodley took him to OT and he beat Kordell Norfleet by 2 points in both their matches (in one of which Norfleet scored 9 points en route to an 11-9 loss). 
    If you’re going to knock Spencer for his light schedule then you need to shine some light on Moore’s schedule. Only top 5 guy (flo rankings) he faced was #5 Schultz and he won 2 matches by a combined 7 points. Nothing to sneeze at but not the most compelling Hodge resume. He never saw Adams, Darmstadt or Aeillo during the season. 
    The only plausible argument for not giving it to Spencer is that he’s disqualified because he only wrestled 18 matches and got injured at Midlands. If you think that means he’s ineligible then we just disagree but that’s your prerogative. And I’m not an Iowa fan.
    I have nothing against him whatsoever, but IMO Moore would’ve been the weakest Hodge winner I can remember. He’s a very, very good wrestler and probably would’ve won a championship this year, but look at the name’s on that list and tell me he belongs. Now look again and tell me Spencer doesn’t.
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    MDogg reacted to tec87 in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Moore 27-0
    Lee 18-0 in ncaa and 5-0 at senior open freestyle beating 2 former ncaa champs. So 23-0 total. That’s not bad at all. 
    Lee defaulted out of the semis in midlands and missed one dual. Let’s not act like he only wrestled half the season.
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    MDogg reacted to Witherman in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    sorry I didn't know the hodge trophy was awarded based on most matches wrestled without losing?
    moore had 5 matches that were decided by 4 points or less.  spencer's closest match was 7 points.  multiple bonus point victories over the top competition.
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    MDogg got a reaction from Show_Me in Extra year solution   
    Giving the seniors an extra year won’t rectify the situation it only shifts the burden. You say “there are college athletes being punished for something completely outside their control.” That’s absolutely 100% true but you then argue for a solution which just shifts the burden and doesn’t help the problem. Do you think there will magically be more schools with wrestling programs or more weight classes next year if seniors get another year? It’s not really a matter of opinion, it’s math. You’re solution would only result in more people having to change schools, leave their friends and schools they choose, have their scholarship levels adjusted, etc. It’s also naive to think it won’t mean more college wrestlers wind up taking on more debt. Even if the NCAA makes an allowance for more scholarships next season that won’t matter to the dozens of D1 teams that currently give out less than the 9.9 scholarship limit. 
    I 100% agree that these are extraordinarily circumstances and there are college athletes being punished for something that’s outside of their control. I just don’t think we should stick our heads in the sand and pretend like there’s a solution that’s results in fewer net victims.
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    MDogg reacted to buf87 in Extra year solution   
    You would have to assume that every school is going to increase the budget for wrestling to make up for the additional scholarships.  The bigger programs are probably not going to be a problem, but it might be for a school like Northern Colorado.
    Also I hear talk of not allowing Spencer Lee a chance to be a 4 timer, but that goes for every freshman.  None of them will have a chance to be a 4 time National champ or a 4 time AA.
    To me, it needs to be all qualifiers get the year back or none do
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    MDogg reacted to nhs67 in Extra year solution   
    Stop. Just. Stop.
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    MDogg got a reaction from brianj in Will guys take back to back Olympic redshirts now?   
    They don’t currently limit them, hence my comment about Micic potentially taking his 3rd. If Micic does he’ll be 8 years removed from high school during his final NCAA season. 
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    MDogg reacted to Regulator in Will guys take back to back Olympic redshirts now?   
    This would be pretty awesome if so. In 2014 at the Indiana state finals, high school senior Stevan Micic beat freshman Nick Lee. If Micic takes another redshirt, Nick Lee will graduate a year before Micic. 
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