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  1. Wow, I wouldn't guess RTCs were paying salaries like that, even to the best guys, but I'm very happy for them.
  2. In freestyle, and only because Cassar is still fairly new to the discipline (his Junior World medal notwithstanding). In folkstyle, I wouldn't be surprised if Cassar increases the gap.
  3. Sadly, PSU seems almost as nutty as tOSU when it comes to the Jesus.
  4. Considering wrestling doesn't have much of a TV presence at all, most of that 250K - assuming that's a correct figure - likely comes from sponsors. From that perspective, I certainly wouldn't guess he was making that much. If his Olympic gold netted him some mainstream sponsors, however, then I'd agree that 250K is pretty low, but Rudis is a niche company, at least in 2019, and I wouldn't expect them to pay that much. Regardless, until very recently, no senior level wrestler was making anywhere near that money in the US. I imagine JB deserves a lot of credit for that, but with his looks and demeanor, I'm surprised he hasn't generated mainstream sponsor interest. Or maybe in the immediate post London Games years he did, in which case not medaling in Rio must have hurt financially.
  5. Don't discount post-partum depression.
  6. I'm pretty sure I heard (on FRL) that WNO was Ryan Jack's first freestyle match ever. Although his brother clearly coached him up prior, his performance looks even better in retrospect, and I can't wait to see him in college. Overall, I was just amazed at the wrestling quality on display Saturday night, and think it's a fantastic opportunity for these kids.
  7. I think so. Perhaps he's suffered multiple injuries, but if IIRC, it was a knee his sophomore year. I don't recall him missing any matches that year (or last year) as a result, so it must not have been a ligament tear, but he certainly hasn't ever looked as explosive as he did his freshman year. That said, I wouldn't be at all surprised if other issues played a role in his regression. Whether his peers "figured him out", or personal issues have been distracting, I don't know, but a two year injury, that was never acute enough to force him out of the lineup, yet still compromised him as significantly as he has been, seems a bit odd.
  8. Agreed on both counts. If I'm not mistaken, O'Toole bumped up to wrestle Gallagher, and even looked slightly overmatched early. But he can initiate, and win scrambles like a 103 pounder, and his technique is fundamentally sound. Was really impressed with him, and his post-race comments. Definitely expect great things from him at Missouri. As for Echemendia, if he took the SAT Saturday morning (though I wonder why he didn't take the TOEFL), doesn't that suggest ISU's trying to get him second semester eligible? I had no idea he was even considering college wrestling, or how ISU got him, but if he ends up wrestling 141 next March, I think he dominates. As I think about it, with so much Figueroa interest nationally, I'm a little surprised he was able to remain under the radar wrestling at Sunnyside last year. They're a national powerhouse, and his back story (not to mention his wrestling) is so amazing, you'd think word would have spread quickly. And with ASU signing Figueroa, and so on the rise in their right (not to mention, close to "home"), surely Zeke must have known of him prior to Fargo? And good lord, even against sub-par competition, his wrestling chops would be immediately obvious. I'm really interested in hearing his entire story, and learning about youth wrestling in Cuba (do they even send teams to Cadets & Juniors).
  9. Until he got the stick, I thought Voinovich looked worse. Maybe because I'm a big fan, I expected to see more on his feet, and on bottom, but he looked off in both positions. Was actually surprised he chose folkstyle, as he's a really good freestyler, but at least his top wrestling was beyond impressive. That said, given Facundo's credentials and the expectations surrounding him, the Kennedy loss was very surprising. Facundo is clearly a phenomenal athlete, but Kennedy got to his legs quite often, and finished a couple of them. Meanwhile, I don't think Facundo got past Kennedy's head/hands once. Iowa fans should be thrilled at the Kennedy signing, as he looks like a potential 4x AA/multiple time finalist. Finally, Echemendia looks like he could give Zain & Yianni good matches right now, and I think I favor him at 141 next March if he wrestles second semester.
  10. Christ, I can't believe I forgot about Pico. Although I think either Zain or Yianni beats him now, I really hope it remains purely hypothetical.
  11. Are there any potential hammers besides Tobier at 65kg Pan Ams?
  12. Aren't all, or nearly all of Cox's losses at 86 as well? And considering how depleted he was under the old weigh-in rules, he must know it'll be even worse in Tokyo. 97 seems like a no-brainer to me.
  13. I'm sure UWW does hate the fact that Iran and Lebanon (anyone else?) forfeit to Israel, but apparently not enough to do anything about it. Perhaps they're not able to ban them from competition, etc. for their policies, but regardless, the end result is that these forfeits occur. Given that they do occur, why not try to minimize the associated damage by at least re-drawing whenever either country is in the same quad as Israel, or at least in the rare instances that they draw an Israeli opponent?
  14. I guess I just assumed you could request your opponent be wiped down if it became an issue, but I can see it being abused.
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