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  1. How does the mat chairman have a better view than the ref, or even much of a view at all?
  2. I think he'd still be too small, so... almost everybody. He wrestled 134 at OSU without any difficulty, suggesting he'd be an undersized 65er. Well undersized. At that level, and at the lighter weights, you don't make up that difference easily, if at all.
  3. No weight classes near 136.5 lb (his international weight, IIRC), and I don't think he'd be able to compete at 57 (especially with two same day weigh-ins) or 65 (too small). Although not nearly as big an issue, he also wrestled in the round robin era, and won at least one gold with a loss. At the mercy of modern line brackets, he'd likely need some luck.
  4. You think Suriano's coming back this year, or he's just not done with college wrestling, and will be back next year? As this year's obviously off the table, I'll assume the latter.
  5. Unless you're ranking purely by algorithm (without any judgment), I think 2 is correct. Sasso beat him, and at Carver, and avenged both of his earlier losses.
  6. If you really think DeSanto's soft, you're delusional. I'm pretty far from an Iowa, or Desanto, fan, but he's absolutely tough. The RBY match was obviously an anomaly, but he didn't consciously quit, and I suspect he's learned from the experience. Glad to see he's back, and that any injury was minor.
  7. Parris will give him problems. He may not win (although I think he will), but he'll coming the entire match. I'm not sure how Gable will respond to that pressure.
  8. I too was impressed. Very composed, well-spoken and knowledgeable. I love Shane Sparks, and Bo was a nice foil.
  9. If it had Verk would have been on the verge of a DQ. I hate the recent edge stalling rules.
  10. I'm pretty sure he's balding, and probably shaves it to look better.
  11. He would have likely been much more competitive with pushouts, and the styles that incentivizes.
  12. That era was awful, but yeah, Metcalf certainly would have benefited from a better ruleset.
  13. When did Pletcher get his first stall warning? The next two I understand, but prior to being taken down, he was never close to stalling.
  14. Odd as it sounds, Pletcher very much looked like he got Carvered at BJC. He's never had gas tank issues previously (that I recall), and apparently he's a distance runner as well. Last night, however, was a tale of two halves, and subsequent Lee's second period TD, it almost seemed like Pletcher had been injured in the exchange. He went from controlling the match to utterly defeated in a moment, and didn't even raise his head for the duration of the ride out. Maybe it was just Nick's pace, but the second half of that match was a complete headscratcher for me.
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