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  1. If we're talking Pac 12 broadcasting, there's Ken Chertow and everyone else. No one mis-pronounces the simplest of names, or steamrolls a broadcast like the GOAT! Unless you're shooting like Mason Parris, you're stalling on your feet; unless you're Spencer Lee and running a bar series, you're stalling on top, and if you're not winning, you're wrestling a terrible match. And probably stalling.
  2. But is the broadcaster featured in the OP's video Jason Knapp or Shawn Kenney? The guy sounds exactly like Harrison's ACCN partner, and frankly, now that I recall who Knapp is, nothing like him. Knapp's definitely learned a lot over the last few years, but clearly doesn't have a wrestling background. Of course, between he and Smith, only one of them actually pronounced Steveson correctly, and it wasn't Smith. That was really awkward, and honestly, I thought Smith's undisguised disgust with the refs provided his best moments. "Put that whistle back in your pocket ref, get out of the way, and let 'em wrestle." Unsurprisingly, Burroughs was goddamn phenomenal in the studio, and probably would have been great as the color guy. As for Kenney, he's good enough that even though I don't think he comes from a wrestling background, it's far from obvious, and his earnest enthusiasm suggests he's become a fan along the way.
  3. Both look like absolute hammers so far, and if their history is any indication, it should be a great match. I'm picking Daton, but obviously won't be shocked if Magomedov wins.
  4. I'm pretty sure Knapp also commentates ACC Network matches alongside my old high school teammate Gerard Harrison. IIRC, he also handles some of the NCAA tournament load. He's very good
  5. Although it might be entirely down to changing weights, Daton's looking better than I've ever seen him look at 57. Contrasting his current form vs. the guy that lost to Takahashi or the Chinese 57 and it's a bit mind boggling. That said, he's been at ~61kg for his college career to date, and hasn't looked this good, so maybe there's more to it.
  6. Anyone know why Russia's #2 at 74 isn't competing? I can't recall his name at the moment, but he's beaten Sidakov at Russian Nats at least once, and seems like the obvious next in line (especially with Tsabolov leaving for Georgia). Also curious about the apparent absence of both Gadzhimagomedovs, and especially the one who beat Dake at 79 a few years ago. The other one was either a 65 or 70, and very good as well. Are one or both injured? Retired? Finally, is Dave Baev still the top guy at 70, or merely one of many contenders? Given Ivan's tweet, the latter seems likely, but as young as Baev is (unless I'm mistaken), and as good as he's been, I didn't expect 70 to be so wide open.
  7. I thought Parris actually looked better against Gable at NCAAs and B10s than he did today. At least until he finally took Gwiz down. Meant more as a comment about Parris' wrestling today (and to an extent against Zillmer) than about Gwiz or Gable.
  8. Although it's hard to believe Parris would regress (at his age, and being Cliff Keen), he looked like a completely different wrestler than we've seen in the past. Up until he managed that TD at the end, I thought he looked better against Gable at B10s and NCAAs (and he got handled both matches).
  9. Perhaps this is answered later, but then what nation gets in if Gadzhiev tests positive?
  10. Are you certain USAW controls domestic participation at events like Poland? It makes sense that they do, but then you'd think they'd have nixed Yianni's 2019 Yassar participation (or whatever tournament it was where he beat Zain and Musukaev), no? Edit: Nevermind, you pretty much already answered it.
  11. My thoughts as well. If the OP's hypothetical is accurate, Cox has actually been hoodwinking us for nearly a decade, and doesn't really stand for any of the things he's claimed. That feels like a stretch to me, and as much as his weight miss is hard to fathom, I think the simplest explanation is probably the truth.
  12. When has USAW given anyone a second "at-bat", let alone for a ridiculous reason? Nick Marable is the closest example I can recall, and I'm pretty sure he was eventually given an injury "continuance". Although it may have been ridiculous, there were prior rules in place that provided for such latitude. In this instance, the rules appear to be very specific, and non-discretionary. Otherwise, I suspect the USAW committee wouldn't have voted to remove him that morning. As far as litigation, J'Den clearly expressed his intent to move forward in that direction.
  13. I'm not certain, but I don't think that's correct.
  14. Hasn't it been established that he entered the building at 7:21, checked his weight at 7:24, and missed weight at around 8am, before finally "making" it at 8:13? If that's the case, it seems likely he did recognize the situation, but didn't have quite enough time to shed the excess weight. From what I understand, he thought he was arriving early, and would have plenty of time to get down to 97kg. Unfortunately, he was wrong.
  15. Who do you favor at 74, especially re: Dake vs. Sidakov, Chamizo and Tsabolov (assuming he does represent Georgia)? Although he may wrestle any of those three much more tactically than, for example, Nolf, I won't be surprised if beats Chamizo more emphatically than in their first match. Rightly or wrongly, I'm not as worried about Sidakov as I would have been if Zhamalov had made the Russian team. Zhamalov looks more powerful, and his hips make him incredibly hard to score on.
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