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  1. Perhaps this is answered later, but then what nation gets in if Gadzhiev tests positive?
  2. Are you certain USAW controls domestic participation at events like Poland? It makes sense that they do, but then you'd think they'd have nixed Yianni's 2019 Yassar participation (or whatever tournament it was where he beat Zain and Musukaev), no? Edit: Nevermind, you pretty much already answered it.
  3. My thoughts as well. If the OP's hypothetical is accurate, Cox has actually been hoodwinking us for nearly a decade, and doesn't really stand for any of the things he's claimed. That feels like a stretch to me, and as much as his weight miss is hard to fathom, I think the simplest explanation is probably the truth.
  4. When has USAW given anyone a second "at-bat", let alone for a ridiculous reason? Nick Marable is the closest example I can recall, and I'm pretty sure he was eventually given an injury "continuance". Although it may have been ridiculous, there were prior rules in place that provided for such latitude. In this instance, the rules appear to be very specific, and non-discretionary. Otherwise, I suspect the USAW committee wouldn't have voted to remove him that morning. As far as litigation, J'Den clearly expressed his intent to move forward in that direction.
  5. I'm not certain, but I don't think that's correct.
  6. Hasn't it been established that he entered the building at 7:21, checked his weight at 7:24, and missed weight at around 8am, before finally "making" it at 8:13? If that's the case, it seems likely he did recognize the situation, but didn't have quite enough time to shed the excess weight. From what I understand, he thought he was arriving early, and would have plenty of time to get down to 97kg. Unfortunately, he was wrong.
  7. Who do you favor at 74, especially re: Dake vs. Sidakov, Chamizo and Tsabolov (assuming he does represent Georgia)? Although he may wrestle any of those three much more tactically than, for example, Nolf, I won't be surprised if beats Chamizo more emphatically than in their first match. Rightly or wrongly, I'm not as worried about Sidakov as I would have been if Zhamalov had made the Russian team. Zhamalov looks more powerful, and his hips make him incredibly hard to score on.
  8. I wouldn't dismiss Zhang, or even Rose or Joanna, but Zhang especially is no slouch on the ground, and incredibly strong for strawweight. Prior to the Esparza and Nunes (then Ansaroff) fights, I probably would have agreed with your assessment, but Zhang was largely unknown back then, and both Esparza and Nunes looked better than expected against Suarez. She may not have been 100% for either fight, however, as Esparza gave her all she could handle in the second and third rounds (and won the third decisively), and IIRC, Nunes was competitive for all three. I think I remember reading that she had a knee issue around that time, but it might have been earlier. Regardless, from her TUF fights until the second round against Esparza, she'd looked nigh on unbeatable, and markedly different than she looked in her subsequent five rounds of fighting.
  9. From what I understand, she was on her way to making a World Team when she was diagnosed.
  10. That would be a great fight! Dern looked amazing against Nunes, who looked better than I expected against Suarez (and even won a round, IIRC). I guess the question would be: how good is Dern off her back, and if she's as good as you'd expect, how good is Suarez' jui jitsu defense from top? Or would it simply turn into the proverbial grappler v. grappler fight that never ends up on the ground? I very much doubt it, but you never know.
  11. Doesn't Destribats have some pretty good wins, and is a bit of landmine, but never seems to put together a complete tournament? I'm probably misremembering, but I thought he went on a bit of a run at the recent World Cup, before losing ignominiously.
  12. You don't think the Dake throw fit the continuation criteria? I'm asking, not writing rhetorically, as I really don't understand when continuation is appropriate, and when not. A little bit like when someone is grounded on a step out.
  13. For the 2021 Worlds, and potentially thereafter, wouldn't it be a no-brainer? Dake's likely to medal, and the 74 cut, especially with 2 hour weigh-ins, is supposedly pretty difficult anyway. Not to mention, I think most of us would probably favor him to make the team, and probably win Worlds at 79, no?
  14. If the typical MMA sites aren't your cup of tea, you should check out Bloody Elbow. Although the posted content probably isn't much different, the readership and comments most certainly are, and FWIW, it's the only MMA site I enjoy. As for Suarez, she's an absolute beast at 115, and I hope we get to see her fight Zhang (and at 100%).
  15. I didn't give Snyder much of a chance heading into either Sadulaev match, and don't favor him in a potential Olympic final, but I absolutely hope I'm wrong. Regarding the 2018 pin, as much as it did seem a bit flukey, hadn't Sadulaev been hitting that "dump" all tournament?
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