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  1. I didn't even think about that, but with that in mind, I agree.
  2. Interesting, as although Cincy is by no means an FBS powerhouse, they are currently a top 10 team (#7 IIRC), and with a lot of help, could potentially make the four team playoff. Notre Dame would have to beat Clemson in the ACC Championship, and both Texas A&M and Florida would have to lose (or otherwise get jumped), but they're absolutely in the mix. And Parris is certainly big enough, and probably athletic enough to be a starting LB, or even FB, and his work ethic is likely off the charts. I'm no expert, but I wouldn't be surprised by any future NFL interest.
  3. Yesterday's "Five Day 2 Matches to Watch" Flo article claims that RTC Cup matches will, or at least can affect OTT seeding. Whether that's accurate or not, I don't know, but in the Kollin Moore match section, the article explicitly mentions seeding implications. I agree that there is certainly evidence suggesting otherwise, and the author may simply have assumed incorrectly, but it did catch my eye.
  4. That, and his brother's really freakin' good.
  5. Foley and Ragusin are probably right there with him, and maybe the Purdue kid (if he still has eligibility), but Camacho's definitely a potential finalist.
  6. Hidlay/Amine was a shocker, even after seeing him beat Brooks etc., but Parris-Gwiz - with the dual on the line - was insane! TBF, Parris was fresh, but he also wrestled a much smarter match, looked great defending Gwiz' singles, and Gwiz never really looked particularly gassed. I'm not comfortable claiming the torch has been passed (to Parris or Steveson, let alone both), but Parris looks like he's improved since March. Really looking forward to a potential Parris/Steveson OTT semifinal.
  7. I actually enjoy Pyles' commentary, but every time he says freestyle matches are never tied, I want to remind that until someone scores, every match is tied.
  8. Although today's results suggest Gable's at the top, followed by Gwiz and Parris respectively, I'm not sure it's really that straightforward. Did Parris gas a bit against a fresher Gwiz, and if so, how much of that was down to having wrestled Nelson shortly beforehand? Or did Gwiz just get off to a slow start? And how much did the Parris match subsequently cost him against Gable? I obviously wish we'd seem Gable/Parris, especially as both would have been fresh, but maybe we'll see it tomorrow (I haven't looked at the bracket, so I'm not sure what the possibilities are)? Regardless, as much I think Gable will be our rep in Tokyo, neither a Parris nor Gwiz Trials win would shock me.
  9. Aliyev hasn't qualified? And only a single spot to fill? If so, yeah, it's going to be an uphill battle.
  10. Mind, he was anything but a soft 178. Nonetheless, I agree. He's probably not J'Den Cox trying to make 86 kg with day of weigh-ins.
  11. The prototypical undefeated age group heavyweight! Jokes aside, JR Pleinis was that guy when we were in middle school, and he turned out alright.
  12. I'm skeptical about 2024, but agree, he's going 74 next year. As for the match, that was an impressive second period, and from my (admittedly distant) perspective, he broke Zahid. Oddly enough, when Zahid could only convert that first single of the second period into a step out, I thought Jordan might well take it. Valencia just looked exhausted. Assuming Dake just ignores the second period, as any delusional champion would, I suspect his confidence will grow, and I cannot wait for Trials. That series could well be the most watched, and eventually famous, wrestling match(es) in American history. Regarding the Echemendia match, I was really shocked by his lack of explosiveness, as well as the relative ease with which Henderson moved him around the mat. Maybe Henderson's just better than I thought, but he certainly didn't look like a worldbeater against Alirez at Senior Nationals. Was Echemendia over-trained, nursing a niggling injury, or just not quite as good as some of us assumed? Who knows, but I still don't see Lee & Eierman walking through him (as someone claimed earlier), and if we get a folkstyle season, I suspect he'll be right there in March. Since I only saw the "No Filler" re-broadcast, Gadsen's injury wasn't discussed, and I'm curious what happened. It looked like a groin shot, or upper thigh injury in the moment, but his audible reaction afterwards, and subsequent, immediate match termination, suggest something potentially more serious. He certainly looked to have made some key adjustments, and I hope he's not sidelined for too long. Finally, Berger looked really impressive against Sasso. I don't know who was generally favored, but I didn't expect him to finish so cleanly, and so often against such a defensively gifted wrestler like Sasso, and I'll be following his Senior level career pretty closely. Although some of the scoring seemed way off, especially early, I really enjoyed the card, and am excited for whatever's next.
  13. For clarity's sake, I meant both the original broken fingers post, and PSUUSMC's 1st amendment/fascism rebuttal. Requesting that Coach Smith break an 18-19 year old's fingers for any reason (let alone for, IMO, being young and foolish) is obviously excessive, but I wouldn't equate him telling the same youngster to take a vacation from Twitter with fascism (or even the first steps in that direction).
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