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  1. Thanks for saving me a trip through your posting history! Antitroll, please consider question 1 answered.
  2. If you'll explain how to access his post history, sure. As someone who thought very little of russelscout initially, and argued with him quite a bit in more than few wrestling threads, I was initially irritated to learn how well he critically thinks. Eventually I realized our wrestling ideologies (for lack of a better phrase) weren't as divided as I'd once thought either; I'd simply been unable to get past his Iowa support. My mistake, and hopefully, lesson learned. I sometimes suspect LJB and I share substantially more common ground as well; at least until his next post inevitably ruins the moment.
  3. Isn't what you're describing as hatred of America really just broad disagreement with ideological conservatism (and more specifically, social conservatism)? If not, can you clearly describe what is that LeBron & Kap et al. hate, and why you consider it to be America?
  4. Honestly, your arguments aren't emotional at all. They're well researched, clearly expressed, and persuasive. I appreciate your contributions and have learned a bit along the way. If you weren't an Iowa fan, we'd probably get along swimmingly.
  5. As much as I support Kaepernik's demonstration, I don't think I can reasonably disagree with your analysis. IIRC, he either won his lawsuit against the NFL, or they settled, but even that probably doesn't impugn your claim. Fair point all around, even if it somewhat infuriates me.
  6. I never claimed his post was explicitly racist. Read within the context of the current cultural climate (chosen as the moment to voice his opinion), his far right nationalism, and extreme social conservatism, however, I stand by my posts. Unfortunately (for this discussion), he's since taken his social media accounts down, but I'm pretty sure his socio-political ideology has been documented elsewhere. And once again, for clarity's sake, I suspect he's a racist. I don't know he's a racist, am not accusing him of being a racist, but won't be at all shocked if my suspicions are later concerned. Finally, I agree that throwing accusations around, and even suspicions, is deplorable when you simply disagree. Were I to post about you, what I have about Beshada, that would be worthy of derision. I also agree that it probably happens more than it should. I'm not sure it's a major issue in America right now, but it certainly contributes to the current cultural divide (personally, I think the cultural divide is as deeply rooted as it is wide, has been a long time coming, and will persist until it somehow comes to a head, but that's fruit for another discussion).
  7. He and Kurt McHenry would really benefit from 118 returning.
  8. Given the Pat Pop connection, I think he'll end up in Raleigh as well. I'm not sure how he'll do, but he'll have great training partners.
  9. So the Satiev win was as big of an upset then as it seems in retrospect? Was Satiev still near his peak, and was Slay considered a legit medal threat? As an aside, did Cael try out for that team?
  10. I'm not casually labeling Beshada a racist, his public expressions suggest that he probably is. And you still haven't rebutted my argument.
  11. I don't know whether we're experiencing an epidemic (for lack of a better word), or whether the socio-political climate and prevalence of cell phone cameras are combining to merely paint that picture, but I do suspect many police officers are under, or improperly, trained, and ill thus equipped to handle certain situations competently. Whether they're as generally racist as some believe, I don't know, but law enforcement officers are an insular group, and in my experience (as both an ex-prosecutor and public defender), often view "civilians" in a generally negative light. Regardless, I'm very interested in reading your links.
  12. That's your rebuttal? Mind, I didn't express certainty, but given his posting history and his manifesto's myriad dog whistles, I'm reasonably confident Beshada's a racist.
  13. Although I think I agree with much of your initial post, Beshada's "manifesto" and apparent political beliefs suggest he's probably a racist. That said, I'm unsure about how I view Scraplife as a company, and its role within the broader wrestling community. As much as I enjoy seeing wrestling specific businesses succeed, and recognize how much they can elevate our sport, controversies like this are damaging, at least in the short term. Regardless, I'd like to better understand Beshada's ties to, or position within, Scraplife prior to forming an opinion on the matter.
  14. If Colon were black it'd be a problem, and rightly so, but in the context it was actually used, I don't see it as a that big of a deal. If I accidentally used the phrase, however, I'd probably make sure to clarify that Colon wasn't, in fact, an ex-con, and make sure to use the phrase "grown man strength" next time around.
  15. whaletail

    Ufc 249

    What agenda, and who benefits?
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