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  1. Logan Stieber being on the coaching staff paying off for tOSU recruiting,
  2. The guy who blanked Taha freakin Akgul wouldn't even have Cassar on his radar screen right now. Who cares how he did as a frosh in folkstyle against a 5th yr senior?
  3. Both will be 33. JB was 33 this year and looked like a shell of his former self. Who is coming up in the ranks that could possibly take their spots? Nolf at 74? Brooks at 86?
  4. Wish we could have seen J'den in there. Oh well, but clearly Snyder can't beat Sad anymore.
  5. Maybe the US would have better results on the world stage if it didn't have such a pedantic mindset. Also, in sports its not about equality and following the rules. Better performers get the breaks. I still remember when Jimmy Johnson was hired to coach the Cowboys he had a reputation as being somewhat ruthless in how he ran training camp. A reporter asked him "Why don't you don't hold your stars to the same standard?" and Johnson replied "Because a guy trying to make the team isn't as good as Emmet and Troy". In this case, J'Den already had a first round bye in the tournament. He's considered one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the world. An exception should have been made for him.
  6. In all seriousness, Tom Ryan goes after guys who are better suited to freestyle than folkstyle, and who have serious freestyle aspirations with college being just a stepping stone. Hence why so many tOSU guys struggle from bottom position. Regarding RTC's, we all know where these guys train but the majority of casual fans whose only exposure to wrestling is tuning in every 4 years to watch a few Olympic matches is going to just associate Snyder and McKenna with tOSU.
  7. Fantasy Taylor over Dake wins have now shifted to Dake over Burroughs. I'm going with Burroughs until proven otherwise. The mental block for Dake is going to be there and doubt will creep in when the match is on the line. It's natural in any sports rivalry for the guy or team that has never beaten the other.
  8. Zain not wearing the NLWC singlet. Wonder if he'd consider moving to Ohio RTC to train under Stieber?
  9. Kollin finally didn't have to contend with Bo and had an outside shot at the Hodge.
  10. The writing is on the wall. NCAA will cancel bball and wrestling tourneys. It is the right thing to do. Feel bad for Spencer Lee; had a real shot at being the next 4xer.
  11. No doubt he would be the US 65 rep had he trained full time at an RTC these past 4 years.
  12. Any news on J'Den joining Ohio RTC? Is that going to happen?
  13. Could Snyder beef up to 125 for 2020? Might be more suited to his style.
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