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  1. Kollin finally didn't have to contend with Bo and had an outside shot at the Hodge.
  2. The writing is on the wall. NCAA will cancel bball and wrestling tourneys. It is the right thing to do. Feel bad for Spencer Lee; had a real shot at being the next 4xer.
  3. No doubt he would be the US 65 rep had he trained full time at an RTC these past 4 years.
  4. Any news on J'Den joining Ohio RTC? Is that going to happen?
  5. Could Snyder beef up to 125 for 2020? Might be more suited to his style.
  6. NCAA wrestling accomplishments have almost zero relevance to freestyle ability. Also, the rest of the world does not care.
  7. 57kg- Fix 65kg- Oliver 74kg- Burroughs 86kg- Cox 97kg- Snyder 125kg- Steveson
  8. The casual observer does not take wrestling seriously because of the blatant corruption. Has been going on forever.
  9. If Cox can make weight he goes 86. Who in their right mind thinks they have a better shot of beating Snyder and Sadulaev vs. Taylor if Olympic gold is the objective.
  10. Have had family and close friends who attended Cornell. Ag and Hotel are the easiest schools to get into. Just because you attend Ag doesn't mean you are going to become a farmer. You can major in econ while in Ag and become an investment banker. I've known athletes (not wrestlers though) at Cornell who have done it. Not just at Cornell, but at all the ivies, the athletes have much easier standards to get in than a regular student so don't assume just because an athlete attends an ivy he is smarter than an athlete at a non-ivy.
  11. I've heard this bravado from the PSU fans before re: Dake v. DT. "He'll win next time". The fact is, Nolf has never beat Green.
  12. This thread went off the rails because someone pointed out Logan is a vegan and another person illogically went on a rant about veganism and liberalism, which have no logical connection. I am a libertarian and vegan. BTW, it is a false and trite argument that has been rebutted that becoming a vegan means losing strength and muscle mass.
  13. Should Nickal be able to beat another tOSU wrestler first, Heflin, before he even thinks about Snyder? Last I remember, Heflin was having his way throwing around Nickal. Lot of people forget that success in folk doesn't guarantee success in free.
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