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  1. Scorenomore

    Who will be the next Cael (as a coach)?

    I don’t see this happening again, not because of the potential talent but because of economics. The opportunity set for Carl was to go into coaching. There was no big living the dream type reward at that time. Now successful senior level wrestlers have alternative economic routes and coaching college kids is not as appealing as the alternatives. I can see someone having great success at an RTC and avoiding all of the challenges that go with NCAA compliance.
  2. Scorenomore

    The call

    I thought it was Zain’s score but after watching for like ten times I noticed the direction of Zain’s feet when the exposure occurs. When looking at Zain’s feet, it appears that he is lifted off of his feet rather than propelling off of his feet. Combining that with Yanni’s shifting of his left foot to initiate the move, I think it is definitely Yanni’s score.
  3. Scorenomore

    Cox beating Tayler in 2016 wasn't enough...

    You guys are giving Bo way to much credit for his transition to freestyle. People were starting to figure him out towards the end of NCAAs as mostly a counter wrestler. It took Jayden a whole 30 seconds to realize this and not bite. Bo had no attacks and Jayden never felt threatened by his weak fakes. No way Bo’s current style translates to international success. Bo will need to reinvent his style and develop an offense - if anyone can do it, it is him, but I’m not sure that time is on his side.
  4. Good summary. I found myself asking the same thing. Also, the dates that he mentioned sound a little fuzzy. He and Taylor don’t come across as believable in their respective statements regarding their injury situations.
  5. Scorenomore

    Akron 2019

    Going to Akron first the first time. I am absolutely amazed at the collection of talent at this tournament. I’m truly proud of everyone that runs the gauntlet and reps the USA!
  6. Scorenomore

    Cox vs "Snyder or Taylor"

    Has anyone witnessed or heard of Snyder consistently getting the better of Cox? I have not and in fact witnessed the opposite. Cox gets a world championship this year and bumps up to take on Snyder. I would go with Cox, unless Snyder makes a real change to his training and reunites with Lou and works on speed and quickness. He has proven the strength is there.
  7. Scorenomore

    DT out for this year’s worlds

    I’m a DT fan but disappointed about the “gift” comment. PD earned his way to this spot and overcame challenges along the way. No one gave him any respect and certainly didn’t gift him a spot. Yes DT would have likely won but he didn’t and to put PD down when he did nothing wrong against DT was classless.
  8. Fix - DNP Colon - Bronze Yianni - Bronze Green - DNP Burroughs - Gold Dake - DNP DT - Bronze Cox - Gold Snyder - Bronze  Gwiz - DNP
  9. Scorenomore


    To each his own. After LISTENING to Oliver's interviews and how he has worked with Yanni, not sure you can hate on him. Even back to the Stieber controversy, he has been nothing but class. I'm not a tattoo fan, but I am a fan of good people and Oliver is good people!
  10. Scorenomore

    Where is Gabe Tagg going to college?

    Can’t you get out of the letter of intent after one year? He may have committed early and through his time at the otc, burned off the letter of intent? His stock is up and mighty be listening to options?
  11. Scorenomore

    Team Trials and Flo

    Registration is on usawmembership.com and it looks to be super secret and there are more stringent requirements to register so that is why it is not on arena yet.
  12. Cox has beat Snyder many times at camps, pretty sure he can beat Bo. Since Cox went to the OTC he has jumped levels and got his weight under control. Expect a close match by points but do not expect Cox to be threatened.
  13. Scorenomore

    Predict the world team

    For what it’s worth I heard the messenger gave Fix all he wanted and then some earlier this year. If cejudo comes back he can take out fix and gillman’s heavy hands will mean very little to an actual mma fighter.
  14. Scorenomore

    Way too early WTT picks

    Too much credit given to Snyder. He is off, results internationally have been trending down and if you talk to people around his training, the gap domestically is not wide. I could see him and cox needing 3 matches to determine the team! I hope Snyder is just adjusting to carrying the torch for USA and will get the ship righted in time.