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  1. Based on the Ferrell tournament. Didn’t have correct singlets, alternative coaches rotating in the corner. I don’t know if that is an indictment on Suriano or the NJRTC or both but in either case not a good look. He could rep our country if he has the right system behind him.
  2. Here are my picks: 57 Fix - I think his upside with a year of dedicated training for freestyle will beat out the field. I can see Gross splitting matches and potentially winning. If Suriano had a coach and real system I would pick him. 65 Zain - probably a pick that would favor being decided in tournaments rather than head to head. I believe Zain beats Yanni and JO and the field but I think Yanni’s style goes further internationally. 74 Dake - hate to pick against JB but the final x performance against Imar makes me think that if that he performs that way again Dake wins 2-0. I also think Green going 74 might impact JBs training situation. 86 Cox - I didn’t research all the results but I just don’t see Taylor as someone that can beat people he loses to. Too many memories of mistakes against JB, Dake and Cox to overcome. Obvious exception is if Cox goes 97. 97 Snyder - new singlet = new and improved Snyder. Kyle beats the field including Cox and Nickal if they are at 97. 125 Gwiz - he has made strides each year and is getting stronger each round. GS has a way to go as I don’t see him getting to the finals. I think his uncertainty combined with not just going all in will hold him back. I do think he has the most talent and upside.
  3. But what event are they going to step on the scale at? I can’t imagine they don’t wrestle until the trials.
  4. Does anyone have a good handle when we will know the weight classes for Cox, Nickal, Green and others? I would think that all the guys in question will wrestle prior to the trials so would that be our best forecast for who is going where? Don’t we need to qualify 86?
  5. Very frustrating to see Malik not look noticeably bigger and ripped over last year. Known problem, didn’t seem to take advantage of the college lifting program and dedicate himself. He could get upper body help from Nato and lower from Pletcher!
  6. It is cool for sure. A couple of years ago, my son was at a camp there and my dad was in town for a visit. My dad wrestled for one year and when I moved in with him at 10, he made me wrestle. I had a good 5-year run and then ruined my knee pole vaulting. My dad was just in awe how something that he did 50+ years ago would carry on to his grandson and take us all to the OTC. Wrestling is a great sport to connect generations!
  7. OP is not comparing performance against expectations; he is comparing attitude between two teams and one’s attitude to excel and the other attitude to survive.
  8. Not to mention that they literally train in the same room. It would be pretty obvious that your training partner all of a sudden went awol.
  9. There is a big difference in depth and competition at Olympic weights. Makes me think of Stieber - world champ, trouble at 65. He doesn’t make the 2020 lineup. I previously thought he would have his pick at either weight, not anymore. Snyder to PSU changes everything both for Snyder and Taylor.
  10. I went to Iowa last go around. You guys are in for a treat with respect to the wrestling. I don’t recall any formal events with the athletes, but you might try to tap into the penn state network as they may be hosting some events.
  11. As a buckeye, it hurts a bit, but as a fan of KS and USA wrestling, I am totally fine with the move. What I like is that he is focused on 2020 and willing to do whatever it takes to make his best run. There was definitely a loss of his technique when Roselli left for OU; I bet he'd love to follow Lou, but if he had an issue with partners at tOSU, he'd really have issues at OU. I sure hope this works out for him, but I think Burroughs could have made this decision and chose to figure things out where he is at and up his game by adding in transition turns. KS has up until this year completely ignored top and only he can take responsibility for that.
  12. Cox and Kevin Jackson both have had some issues with David Taylor Cox has continued to train with Snyder Yaz is beatable, Tank not so much I think Cox goes 86
  13. Yeah 86kg is by far the grossest then 74kg then probably HVY, then 57kg, 65kg, 97kg in that order What senior level results suggest Nickal can cause trouble against Taylor or Cox?
  14. I agree that you can’t prep for this field, but he did have to allocate a lot of prep for Yanni who gave him problems. Most agree that Yanni is a little different style to prep for and this I believe it negatively affected his training. I am a team USA fan first, and Buckeyes second so not making excuses for Zain. Unfortunately Zain and Yanni will be distracted by each other again next year.
  15. Well, we can all criticize Zain, but instead of prepping for world competition he had to spend his whole summer prepping for Yanni - he won, but he couldn’t overcome the process. Assuming next year our team is selected early with ample time to prepare, I think our rep will have a good chance to medal and yes that would include Zain if he is the rep.
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