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  1. Gabe is the real deal on the mat but also a great leader off the mat!
  2. Jordan Burroughs has said that having Dake push him resulted in world championships. I have personally seen Cox get the better of Snyder in multiple live goes and I would say Cox will win the best of 3. But I am also wondering that Snyder has done very well without much domestic threat, does adding Cox to the mix create a missing motivation to raise his game? I am starting to think that maybe the added threat domestically combined with international losses might be what it takes to create a stronger fire to raise his game.
  3. Change of scenery didn’t help his bridge game. Probably needs to go to an inferior program that works on getting off your back.
  4. Cox competes next weekend so it will be official once he gets on the scale. USA wrestling posted a release that he is wrestling 86/97.
  5. Quite possible and likely, but equally likely and possibly not. Everyday we all incorporate new information into our decisions. Seeing a guy like that come into a weight class makes anyone rethink decisions. Most think he was going 86, but if 2 97 hammers dropped to 86, you don’t think he’d consider bumping up to 97?
  6. After the Iranian teched Bo Nickal and then pinned Kyle Snyder is there any reason to think that Cox is going to go to 97kg? Sad + Iranian is the match people want to see. Cox was in no position to tech an underweight Nickal and although I have seen him get the better of Snyder, he is in no position to tech or pin Snyder - and Snyder has proven to be pinnable now on multiple occasions. Cox goes 86kg - end of story.
  7. I think the Iranian made his decision pretty easy. 86kg is where he is going, not a question anymore.
  8. I respect ADS wrestling ability and intensity. However, nothing about the second stoppage is convincing of an injury. Nothing went against a joint and it was as clean as can be. my vote is that we see a typical ADS at big tens and ncaas and therefore no real injury.
  9. My question exactly on the Mercado - I almost see it as a weight loss device rather than something to be worn through practice - maybe that is why it hasn’t caught on?
  10. Apologies in advance if this is already covered. I’ve had bad concussions that literally ruined my life for 2 years to recover, I know it ruined Helen’s career. Can you guys advise on any headgears that can reduce the potential of concussions? I know concussions cannot be fully prevented but curious if there is an effective option out there? Any feedback on the leader or Mercado styles other than no one wears them? https://batstoi.com/ https://leaderheadgear.com/
  11. The Ohio tournament of champions - Columbus Ohio in late March/ April. Is open senior level and folkstyle nationals. It’s fun to watch and they have medics mat side for the very senior folks
  12. My only thought was KS is great, but I’ve seen more effort out of youth kids when they get on their back. Makes me want to see Taylor at 86 and Cox at 97.
  13. Isn’t 125 a tough weight class to keep anyways? Pretty hard for adult men to hold that weight. My guess is that the problem isn’t so much the 125 it’s that there is no room to go up from there. 133 -149 has been strong for PSU so even though kids think they can hold 125, I think it becomes unbearable and then they lose the drive because they get beat up by the 133 and 141 then they know they have no chance in bumping up. Other programs with weaker 133 and 141s can offer hope of bumping up.
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