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  1. Thanks, HR was saying both, hopefully Joel is next!
  2. Jesuroga x2 to Iowa! Scoreboard!
  3. Maybe Snyder is more similar to OSU than PSU. Beat the best once, then the perpetual beat second around but would be number one without Sad.
  4. 125: Courtney (Lee wrestles, but loses in the semis) 133: RBY 141: Sasso (stops wrestling to lose) 149: Yianni 157: Carr 165: Kharchla (healthy and scoring) 174: Starrocci 184: Aaron Brooks 197: Amos 285: Parris (Gable does not return)
  5. Okay - you got me, what fun would life be if we limited message board material.
  6. No, it’s still his business what he chooses to do. You are correct if he chooses to attend Cornell, but his choice shouldn’t be message board material.
  7. It’s his business to get vaccinated or not! Natural immunity > vaccine.
  8. There once was a time that you could go to Flo and see breaking news and events and get insight. Flo has been great for the sport, but the competition has increased and Flo has not kept up. Now Flo just looks like a video repository and isn’t worth the effort to find anything. You can quickly find news and updates more readily available on other media. Not trying to bash Flo, but sure wish they would clean things up before the season starts because as of right now, I have no intention of renewing my membership.
  9. Good points no doubt. I disagree about Lee and Zane as they have very long arms. That being said, if I’m right, then based on the newer recruits of Howard, Van Ness, Bartlett and Facundo, then it’s the end of an era! I find it really hard to go against Cael and call the dynasty over, but I do think there is truth to the build and predict a tighter Race going forward!
  10. How many points did he score at nationals compared to the long and lanky? Definitely contributed but not like the others.
  11. Since the title of the post says Olympic gold, I am going to go out on a limb and say that if Spencer wants gold, he could get it in wrestling, but if his body can’t handle it, I bet he could get gold in Judo. His mom would be his coach!
  12. Thanks, I thought about Zain, but his hands almost hang down to his knees, so even though not tall, definitely long limbed in the upper body.
  13. The team points came from long builds. Taylor, Zain, Ruth, Nickal, Caspar, Sugar New members, Lee, RBY, Kerk, Brooks Major contributors all have long arms and can assimilate Cael’s style.
  14. I think the success is fairly simple. The best wrestler (Cael) recruits athletes that fit his body type. Long and strong! Cael is able to transfer his offense that has grown and evolved to body types that match him. I can’t think of one short and thick wrestler that has flourished in his system.
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