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  1. You do remember that Kolat won an international match before later losing the match. Anything is possible!!!
  2. I remember hearing rumors that JB missed weight in the Final X against Imar. He made weight on the check scale and then was over on the official scale. Somehow through the passage of time and some hard work, he made weight, but might not have made weight by the deadline. He admitted to issues with the scale and then wrestled with the effect of a bad weight cut. No official word that he "missed the deadline" but there is definitely smoke. Can Cox use this as precedent to overturn the decision to not let him wrestle? I have to think that unless there was a rule change, that this precedent might create some controversy.
  3. Remember 2 years ago and DT kept his injury secret and prevented Bo from wrestling the 86kg spot? I think there has been some bad blood since then.
  4. The entire NCAA field was able to figure out how to stay virus free. Comes down to personal responsibility.
  5. This is absolutely terrible no doubt. How would this be handled at the Olympics? Whatever the answer is, that’s how we should handle it here. Not Russia or some other comparison, just the Olympics since that is what the trials are supposed to emulate. We don’t have rules of +1 kg and +15 min to weigh in. This is an interview to represent our country and the best representative is not only the best wrestler, but the best team of coaches and athletes that can work within the rules and deadlines.
  6. Wow somehow I grew up hearing that song and never saw the video - thanks a lot for showing me what should never been seen.
  7. I was skeptical that he would be our rep but not anymore. Love his style and ability to score at will.
  8. I know I am getting ahead of myself but I’m starting to think McKenna will be our rep at 65. I would not be surprised if he wins this and beats Bajrang in the process.
  9. I have seen Cox get the better of Snyder in practice. I also think that the current version of Cox (could be injured) does not have the offense to win 2/3. Definitely could see these guys splitting matches but I like Kyle’s tenacity and passion for scoring over three matches as opposed to Cox’s positioning and short bursts. No matter what, fans win on this one.
  10. Nope, I’m committed to the sport, just calling it the way I see it. Dake didn’t open up against Chamizo and Noll is going to look for counters. Can’t say I blame either with during an Olympic year, but if you want me to be excited that these guys are going to open up and let it fly - not gonna happen!
  11. I hope I am wrong with Taylor, but looks like he is not the same. Dake should go 86! 57: Surinano - bronze 65: McKenna - n/a 74: Burroughs - bronze 84: Taylor - n/a 97: Snyder - bronze 120: Steveson - n/a
  12. I agree on the drop off without Roselli. Reminds me of Mike Tyson when he left his training system, talented, but not enough to overcome the right coaching. On the plus side, Moore is making good progress, but the spot definitely favors Cox.
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