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  1. I’ll keep beating the dead horse, time to switch to freestyle. Can covid please kill folkstyle?
  2. Thanks for posting. I think saying DT is on peda was worse. My guess is this is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.
  3. Can someone post his comments? I couldn’t find anything worthy of dismissal but maybe it was deleted?
  4. Might be true, but DT would be doubling the points come freestyle period.
  5. Yes this is a slippery slope. I have 2 sons and 2 daughters. To deny that they are gifted with different talents and capabilities is beyond reason. Although my daughters have outperformed the males in their classroom in some physical competitions, they are not close physically to my sons. If we don’t allow for true DNA based segregation of women’s athletics I fear that women will not have an avenue to compete in athletics.
  6. Today’s event would have been so much better if there was a cash payout for the point spread!
  7. Pretty weak excuse about par tarre causing him to lose. Pretty sure DT could score more than 4 against Joe in the second period.
  8. With so much time to think about a pro wrestling league someday - what do you guys think about a match payout that pays a max $10k to the winner for a tech. This would encourage wrestlers to put up points and avoid 3-2 type scores. Winner gets a $1,000 for each point greater than his opponent.
  9. Agreed, I think you see little committed action until the last 90 seconds of the second period. Dake 4-0
  10. He said he didn’t like Tom Ryan from his recruiting process.
  11. Can I get in on that bet as well?
  12. Agreed and I repeat “those that do have concerns should stay home or adequately protect themselves.” If I had a concern, there is no way that I would go. To assume safety, 100% of the attendees and competitors would need to wear n95 masks at all times and stay 6’ apart. Cloth coverings are not effective and people are going to raise their masks to itch, eat and drink and when they do they will expel contaminated air.
  13. Yes, would love to go. No mask and no worries, but those that do have concerns should stay home or adequately protect themselves.
  14. Man I am striking out. You are correct I shouldn’t say all, delete all and leave favor. Pretty confident that those that have competed in both styles have a strong preference for freestyle. In most interviews they state such and in The Who’s #1 competitions they overwhelmingly pick freestyle when given the choice.
  15. My bad - missed the ;)! in all seriousness though kids and senior level all favor freestyle. It’s the old guard that won’t let go.
  16. Wow that makes a lot of sense. Are you stuck in the past. Kids today when given the choice, they choose freestyle over folk. Kids get it, freestyle is more action, more exciting and leads to the hightest level of the sport. Why do you want to oppress today's athletes to live in your past?
  17. Lol - the Pocono’s are big hills. Come to Colorado if you want mountains!
  18. If only a country took a responsibille approach and treated its people like the freedoms they thought they had - I wonder how they would do? Oh wait Sweden did that and the country is doing fine without destroying its economy.
  19. I’ve heard that he had been tearing up the wrestlers at tosu. Sasso’s hiccups in the season coincided with AE’s arrival and from what I heard it wasn’t close between the two of them.
  20. 57: Lee (Zo) 65: Zain (Gilman) 74: Burroughs (Lewis) 86: DT (PD III) 97: Snyder (Cox) 125: Gable (Tony Nelson)
  21. Nolf will be too old in another year against the younger Dake.
  22. My son won eastern states last year and I was amazed how quickly they make a plaque with the champion’s picture in it. They do a great job!
  23. Agree, but I also wonder if some of these five-star recruits get pressured to verbal in hopes of attracting other talent.
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