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  1. Where are the entries? Would like to see people as they sign up.
  2. Scorenomore

    Professor Matthew Mitten

    Any thought to the logic behind having to re-wrestle the match? Should the score be 8-6 for Yanni and the then only wrestle one match?
  3. Scorenomore

    Bouzakis to Wyoming Sem?

    It’s 365 days from the transfer if not deemed a bonafide move
  4. Scorenomore

    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

    Lol, I hear ya and agree with you. But just saying that Lewis has some potential and if some of the 74 guys meet up in early tournaments then if could affect where people go. That being said, I’m sure Dake is not thinking about anything besides Ringer right now.
  5. Scorenomore

    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

    Will this influence Dake’s decision to come down? If he was giving Burroughs some challenge while training together, my guess is that he has a high ceiling with a year of dedicated freestyle. Could it be changing of the guard?
  6. Scorenomore

    Bouzakis to Wyoming Sem?

    The main issue in Colorado is that once you start, moving is very, very difficult. You have to qualify for a bonafide move and I think it is mostly tied to change in employment great than 50 miles - which in Denver is nearly impossible to qualify for.
  7. Scorenomore

    Shaking hands before the match

    Not sure what you are asking but I have talked with his dad a couple of times. Dad and son are good people. Even after is son majored mine, Stevo had compliments about my son.
  8. Scorenomore

    Bouzakis to Wyoming Sem?

    Anyone have a potential line up between Blair and sem? Who is the favorite?
  9. Free and folk divide us like politics, but what if we made a compromise and for Olympic years and use international rules and go freestyle. I think it would be well received and absolutely produce out best Olympic athletes.
  10. Scorenomore

    2020 Dark-Horse?

    What about Nolf? Not saying that he is under the radar, but I initially did not give him enough credit, but his performance against I-mar and then I-mar getting a w against JB forced me to rethink Nolf’s upside. I think a year to bulk up and focus on freestyle makes him a deeper threat to at a minimum upset someone. I believe 74 will be insane next year with JB, Dake, I-mar, Ringer, Lewis and Nolf.
  11. Inside sources say John Smith is going to make the call on Ringer’s weight class and that he is leaning towards 74. Smith cut everyone for NCAA’s and has a good feel for the best results.
  12. Scorenomore

    FLO coverage suggestion for Ringer/Dake

    Actually a good idea to try to round up some exhibition matches to kill the down time between bouts. Maybe they can do a play in for who’s number one?
  13. Scorenomore

    Braxton Amos

    No inside info, but he seems to be very loyal and has a lot of pride in WV. He is also close to Carson Kharchla who committed to tOSU. I would narrow it down to tOSU and OSU with an edge to tOSU.
  14. Both have great credentials and are pretty durable. Who has more upside and is a better fit? I’d go with Amos because I think his development has more upside potential. I think Ferrari is great but I think he is closer to his peak than Amos. That being said, I’d be excited if my team got either one!
  15. Scorenomore

    Lets look forward to 17th of next month....

    Dieringer is so fired up to wrestle, I am concerned that he might come out too aggressive. Dake's counter attacks are amazing and I fear that Dieringer's overzealousness will bring him down. I predict Dake in match one driven by counter attacks and great defense. Then match two, I think the pressure is on Dieringer since he lost the first match and Dake is playing on house money - only needs to win one of the next two. I see Dake winning again off of counter attacks in a low scoring 4-2 type bout.
  16. As much as this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I guess you could say to any wrestler thinking of going to Cornell that the university and RTC have your back and will do anything possible to put you in best position. There is some value to a program that will push for what it feels is right for its wrestlers.
  17. Scorenomore

    Teasdale Interview

    I didn’t hear him mention wrestling Desanto on the interview. Several times he mentioned Lee, Clark and Gillman. Wonder if that means a wrestle off for 133?
  18. No Deringer wants to beat Dake, ASAP and then start training for the world championship. I'm officially in the AD camp from here on out.
  19. Scorenomore


    What is harder to overcome, aging a year and kids becoming more self sufficient or aging, injury recovery and a newborn? I’ll go with JB, he is battle tested scouted and proven to overcome. Dake, I don’t think was nearly as scouted and I think last year’s performance might be too hard to replicate. My struggle with all the above is that I am not sure if IMar is really that good - would you pick IMar over Dake? I wouldn’t so maybe Dake does take the spot?
  20. Scorenomore

    Stevo Poulin

    Pretty confident Stevo goes wherever Pat Popolizio goes. Right now Stevo is likely to go to NC State.
  21. Scorenomore

    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    My mistake on that one, that would be some major weight cut for the next year
  22. Scorenomore

    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    57: Fix - will separate from the pack with redshirt; Spencer doesn't close the gap due to wrestling folkstyle season to help Iowa make a title run 65: Retherford over Yanni and Lewis 74: Burroughs over Dake - expect officiating controversy 86: Cox over Taylor - injury just slows down his recovery too much 97: Snyder over Nickal - Bo does not close gap, Snyder ups top game 125: Gable over Gwiz - I think Gable redshirts next year
  23. Scorenomore

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    I don’t know that PD3 will medal, but I do believe he will represent and make us at the minimum proud of his effort. I do not believe that he has peaked and there seems to be real momentum working with Reece and the NJRTC. Could be an advantage of not having to wrestle Dake/Ringer because they might impact his confidence and slow his progression. I think the current situation is perfect for him and I am certain they will get him the looks he needs for training.
  24. Scorenomore

    Good job USAW and Flo!

    I am an tOSU fan, but if I were a competitor i would love to hear the crowd at Carver.
  25. Scorenomore

    Good job USAW and Flo!

    Just combine the Rutgers and Lincoln events into one 2-day weekend. I think that is more fan friendly to see all of team USA, and you get to make a vacation out of it.