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  1. I'm guessing itd he something like this 125: Justin Mejia (RSFR) 133: Gary Joint (RSSO) 141: Durbin Loren (RSJR) or Chris Deloza (JR) 149: Khristian Olivas (RSSR) 157: Jacob Wright (RSSO) 165: Isaiah Hokit (RSSR) or Adam Kemp (RSFR) 174: Dominic Kincaid (RSSR) 184: Jackson Hemaur (RSSO) 197: Josh Hokit (RSSR) HWT: AJ Nevills (RSJR)
  2. Ok State 125: Nick Piccinnini (RSSR) 133: Kaid Brock (RSSR) - I think Daton takes an OR 141: Kaden Gfeller (RSSO) - ill be excited to see what he does at his natural weight 149: Boo Lewallen (RSSR) - Hopefully he can stay healthy 157: Wyatt Sheets (RSJR) 165: Joe Smith (RSSR) 174: Travis Wittlake (RSFR) 184: Anthony Montalvo (RSFR) 197: Dakota Geer (RSJR) HWT: Shawn Streck (RSJR) - assuming everything goes as it's supposed to. Otherwise maybe Andrew Marsden bulks up?
  3. I noticed Flo edited him out of their Missour lineup look. Is he off the team?
  4. There's been speculation that Manville will take An Olympic redshirt. But hasn't he already? IIRC he's from the 2016 class, where he took an Olympic redshirt and then a normal redshirt. Can you take more than one?
  5. Also Danny Vega transferred there earlier this year. I thought he wasn't supposed to be eligible during the second semester bus he never wrestled.
  6. I believe he implied one time that Ok State and Rutgers were his top 2
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