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  1. I went back and watched it after this comment, and the pin wasn't as quick as I recalled, but the whole process was max 25 seconds long. Not nearly what you're describing as flopping Snyder around for an entire match. I'm not sure how the match would've played out if that "kid move" wasn't hit, but I recall feeling deprived of seeing how they actually compared.
  2. Interesting to note the complete 180 shift in confidence in Snyder since then. I rarely see a post even hinting that Snyder has a chance against Sadulaev after that fluke-ish pin...
  3. Flo guys made a pretty good point on FRL.... Imagine the arbitration they would have went through if they just so happened to let J'Den wrestle when he clearly did not make weight. Every single guy he beat would have a legitimate claim that they should not have wrestled J'Den because he did not meet the requirements set by USA wrestling. Easy case for all of those guys to win. Also, no way there's a path for J'Den to come out of this on top now that the wrestling has been done. What are they gonna do, re-wrestle the entire bracket?
  4. I remember watching this guy back in high school.... He destroyed elite guys with what seemed like little to no effort. I'm assuming he had grade issues or a lack of interest in competing in folkstyle... Would've been nice to see how he did against the NCAA guys.
  5. David mentions the dynamic at 1:00 and again at 3:15 in the below video... As most have discussed, they discuss it regularly and are prepared for it. He did note, however, that to be at the biggest stage of your career, and not having an active coach in your corner, is tough.
  6. So Nolf is walking around with a trash can on his head and no clothes? What in the world.
  7. Nick Lee wrestling out of his mind. Puts it to Yianni.
  8. Zahid still teched him after getting multiple turns taken off the board. Jersey shore commentator has an interesting spin on pronouncing his name as well.
  9. They took two of the points away. Zahid goes right back to it and the ref stops it as he's getting turned. No more head pinches for Zahid in this one.
  10. Damn, zahid turns Nate twice with a head pinch and Nate passes out.
  11. I definitely didn't expect that outcome with Nick Lee vs. Zain. Surprising to say the least. Is Zain off?
  12. Who is it actually? Kinda sounds like Zeb Miller.
  13. Thanks for posting, rewatched about 100x
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