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  1. Looks like they finally uploaded the remainder of the individual matches.
  2. I'm following the Ohio State Wrestling Twitter account and it sounds like they're getting their butts kicked. Didn't even realize that Echemendia couldn't break the starting lineup over D'Emilio either. tOSU, with Karchla's injury, might be in for a rough year...
  3. I somehow missed all of Dake's matches and they didn't post any of the replays either... Are they hiding him?
  4. I leave these matches feeling the same way. Tons of hype surrounding these freestyle matches and they're over in the blink of an eye.
  5. That go behind by Taylor seemed kind of like a gimme. Not sure what happened there, but it appeared Jordan stopped and then grabbed his groin afterwards. Would've much rather preferred a takedown that wasn't due to the other stopping action.
  6. Yeah.... I'm having trouble picking Askren in this one if it's strictly boxing.
  7. Yeah, I'm not too concerned with it affecting his performance. The only *slightly* concerning thing is the brand new Audi and lavish clothes he's always posting, but if that's coming from his wife, and not boosters, then no worries!
  8. I'm assuming that's his wife in the background hovering over him?
  9. Maybe my ignorance... but what does 1-4 mean here?
  10. Code He needs to put some steel toes on, but then his microbiome will suffer.
  11. Not so much during the match, but definitely in the preview leading up to it. 86kg is 189 so thats a solid 11 lbs over.... boys have been eating!
  12. Is it just me, or does it look like Myles got the quarantine bod?
  13. Something tells me Caldwell is gonna take it to him... but that could just be me remembering his Metcalf and Palmer matches.
  14. Somebody is opening a bag of chips.
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