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  1. I see some lights... might be getting started.
  2. I'm wondering the same thing. Was there a forfeit?
  3. I wonder if this will stop Bo's whining about Flo profiting off his likeness...
  4. Is this legit? Where's the source? Couldn't seem to find anything on Twitter... then again 99% of Twitter is flooded with the Myles Garrett helmet smashing incident.
  5. JB coming out strong here. 5-0 with :30 to go in the first.
  6. Tough call on the 2 there for Daton, but if they reversed the call on the mat AGAIN, with only 5 seconds left, that would be ridiculous. Looks like they learned from Yianni - Zain.
  7. Fix - GIlman coming down to a brick. No idea why Gilman would shoot there with as many counters Daton has scored on.
  8. Tyler Graff finally getting over the hump. Congrats!
  9. Match 3 coming! What the heck was the 1 Burroughs got at the end?
  10. Both of these guys are so explosive. Hoping we get to see a 3rd match.
  11. Imar wins the pushout challenge, 20 seconds left and JB gets the takedown for the W. WOW!
  12. Imar is looking good. Really good reattack but Imar couldn't break JB down in the quad pod. Settles for the pushout 3-1.
  13. Starting off with a couple slaps to the face. They're getting after it.
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