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  1. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills reading this "taylor is serviceable from neutral" stuff...
  2. What a ridiculous claim, lol. And Tom, my man, that hat is DOPE.
  3. To be fair, he's always looked significantly lighter than what he weighs. I agree that he looks significantly undersized, but there's gotta be something about his body that makes him weigh more than he looks. I don't think his coaches, or his competitive nature, would just let him wrestle up cuz he doesn't wanna make the lower weights..... All speculation on my part tho!
  4. All I know is that Sammy Sasso needs a refund on his singlet, cuz boy o boy that thing was baggy.
  5. Somebody needs to make a bet with Stieber to make a run for it a la Kendric Maple...
  6. For those that have a sub, the post finals interview was even better: https://www.flowrestling.org/events/7563426-2022-world-team-trials-challenge-tournament/videos?playing=7787147&limit=60
  7. I was wondering what the "Boooo" was about, haha. I was like.... this comment doesn't make any sense!
  8. The interviews of him on Flo are must watch. He's very open and honest about his recovery, how he thought he was going to die, wasn't himself at Lockhaven (still faking it), and finally got clean for himself and his family. He claims he's back to the "real Chance". Great to hear and happy to see him succeed.
  9. Feel like flo should reformat their "boutboard". For instance, match 2 on mat 2 is "S. ..." vs. "D. De...". Been like this all tournament.
  10. Yeah, weird look haha. Obviously way too baggy for him.
  11. He looked like he completely gassed out of nowhere. Not sure what happened, haven't seen that before from him.
  12. I said along the lines of. They mentioned the stream going down. They mentioned what do they do when it happens. They didn't know they were on the air. Not sure what you're getting at.
  13. You missed it then. They were essentially saying they "hope they get it together cuz, like, what can we do about it when it goes down? Yaknow?"
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