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  1. Code He needs to put some steel toes on, but then his microbiome will suffer.
  2. Not so much during the match, but definitely in the preview leading up to it. 86kg is 189 so thats a solid 11 lbs over.... boys have been eating!
  3. Is it just me, or does it look like Myles got the quarantine bod?
  4. Something tells me Caldwell is gonna take it to him... but that could just be me remembering his Metcalf and Palmer matches.
  5. Somebody is opening a bag of chips.
  6. Why is it sad? Better than zero matches.
  7. I might retract my statement above.... What a bummer.
  8. Lots of "commercials"... but loving this content. Vito is solid. Thanks Flo
  9. Maybe FloWrestling missed something, but Ohio State isn't even listed in their top 20 for the 2020 recruiting rankings. I recall reading this a while back and being baffled how a team like tOSU couldn't place in the top 20. It's behind a pay-wall, so I copy and pasted the list below. Anyone know what that's about? Rank Team Top 100 Recruits 1 Oklahoma State 6 2 Iowa 5 3 Missouri 4 4 Penn State 4 5 Cornell 5 6 Nebraska 4 7 North Carolina 5 8 North Carolina State 3 9 Virginia Tech 4 10 Lehigh 4 11 Michigan State 2 12 West Virginia 4 13 Purdue 2 14 Wisconsin 1 15 Rutgers 3 16 Michigan 2 17 Princeton 2 18 Northern Iowa 2 19 Minnesota 2 20 Oklahoma 2
  10. Looks like Flo just posted an article on this... https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6746056-to-be-honest-i-was-mad-echemendia-sets-the-record-straight-on-his-age
  11. It sounds like you were much closer to the situation than many of us, but from an outsiders perspective, this was a huge upset at the time. Check out Bubba's comments in the below video - they start at 1:58. Seems telling to me.
  12. This right here. Everyone watching the broadcast at the time probably remembers all of the hype. Taylor was Cael's golden boy (deservedly so) and Bubba came to ruin the party.
  13. I see some lights... might be getting started.
  14. I'm wondering the same thing. Was there a forfeit?
  15. I wonder if this will stop Bo's whining about Flo profiting off his likeness...
  16. Is this legit? Where's the source? Couldn't seem to find anything on Twitter... then again 99% of Twitter is flooded with the Myles Garrett helmet smashing incident.
  17. JB coming out strong here. 5-0 with :30 to go in the first.
  18. Tough call on the 2 there for Daton, but if they reversed the call on the mat AGAIN, with only 5 seconds left, that would be ridiculous. Looks like they learned from Yianni - Zain.
  19. Fix - GIlman coming down to a brick. No idea why Gilman would shoot there with as many counters Daton has scored on.
  20. Tyler Graff finally getting over the hump. Congrats!
  21. Match 3 coming! What the heck was the 1 Burroughs got at the end?
  22. Both of these guys are so explosive. Hoping we get to see a 3rd match.
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