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    backpack reacted to VakAttack in David Taylor vs. Logan Stieber   
    I don't think the losses to Patterson, Lara, or Perrelli are on Stieber's official record, they were during his redshirt year.  Otherwise we're adding two more losses to Taylor's tally, one more to Jenkins and a loss to Cyler Sanderson.
    I completely disagree with the idea that Taylor faced superior competition.  I think it's more likely to favor Stieber in that conversation (Oliver, Zain, Ramos, Mitchell Port, Kendric Maple, Devin Carter vs. Dake (never beat), Jenkins [got decked], St. John, Caldwell), but also Stieber notably BEAT those guys.  The two best guys Taylor faced, he never beat.  Taylor was more dominant in terms of bonus points, though.
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    backpack reacted to balanceseeker in David Taylor vs. Logan Stieber   
    Logan was in 9th grade and Taylor 10th.  This was Logan Stieber's only high school lost.  Taylor dropped dropped a match to Ben Sergent from Troy Christian early freshman year and also lost to Jamie Clark from St. Ed (a couple times I thought but I may be wrong).  I've watched both these guys since they were in middle school.  By any objective metric Logan had the better college career.  He had two more titles and had wins over much tougher competition (Oliver, Ramos, Retherford, Carter).  Both were extremely dominant even against AA caliber competition.  I agree Taylor has the edge in freestyle at this point due to consistency and winning at an Olympic weight.
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    backpack reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in 74 kg discussion   
    I don't mean any offense here, but of course we've all considered this.  It's just not helpful to say because it doesn't really add much to the discussion.
    IMO, the "YOU'RE THE BAD DRAW!!! NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOU IN THE BRACKET!!!" talk is for lazy coaches that can't think of any better way to prepare their wrestlers. 
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    backpack reacted to Fletcher in Upper weights have more development potential than lightweights   
    Just a theory based on personal observations.
    It seems like 125 lbers often come in as finished products and don't improve much from freshman to senior year. As we move up the weight classes to around 174 or 184, there seems to be a shift and guys from 184 thru heavy tend to show greater improvement from freshman to senior year. In fact, it's not uncommon to see guys who AA senior year at 197 who were .500 as freshman. Why is this?
    Again, this is just a theory and of course there are always exceptions. Anyone else see this as a trend or disagree? What would be a good way of proving/disproving - looking at how many 4 time AAs there are each year at 125/133 vs. 184/197? 
    This is the garbage I think about during the offseason...
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    backpack reacted to Ragu in Ben Honis transfers to...Syracuse (for football)   
    From recent memory. Riley Dixon, punter played for the Broncos and I think he's still in the league. Chandler Jones, brother of Jon Jones, is an elite talent on the Cardinals. Justin Pugh has been in the league for a long time. Dwight Freeney is probably a HOFer. Not to mention Patriot Slayer and Mr. Helmet Catch himself, David Tyree. We produce more than people think and Dino Babers is starting a legacy here. Ben is from Syracuse and clearly a beast, I think he'll be fine.
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    backpack reacted to hammerlockthree in Teasdale Interview   
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    backpack reacted to Billyhoyle in Nolf - Why?   
    He’d rather start getting accustomed to 74 Kg than lose to James Green and be number 3 at 70. 
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    backpack reacted to alliseeisgold in Nolf - Why?   
    Nolf and Nickal going the wrong weights, nittany lion wrestling club looks dumb
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    backpack reacted to scribe in NCAA approves shorts   
    His probation officer won't allow it.
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    backpack reacted to Fletcher in NCAA approves shorts   
    Just referenced MMA with regard to functionality; nobody wants to see shirtless heavyweights.  Best solution is shorts and compression top; except for heavyweights who will wear either medical scrubs or graduation gowns.
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    backpack reacted to pamela in NCAA approves shorts   
    I could see one of the D1 power programs giving it a go, mostly bc their athletic depts have big contracts with apparel companies who are always looking for incremental brand & revenue opportunities at their schools. Could be a way to brand a new type of short for schools and sell lookalikes to fans as workout shorts or “athleisure”.
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    backpack reacted to Coach_J in Downey vs. Yazdani   
    Yaz would need to have a Myles Martin size meltdown.
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    backpack reacted to LemonPie in Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)   
    Mr. Grit

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    backpack got a reaction from MDogg in WTT Trial Finals Thread   
    Not a big fan of multiple finals matches at once. Basically missed all of Gilman / Cruz, but man is this Brewer / Graff match exciting. Will Graff get over second place hump?
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    backpack got a reaction from Giovanni in WTT Trial Finals Thread   
    Makes zero sense, even with the split screens. No idea what they were thinking...
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    backpack reacted to Giovanni in WTT Trial Finals Thread   
    It is completely nonsensical. Let's take the most anticipated matches of the entire week/weekend and run them two at time so nobody can adequately watch every match. Great idea flo. What is even the point, shaving a half hour off of the schedule..? 
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    backpack reacted to BigTimeFan in WTT Trial Finals Thread   
    Bo is showing some really strong par terre there 
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    backpack reacted to lost in WTT Trial Finals Thread   
    I wish we didn't have two finals at once, its hard to keep up with the must-see matches
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    backpack reacted to KCMO2 in WTT Trial Finals Thread   
    Split the screen if you're watching Flo
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    backpack reacted to Dr. Novak in Yianni final scoring sequence   
    Not surprising you know a bunch of 10 year olds.
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    backpack reacted to Fletcher in Shakur Got His 6th Year   
    Not a hater and glad he got the extra year. I'll enjoy watching him skip Big Tens and getting knocked off by a 15 seed at NCAAs again.
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    backpack reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Shakur Got His 6th Year   
    For those that don't like the 6-year plan, wait until we have some of these 8-year guys roll around with their four year greyshirt, olympic redshirt, standard redshirt, medical redshirt plans.  Guys could literally be headed grad school by the time they use their first season of "eligibility."  Throw in your standard elementary and middle school "redshirts" and you've got a 30 year old 6x redshirt senior.  
    I actually don't mind the injury redshirt, but I think it should be established that you qualify for the exception much closer to the actual injury taking place.  As it stands currently, coaches' can play both sides knowing full well the committee is just going to rubber stamp a 6th year if a guy (a) didn't hit 30% of competitions and (B) gets a note from the team doc saying he was dinged up.  
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