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  1. On 4/2/2019 at 8:28 AM, Mr. Peepers said:

    Agree about Snyder.  Not only was he focused, he was focused at a young age.  As a freshman, Snyder stepped into a high weight class normally dominated by seniors, and just tore the competition apart (when I was 14-15, I was little more than a quivering ball of hormones, instability, anxiety, and eagerness to bow to peer pressure).  And he did it with poise: excellent grades with this site, zero shenanigans, no bragging or trash talking like you would expect from a teenager accomplishing so much while so young.  His work ethic and determination were the stuff of legends- while he was still an underclassman.  Yes, he was/is also a freakishly good athlete (he started on his schools nationally ranked football team as a freshman).  But natural athleticism will only take one so far. 

    The best “brand positioning” I’ve seen ever!) I like your essay about Kyle Snyder and no doubt it has to be added to Wikipedia because I'm tired of reading boring reviews at online sources

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