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  1. Casey


    I just made an assumption, since corrected, because he was a Senior.
  2. Casey


    Pitt is so underrated as a school. Both of my Kids loved their visits and one enrolled. Really enjoy our visits to Pittsburgh. My Pitt Student covered the Championships in 2019 for The Pitt News.
  3. I only learned in the last year or so that Columbus was bigger than Cincinnati and Cleveland and was shocked. Though my belief was probably based on number of pro sports teams.
  4. Casey


    forgot about that
  5. Casey


    Just a guess but I suppose Wentzel is finished and nino returns. Their 2021 incoming class did well at states this year, but who knows. Steen is most recognizable name to me. 125 - Colton Camacho/Gary Steen 133 - Philippi 141 - Cole Mathews 149 - Luke Kemerer 157 - Badgett ?? 165 - ??? 174 - McGill 185 - ??? 197 - Nino Hvy - ??? -
  6. Casey


    I just wanted to give a shout out to Pitt who had 2 finalists. Neither won obviously but I hope this helps them mine the ridiculous talent-rich area they reside in.
  7. Sidebar comment - I remember thinking how Beard could have used some time in the tanning room before nationals.
  8. Just watched the admissions scandal documentary on Netflix - The Stanford Athletic director does not come off great - don't know if the same person as now
  9. Curley Culp - member of the first KC Super Bowl winner. I didn't know he wrestled. I remember him from reading about him in football.
  10. I was just thinking how much fun it was to watch Quentin Wright wrestle and what a matchup with Bo Nickal would be like
  11. seems like David Robinson and His Navy basketball teams deserve a mention here. I believe he led them to an Elite 8 appearance.
  12. Is The Big Lebowski a Sports Movie? What about Kingpins? No Love for the great sport of bowling.
  13. I believe berks county PA - Maybe Daniel Boone
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