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  1. for a lot of people, they might wonder how many they could do in 24 hours. I know exactly how many I can do in 24 hours.
  2. lets get back to the topic at hand. How does Bayside High look next year?
  3. I was a big fan of him in high school with his vision quest.
  4. does Micic have a ph.d? according to his bio, he graduated HS in 2014
  5. Longer time indicative of tournament parity or depth - Shorter time, more pins/mismatches suggests top heavy tournament? Is that the take away?
  6. The Pacifier. Brad Garrett in full wrestling gear takes on vin diesel. Tries the nipple pinch move not often talked about here.
  7. Philadelphia Eagles All-pro Guard Brandon Brooks Missed a game due to mental health issues. I believe he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. He was abruptly unavailable one game. Not the same scale but it is a team sport and kind of a big deal. He returned the next game.
  8. Casey


    I just made an assumption, since corrected, because he was a Senior.
  9. Casey


    Pitt is so underrated as a school. Both of my Kids loved their visits and one enrolled. Really enjoy our visits to Pittsburgh. My Pitt Student covered the Championships in 2019 for The Pitt News.
  10. I only learned in the last year or so that Columbus was bigger than Cincinnati and Cleveland and was shocked. Though my belief was probably based on number of pro sports teams.
  11. Casey


    forgot about that
  12. Casey


    Just a guess but I suppose Wentzel is finished and nino returns. Their 2021 incoming class did well at states this year, but who knows. Steen is most recognizable name to me. 125 - Colton Camacho/Gary Steen 133 - Philippi 141 - Cole Mathews 149 - Luke Kemerer 157 - Badgett ?? 165 - ??? 174 - McGill 185 - ??? 197 - Nino Hvy - ??? -
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