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  1. Thus just in, resident NLWC athlete Darrin Caldwell was forced to pull out and is being replaced by NCAA champ Darrion Caldwell (no relation).
  2. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/July/10/Pletcher-Caldwell-added-to-Flowrestling-card?fbclid=IwAR0Gb39U4_LD91sniHDit8c7Ftz-8sEtRpmQPt8_GbSXV1WEqaK5lEykvQQ Even if it is for one match, it'll be nice to see him on the mat again. We'll see if he still has it. If Caldwell's in shape my money is on him.
  3. I'll take yianni, barely 21 and already has better wins than Metcalf. His style is made for freestyle. Zain seems to have a similar style to Metcalf so I dont expect much from him. Wasn't Stieber undersized for 65k? JO seems to have the talent and ideal style but lacks the results. IMO once yianni focuses most of his training on free, he'll be the guy to beat.
  4. I can see how classroom management would be the hardest part. My whole thing is people are making it out to seem like it's as hard or harder than a class that deals with giving out homework and is a tough subject to teach and learn from the students perspective. Not trying to knock anyone who is a PE teacher but dont compare its difficulty level to a Math, Science and English teacher that have to deal with hundreds of assignments every week.
  5. I agree there are a lot of phys ed teachers that suck. I remember a couple in particular. One was fat and the other was always pissed off. Those two factors definitely made it hard to have any respect for them as far as gym teachers go. Honestly what is so hard about being a P.E. teacher? I'm genuinely asking cause getting paid 60k+ a year to play games and occasionally teach a health class seems pretty darn easy relative to the other teaching positions throughout a school, especially if it's high school. As for kids being fat and out of shape that's completely on the parents. I dont think you can put that on a person who spends about 50 minutes a day with them. Like buck said, some kids are just flat out spazzes.
  6. A family member of mine teaches gym and he says its nothin. Pretty much says all you have to do is come up with activities and know how to wrangle in a bunch of kids. Every now and then write reviews of his coworkers and do some minor paper work. Has no homework to grade. He himself has said it's cake. Gets paid as much as a non phys ed teacher and does half the work.
  7. I think the OP is aware that Yordanov isnt Russian. Otherwise why would he have Yordanovs placement in parenthesis next to the russian bronze?
  8. Damn shame that the D2 and 3 champs cant compete at D1 nationals anymore. Would be cool to see some of these guys make runs like the old days. Would've liked to have seen Joey davis up against taylor and dake when he was a freshman.
  9. Wouldnt be surprised if Lewis is already beating him.
  10. A. Satiev, won gold in 99' at 76k, gold in 2000 and 02' at 85k and 84k respectively.
  11. There is no way you can have DT or Hassan over sadulaev. Hes the greatest of this current generation. Hes not even 30 and is a big favorite to win his second olympic gold next year. An honorable mention to Adam Satiev. Won the Olympics and two world golds essentially being undersized. Came back in 2012 and lost to Denis Tsargush 1-0, 1,0. In 2012 it was pretty much between Tsargush and JB. That result tells you how good he still was years later.
  12. Kyle dake vs david taylor, wait nvm...
  13. Man that weight was full of killers. Has to be one of the toughest international weights ever. Along with Gatsalov, sheesh that's insane.
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