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  1. Gable beats him about as bad as he beats gwiz
  2. Definitely interested in seeing a Sad vs Jden match. Otoguro probably had the worst draw out of all the champs and he got it done. Sadulaev had about as tough a road as he can have but he's so good it was nothing to him. Gable had a tough draw as well.
  3. When it's all said and done Sadulaev will be on that same tier with satiev. Might even be considered the goat. Today it is 1. Sadulaev 2. Otoguru 3. Gable.
  4. Whatever it is at the end, looks like a cartwheel into the flip but he makes it look so easy which is crazy for his size
  5. Not just his quickness but also his power. Gable is an athletic freak. I mean how many 250lb+ people do you know that can pull off a back hand spring so effortlessly?
  6. Calling it now like I did after his ncaa final, Gables bringing home the hardware.
  7. I was thinking the same thing about gwiz and Parris.
  8. The next American match, smartypants
  9. 2016 freestyle tourney had quite a few questionable refereeing moments. Let's not forget the infamous Mongolian protest. Also remember Franklin gomez getting jobbed out of a win.
  10. Destribats winning the whole thing
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