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  1. I was in high school over a decade ago and I had teammates whos main reason for being in wrestling was because of MMA. Yea they grew to appreciate the sport for what it is but their original reason was because of their MMA involvment. That was in the late 2000s and MMA has only been trending upward in involvement. I was also at the 2015 world cup in LA and if I rember correctly the UFC was a sponsor of the tourney. Having direct sponsorship of the biggest MMA organization in the world is only a positive in terms of exposure to the mainstream and the support that wrestling receives from the MMA community. Yes my evidence is anecdotal and my claim is at this point subjective. I really don't have the time and energy nor the interest to put a pure statistical argument together as you would like. If you are of the opposite opinion then cool. But do me this one favor and just using your common sense reasoning and put aside your feelings toward MMA. Can you sit there and tell me that having MMA champions and top contenders who where high level wrestlers isn't good for the exposure that wrestling gets? Guys like DC, Henry Cejudo and Ben Askren who so openly talk about their wrestling accomplishments/have a wrestling heavy style that its hard to ignore. Now we have Bo Nickal who is an up and coming star and his achievements are no secret to the MMA community. Not trying to be a dick but honestly man, you can't be that thick to think otherwise.
  2. MMA is having a positive impact on wrestling in the sense that it now gets mainstream exposure and the credit it deserves as a legitimate and necessary martial art for fighting.
  3. Hindsight is 20-20, it was essentially a toss up before it started, that's what I meant.
  4. Lol yea just messin with you man. Match could've gone either way.
  5. Probability wise it's unlikely but she's an absolute stud so I guess we'll see. At least we know there's some tough competition domestically to keep pushing her. If anyone does manage to knock her off then their chances at worlds or the Olympics will be pretty good
  6. Wouldn't dream of it, Elor is definitely in the crosshairs of her slightly older competition. Can't count any of these ladies out.
  7. Dont count out Kennedy Blades, shes also still a teenager and she is tough.
  8. What in the heck is going on here? Been out of touch with the wrestling scene for a little while. Last thing I remember was AJ was involved in a car accident and now I'm seeing that him and his brother have major assault charges against them?
  9. Just letting everyone know cause I see the same thing on Jimmy's posts. Always someone who's complaining about him. Yet they're always posting on his threads. Haven't replied to his post in ages cause I realize he's only here to troll.
  10. No that's cause he knows people will respond to his stupid posts to complain about him. Jimmy is an expert troll. If people want him to go away just stop responding to his posts. Stop feeding the troll it's that simple.
  11. Even though these are gentlemens bets, Jimmy C is still not allowed.
  12. Not really relevant to this thread but I felt like posting this since this has turned into a F Putin thread.
  13. DeAugustino vs Cardani is the last match in the vid. Deagustino and cardani were both hit with a stall call. Cardanis stall call was questionable at best. Aug caught cardani off balance in nuetral and was able to just push him back out of bounds. Cardani was hit for fleeing the mat. Aug was hit after the 5th or 6th shot attempt by cardani. Aug did absolutely nothing to initiate any offense of his own. IMO that was terrible reffing. The 4 point stance is stalling plain and simple. What offense can you generate from that stance? The 3 point you can at least move forward and stalk your opponent and eventually work to a tie up. The Byrd vs Cannon match is a good example of that. With the 4 point you're essentially just sitting in one spot waiting for your opponent to come to you. There should be a 2 second countdown done and a subsequent stall call whenever someone drops to it.
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