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  1. You would also think not retaining Imar, the best wrestler in the history of the program is a huge letdown.
  2. Wow I just seen he lost to big Tony, that changes things. Getting majored by parris or Gable would've been one thing but to cassioppi, wow. Yea that's not a good sign. I retract my previous sentiment.
  3. Haha ok calm down there sparky I'm just saying I would like to see more than a handful of matches from kerk. He has like ten collegiate matches under his belt.
  4. Does quality of competition not mean anything? Who was Spencer's toughest comp this year? Ragusin was a cadet world champ but thats about it as far as noteworthy results of opponents.
  5. The verdict is still out on kerk as he started out the season hurt and most likely not in the best shape.
  6. Title says it all. People will say lee but if you put these guys against world competition steveson imo will be far more competitive. Lee has a questionable gas tank and will get exposed on the world stage. Lee is a beast but his tank imo is a problem.
  7. IL wrestling leadership is a joke. Arguably the third best wrestling state and UofI consistently fails at keeping the best kids in state. Such a joke, Heffernan needs to go.
  8. His wife left him for her boyfriend
  9. Where's the guy that would only bet $1000?
  10. There's a zero percent chance that Brands had a zero percent chance. Momentum was on his side. Was giving him a run before the injury time out. Was given a free point and a hurt opponent. He choked
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