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  1. I said hes getting pinned cause hes gotten pinned a more than once. Most recently being less than two months ago. It's simply a fact, sorry if you dont like it. Snyder is a beast and his accomplishments are amazing but the fact is that he hasn't won worlds in two years and has looked to be on the decline. From what I dont know. My guess is hes been scouted thoroughly and has focused to much on his strength training instead of technique. Obviously it's not an age related issue. He looked absolutely outclassed against sadulaev and was getting beaten soundly before getting stuck against the Iranian who was coming off of a long suspension. Imo at this stage in his career he would get beaten soundly by the top heavies in the world. Not saying he cant or wont get back to the form he displayed early in his career but for now the results show that hes not that guy anymore.
  2. Once by Sadulaev pretty quickly. Less than 1:30 into the match or something crazy like that. Pinned by the Iranian at the Matteo Pelicon tourney about a month back. My whole thing is if hes getting pinned by guys in his weight class. It would be pretty damn reasonable to think the same thing can happen against guys bigger, stronger and just as athletic as he is. At least that's my take on it. I think he would have real problems against Steveson and other top guys.
  3. Imo he cant, at least not be a legit contender for the spot. Sure he could beat some of the lower tier guys and could keep it to a decision against the top guys like Steveson, Bradley and gwiz but these guys are no joke and weight classes are there for a reason. Yes I know he beat gwiz in college but that was what 3 years ago. Also snyder seems to be on the decline in his career. Crazy to say that as he's only 24. Idk if you've seen the videos of his matches with akgul a couple years ago but he was getting worked, hanging in there but it was domination for the most part by akgul.
  4. It's crazy how people think Snyder or Cox or anyone else whos not a heavy for that matter can just step right up and seriously contend with the best in the world or even the US for that matter. Snyder is getting pinned by guys his size for crying out loud.
  5. Have Hilger and cass wrestled this year? I would take Hilger in that match. He wrestled Parris pretty tough.
  6. Yea you're right, forgot about that. Still salas was 3 points away from teching him. Cant put too much stock into it but cant act like it didnt happen either. I will say that it didnt seem like they were slipping and sliding everywhere like in the Burroughs vs chamizo match.
  7. Yea he buried Salas in that match. So much so that Salas gave him a nice open palm strike out of frustration. One thing that I find noteworthy is that Snyder and Salas wrestled at Beat the Streets a few years ago. Salas gave Snyder a pretty tough match where his athleticism was giving Snyder trouble early on in the match. Snyder came back and won but Salas impressed me with how athletic he was. His gas tank failed him if I remember it correctly. That could be a sign of how a Snyder vs Cox could play out.
  8. Let Jden acclimate to the weight class before passing judgment. Tough to make a good assessment without video or even a match description. Salas is a decent win though. Hes been a perennial contender for years.
  9. Bo is a beast and has potential to develop into a world level hammer but theres no way in hell hes beating the best the world has to offer including our guys by going 97.
  10. I'm surprised people are surprised by how dominant Parris was tonight. The result against Zare alone is evidence enough that hes on a different level than all these guys, gable not included. Not so hot take, he beats gable for the title.
  11. Hall is a stud but not a next level stud. He came into college having been held back what at least two times throughout middle and high school? I also dont see him contributing much at the senior level, top 3 at best.
  12. TR said he has next level athletic ability. I took that as in the pure sense of athletic ability. An example of that would be Jordan Burroughs who was an athletic freak and to a lesser extent J'Den Cox and Dake. Hall is a talented wrestler no doubt but I wouldnt say he has next level athletic ability.
  13. Just curious what makes you say he has next level athletic ability? Its easy to look like that against inferior competition. He certainly didnt show that against Kemerer who was his toughest competition this year. Which weight will he go internationally? He doesn't have the frame for 86kg. His only choice is to go 74 as far as the olympic weights are concerned. Although he is self admittedly too big for the weight. If he goes 74 I see him being top 3 on the ladder once he develops but I dont see him being a hammer like he is right now.
  14. Pulling for Iowa this year but PSU was impressive on Friday. Brooks showed that he is a step above Assad. One of Iowas big scorers sustained an injury. Aside from Spencer lee iowa doesn't seem to have any other big bonus point scorers. Kemerer could possibly be one but not to the level of S. Lee. Nick Lee has emerged as PSUs big bonus point machine and his scoring potential might offset Spencer's points at NCAAs or be close to it. Nevills while not on Cassars level has shown to be a suitable replacement and looks like he can AA. Iowas other highly ranked guy Lugo doesn't seem to have that potential in him. Some bright spots for Iowa. Spencer lee looks primed to bonus his way through the field, surprise surprise. Marinelli even in a loss looked good and I would still consider him a favorite over Joseph. He matches up well with Cenzo. He's got the strength advantage and if hes smart he wont bullrush himself into getting tossed. Which imo is the only way Cenzo beats Marinelli is if he capitalizes off of his mistakes. Kemerer looks like a bad style matchup for Hall as he can scramble just as well and create his own offense. Hall is not known for getting to his own offense against opponents just as skilled as he is. Im calling it now Kem takes the title this year. Cassioppi ain't beating Steveson or Parris this year but he seems to be just a step above the rest and dont see him finishing below 5th but I'm thinking a third place finish for him seems well within reach. Bottom line is PSU, like every year, seems to have more bonus potential then the rest of the field and Cael always seems to get the most out of his guys. Imo this dual will be looked back upon as the turning point in the season Cael pulled off his second most impressive championship run.
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