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  1. Haha we have a lot of domestic results for him. I think he will always "upset" Joesph Mckenna but aside from that, his style just doesnt translate I'm aware of his less than ideal results due to his style but you just never know but I agree for the most part and dont expect much from Heil.
  2. Not well. But i do thank him for his college contributions Hey you never know he might surprise some people. He obviously thinks he can compete at this level so maybe he has upped his game. Or maybe he goes one and done.
  3. A little surprised to see dean heil's name on that list. Intrested in seeing how he does.
  4. Not really honestly. Hes a true junior this year. Zain is two years removed from college. Yianni has time on his side.
  5. It was never publicized but Gump was the sole representative of the US that year. Since he technically couldn't compete for the United States of America. He was forced to compete under the banner of 'Merica.
  6. I know a wealthy man in Alabama that would beg to differ.
  7. Lee may have said college wrestling comes second to freestyle but as they say, 'things change'. He seems to be a great team player and is all about the team and bringing Iowa back to prominence. If they feel like they have to win a title in order to do that then that's were their focus will be. Gotta feeling that's the root of all the perceived lack of focus on freestyle for Spencer.
  8. Might as well give him the silver right now then
  9. BTC


    I thought he beat him back in 2013 and again in 2016 or 17 but I digress. Im a little surprised by the lack of support for KD. He absolutely handled the russian who's name I'm to lazy to look up. Im a fan of his but if he loses oh well. I'll cheer just as loud for whoever earns the spot. I'll call it right now. If he beats ringer he wins worlds then goes on to take the Olympic spot next year. Winning last year I feel like he turned a corner and is at an all time high as far as confidence goes and that high will carry him to a three peat.
  10. BTC


    Th one difference with that is that dake has beaten JB before. It might've only been twice but it's better than that goosegg taylor has laid. My main reasoning for thinking this is that I believe KD is in his prime and JB is passed his prime although not so far that he isnt competitive, that much is evident. Shoot he is a returning world champ himself that wasn't scored on at worlds last year. Some time has passed since their last meeting and it's not so damn crazy to say that dake is better developed since then. I honestly think ringer is a worse matchup at this point than JB. But hey this all just like my opinion man.
  11. BTC


    Fair point but at the end of the day I think KD gets it done. He has access to world class health and nutrition experts. The smart move would be to formulate a diet plan before worlds and start it as soon as he gets back, assuming he makes the team.
  12. BTC


    Never said he has no chance. I just think dake beats him without too much of a problem. To sit here and defend JB after every prediction against him seems a little too emotional.
  13. BTC


    Dake beats JB comfortably next year as in he is no real danger of losing the match. Unless JB gets a bye to the final best of three series I see him losing in the mini tourney.
  14. Not to mention training with whoever else at the OTC. It would've been that much better if the dake/ringer situation never happened. Rolling with either of those guys would've been a huge boost. I just feel a placement is in reach with his newfound attitude, training with studs and with the phenomenon of Americans doing well in their first go.
  15. Hot taek. Downey medals. Will be much improved come world's.
  16. Well considering that he didn't have any amature fights before bellator hes not doing too bad but due to all the hype it probably feels pretty disappointing
  17. That my friend is what we call making it hail
  18. Cant believe people are still crying about Downey.
  19. You might be confusing Dan Gable for Dan Hodge. I'm sure Danny G has great grip strength but Hodge is the one who is known for crushing apples.
  20. You'll be heartbroken if he doesn't huh?
  21. You seem like a real bitter dude. U of I seems to be headed in the right direction with Poeta.
  22. How dare you go against the sensei like that :D yea unfortunately I could see that happening at other gyms too. Alpha minded instructor too proud to acknowledge superior technique. That's where the individual would have to do their due diligence on selecting a gym. You should have challenged him to a match. Winner becomes the new master.
  23. Just keep searching my man. I know of multiple gyms in my city that offer wrestling. Any MMA gym worth its salt will have adult wrasslin classes.
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