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  1. Idk man his shoulders are clearly above Hahns and appear to be above Moccos as well. But yes his head is giant also. I also say that with the acknowledgment that he could fold me up like a piece of origami.
  2. Jake Rosholt was huge! My first thought was why is the heavyweight in the middle?
  3. To be fair that wasn't your run of the mill true freshman
  4. Those are some good points. Its good to hear nate is still competing. IMO he was Bo's biggest threat in college. Hopefully its competitive. When's the last time Taylor wrestled. I feel like it's been ages. Has he been on the mat since his injury?
  5. I guess I'm a casual cause this card doesn't really interest me at all. Only match that really peaked my interest was bo vs nate but has nate been training in the sense of actively trying to improve his skillset? Not just coaching and being a practice partner. I guess gomez vs boris is interesting as well but the same concern pops in my mind. Idk just not grabbing my attention
  6. Low blow bro, you taunt the man in his time of need
  7. I don't think those are the best examples. Guys like that are always going to gravitate toward the best programs. A program like Penn st will have some really good guys riding the bench because those guys are willing to do it in order to have a shot to wrestle in those blue and white or gold and black singlets
  8. That is true, my reason for saying comes from when cael basically killed the national duels. Didnt like it and basically made the event disappear. Hearing this B1G tourney situation did bring up some of those feelings.
  9. Psu is like that little spoiled brother that wants everything his way
  10. I get the hype but how many times has the same thing been said about other guys. For example just a year ago people were calling Zabit Magomedsharipov the next one. He's a contender but his hype train has died down. People are so quick to anoint the next great one.
  11. Did you really just say Chimaev? Maybe a handful of people on here that will understand that joke.
  12. Gable is a big boy, crazy to think he would be able to make 97 kilos
  13. Idk about that. Gilman has never been head and shoulders above the field. His matches are pretty competitive for the most part.
  14. Vito is really good. Its crazy to think Lee teched him their last time out. Vito did score a legit takedown on him though
  15. The edit note is referring to the first paragraph of my post. You posted your post a few seconds before mine and with better info than mine. Pretty interesting, I didnt know that applied to all scholastic sports.
  16. Hasn't it been the opposite? High schoolers used to be able to compete in the midlands which isn't the case anymore. Someone correct me ifnim wrong but last I heard of a high schooler in a college open was chance marstellar when he was in high school. At least I think he did, idk though. So gimp by relaxed you mean that HS kids are allowed? I thought they were barred from entering or at least had to be reviewed on a case by case basis?
  17. Honestly would not be surprised if Sr Dake were to major Jr cenzo in a fantasy match up. Look what a true freshman Lewis did to him. As for bumping up one of the 65ers to face hall. Dake or ringer would be your best bets. Dake cause he's obviously the best out of the group but ringer I would say was probably the strongest and biggest out of the group.
  18. I don't think its fair to say his progression has 'stalled out'. The curve might not be as steep but keep in mind hes still in college and hasn't quite fully matured physically. The fact that he's competitive with world and olympic champs should only reinforce peoples opinions about his talent.
  19. Probably gonna get some flak for this but I can't help but think that some of karelins physical gifts were man made. I mean just look at him. And he was from the USSR. I mean it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  20. Thanks for answering my question. Was wondering if and or why he never hit the senior circuit. Thatd be something special to see him and Big Bruce go at it on a regular basis.
  21. Considering Caldwell is in the featherweight grand prix, wouldnt his last fight have been at 145?
  22. This just in, resident NLWC athlete Darrin Caldwell was forced to pull out and is being replaced by NCAA champ Darrion Caldwell (no relation).
  23. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/July/10/Pletcher-Caldwell-added-to-Flowrestling-card?fbclid=IwAR0Gb39U4_LD91sniHDit8c7Ftz-8sEtRpmQPt8_GbSXV1WEqaK5lEykvQQ Even if it is for one match, it'll be nice to see him on the mat again. We'll see if he still has it. If Caldwell's in shape my money is on him.
  24. I'll take yianni, barely 21 and already has better wins than Metcalf. His style is made for freestyle. Zain seems to have a similar style to Metcalf so I dont expect much from him. Wasn't Stieber undersized for 65k? JO seems to have the talent and ideal style but lacks the results. IMO once yianni focuses most of his training on free, he'll be the guy to beat.
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