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  1. PD3 has a street fighter's mentality, toughness, and striking skills that most aren't aware of. He's 2x a fighter than he is a wrestler. He could beat either one of them, tomorrow.
  2. Ah, but all of those tourney placements. And, a little birdie was in the Iowa room. Beep Beep.
  3. Usman and Covington know...time reveals all truth.
  4. Who said 'he' requested it? I object was to make Rau engage and attempts some throws, make it interesting for the fans, instead of that boring defensive Greco pummeling crap.
  5. Props to PD3 for even wrestling one period of Greco vs our world team member. And he chose Greco for the first period. Kid has huge *****.
  6. PD3 will be a UFC World Champion. Remember, haters...you first heard it from me.
  7. Present day, it would be no contest in freestyle. And, in Chicago, it was agreed upon ahead of time that there would be no par terre. The ref had a big brain fart. :)
  8. This tournament is a joke. Rau, Provisor, Taylor, Nickal, and Downey...THEN you would generate some revenue. Flo has missed a golden opportunity and has bitten off its nose to spite its face.
  9. Withdrew for supporting women's and greco, but then went to war with the women? I must be missing something.......
  10. "to get killed"? That's funny, considering he's beaten Dean, Martin, Foster, and Brooks. :) Without Taylor, Nickal, or Downey, who really cares about this **** show?
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