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  1. Was 5-0 until the refs put the brakes on it and stole 3 points from Downey. Nickal was about to get teched 10-0 in the first period.
  2. You're an idiot and only another idiot would have taken your 1:1 offer. Go back into your hole loser wannabe.
  3. I think he said "the same bet", which would equate to $200:$2000, not $300:$3000. Get clarification and I'll let you know.
  4. Just follow the same rules as laid out by bnwtwg. Agreed?
  5. You're out to lunch. Crawl back into your hole.
  6. Yep, I'll take your $50:$500. Just confirm it. Yes or no?
  7. No, you moron. Why would any fool bet straight up when one guy has ten opportunities to win but the other has only one? Are you really THAT stupid?
  8. Sure, if you could find an idiot willing to bet against the #1 seed who is a former world champion and who is willing to lose $1000 just to win $100. Good luck with that.
  9. You can try and twist this around any way like, but you'd have ten horses, not one, in the race to my one. 10:1 odds and you have a bet..if mean, if you're all confident and stuff. Who wouldn't feel confident going heads-up. You'd have ten guys that could win. You obviously don't know much about betting.
  10. You got ten horses in the race, I have one. 10:1
  11. make it $1000 to $100 and you got a bet.
  12. So, my guy has to beat three D1 national champions, but any of your guys can win? You must think I'm stupid. 10:1 odds and you got a bet.
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