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  1. First of all, he's not my son. And yes, I watched the matches...he wrestled with a severe back injury that required injections, never got schooled (or teched), and placed 3rd. Don't know what you geniuses are smoking, but you should take it easy. lol
  2. Don't let that rocking chair hit you in the buttocks.
  3. wackjob...you hiding, buttercup? Don't choke on the nuts. All I know is that PD3 is wrestling for a world title while you jerkoffs sit home dissing. Pathetic bunch a lads you are.
  4. I'm someone that does hide behind a computer while bashing world team members or other athletes, for that matter. You need your ass kicked.
  5. Maybe you should also pay Rutgers a visit. It appears that you could also use some personal development training. LOL I think you meant PD2....right? Work those fingers, big shot.
  6. Cure you of that big mouth and shut you up once and for all. But you'll just continue to hide behind your keyboard because you don't have the stones to face him. A coward is born every minute of the day.
  7. I think that you should create your own company and really get things right for all of us.
  8. Still stuck to Downey's jock? lol Maybe you should pay a visit to Rutgers or Princeton when he returns and I'm sure that he would be more than happy to cure you. :)
  9. No PD2 here, but I pay very close attention to actual results. What results are you referring to?
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