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  1. Horrible training partner...that must explain why KJ flew him out to the OTC to train with Cox for a week to prepare for his Final X matches with Nickal. Now, it all makes sense to me. Just one idiot after another on here. :)
  2. "you can't fire me, I quit"....ever heard that story?
  3. That is news to me, but then again, a lot of crap is spouted off on this forum. Incidentally, just look at PD3...do you honestly think he has any problem with girls voluntarily sending him pics and/or friend requests. This whole underage nude pic thing is similar to the Russian hoax with Trump. Cancel culture at it's finest. It's a f'd up world we're living in. When one door closes, three more open.
  4. You really are the biggest idiot on here. Downey taunted Taylor for weeks to get the match, and only an idiot would walk away from $10,000 for a single match. Mommy really did drop you on your head.
  5. Guy is a freaking stud...U.S. Open Champ, Schultz Champ, ranked 9th in the world. Going to make millions in the UFC...probably in acting and modeling, too.
  6. So long as he's not blackballed by USAW and is able to compete...I sure am...maybe it's you that's 'fake'.
  7. What's sad is this new era of political correctness, where everyone has to hide their true feelings and/or thoughts...even when they're correct, or risk harsh consequences. And, if you knew Downey, he'll continue to get better, has other options, and always has a back-up plan. You'll see.
  8. Damn, look at this guy. He's beaten 4 NCAA Champs, 5 NCAA finalists, and a dozen NCAA All Americans. What a stud!
  9. You honestly don't have a freaking clue....from other RTCs wanting him to Flo dropping him, you're totally ignorant.
  10. That make more sense...agreed.
  11. Who is M2...Myles Martin? He's already beaten him.
  12. Nah, he's his own man. I may make myself look like a fool, but not him. He does a good job of that on his own....right? BTW, live your own life and don't try to tell me what to do.
  13. There you go...someone intelligent enough not to let his feelings cloud his brain. People seem to forget that Downey was able to handfight DT for the entire first period and gave up 'only' 4 points...three years ago...when he was unattached...no RTC room...nothing. I don't even know of anyone else in the country that could do that with DT...even when they're in a room training with quality partners. Three years have passed and Downey is night and day. He's beaten two 2x D-1 champions: Dean and Wright; one 1x champion: Martin; three D-1 finalists: Avery, Hamlin, and Heflin (3x); six All Americans: Asper (3x), Courts (2x), Crutchmer (3x), Pfarr, Renda, and Storley, and, a Greco WT member: Rau. Also, NHSCA Sr Nationals, USAW Jr Nationals, FILA Jr Nationals, USAW JR WTT, Jr World Silver, undefeated JUCO Nationals, D-1 All American, 4x WTT qualifier, U.S. Open, Schultz, Sr WTT, Sr WT member, bronze at Pan Ams and Pellicone, and ranked 9th in the world. Yet, ignoramuses on this Forum constantly try to dismiss him as average. Given the opportunity for a rematch, he has vanquished every loss in his career expect for two: Nathaniel Brown (NHSCAs) and Richard Perry, both of whom have beaten him 3x. Are the odds in Taylor's favor (with his even better accolades and notable wins) that he might become the third guy to go 3-0 against him? Sure they are. Only an idiot would think otherwise. But that does not prevent Downey from thinking positively, being confident, or believing in himself. He will not quit until he beats Taylor because his goal (since he was 5) has always been to be #1 in the country and the world. He knows that he can't truly be considered #1 until he beats Taylor. Although he's #1 on the National Team, he knows that he didn't beat Taylor to earn it. Nobody wanted to wrestle Taylor and a lot of guys ducked 86kg, but PD3 was looking forward to Final X more than anyone on the planet. Now, I'm going on vacation until July 25th. Hope everyone enjoys their summer. Peace.
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