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  1. 10 months later, and you're all the same bunch of losers jacking off on this forum because you'll never did ****. LOSERS!
  2. Dude, if he pays his own way out there, with no coach...just like he did at the OTT, and makes into the finals against JB, WTF are you pussies going to then say?
  3. *******, I just returned from a trip around the globe. Get off my and PD3's jock and get a life. BTW, I heard that he just hit a Royal Straight Flush for $60k. So go suck a cucumber, jerk.
  4. Transitive property...if you even know what that means. nhs67 owes me $100 and I owe you $100. Punk him out, tough guy...go get that money for your women's charity, chump. BTW, all of the women of the world team love PD3...trust me, bro. LMAO
  5. Loser, pay my debt chump. You owe me $100.
  6. Pay my debt, loser. You owe me $100, LOSER.
  7. Were you even man enough to make a boy?
  8. Damn, I should take another trip around the world. You stupid mofos need to get a life.
  9. Lube up those twitter fingers, Hercules...f'n loser.
  10. nhs67 owes me, get it from him, chump
  11. Pay that chump. In fact, PD3 was half way to teching Nickal before the USAW ref stepped in to halt the momentum.
  12. Nah, you owe me and i owe him...so you just pay him for me.
  13. Hello, Shakespeare. Please, pay my debt for me. Thank you.
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