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  1. Quite the businessman, I see. And what's your suggestion on how to pay the athletes?
  2. Ah, but you don't have 15.5k followers on Twitter, now do you? LOL
  3. And you, sir, are extremely observant.
  4. Wow, so prophetic...you should run for Congress.
  5. And it's haters like you that inspires him to climb another level 'every' time he does. Thanks for your help. :)
  6. I know...tell that to the four D1 Champs and countless All Americans that he's beaten. Incidentally, how many have you beaten? :)
  7. Nah, more like Baltimore Irish. Prevails over and over when 90% would have thrown in the towel. Has more stones in his little pinky than you have in your entire body.
  8. PD3 has a street fighter's mentality, toughness, and striking skills that most aren't aware of. He's 2x a fighter than he is a wrestler. He could beat either one of them, tomorrow.
  9. Ah, but all of those tourney placements. And, a little birdie was in the Iowa room. Beep Beep.
  10. Usman and Covington know...time reveals all truth.
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