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  1. Downey would break Hall in half. Lay off the sauce buddy.
  2. Actually, I have Downey beating Yazdani in the finals since Downey will be seeded either #2 or #3 in Tokyo. The U.S. better hope that Downey makes the team because he's the only one who will get seeded....only top 4 get seeded.
  3. IMHO, if Taylor doesn't qualify the weight in Canada, Downey should have the #1 seed based on his accomplishments in the past year.
  4. You need to lay off the sauce, buddy. You got Hall beating Downey. lmao
  5. So, according to you, if Taylor doesn't qualify the weight and doesn't get the #1 seed, I guess he would be seeded last because he has no recent criteria. Am i now understanding the criteria?
  6. You still don't get it. If he meets ANY of the ones I mentioned and beats them I win. Sorry, but I can't guarantee that he'll meet all of them. Also, when he sees Taylor in the finals, he's allowed to lose one but has to win two. Roundtrip. Deal?
  7. The 'if' is implied because he can't beat someone if he doesn't meet them. Is this really that hard for you to comprehend? Fix the wording, along with roundtrip. Are you scared?
  8. last several months...Dave Schultz Champ, U.S. Open Champ, WTT Champ, (forget Final X), Pan Ams Bronze, 9th at Worlds, 3rd at Matteo Petticone, World Team member....but just forget all of that because of a one point loss to Dieringer. OK. :)
  9. I said 'trump', not supercede. And one tournament/one 1 point loss does not trump an entire 12 months body of work. You guys can hate on Downey all you want. None of you have ever met him and you're all a bunch of clowns. Downey over Taylor in three.
  10. You really can't be this stupid. You want me to bet you that he'll beat all four when there's not guarantee that he'll wrestle all four. Man, are you thick?
  11. My name is Marc Domm...friends of the Downeys...and PD2 was never banned. You guys just can't stand someone defending their own opinion of PD3, even though you guys take pot shots at him all the time. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.
  12. And, let's not forget he IS the current world team member and his BODY OF WORK in the past year trumps Valencia, Ringer, and Martin. BTW, if Taylor doesn't qualify the weight, Downey should get #1 seed. A one point snafu vs Ringer does not negate his entire body of work over the past 12 months.
  13. Einstein...he can't beat them if he doesn't meet them. Fix the wording and you're on.
  14. So what...Martin never beat Downey, nor has Valencia. They both go ahead of Downey because of a one point difference between Ringer and Downey? Ok. You see, this is why this stuff really doesn't matter. We'll seem who comes ready to fight in April.
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