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  1. So what? They got it right, or about as best as can be done.
  2. Sometimes you learn something. Always it is like watching a late night infomercial for exercise equipment.
  3. I find his flo videos tedious
  4. I think we saw them 3 times tonight between the elite. I think they are too many points for essentially one move.
  5. I was happy with Graff win, but the endless laces is silly freestyle quirk
  6. Man, Snyder's got God on his side too. Not fair.
  7. Fair point. I'm a Badger fan and have a long memory of Graff gassing out. Hope I didn't jinx him.
  8. Graff looks the best I ever seen him. He is 30 years old, wonder about endurance for match 3.
  9. They are going to need a bigger rocket to get that guy at escape velocity
  10. I wonder if IMAR got a little too psyched-up for the match. Adrenline is great but exhausting. Next match will really show where these guys are at.
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