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  1. 46 minutes ago, 152lbs said:

    Wrestling for the most part is about as exciting as watching paint dry.  I have come to accept that fact and just enjoy the tedium while waiting for something exciting to happen.  Kind of like my interest in baseball.  It too is dull as hell, until it isn't for that brief moment.

    A lot of truth in what you say here.

    I think the unsolvable problem is the dearth of competitive matches.  80% of the time you know who is going to win.   

  2. 7 minutes ago, 152lbs said:

    It is a bad rule for free and greco and will be a worse rule for folk. 

    I don't see the argument that the boundary rules in freestyle are more aggravating than the cluster we see in folkstyle.

    Even if you dislike the pushout rule, the pushout seems to be a relatively small factor in freestyle.  

    I'm sick of defensive wrestlers constantly playing the edge of the mat to stall.  None of the attempts at rule changes
    seem to have made anything clearer or better.   Wrestlers constantly going out of bounds in 
    escape attempts is tedious as hell.


  3. 4 hours ago, BigTenFanboy said:

    I agree, but it does give the higher seeded wrestler an advantage throughout the entire tournament, and that advantage comes from the regular season performance.

    I like what you are trying to do.  A problem is that seeding is so imperfect.  Do we really want to give more weight to that process?

    The way to make the the regular season matter is to make duals determine the national championship.  Team records would seed 
    an 8-team tournament.

    The NCAA final tourney should just determine individual championships. It would be just as exciting, and we'd be adding many weeks 
    of exciting events.

    This is too much change for a lot of wrestling fans to accept.  

  4. 3 hours ago, Janderson133 said:

    Not to get away from the focus, but it seems like this would be an ideal opportunity for someone like Flo (not that they will), to push the idea of wrestling being allowed to continue in more of a 'bubble' style. Hell, we weren't making money from the spectators anyway - and with football off in the Big10, it might be a chance to pick up a whole bunch of fans.

    The teams still have to travel.    Hmmm.   Maybe a holiday tournament might be put in a well regulated bubble.  But remember, some kids are learning online, others attending classes.   Its gonna be costly.

    The availability of a vaccine is going to make sports work.  

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