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  1. 10 hours ago, BigTenFanboy said:

    For those that are moaning and groaning about the regular season not meaning anything.. that goes for ALL SPORTS. All you have to do is the bare minimum to qualify for the national tournament in ANY sport. Football is different because only until fairly recently have they had a National Championship determined by the winner of a mini tournament.

    Not true in reality.    I've never seen a football or basketball team that takes a "meh" attitude towards regular season contests like we often see from wrestling coaches.

  2. 2 minutes ago, BigTenFanboy said:

    You underestimate the value of adding the NCAA stamp. Sorry but theres no excitement for a NWCA National Duals. Have it sponsored and run by the NCAA and suddenly it will count and have value. In this world branding is everything.

    If it doesn't determine the naitonal champion then there is no reason to care.    Wrestlers & coaches will save themselves for the tournament that counts.

  3. 2 minutes ago, BigTenFanboy said:

    You underestimate the excitement/value of the team component in the tournament.

    2 team championships. Tournament and Duals. NCAA needs to be open to it. And dont bring up how other sports have 1 team champ. Wrestling is unlike all of those sports.

    You can only have one national champion.   They've had dual champions before and nobody cared.

    You underestimate how broken the wrestling sport is.  We have 4 months of meaningless competitions where good wrestlers often skip events.  You also underestimate how exciting the NCAA torunament will remain even without a team race.

  4. Just now, BigTenFanboy said:

    except an accurate reflection on who is truly the best team.

    The NCAA basketball tournament doesn't deteremine the best team.   No single eliminatin tournament does that very well.  So what? Do you not consider the NCAA basketball tournament or the NFL playoff season a great success?

    80% of the time the winner of a duals competetion will be the winner of a torunament. The dominant team is almost always strong at both facets.

    Right now all we have is a 3-day season.   The advantage of adding an exciting duals season (plus playoff?) far outweighs any imperfection in picking the national champ.  The winner of a duals competition certainly has made a great accomplishment, if in a slightly different sense.

  5. 2 hours ago, Pinnum said:

    No team championship at the NCAA individual tournament.  

    The team champion is determined via a dual championship where teams must qualify.  Every conference gets an auto-bid. The remaining slots are determined via at-large selections based on their total season results in duals.  

    This makes duals have more significance and makes matches in duals have dual importance (qualifying the individual for the NCAA tournament and the team for the dual NCAA tournament). 

    Eventually the wrestling world will figure out a duals team championship is needed to keep the sport vital and popular.
    When the Olympics almost canceled the sport it seemed like people realized the sport was broken.  You need meaningful regular season drama to attract new fans. But since then the dual season has just gotten more meaningless and boring. 

    The individual tournament would be just as exciting without a team race. There are only one or two teams that have a shot anyway.
    The glory of the tournament is watching the great matchups.   The color of their signlet is way down the list of interest value.  It  truly is an individual tournament already.

    Unfortunately the wrestling diehard fans love the tournament just the way it is. I get that. But we'll have much more fun overall if we take a risk and extend the excitement.

  6. 1 hour ago, GockeS said:

    3.no on pushout. we have hwts, we dont need to make the rest of it sumo. 

    Freestyle doesn't seem sumo to me.  But it does change the wrestling a lot, true.
    Guys constantly playing games with the edge of the mat now is worse.   Wrestlers
    who want to stall-out the match just hang out there.

    I've liked the danger rule change.

  7. You aren't a wrestling fan if you aren't sure you know how to fix some things. 
    Here are my pet peeves.

    1)  Made the takedowns 3 points.  No brainer.  Escapes are too relatively easy.

    2)  Make back points 2, 3, 4  according seconds of exposure.  The problem now is refs
          aren't making an effort to count.  They hand out 4-points any time a guy is exposed
           for longer than 2 counts.  Back point inflation has turned the sport into a cheap-tilt contest.

    3)  The rules for stalling on the edge of the mat remain a hot mess.  Worse than ever.
          Got to come up with something/anything consistent.   Maybe just adopt the FS
          pushout rule and see if it works in folkstyle context.  What's the worst that can
          happen?  Dogs sleeping with cats?

  8. He's tough, he uses his tools as best he can.   I  just hate watching him wrestle.  
    He's the new Jason Tsirtsis - an NCAA champ but.... 
    He does a lot stalling.  That's not quite fair - he's real hard to score on and his matches turn into shoving contests.   He is obviously powerful.  I hate that he rides by continually pushing the guy to the edge of the mat.  Then he pushes the guy out of bounds when he tries to score.  He stays within the rules but barely.

    Being as good as he has become deserves a tip of the hat.  He's not worried about entertaining the fans.   I won't miss him.

  9. 6 hours ago, headshuck said:

    Always amazed to watch Steveson totally dominate for most of a match and be a TD away from losing a match.  Just seems like bulldozing a 280lb man to the mat and letting him go should result in more than 1 point.


    Wrestling would be so much better if takedowns  were 3 points.  Getting a TD is a very dominant act, it's hard to do against quality opponent. 
    It is unlikely for a superior wrestler to get a tech or major decision by exchanging 2s for 1s, takes to much time.
    Now that they are handing out 4 points like candy for cheap tilts, gotta restore the value of (arguably) the most exciting part of the sport.

  10. 1 minute ago, Eagle26 said:

    The arm slipped out and it was an illegal headlock for a split second, so he wisely bailed before giving up a point

    OK, may be right.  But who cares about giving up a point?   It was a hail mary and it didn't look like drove into it hard enough.  I'll watch it again, I could be wrong.

  11. On 2/21/2020 at 4:55 AM, Marcus Cisero said:

    Did anyone enjoy the mic hookup to Bono?  It was ok for a few minutes or so but I feel it was overdone, especially with the split screen for such a long period of time. 

     I thought it was fine.

    Moran wrestled the worst match of the season that I saw.  He was awful.  At one point Bono says, "We're not wrestling."  It was supposed to be a featured match.

    His last dual match of his career, I assume.  Oh well, good luck at tournament.  Moran is hot and cold.

    I also felt a little bad for Hilger tasked with trying to pin a bigger, stronger heavyweight who also is a very good wrestler.    


  12. Don't all the ranking services identify the good wrestlers?

    Especially this time of year, I'm looking at whether a wrestler is ranked at all (not taking rankings below 15 too seriously) and whether a wrestler is in top 8 or so.
    The exact order is meaningless.

    In late February it means more, but still,  the All-Americans at NCAAs come from a wide range of rankings.

    I use intermat or Flo just to give me a heads-up when watching dual meets.

  13. 1 hour ago, Billyhoyle said:

    How can you say this when we don't know the details surrounding his departure (or are you privy to more knowledge than the rest of us)? Maybe Willie burned bridges and left in a very poor way.  Given his erratic tweets, I would acknowledge this is a possibility.  But maybe it was a dispute over salary/compensation and Flo is trying to send a message to its other employees: that they are essentially powerless (i.e. keep working for us for what we will pay you or we will prevent you from working anywhere using our team of lawyers). 

    Willie obviously burned bridges and left in a poor way, not "maybe."  It's not a great crime, but foolish.
    I seriously doubt Flo manages with a "the beatings will continue until morale improves" strategy.   Many of the people there are essentially entertainers and public spokespeople.  Their product is enthusiasm for a sport.  Gemuetlichkeit.   Unhappy people aren't gonna bring the fun.  I expect that the ppl there work extremely hard - long hours, travel, constant deadlines.  I have a hunch the pay for their efforts is not terrific.  

    I don't care why William wanted to move on.   You just  don't crap on your long-time co-workers and bosses.   Starting up a competing services days after giving notice is hardball at best.   In this case it was somewhat worse than that.

    I like Willie (to the extent I know him) and wish him well. This stink bomb will blow over.  I myself have been stupidly arrogant towards bosses.  Hopefully learned from mistakes.

    I've seen the bull head and the damage done
    A little Willie S in everyone
    oh oh, the damage done

  14. 17 hours ago, 1032004 said:

    Or maybe he said what he was doing and they "walked him out," which is also pretty standard in industries where people may be going to competition.

    If we're chiming in here I thought 2 weeks was pretty standard unless it's a high level position.   

    It's quite possible the company paid Willie his severance and abruptly sent him on a paid vacation.  Happened to me once in a Christmas week layoff.  Doesn't change anything.  (IF we learn he got no severance pay then that would be bad.)
    What we know as likely fact is that in a matter of days Willie was up and running his own shop using content pilfered from Flo. 

    2-weeks is short notice not just for "high-level" but any job where a person plays a unique, important role.  Willie was an entertainer who also was responsible for a specialized journalism beat.  That takes a bit of doing to replace.  Quitting the week the main season started was certainly a punk move.

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