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  1. 4 hours ago, Perry said:

    I have heard of two week's notice but never one month?

    It depends on circumstances.  It's true sometimes the next employer needs somebody quickly and a short (two week) notice can't be helped.
    From what I heard, Willie didn't even give two weeks.  He was heading off on his own and quit first week of wrestling season!  Classless, punk move.   

    But we don't know all the details; perhaps Flo was treating him in some nasty way that forced him out.  I doubt it, but maybe.



  2. 7 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

    There are still some very good wrestlers in the event. Worth the watch imo. What else is on? A bunch of 3 loss teams in meaningless bowl games? 

    I agree.   It occurred to me watching the Midlands semis and finals yesterday that the talent was better than any conference tournament besides the Big Ten.    We get spoiled every spring by the spectacle of the Big Ten tourney and then NCAA feast.     If you like college wrestling a lot, you get to see a lot of great match-ups at Midlands and scuffle.  I'm psyched.

    What has come to suck is most dual meets.  Wrestling has forever been top-heavy, but now it seems like the top 5 teams are WAY out ahead.   All the great wrestlers are starting at or transferring to a tiny pool of teams.  Most duals don't have many exciting matchups.    Only the handful of meets between the top tier teams are exciting.

  3. Wow.   I am just getting caught-up on Willie World.  I missed all the holiday cheer 

     It seems that Willie was at best disrespectful for republishing work developed on his old employer's dime.  Plus, what adult quits a long-time job
    like this without giving his employer at least a month's notice?  Surely there was some goodwill built-up over a successful long term partnership.

    On the other hand the stolen information is largely opinion that will age-out quickly.   Seems petty of Flo.

     Guess I won't make a judgement either way as we likely don't know most of the story.   Hope it blows over.

  4. The problem with all the streaming services is that there is too much competition for customer time and dollars.   I know $10 per month is not a lot, but I'm already subscribed to too many monthly services just for non-wrestling interests.   

    The yearly FLO bill is a lot considered I only want to focus on wrestling for  4 months.   It's worth it, but barely.
    A Big Ten subscription would be nice for a couple months, their archiving is way better than FLO and they are improving their app.
    Rudis is free on  youtube.   I don't have time to watch them all.
    I'm paying for ESPN+ during wrestling season, they have some good matches.
    There are excellent, free podcasts.  Hello Inside Trip.   They compete for my time.
    I'd like to support Track, but expensive.
    I don't have time to enjoy a Willie World subscription, even if he does a great job.  

    Selling monthly subscriptions is a tough business.   It's too bad that FLO couldn't accommodate Willie's interests, it would have been better
    for everybody.

  5. For the life of me I don't get why ppl want professionalism from a wrestling analyst.   Wrestling is entertainment.   Sure, highly intelligent and knowledgeable ppl are important.   Willie was both entertaining and super informed.

    Willie occasionally had asinine takes, especially when he steered off of wrestling.   He was peculiarly, boldly and sincerely asinine.   

    His loss is huge from the Flo entertainment staff.    

  6. 2 minutes ago, russelscout said:

    They are pretty hit or miss for me. There have been a couple that really pointed out a strategy I hadn't noticed.... others he had missed the mark.

    Sometimes you learn something.  Always it is like watching a late night infomercial for exercise equipment.

  7. 3 minutes ago, WrestleNJ said:

    I have no problem with the endless turns. There's a reason we don't see them a lot; they are very hard to pull off. On another note, seeing Graff's win had me tearing up. Had no idea how old he was. He puts so much passion and heart into what he does. Truly rooting for him come Worlds. 

    I think we saw them 3 times tonight between the elite.     I think they are too many points for essentially one move.

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