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  1. I wonder if IMAR got a little too psyched-up for the match. Adrenline is great but exhausting. Next match will really show where these guys are at.
  2. These guys are dead even now. What a rivalry.
  3. It's obvious that Askren took a toll on JB's body.
  4. I don't see any vulnerability with Fix. He's quicker and better everywhere.
  5. Graff is more entertaining and skillful IMO. Colon is just the man of steel.
  6. It seems that if you are a prince in wrestling like Dake or Taylor you don't get called on cheap deception. People say it is within the rules so anything goes. I say it stinks and it harms other wrestlers.
  7. I missed the big shot he scored against Cox. I agree he is Mr. Excitement (unless you are being totally sarcastic.) Sure wish he was at a reasonable weight class and representing the U.S. on the world team.
  8. The rule makes sense. Nickal certainly should go U23. The college guys - seems to me that year round wrestling is path to burnout. They need some break before the grinding NCAA season. Unless they make the big boys world team I'd say take a break.
  9. Could you prepare a dumbed-down executive summary for me? I honestly can not follow this discussion. For sure the rule is too complex to be good for the sport. Any rule that allows a challenge after 50 seconds of wrestling is nutty.
  10. Wrong calls and bad rules are a part of every sport. It's like there is a margin of error in any competition. So you have to win by more than the margin of error to make sure you don't get screwed. Zain was the better wrestler last night. He won the first match, and the second match was undetermined. Yainni got screwed, but at least the guy who showed better advanced.
  11. Agreed, that really is besides the point. As I watch women's wrestling I see less sophisticated or elegant movement. Hard to put into words. It's more basic wrestling relying a lot on strength. I'm not even sure my observation is true because I haven't watched a ton of women's wrestling. Don't see, say, ankle picks setup with movement. I don't think the women have been wrestling since they were little kids and that shows. They aren't as smooth as men.
  12. I disagree that their skill level is high relative to mens wrestling. That is just an honest observation of where that sport is at. You can't handle the truth, as Jack would say. Women's basketball was TERRIBLE for about 15 years, BTW. It got much better.
  13. No disrespect whatsoever. All you got is name calling.
  14. Gable will beat Gwiz some day. Gwiz is better conditioned today.
  15. I saw an exciting match in early session from some lightweights. Mostly it really is hard to watch. Maybe it is fun for the wrestlers.
  16. Women's wrestling appears to be on a skill level comparable to high school boys wrestling. I like watching it, I respect their competitive desire, but it's a lot of muscling like in high school wrestling. Am I just wrong?
  17. It's amazing to me that BO is so much lighter. He looked big.
  18. So far it's the old men teaching lessons.
  19. Nickal looked just as quick. Cox outfoxed Bo a bit. I say Bo takes next match.
  20. I predict we are going to see all three contests go to the third match. Wishful thinking?
  21. Training with Tony Nelson is not going to prepare him for pace of Gwiz. Not sure the intensity of that match can be fully prepared for.
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