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  1. No lack of urgency, he was gassed
  2. Couldn't disagree more. Both Dake and Taylor have engaged in poor sportsmanship. This is not like football where injury reports are obscured to the max for competitive advantage. In this case other wrestlers are directly impacted. Just because the rules allow this behavior does not make it the right thing to do. It's disrespectful to fans and fellow competitors to withdraw in last week.
  3. You gotta be kidding me. Heflin's apology took no shot at Downey, it was just regret for whatever role he (Heflin) might have played.
  4. Hah! News to me, I went and checked twitter and PD3 has blocked me. This is ironic because I really like the guy and have been defending him. PD3 criticized Askren for smiling after getting tech-falled by Burroughs. I thought that was a cheap shot, I tweeted Askren is 34 years old competing against a world champ, PD3 will be a bouncer at a casino at 34. PD3 deleted his own tweet and evidently blocked me. A guy who can dish it out ought to be able to take it. Oh well, I still like the guy; like his wrestling, honesty and free spirit.
  5. I only remember Heflin from college years. He had no offense then either, but kid was tougher than nails. He beat or challenged guys who I thought were better. There is no such thing as an easy win in WTT best of three. Always chest-thump-worthy.
  6. He's certainly a lot better option for that weight than Dake or Derringer
  7. I thought the Downey-Heflin match was great because it gave freestyle fans a chance to watch some greco.
  8. Tyler Graff looks really tough. He takes out Colon but doesn't come close to a medal. U.S. is behind at light weights.
  9. I'd like to see both height and weight for the top 10 heavyweights worldside and see where Steveson fits in. Steveson just handled the giant Coon, but the upper echelon will be more athletic. (not that Coon is a slug)
  10. If you want to assign blame in that match you'd have to go frame by frame. This is harder to figure out than two kids fighting in back seat of a car. There was nothing thugish, it was a fight that got out of hand. I see Heflin is on twitter apologizing for any part he played in the nonsense. Good for him. Some people are overreacting.
  11. I think Askren said on one of his podcasts that JB said IMar is greatly improved the past year and he is taking him very seriously.
  12. Nolf has a chance to pass Imar in 6 months. should be a long rivalry at any rate
  13. Imar is bigger. Nolf needs more than a week to move up a weight class.
  14. Steveson schooling Nelson was an eye-opener.
  15. Actually it was Heflin that refused to shake hands. You'll see on replay. I didn't see anything particularly dickish in this match. Just guys doing a lot of clubbing and rough crap. Not good, but nothing nuts. They were both fighters.
  16. If I were him I'd say screw the Olympics and just compete at worlds.
  17. I'm impressed! I thought for sure that you would suggest that I attempt an anatomically impossible act with myself.
  18. Can you change a setting so the forum doesn't have to scan-past an advertisement with every one of your posts?
  19. He also looked a little smaller than all his opponents, unsurprisingly. But it's not like he is tiny. He'll add a couple pounds of muscle and be perfect for weight.
  20. I like the enthusiasm of the Flo guys. But when they shout into the microphones my wife comes into room and tells me to turn it down. Well, guess I can't blame Flo for all of my domestic problems. But they have technical details to work on.
  21. I felt that way about much of his college career, but I've been impressed with his freestyle of late.
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