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  1. 29 minutes ago, Housebuye said:

    There are maybe 5 guys who would be competitive interesting matchups for Snyder or Cox, at least on paper. There are more than 5 that could challenger them, but we haven’t heard of some. 

      Unless they want to wrestle each other, we are going to see some blowouts at BTS. 


    Given what happened to Taylor, I’d prefer if they didn’t wrestle each other. Too much risk this close to WTT/Final X

    Some are suggesting that BTS be moved to after the world championships.

    If Cox & Snyder are going to wrestle I doubt the risk of injury would be that much greater wrestling each other.   But maybe it is a bad idea anyway - too much pressure, they won't find it fun.

  2. 36 minutes ago, Dr. Novak said:

    He tarnished his legacy last night.  Looked like a non-athlete...slow, pudgy.

    He joked about being slow and pudgy before the match. This was a charity exhibition.  Have you ever watched an exhibition game of retired NBA players?   It's hilarious, even though the guys aren't that old it still looks like a YMCA game.

    Askren went ahead and did this charity event even knowing that some people would claim that this event reflects on a wrestling career that ended a decade ago.


  3. 8 minutes ago, PAFAN01 said:

    6 weights and 16 qualified guys per weight is terrible, but it will be the very opposite of "watered down". 


    This would be true but the qualification procedure requires wrestlers from each global region and consequently the 16 qualifiers are not necessarily the 16 best.


    Man, the more you analyse it, the Olympics (as currently defined)  really are an awful forum for the wrestling community to revere as the ultimate achievement.  

    Maybe we should just think of the World Championships as the real Super Bowl, and Olympics as a marketing opportunity every four years.


    BTW, with only 6 weight classes, I'm not even willing to say that the six wrestlers are the best from a given country.   One of the best could be a guy like Dake whose body doesn't fit well into a weight class.

  4. This is a interesting but silly discussion.     It's a lot like matching NFL Tight ends versus, say, a division II college basketball team.   Ya, lots of those TEs are physically imposing and have basketball experience.   But even a bad smaller college team will kill them in a game.

    MMA and wrestlers would get crushed competing in the other guys' trained sport.

    Here's an idea that might actually be fun & competitive:  let MMA fighters and wrestlers compete in Judo.

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