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  1. 1 hour ago, wrestlingnerd said:

     He will give up a lot of leverage to taller guys like DT and Nickal but he doesn’t really wrestle a style too dependent on leverage. I don’t love his prospects at 86 kg but I think they’re better than at 74 kg where he’ll be completely sucked out only to face tougher competition anyway. 

    I don't see Ringer beating Taylor at 86 KG, no way no how, and there could be some other monster there.   I agree he will be sucked out at 74 KG, but Martinez is  beatable.

    Both Derringer and Dake are tweeners in that absurd 27 pound gap between Olympic weights.  It sucks.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Katie said:

    1. Greco was invented in the 1800s by a French dude. 

    Ya, but it is thought to be similar to what was originally practiced.

    BTW, I think the original olympic wrestling was done naked.    And combatants would sometimes die.

    (Somebody who should know,  my neighbor who is a Classicist, told me this.  Not sure it is right.)

  3. 3 minutes ago, Jim L said:

    I know FS is much more popular than Greco in Iran and I thought that was the same in most of the wrestling rich areas in Russia.  


    Interesting. I tried really, really hard to find some hard facts about where Greco stands today in terms of popularity.  
    It could be that many impressions/opinions are out of date.

    I have sympathy for the guy who said Greco must be preserved because it is descended from original Olympics.   Having it be a part of the sport does add some variety.    I'm protective of folkstyle for that same reason even if freestyle is arguably better.      Greco, freestyle and folkstyle all add interesting facets.





  4. Only having 6 weight classes does reduce quality somewhat by forcing athletes to compete at weights that are not optimal for their natural body size.

    That giant gap between 74 and 86 KG contains a lot of wrestlers, particularly in the U.S. where the population is a bit bigger than most other countries.


  5. 9 hours ago, scramble said:

    Because swimming is like track.  You don't have to know anything about it to understand it. The fastest person gets to the finish line first. The person who gets there first wins.  The end.  Now there is much more to it from the athlete side, but for the fan it is simple.  For many viewers wrestling is harder to understand because of the scoring options and scenarios.

    Frankly, scoring in wrestling is hard to follow even for hardcore wrestling fans.   I doubt this problem will ever get fixed, reffing is inherently subjective, especially the current cluster-f we call college wrestling.

  6. 11 hours ago, Katie said:

    The compromise worked to get wrestling back in the Olympics. I agree that six Olympic men's freestyle medals is too few.

    Among male athletes, Greco is actually a bit more popular than freestyle worldwide. But when you add women's freestyle in, freestyle is clearly the more popular style.

    In my opinion, Greco should be kicked out of the Olympics. They never developed a women's side -- and that is a huge problem for the modern Olympic brand. I'd rather see ten men's freestyle weight classes, and eight women's.

    I wore out my google machine trying to find stats about Greco vrs Freestyle worldwide.   Just found generalities that freestyle rules in Western hemisphere, Japan and western Europe.   Big wrestling countries like Turkey, Iran, Russia are big on Greco.    There were some old graphs in the below thread saying that freestyle is growing, Greco is declining.

    I think your proposal is better than current situation.   I imagine it would be very hard to get agreement.
    I am upset by the unfairness of forcing athletes to shoe-horn their bodies into just 6 weight classes.   It's a bit worse for men because they have a larger size range and there are so many competitors.   It's a lot like telling basketball, "OK, you can keep your sport in the Olympics, but you have to play with 4-man teams, and they have to play wearing boots."    There has to be a way to have 10 free style weight classes.


  7. On 4/30/2019 at 8:12 AM, Katie said:

    In 1996 there were ten Olympic freestyle weight classes.  In 1997, I believe, UWW started taking weight classes from both freestyle and Greco to create weight classes for women’s freestyle. 

    When wrestling was briefly cut from the Olympics a few years back, one of the IOC’s gripes was that wrestling had by far the worst gender imbalance at the Olympics. 

    At the same time, however, the IOC didn’t want to allow more wrestling medals. 

    So the UWW went back to the Iab and decided on six medals for freestyle, six for Greco, and six for women’s freestyle. 

    That compromise seems to have worked so far. 

    Thanks for the explanation.

    I don't agree that this compromise is working.   Whether it is justified is harder to say.

    6 weight classes is certainly not enough given the large numbers of athletes in men's freestyle/folkstyle, especially considering youth.

    Greco and especially women's wrestling are niche sports in comparison.



  8. With the exception of  Bajrang-Yianni there are clear favorites in all the matches I know about.    No point in listing the obvious.

    I admire Ben for taking on the challenge, but it seems like a George Foreman comeback.   You can't be in your mid-thirties and compete with a great opponent if you aren't training intensively.  I might have to hold my hands over my eyes. 

  9. When you look at the projected lineups it seems stupid, cruel even, that there are only six Olympic weights.

    Can somebody explain the reasoning?   I suppose a tiny roster favors small countries.

    The worst part is so many athletes trying to grow or squeeze their bodies into unnatural sizes.  The second worst part is the amazing athletes who are cut out.

    I imagine a hundred years ago there wasn't such a wide range in human sizes, so six categories was plenty.

  10. 9 hours ago, de4856 said:

    Also, I am very curious to see how Nickal will matchup against Cox. 

    Nickal kind of reminds me of Yianni.   His style is so unorthodox.   They are both such physical freaks, combing flexibility, balance and strength.    Like wrestling a super strong gumby.   Yianni is an ape man with his long arms and flexible hips.  

    I bet on Nickal against Cox just because Cox has never seen an opponent like that.

  11. 13 hours ago, Jim L said:

    Man what convoluted system for picking the  World team.

    You need a flow chart to follow the process. I don't see the point for having a US Open and then a WTT and then a final X. One of those steps should be eliminated.

    Nomad's explanation of the process is unintentionally funny:


    I read a few paragraphs and decided to go back to working on my taxes.     I'm not sure that it really matters if the system is confusing.   More events is more better.


  12. Jacob Kasper was very strong.   A 225# guy matching heavyweights in very physical style.

    How soon we forget IMAR.  

    The strongest wrestlers could be guys who lost in the round of 12 in NCAAs that we forget about.   Strength alone can take you a ways.  Maybe the strongest guy p4p is Daniel Lewis, or some other very good but not legendary wrestler.  Ethan Lisak?

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