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  1. Cause the scoring is too subjective in freestyle. Ok forget the guts and the laces, but I still think push outs would be nice. I know we have the new stalling rule now, but I think we should take it a step further.
  2. Iowa definitely has the style that would favor pushouts.
  3. Curious what everyone thinks? I'm talking a point for pushouts on the feet, while wrestling on the mat the regular rules would apply. Do you think it would encourage more action? What if we took it a step further and gave 2 back points for freestyle exposure, like gut wrenches and leg laces? It sure would help when transitioning to freestyle. Just a thought....
  4. Between the Big 10 network and USA Wrestling on YouTube, I get everything I need.
  5. Power vs Power. In the words of Highlander, " There can only be one"
  6. I guess that means Singletarys ridding the bench eh?
  7. Sorry my comments dont follow your far left authoritarian view, you ignore me because I expose you for what you are. You advocate people getting banned because they don't agree with you. You think your the most intelligent person here. We all know that's a farce. Stay in your own lane, which is the opposite of reality.
  8. I thought Flo said 4pm E.T.
  9. Amen brother, it's nice to see rational people on here!! I hope you have a great night.
  10. How about you clowns stop clogging this thread with worthless Law and Order horse sh*t. It would be much appreciated. You seem to have this " holier-than-thou now" attitude every time you post. It's a wrestling forum for gods sake!
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