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  1. You couldn't pay me to read that ignorant clowns take on anything. I hope he chokes on a turkey leg Thanksgiving day.
  2. He's also a very good Disc Golfer. Took 2nd at the US Amateur Open, and 9th at the Amateur Worlds. He has an 18 hole disc golf course on his property and recently was visited by the #1 ranked disc golfer in the world. He has talked about going Pro several times. I'd love to see it as I am a disc golfer myself!
  3. You call 2 illegal moves an off day? LOL
  4. If Keshawn Hayes was healthy, they would have won that dual!
  5. Romero is looking pretty good this year, I wonder if the weight cut last year was too much for him?
  6. I love Nickal, but Synder would smash him!
  7. Cause the scoring is too subjective in freestyle. Ok forget the guts and the laces, but I still think push outs would be nice. I know we have the new stalling rule now, but I think we should take it a step further.
  8. Iowa definitely has the style that would favor pushouts.
  9. Curious what everyone thinks? I'm talking a point for pushouts on the feet, while wrestling on the mat the regular rules would apply. Do you think it would encourage more action? What if we took it a step further and gave 2 back points for freestyle exposure, like gut wrenches and leg laces? It sure would help when transitioning to freestyle. Just a thought....
  10. Between the Big 10 network and USA Wrestling on YouTube, I get everything I need.
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