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  1. We all know wrestling is one of the toughest sports in the world, the moderators....not so much
  2. He'll be ok, him and Till should be the next fight
  3. He'll be ok, him and Till should be the next fight!
  4. I think it should be held in the six sided ring of fire, personally
  5. I would never want to see anyone die, but this is life and dying is reality. It's a risk these guys are willing to take. You need to lighten up pal. You could just as easily break your neck in wrestling, its happened before and it WILL happen again.
  6. I'm gonna use all 3 guesses and say womens water polo?
  7. Reminds me of War, being a veteran myself, maybe you should stick to watching soccer or table tennis.
  8. Askren made the #1 spot on ESPN Sportscenter's top 10! Seriously I just watched it, lol
  9. Ya he's ok! He posted on twitter " well that sucked" lol
  10. It's called Disc Golf, and a lot of people make a living by doing it. But that was hard to watch.
  11. People like you are a cancer on society.
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