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  1. Dondante88

    Cass big over Nevills

    But I read on here not too long ago that Nevills, along with Brooks and Beard, are going to win 9+ titles combined?
  2. Dondante88

    Watching the 97 NCAA finals on Espnu

    I am surprised this got as little attention on here as it did. It's very rare that we get an opportunity to watch some of those old teams and matches. I thought it would have created some good discussion during the offseason. Kolat was obviously an animal, but I had forgotten how long and funky Branch was. That was a lot of fun to watch. Wish we could have seen the entire matches, but man, Iowa was tough. Six in the finals and they won 24 straight matches in the tournament as a team (finished winning 28 of their last 29 matches). I doubt we ever see anything like that again. Just pure domination, and they weren't even the favorites going in!
  3. Dondante88

    Why I think Penn State is about to decline

    You do realize when Cael won his first title at PSU, it was right after Iowa won three in a row, right? Okie State hadn't won a championship since 2006. Also, when did John Smith ever disrupt Gable's dynasty? There was a four year gap after winning 9 straight where Iowa didn't win it between 1987-1990: Iowa State in 1987, Arizona State in 1988, Okie State 1989 and 1990). Gable then went on to win six out of his last seven before retiring (1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997).
  4. Dondante88

    PSA: 1997 NCAA Finals on ESPNU tomorrow at 2pm CST

    BUMP! Just a friendly reminder to tune into ESPNU this afternoon! Some really great matches that most wrestling fans will enjoy: 118: Jesse Whitmer (Iowa) vs Lindsay Durlacher (Illinois) 126: Eric Guerrero (Okie State) vs Mike Mena (Iowa) 134: Mark Ironside (Iowa) vs Steven Schmidt (Okie State) 142: Cary Kolat (Lock Haven) vs Roger Chandler (Indiana) 150: Lincoln McIlravy (Iowa) vs Chris Bono (Iowa State) 158: Joe Williams (Iowa) vs Tony Robie (Edinboro) 167: Mark Branch (Okie State) vs Brandon Slay (Penn) 177: Barry Weldon (Iowa State) vs Mitch Clark (Ohio State) 190: Lee Fullhart (Iowa) vs John Kading (Oklahoma) 275: Kerry McCoy (Penn State) vs Stephen Neal (CSB)
  5. Just a heads-up for anyone interested. ESPNU will be showing the 1997 NCAA wrestling finals tomorrow at 2pm CST. This is the year Iowa crowned 5 champions and set the record for most team points scored: Top Team Scores NCAA Wrestling Be sure to set those DVR's!