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  1. I don't know about that. Have you ever been to the Nebraska football boards after a loss? :)
  2. I can agree with you on SL not needing excuses from the fans, but you also have to acknowledge that Spencer Lee did not look like Spencer Lee this past season, even at NCAA's. No excuses, that's just the God's honest truth. It's also normal for fanbases to try and reason with or make up excuses when their team loses (officiating, illness, etc), so that's not unique to just Iowa wrestling fans.
  3. Again, I honestly don't remember hearing or reading excuses for the 2018 losses, although I do know every fanbase has its crybabies. SL was a true freshman getting used to the grind of college wrestling, and he lost to a tough wrestler in Bresser and a VERY good wrestler in Nato. I think last year was different because of the stuff I mentioned earlier. Rivera and Picc are not Nato, yet both were able to erase major deficits against a world-class wrestler in a very small amount of time. That's enough to make any wrestling fan wonder what was going on, let alone Iowa fans.
  4. Care to answer my question? Or are you just going to keep deflecting?
  5. Haha ok, thanks for clearing that up. I agree with you in that Marinellii has not yet brought his A-game to NCAA's, but he still has two more years. I think my biggest takeaway from this is your blatant disrespect for Sgt. William Fontaine de La Tour Dauterive. Not even a top 5 character?!
  6. No, I understand. That's why I didn't respond to your comment. It was implied by nhs67 that if Marinelli fails at 174 it's because his body type is "too stubby and they'll get beaten by worse wrestlers than they should." You then followed up with Matt Brown to prove that the body type at 174 doesn't matter, to which nhs67 replies again with, "You're comparing Bruce Willis to Bill Dauterive here man. Try again." Maybe my reading comprehension is off (it tends to happen from time to time), but I read nhs76's comment as basically saying Matt Brown and Marinelli aren't in the same league (hence the comparison of Bruce Willis and Bill from King of the Hill lol). Maybe he was comparing body type? Lol I have no idea, that's why I asked the question, but I guess he doesn't want to respond.
  7. Honest question for you. Spencer lost three times this past season: 2x to Rivera - 7-3 and 6-4 (OT) 1x to Picc - 2nd period pin (score was 0-1) Less than 12 months earlier (2018): Spencer beat Rivera twice, dominating both matches, including a 13-0 win at the BTT Spencer beat Picc twice, 11-5 and a dominate 2nd period pin at 2018 NCAA tourney (was leading 11-1 at the time) I know you hate Iowa, but do you honestly think that Rivera and Picc improved that much last offseason to erase such crazy deficits? Or do you think Spencer just got worse in the best lightweight room in the country? I know it's already been mentioned, but Spencer and his coaches eluded to the fact that there was something wrong after the Kent State dual last year. I don't remember any Iowa fans making excuses for the 2018 losses, but anyone with a brain and a basic understanding of the sport knows that something wasn't right with Spencer lee last year, and the dude still won it
  8. Are you saying Marinelli isn't in Matt Brown's league?
  9. A middle-aged man thinking a 3x World Champ, 2x National Champion junior-to-be can get tougher. Jesus Christ, dude.
  10. Just tired of reading lies and rumors about a kid who went through a lot this year and overcame it all. Thought I would throw in some facts, but hamerlockthree and others don't seem interested in the truth.
  11. Are you seriously this dense? He clearly means that Spencer needs to give himself more credit for what he had to go through this year to repeat as NATIONAL CHAMPION, as Spencer never made any excuses during the season. Again, I am not sure why you choose to keep ignoring my posts, but for the third time, you are 100% wrong on all accounts in this thread. Also, the dude is 2 for 2 on national titles without a redshirt, but you don't think he is in the elite top tier of tough guys. All I have to say to that is L-O-fuggin'-L!!
  12. Again, you're 100% wrong. Spencer has confirmed he wasn't healthy after the Kent State dual and all the way through NCAA's, and somehow still managed to muster up enough mental toughness to win it all.. again. You have no idea what you're talking about but keep doubling down and proving to everyone how clueless you actually are.
  13. You can disagree, but you are 100% wrong.
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