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  1. You're questioning a dude, who you apparently "support" who has outscored his last 7 opponents 110-2, and I am the mess? LOL gotcha
  2. If they are going to enforce these rules, the first should be a warning and the second should be an ejection (i.e. coach has to watch the rest of the dual from the locker room). Taking points away from the team isn't the answer.
  3. I get it and I wasn't directing any of that towards you specifically. Obviously, it would be great and exciting to see more pins, but in the 25+ years I have been around wrestling, I have never heard of another wrestler being questioned for having too many tech falls lol
  4. Come on! He's has 8 TF's and 3 pins on 12 matches with 100% bonus. He's wrestled one full match all year, which was a dominating major. Only people who hate Iowa would question what's wrong with him lol
  5. Keep telling yourself that. If he wrestled for PSU, you wouldn't be saying a damn thing.
  6. The man has wrestled 12 matches with 8 TF's, 3 pins, 100% bonus and people are criticizing lol. The fact is if he didn't have IOWA on his singlet, there would never be a thread on this.
  7. He's only wrestled 11 matches so far this season. He would be over 30% but not by much
  8. You do realize DeSanto and RBY haven't wrestled since the NCAA match everyone is discussing, right? Why don't you wait until tomorrow before you start with the idiotic takes
  9. So completely eliminating your own offense to try and stop your opponent's offense is brilliant wrestling? LOL
  10. The Iowa hate is back in full force and I love it!!
  11. I am going to have Rhythm Of The Night stuck in my head all weekend!
  12. Is Rivera hurt or just not wrestling? I was looking forward to this match
  13. As an Iowa fan, it's obviously disappointing. I would have just liked to see him sit the whole tournament out, but in his defense, he did just beat two national champions last weekend. It sucks for the fans, but he has nothing to prove beating Pat Glory right now. Something he has already done numerous times.
  14. You can only beat the guys they put in front of you, and Spencer just won in 28 seconds. Wow, Suriano is dominating Shelton Mack 1-0 in the 2nd!!
  15. Meanwhile, the #1 seed is beating the great Daniel Deshzer 3-0 in the second period. Being butt hurt is never a good look, man
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