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  1. 1. Cox 2. JB 3. Dake 4. Taylor 5. Synder 6. Gwiz 7. Ringer 8. Green 9. Garrett 10. Valencia
  2. HM: 2009 103lbs Joey Dance vs Freddie Rodriguez 10: 2008 135lbs Josh Kindig vs David Taylor 9: 2012 106lbs Nick Suriano vs Spencer Lee 8: 2010 145lbs James Green vs Nick Hodgkins 7: 2012 160lbs Josh Yopez vs Garrett Peppelman 6: 2007 125lbs Eric Grajales vs Jordan Oliver 5: 2013 113lbs Nick Suriano vs Spencer Lee 4: 2015 126lbs Austin DeSanto vs Jacori Teemer 3: 2011 126lbs Joey Dance vs Anthony Ashnault 2: 2018 170lbs Dustin Plott vs Patrick Kennedy 1: 2012 132lbs Dean Heil vs Aaron Pico
  3. Leaving out Gray is disrespectful unless we're talking strictly men's FS
  4. Flo did another block party yesterday this time for the Top 10 All-Time matches at Super 32 and I thought it was a pretty decent list. It's all up to interpretation and I thought they missed a really good one involving the King of Super 32 in one Mr. Adam Busiello. Busiello vs Travis Ford-Melton is easily one of my favorite matches I've seen at the event. Anyone else disappointed to not see one included on the list? Or any ones that are really good and deserve a mention?
  5. I really am tired of people complaining to FloWRESTLING about the payment of the FloPro account feature. You guys do know they have no control over that right? FloSports is a huge conglomerate of sports networks including track, football, basketball, grappling, ect. It's not even expensive and the FloPro account gives you pro access to all websites that fall under the FloSports name like MileSplit, FloHoops, FloWrestling, ect. I think they provide excellent wrestling coverage, technique videos, rankings, a free wrestling podcast, and FloArena is getting better all the time. They are constantly improving as a website and a company. Wrestling is still small guys and for the attention wrestling gets and the funds FloWrestling gets and uses they do an incredible job. I'm honestly shocked at all the slander they get. They are constantly getting better and we are ever growing our sport and no doubt they help in that avenue. FloWrestling is a 10/10.
  7. I think Cox is a matchup nightmare vs anyone he wrestles, top 3 P4P in the world right now and I do think he goes 97kg next year
  8. I don't know about definitely, but that is a match that I would pay top dollar to see
  9. 2 world titles means everything so the world definitely does care. Catch him winning an Olympic title next year too
  10. J'Den Cox is the best wrestler in the USA
  11. I don't think this has been discussed but if it has I'm sorry. When should the full brackets drop and where?
  12. Before Colon medaled at worlds Nahshon blew through him in their 3rd Final-X match. At his best I think he could be a world champion
  13. That's true, don't forget that Nahshon is making the drop to 57kg for the trials and I think if his cut isn't tremendous and he's 100% that he gets the spot depending on what Fix does at worlds
  14. I don't see Sadulaev losing for the foreseeable future to anyone
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