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  1. USA Wrestling, NCAA wrestling and all other levels announced that within the next few years they would shift into only freestyle wrestling? No more folkstyle, US finally catches up with Russia and the rest of the world and starts developing talent at a young age for international competition. What do the participation numbers look like if that were to happen. I can only see them staying the same or go down slightly. I think this move would make the US the best country in the world. Other thoughts?
  2. No one mentioning Alvarez? Was nasty 2 years ago. As long as he makes weight comfortably
  3. I think Beard would've won the tournament if he had gone instead of Dean, even if Dean was at UM
  4. don't care what they call it. I call it Dapper Dan 4vr
  5. Cauliflower ear ≠ CTE
  6. On his Twitter he mentioned 174 and the Big10
  7. They're hardly worn off-season tournaments or in any freestyle/greco matches. Clearly our guys don't want to wear them
  8. No protection, festers bacteria, affects outcome of matches and duals
  9. Is there a clip of red's pin?
  10. I really really hope this isn’t the last match we see from Gable. No the WWE doesn’t count
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