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  1. I think the entirety of 165 has something to prove Austin Gomez is a good addition to the list. He shouldn't rely on his big moves to carry him to the podium because in all likelihood it won't work but crazier things have happened. He beat RBY and DeSanto so he is that good.
  2. My last "article" if you want to call it discussed my most anticipated wrestlers for this upcoming season but now let's discuss a far more interesting topic, the ones who have the most to prove. These guys have the talent to but maybe haven't broken through when it matters, have more talent than their post-season finish indicates, had a previous AA finish but didn't do the same last season, or whatever it may be. Everyone has something to prove but I feel these guys have a little extra to do. I'm leaving out first year starters as they haven't proven themselves yet so obviously they have the most to prove but putting in every first year starter would be annoying so just assume they're on the list. 125 - Jacob Schwarm and Nick Piccininni Both guys are in their final season and one is an AA and one isn't. Schwarm is a 2 time NQ and has been seeded both times. Both his tournaments have ended too early in my opinion and taking a look at 125 this year, it might finally be his year to break through. The UNI senior has the talent to be at the very least a blood round type of guy. If he stays healthy I think he can prove himself to be an AA. Nick Piccininni might be a weird pick for some people, but think about it. The first time he placed he outperformed his seed like most people thought he would, then he didn't place, and then last year as a 2 seed he came in 5th. He was a prized recruit coming out of HS and is a 2 time AA already so a 3 time AA is not bad at all. But his finishes leave something to be desired. He certainly has the talent to win the whole thing but he has yet to finish higher than 5th. This year I see him having his highest finish but I think it's clear he has something to prove to himself this year. 133 - Micky Phillippi and Chaz Tucker These 2 guys should've both been on the podium at the end of last year. Due to it being such a stacked weight class upsets happen and they missed the cut. They wrestled in the finals of the U-23 WTT finals I believe with Tucker being the winner. Phillippi has a win over NCAA finalist and senior world team member Daton Fix and Chaz Tucker made the U23 team (but won't compete due to school), was the EIWA champion, and split matches with multiple time AA Luke Pletcher. So we know the talent is there and they can perform when the lights are on they just have yet to do it at the big dance. Look for both to break through this year, especially Tucker as it is his senior year. 141 - Tariq Wilson, Tristan Moran, Mitch McKee, Kaid Brock, and Sa'Derian Perry With this weight class being vacated by last years top 3 finishers it leaves it wide open for a new champ and new AA's. We all know Wilson from his run in 2018 to 3rd place and nearly making the finals before losing to eventual champion, Seth Gross, in OT. Last year he was dealing with injuries and yet he still performed pretty well nearly placing again. This year he is up a weight and we all hope he is 100% as his length and talent are usual and fun to watch. Tristan Moran nearly placed last year after transferring from OK St to Wisconsin for his junior year. The transfer paid off as he had a great season for the Badgers but he just missed the podium. His pinning ability is incredible, as evidenced by his OT win over MItch McKee in dual against Minnesota last year by fall. This is his senior year, and with all his talent and how open the weight class is, so look for him to have a breakout season. I can't be the only one who feels like both Brock and McKee are way better than their finishes every year in March right? Brock is a 2 time AA and McKee is a 1 time AA but they are better than that. Whenever they wrestle each other it's a must watch, remember Kaid Brock vs Cory Brewer? I mean these guys are talented enough to make the finals, I just feel like they underperform in March. I hope for both of their senior years a fire is lit in them and they finish highly, no one would complain about a final between these two. Sa'Derian Perry is another cinderella run guy. After EMU dropped their program the year after he had an AA finish, let's take a moment of silence for our fallen program...R.I.P, he transferred to ODU he had his best season record wise, but when it came time to run to another AA finish he bowed out after 3 matches. The kid is in a great room and we know he can turn it on and run on all cylinders when it comes time to. I hope as a senior he goes out standing on the podium. 149 - Jared Prince, Kaden Gfeller, Josh Maruca, Brock Zacherl, Max Thomsen Prince was one match from placing last year and he's very strong on top of being a darn good wrestler. With both finalists graduating this is the perfect time for the senior from Navy to go out on a positive note. I think his specialty is getting better throughout the year so look for him to be at his best in March. Assuming he has a spot in the line-up, Gfeller has to finish an AA. A shock to most people, he went 0-2 his first showing at the NCAA's. As a 2 time Scuffle champ, we all know he's much more talented than that. Watching and looking at Maruca's results really frustrates me because I know he's much better than what his results show. With the weight class being as thin as it is maybe the Sun Devil senior can have a breakout season and finish on the podium to end his career. As a junior, Zacherl was a match away from AA status and heading into his senior year he was hungry for just that until he got hit with the injury bug. This is now his final shot to finish on the podium and perhaps he does, I see him making the blood round at the least and it's difficult denying a senior once he's there. Max Thomsen is an AA, something the other guys listed can't say, but he did that his freshman year and since then he has made the blood round the past 2 years. I think in his senior year he's a sleeper finalist pick as he's really talented when he puts it all together. 157 - Ryan Deakin and Ke-Shawn Hayes Sure, Deakin finished 6th last year. But as a Final-X competitor who has a win over our senior world team rep, 6th seems kind of low, no? At 157 Deakin is absolutely massive and we know he has the chops to beat just about anyone at the weight. He had no bad losses last year but I think he can turn most of those L's into W's this year and possibly make the finals and challenge for the title. No other wrestler in the history of the NCAA has my pity more than Ke-Shawn Hayes. He doesn't need it and probably doesn't want it but I can't help but to feel for the kid. He has yet to wrestle a full season at his actual weight class and yet he continues to impress. His redshirt campaign at 141 saw him take 2 losses and then his first year in varsity action saw him get injured. The next year he had to bump up and still made the blood round and then at 157 last year he was a NQ, at 2 weight classes up. If that doesn't show talent I don't know what does. I hope he can finally get back to 141 and try and compete for a title there because that's how good he truly is. I list him only because that is what weight he went last season but I doubt we see him here again, at least I hope so. 165 - Everyone Where do I even begin. Cenzo doesn't really need to prove anything so let's just do a quick take on anyone who is anyone in this weight. Evan Wick, figure it out man. You beat Marinelli once and ever since you've let him dictate the match and it's incredibly frustrating. He has the all the intangibles to win the whole thing so just do it! Alex Marinelli, you're nicknamed The Bull for a reason so get tougher. I think he can win it too, he is undefeated against Cenzo and has a series lead over Wick. Just get tougher and stay tough in March all the way to the title. Josh Shields, open up please. I know you're in the Pac-12 so your schedule isn't all the tough but your room has incredible practice partners around your weight so we know you stay sharp. Your coaches are world class too so just open it up and you will succeed, I promise. Logan Massa, find that magic again. Your freshman season was something else man, you lit it up. Did the pressure to repeat that season get to you? I don't know what happened because we know you're that good. The room you're in is filled with talent we all just hope you get that magic back. David McFadden, keep climbing that ladder. No matter weight you go this season just keep getting sharper and better. It always seems you hit someone who is on fire at the NCAA's but you stay consistent. Maybe this year you light it up but just keep going. Isaiah White, dictate the match. Whenever you wrestle someone who is a little better or just as good as you you sit back and let them dictate the match, why can't it be you who does that. We all know you have the talent to hang with the best of the best. I think if you opened up a little it wouldn't hurt either. Bryce Steiert, take that next step. You finished 8th last year so what are you going to do to improve that finish? Joe Smith, say no to your coach. Pick a damn weight and stay at it and maintain it healthily. You have so much talent to see it go to waste is a shame. You can win this weight if you are not sucked out so please choose your weight and stay there ALL YEAR. I know he can't tell his father no when he says he's going to change the line-up so this statement is more for John. Please keep your line-up consistent :) thanks. Demetrius Romero, keep it cool and keep proving people wrong. Maybe beating Joe Smith not once but twice was a fluke or maybe it wasn't. I hope he hears the doubters and people choosing against him and it makes him laugh and keeps him hungry to keep proving the doubters wrong because he is seriously good. Just a little something for Cenzo, keep scoring. I see the rest of your teammates lighting up the scoreboard and earning falls why don't you? Your inside trip is dirty and your double is not to be messed with. I understand a win is a win is a win, but come on. I could see you being a head better than this field but you keeping it cose gives them all a chance 174 - Anthony Valencia, Brandon Womack, and Anthony Mantanona I've discussed Valencia in my previous post so I'll keep it short. We all want you to live up to your hype coming out of high school. I hope you're 100% healthy and back to terrorize the field with your quickness and shots from 10ft away like you used to. As a Cornell fan, Womack is incredibly frustrating to me. Watching his unprecedented run to place was something special because it came out of nowhere for me. He looked uber confident and I couldn't wait to see him try and repeat the same magic the next year, he went 0-2. It's like he changed his style and he looks less confident. I don't really understand how he still has eligibility left but I hope he uses it effectively and makes a run like he once did. I kept my eye on Mantanona his freshman campaign and wow what a ride that was. His ceiling is incredibly high but is basement is super low too. If he cleans up some stuff and keeps his explosiveness he can be a special talent. 184 - Shakur Rasheed and Jelani Embree Rasheed being listed goes without saying. He was injured and still showed signs of greatness. I think if he's healthy and focused he has the talent to make the finals. Jelani Embree was a high school prospect that I was super excited about. Super strong, quick, and athletic and he was going to stay local as he is from Michigan. His redshirt year he showed a lot of promise and then nothing last year. I believe he got bit by the injury bug a little so he gets a pass. But now he's had time to rehab and get back to his element. This weight class is deep so navigating it to the podium will prove to be difficult but I think he'll be up for the challenge of it. 197 - Jake Woodley, Thomas Lane, and Kordell Norfleet Woodley had the U23 spot before Bo came and took it, not by domination which surprised me. He won the spot by beating a good group of guys and he was a NQ last year. With how crazy 197 is I think he should be more of a factor this year for the Sooners and improve his postseason finish as he does have the talent. Most of you reading this probably read Thomas Lane and say who? Well the Cal Poly senior is someone to keep your eye on as some of his results are eye opening. Each year he has improved his record and postseason finish, last year one match away from placing. But look at this, he sent AA Jacob Warner to consolations early by a 4-2 dec in OT, only lost to Pat Brucki 4-3, and then lost to Ben Honis 8-5 to end his tournament. He's knocking on the door and perhaps this year he knocks it down. Norfleet is a guy who should be better than he is right now. His practice partners are good all around him and so are his coaches. A previous world team member, he should break through this year and have his best season yet. HWT - Gable Steveson, Demetrius Thomas, and Mason Parris Yes Gable is here and here's why. So many people thought he would go undefeated and win it all his true freshman year, I can't lie and say I didn't believe this too. He was so hyped coming out of HS and when his shirt was torn and he beat then #1 Derek White the hype was lived up to and everyone hopped on for the most part. So much was expected from him that I think a 3rd place finish is disappointing. I know it is for him. Since the NCAA season he's looked even better giving Gwiz a run for his spot. He has yet to beat Cassar and now he has at least 1 more shot at doing so. Thomas was a NAIA transfer where he was a 1 time champ and 2 time finalist and he has done great things at Pitt going 27-6 his first season there but going 1-2 at NCAA's. He's good enough to AA and perhaps his senior season he will. He also plays one mean violin. Junior World Champion Mason Parris does have something to prove. As a true freshman, mistakes are bound to happen and they did and that's what kept him off the podium, that and the fact he's a bit undersized. Once he puts his style together and gets a tad bit bigger he will be an AA and then the sky's the limit. So that's my list and I'm sure I left people off of it so let me know who else has a chip on their shoulder and let me know your thoughts on my list and reasons. If you read all of that, again, thanks. And once again, Flo hire me :)
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    Most anticipated wrestlers

    Not guaranteed to start and if you're asking me I don't think he does right away and I tried keeping the list to starters But yeah the entire lineup is very interesting and something everyone should keep an eye on if you don't already
  4. Ragu

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    I want to get a discussion about this going now. The verdict has been made and the match has been nullified and we wait for match 2 to be rewrestled and perhaps a 3rd match to happen as well. In the meantime, the rules have to be brushed up now right? They did many things wrong. Ref, chair, and judge all making different calls, reviewing stuff too far back, reviewing more than one thing, and just straight up making the incorrect call. The rules clearly need to be more obvious and need a touch up or to make new ones. When does this happen? Does it happen? What's the process here?
  5. Ragu

    Most anticipated wrestlers

    I'm saying he lost to a very good wrestler who wasn't even at his best at the time. Bolen is right with a lot of those guys listed but he'll need a big jump and a great tournament to make the finals
  6. Ragu

    Most anticipated wrestlers

    You know he lost to Rasheed while on redshirt and Rasheed wasn't even at 100% that whole season?
  7. Ragu

    Most anticipated wrestlers

    With Darmstadt, Hidlay, Hoffman, Rasheed, Deprez, Bonaccorsi, and Venz in the way? I'm not saying he's worse than all of those guys I'm just saying that's tough. Depending on seeds he'd probably have to beat two of those guys in a row to just make the finals. And that's if Amine and Zahid aren't there
  8. Ragu

    Most anticipated wrestlers

    I like Silva's chances of AAing at 141 better than 133 but you might be right. I had no idea Anthony was older than Zahid so thanks for that. I figure 133, 141, 149, and even 157 will shift weights most likely due to team needs and depth of the weights postseason but I just put guys where I think they're projected. I'd like to see Carr wrestle his years of college now because he won't win the spot but once he's graduated he will be in great shape to make Olympic team then. If Amine and/or Valencia move up we could see one of the deepest weights in the country. I couldn't agree more on the heavyweight situation especially if Cassar, which I don't think he will, takes more than 1 year of eligibility he has available to him will make it THE deepest weight class. We're talking Cassar(possibly), Gable, Cassioppi, Kerkvliet, Schultz, Wood, Parris, Singleterry, Jensen, Hillger, and more
  9. I'm going to compile a list of wrestlers who are either returning from injury, coming off of redshirt, a true frosh, or any other reason why they were left out of the starting lineup from last year and highlight them here. With the college season rapidly approaching I have to entertain myself somehow and I thought of this as an idea. There are a lot of athletes I'm super excited to see for the first time (or again) in varsity action. Let's take it weight by weight starting at the lightest. 125 - Jakob Camacho and Eric Barnett Jakob Camacho was a killer in high school and was also a killer his redshirt campaign. NC State is pretty deep at 125 but I don't see any of the other guys taking this spot from him and with the Olympic cycle coming this year all weights will naturally feel weaker and perhaps 125 will be affected. I could definitely see Camacho sneaking an AA finish his first year in action but if not blood round should be the minimum goal for him this year. With Barnett, I don't know the news on Connor Brown and his injury but either could start and make an impact. Barnett was solid in high school and will be in college as well. If Bono ultimately throws him in the lineup it'll be interesting to see how the true freshman will fare in the Big 10. 133 - Seth Gross, Taylor Lamont, Iowa Taylor Lamont was a blood round guy at 125 in 2018 and won the Southern Scuffle. He is a Greco guy and is good at it. We missed him last year due to an injury and we welcome him back at a higher weight. His style is unique to the rest of the field at 133 as no one has the Greco chops he does and as a fringe AA his first year I think he could make some more noise again this year. Seth Gross is Seth Gross, an automatic title contender at any weight he chooses. He is a national champ at this weight and I think he's the best guy again. His attacks are clean and plentiful and his top game is the best in the weight class. Anything but the finals for Seth Gross would be disappointing. Shout out to Iowa for having a problem on their hands, albeit, a good one. They have too many good guys at the same weight. 125 is Spencer's obviously and I think it's safe to say that 149 is Lugo's. That leaves DeSanto, Gavin Teasdale, Jason Renteria, Max Murin, and even Vince Turk to battle it out for two spots. Hard to believe that 3 of those guys won't be starting. Good luck figuring that out Brands. 141 - Real Woods, Joey Silva, Grant Leeth AA Grant Leeth returns after an injury sidelined him for almost the entire season last year.He AAed in 2018 at 149 and when he got injured, Brock Mauller stepped in and AAed himself. So as Mauller earned his spot, Leeth had to drop in weight to 141 which is now open due to the fact that Eierman is taking an Olympic Redshirt this year. Leeth wasn't a scoring machine but he sure is tough and if he manages his weight right he could be a high AA. Real Woods and Joey Silva walk into this weight this year at the perfect time. Yianni and Eierman, the two best returning guys, are not competing this year and they are automatically in the talks of finals appearances in my opinion. Joey Silva has breakneck pace and will leave no room for you to breathe. Woods is a beats already who only lost to Nick Lee in Scuffle finals in his redshirt campaign. Silva and Woods had an epic and controversial match in high school and I think we all would like to see them run it back. 149 - Sammy Sasso, Brayton Lee, Boo Lewallen, Mason Smith, Andrew Alirez This weight is wide open and has a very talented group of freshmen coming in. Both national finalists graduated and now it's time for someone to take control of this weight and the person to do it could be a freshman. Before we get into them, remember Mason Smith? He won the Southern Scuffle at 141 for Central MIchigan a couple years ago, transferred to ASU, didn't wrestle for them at all, transferred to Campbell and now he's back. He took a wild ride but he's found his home in North Carolina with Kolat and company and I bet he's hungry to take the mat again. He is long and talented and I can't wait to see him compete again, fringe AA type depending on how good he's looking. Boo Lewallen is also back from injury that kept him off the mat. Will he start? I think so, John Smith said that once Lewallen returned the spot was his. Well he never did and Gfeller held the spot the whole year. Gfeller ended up not AAing so I think we see him somewhere else in the lineup or out to fit Lewallen in. Now for the freshmen, these guys are seriously good. Brayton Lee topped Sammy Sasso in the Junior WTT Finals. That was freestyle and those two are split in that I believe. Brayton Lee is just a winner, he grinds and grinds and grinds until he wins. I always think he will lose but doesn't. And Sasso is a freak. I think people overrate him a bit but the hype is not there for no reason. He's electric and can score in a handful of ways. Not to mention true freshman Andrew Alirez. He teched Nick Lee in freestyle when he was still in high school. He lost to Yahya Thomas in WTT finals which shocked me but I still think he has the talent to make the NCAA finals his first year. I think any of those 3 freshmen could and I'd be surprised if any of them didn't. 157 - David Carr, Jacori Teemer, Will Lewan This might be one of my favorite weights this upcoming year due to these 3 guys. Will Lewan had quite the impressive redshirt year as he beat Michigan's starting man Alec Pantaleo which is insane. He took some losses but he was a freshman and there is a learning curve. In the Michigan room I'm sure they corrected those mistakes and I think he could make a run for a top 4 finish. David Carr just won a Junior World Title so if Iowa State fans weren't already excited to see him in the red and gold, which I don't see why you wouldn't be, they better be now. He could've gone last year but they had the talent in the lineup available to allow him to redshirt. He's had quite the summer and I think he's definitely in the talks of a finals run. As a New Yorker, Jacori Teemer is my most anticipated guy for this upcoming season. Is it biased? A little but the pick certainly holds weight. His shot defense is perhaps the best I've seen and his offense is not too shabby either. He can put people on their back from any position, go watch his WNO #1 match vs Mitch Moore and you'll know what I mean, his style is not like anyone else's and in a room with such talented coaches and wrestlers I can only think he got better. Can he beat Hidlay? Maybe. I think him, Carr, and Deakin have the best shot at him. 165 - Shane Griffith Relatively a quiet weight with exciting new faces but let me explain why this one will be actually the loudest. I'm calling my shot right now, with Mekhi Lewis on Olympic Redshirt this year Shane Griffith will be the NCAA Champion at 165 pounds. I think he has all the goods to do it. He's long like Wick but his defense is better and his offense is just as good. He's young but tough and I think he can maneuver this deep field to reach the finals and win no matter who is across from him. 174 - Michael Kemerer and Anthony Valencia Michael Kemerer is finally back and at the perfect time. Zahid is either moving up to 184, taking an Olympic redshirt, or both. There have been talks of Mark Hall and also Myles Amine taking Olympic redshirts which would cement him as a title contender. With Zahid here, only him and Hall are title threats with Amine as a dark horse. But with Zahid gone I don't think locking Mark Hall vs Myles Amine is a done deal because Kemerer is seriously talented. He's a top 3 finisher most likely and I can't wait to see him in that Iowa lineup yet again. Speaking of Zahid, his twin brother is back from injury. Anthony Valencia was the highest rated recruit in the country I believe, before losing to Mark Hall at WNO, and he hasn't lived up to the hype yet. As a high school senior he was teching senior level guys in freestyle and he has yet to AA. The word from Tempe is that he's back to full health and after seeing him at the Open and the Trials I believe it and I'm excited yet again. I think he gets his first medal this year in the post season. 184 - Trent Hidlay, Hunter Bolen, Gavin Hoffman, Ben Darmstadt Trent HIdlay is coming back to NC State with a Junior World Bronze and a lot of experience. Experience which he can use to his advantage this year. He's big and strong and uses his underhook super effectively to score. If his first year of varsity action is anything like his brothers we sure are in for a treat. Hunter Bolen was a NQ his true freshman season and then last year took a redshirt losing only to Shakur Rasheed in Southern Scuffle finals. I think he comes back into the lineup and makes it to the blood round this year. I watched Gavin Hoffman wrestle off Myles Martin at the beginning of the year last year and he got smoked. Fair enough, but then his redshirt year he went off and I think he can step into Myles Martin's place and fit nicely there. I'm not saying he's going to be a 4 time AA with a Title too but he will do just fine for himself and the Buckeyes. Apparently Darmstadt had some weight he could lose on his 6'3" frame. Enough weight to cut down from 197 to 184. That blows my mind. Depending on what Zahid does with himself, I could see Darmstadt assassinating his way to an NCAA title at 184. I think he's a finalist threat at 184 or 197 so we'll see if he can hold the weight. 197 - Tanner Sloan, Michael Beard or Kyle Conel Tanner Sloan has the perfect situation for himself. He just got perhaps the best 197lb coach in the country in Damion Hahn and he just got valuable experience at Junior Worlds. I know you all remember him beating Jacob Warner at Midlands pretty bad but he also beat AA Josh Hokit at the same tournament. The kid is already good and looks to be getting better. I hope he can help Hahn build something special at SDSU. Kyle Conel was America's sweetheart for the 2018 NCAA tournament when he pinned #1 seed Kollin Moore from a pigtail spot. He then did it again in the 3rd place match by decision so it was no fluke. He has a special tournament and then he missed the 2018-19 season with injury and was finished with wrestling altogether... Until he transferred to Penn State and hopes to compete again and perhaps get to the finals that eluded him during his special run. If not, the Nittany Lions will still be well represented as they have Michael Beard there to take over if Mr. Conel cannot compete. 285 - Anthony Cassioppi, Tanner Hall, Jere Heino Jere Heino is Campbell's heavy but he is also Finland's representative for their MFS team. I can't find information leading me to believe he will be competing in worlds but I don't see why he wouldn't. Should he do that he'll come into the season with veteran like experience and will be in top shape so look for him to make an impressive run come postseason. Tanner Hall is entering in his 23rd NCAA season. I'm obviously joking but he has been around the block, a lot. He's placed as high as 3rd but also he has not placed at all so you never know what you'll get from Tanner Hall but in the Pac-12 I think I can confidently say that he will represent ASU well there and perhaps give them another AA finish to end his career. Cassioppi is the next big bad Iowa heavyweight and he looks good. He could probably step in and be the 3rd or 4th best guy in the country as a redshirt freshman. I don't think he can beat Gable or Cassar but I think he can beat Jordan Wood or anyone else right away. I think he is an AA threat right now. So this is my list of guys who I am excited to see again/for the first time in varsity action. Let me know if I missed anyone. I tried to keep the list short and only guys who are 90% likely to start. I just started typing and it got to be pretty long so if you read all of that thanks. Let me know what you think, Flo hire me :)
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    Junior Worlds

    We finish 2nd, one point ahead of 3rd place Iran and 48 points behind 1st place Russia. They are still the best in the world and it's not close
  11. Pretty sure he's taking a greyshirt, deferring enrollment
  12. From recent memory. Riley Dixon, punter played for the Broncos and I think he's still in the league. Chandler Jones, brother of Jon Jones, is an elite talent on the Cardinals. Justin Pugh has been in the league for a long time. Dwight Freeney is probably a HOFer. Not to mention Patriot Slayer and Mr. Helmet Catch himself, David Tyree. We produce more than people think and Dino Babers is starting a legacy here. Ben is from Syracuse and clearly a beast, I think he'll be fine.
  13. Ragu


    I think Rob Koll and company have a legit case to present here. Unfortunately I don't think it will end up working which is a shame because a 3rd match out of those 2 would be great. I think the wrong man won, to be fair lots of questionable calls the whole match but it is what it is.
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    None of this is relevant at all