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  1. Been awhile since we've heard from McHenry. Would like to see him back. Very fun kid to watch especially if he's weighing in as a true 125lber. Gonna be tough to take the starting spot from Ragusin though because he's a dog right now.
  2. They won't have a champ. And I don't see more than one place higher than 3rd
  3. The ref will most likely start counting back points is my best guess
  4. 125 - Watch Spencer Lee dominate his way to his first Big 10 title. That's it 133 - How the 1-5 seeds finish. I highly doubt these seeds go chalk. Many questions will be answered this weekend. Is Gross the man to chase or is he in the pack with everyone else? Is Rivera back to full strength? Will that even matter in the grand scheme of things? Who wins between RBY and DeSanto? Barring any dumb or actual MFF this is the weight to watch. 141 - Will Lee and Pletcher run the gauntlet to the finals? Their path to the semis should be quite easy but they could face multiple different people as the weight class is quite nice from 1-7. The champ here will look pretty good sitting at the 1 seed come NCAA time. 149 - The semifinals. Storr vs Sasso has always been fun to watch. Assuming chalk holds, it will be interesting to see who will get the chance to dethrone the true frosh. Lugo or Lee? 157 - Ryan Deakin to widen the gap. He is easily the best wrestler in the field this year and I think it opens it up and puts any doubt to rest. 165 - What version of Marinelli and Joseph will we see this time? It's clear that they are ahead of the rest of the field, as deep as it is, so which versions of each will we see this time? Just keep your eyes glued to the screen on this one as anything can happen in a split second. 174 - Who will get the 1 seed in Minnesota? Will Mark Hall reverse the result earlier in the year or will Kemerer keep it rolling? Either way they get the 1 and 2 right? I expect this match to happen more than once this month. 184 - Is Brooks the real deal or will he make rookie mistakes? If he has Venz in the semis he will have to reverse an earlier loss. Also will Cam Caffey keep his hot streak rolling. He's won a lot of close matches lately, so over really good guys and some over average guys. A few different guys could win this one. 197 - Watch Kollin take the first step to his first NCAA title. This is his weight to lose and I expect him to go relatively untouched here. Where is Rasheed at? Both mentally and physically? His bonus rate is way down and he's taken a few loses this year. How he performs here is big for the team race not only for Big 10s but also NCAAs. 285 - Who wins in the clash of titans? I pray to any and every god there is that this does not end up being a MFF and I'll see you at NCAAs type of final. Parris has shown up everywhere and competed every time. He's hungry and deserved the 1 seed, does he prove he deserves the same in Minnesota? Does Gable come and end the match wagging his finger to the Michigan crowd? Regardless, I see this match also happening twice this month and fireworks each time. Team race - Watch Iowa win it before it even starts. More interesting than that though is if Iowa actually brings a guy in every weight to Minnesota. How many will Ohio State and Penn State bring? All that determines whether you get team title or not. This weekend will be a good one. Feel free to add any additional thoughts.
  5. Actually they are 1-1 lifetime with Honis getting the most recent win by major I believe.
  6. Troy Nickerson (2001-2005): 96, 103, 112, 119 (2004 was the year NYS split into 2 divisions with Nickerson being D1, the harder one to win of the 2), and 125 Adam Busiello (2015-2019): was a finalist his 7th grade year at 99 and got pinned by Jacori Teemer in one of the most entertaining matches I have seen in person. 99, 106, 120, 126, and 138 Jacori Teemer (2014-2018): 99, 106 (one of the most stacked NYS brackets I've ever seen), 126, 132, and 152 Greg D (2016-2020): 99, 113, 113, 113, and 120 All the 5-timers are D1 guys which is mind blowing
  7. Cam Caffey keeps his hot streak rolling to a Big 10 title. You heard it here first
  8. To go way back again I think he beat Pletcher at WNO. I know recently he hasn't gotten it done and he's a longshot at this point but Chad Red goes super saiyan in the postseason. Not my pick but he's one to watch
  9. I know talent wise he's there but he doesn't show it during the regular season. Once March comes around he turns it on and he's hard to beat. Compare him to Spencer in the NCAA tournament. Despite some setbacks he goes out and dominates his competition. Once March hits Chad Red raises his game up to the next level. He has beat Nick Lee before (in high school) so I wouldn't be nearly as shocked as the rest of the country would be if he makes the finals or even ends up winning Big 10s...
  10. Chad Red in the postseason is a dangerous man
  11. For those of you who don't know, each week WrestleStat is doing a pick'em for D1 duals. It's a fun game to see how well you do. Linked for those who are interested https://www.wrestlestat.com/pickem/thisweek
  12. Zahid Valencia, Seth Gross, Hayden Hidlay, and Mark Hall are the only ones who I see being undefeated
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