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  1. Missed last year due to small venue, we didn't get tickets as expected. I need to find a warm jacket. I moved to near Phoenix from Ohio a few yrs ago. Although. Cleveland wasn't too bad, since the train was basically at the venue.
  2. Mphillips, I thought was a TD and pin when it happened, still do.
  3. The Ref could only DQ him he was was calling the stalls and the penalties in the Rule Book were followed. He can't just say, do that again and I'm going to DQ you.
  4. A key point, to me, is what Wrestler A does when B starts to suck him back. Typically, Wrestler A instinctively tries to fight the suck back. This counter balances and allows B to complete the move. The way I show it is for Wrestler A to continue to drive back as fast as he can into B while turning opposite of B's head. This allows Wrestler A to keep B off balance, not allowing B to set. Hard to describe, but this work very well.
  5. It is on the USA page. When you click on Events the UWW Calendar comes up as an option.
  6. I would think the number of Universities having a women's team will significantly increase by the 2020-2021 season. As the number of teams increase, I would say it becomes more likely that it will be folkstyle. The main reasons being the number refs and coaches, with quality refs being the bigger factor. Also, there are zero states with Girls HS Wrestling that compete in Freestyle. If I had to make a guess, at least 80% of Women HS Seniors have never wrestled Freestyle. I don't see any possible reason that NCAA going folkstyle would slow the addition of new programs. Also, while the numbers are small, but growing, the NCWA Women's Teams wrestle Folkstyle.
  7. I coached in North Carolina, Ohio, and Arizona after hydration/body fat test became the rule. However, each state was/is different. For me, Ohio made the most sense, NC the worst. Of course, things may have changed some as I moved around.
  8. I am not sure how it happened, but clearly I misspelled Rutherford. I knew my method worked.
  9. Yanni for the win. This prediction is based on a thoroughly scientific analysis. The methodology is based on the "because I said so" principle. It has work for me in the past and will work again. Unless, of course, I am wrong.
  10. The back story made this a much anticipated match. How the match played out certainly shocked the crowd.
  11. Regardless of what your opinion on the arbitration, this match up is one I can't wait to see.
  12. I have been searching for Tbilisi results to no avail. One of my former wrestlers is there. Anyone know where to go? Thanks
  13. Ugarte: He might still be wore from his last match with Yanni.
  14. I know Dake rarely wins a prediction and usually wins the match-up.
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