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  1. USMC5702

    Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    The back story made this a much anticipated match. How the match played out certainly shocked the crowd.
  2. USMC5702

    Yianni v Zain match date

    Regardless of what your opinion on the arbitration, this match up is one I can't wait to see.
  3. USMC5702

    Tbilisi Results

    Thanks to all.
  4. USMC5702

    Tbilisi Results

    I have been searching for Tbilisi results to no avail. One of my former wrestlers is there. Anyone know where to go? Thanks
  5. USMC5702

    Poland Open Tourney Aug 2-4

    Ugarte: He might still be wore from his last match with Yanni.
  6. USMC5702

    Who Wins the best two of three?

    I know Dake rarely wins a prediction and usually wins the match-up.
  7. USMC5702

    NCAA approves shorts

    I notice that no one seems to mention that the singlet hasn't always been the uniform. In the 1960's it was banned in the NCAA. Before that, shorts or shorts with tights. Increased injures argument really doesn't work. Shorts & shirts doesn't seem to increase injuries at practice. There are a decent number of High School using short/shirts. Haven't heard a word about an increase in finger injuries.
  8. USMC5702

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?

    I am old. Wayne Holmes. It was pretty close, then the Ref blew the whistle.