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  1. 1. Totally agree. Went to the state tournament and the kids got a mean streak in him. Definitely some potential there. 2. I'm sure he's not the only one but when somebody puts out a picture of themselves in a college's singlet just to let us know that they are considering them but at the same time giving God all their Glory I sort of dont give a **** anymore. Aren't there some verses in the Bible about being humble not proud? You want to tell us where you're going, okay. We don't care about hearing from you everytime you fart or want to let us know you are still undecided so we dont forget you. And i am only in my early 20's. I can't imagine what a 50 year old thinks. Willie, you do an outstanding job with the rankings. It's almost an impossible job. And the guy last week who said you had thin skin obviously couldn't be more wrong. You might have the thickest skin in all of wrestling.
  2. Yep. With the regional training centers rampant everywhere we are obviously a lot better than we ever have been. That being said the competition was ****ing rancid. I mean God awful. Did you see the guy that Jaden Cox beat in like 13 seconds? My son could beat him without breaking a sweat. Even including Canada there's not 10 other guys in freestyle who would even sniff making our team. I mean Cadet team
  3. Is it just me or is this taking awhile?
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