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  1. Schultz? The second best HW in the nation? Hahaha
  2. 125: Lee 133: Gross 141: Lee 149: Lugo 157: Deakin 165: Joseph 174: Hall 184: Zahid 197: Moore 285: Steveson
  3. I don’t think his biggest threat is coming from an American this year.
  4. I think PSU will be about the same next year, unchallenged for second but not enough to overcome Iowa. This year would have been an amazingly close team race had PSU not suffered the injuries they did. Oh well, maybe it still will be.
  5. Lee - Gold Oliver - Bronze Dake - Gold Taylor - Gold Snyder - Silver Parris - Bronze Greatest US Olympic team of all time :)
  6. Garrett should be last, behind Suriano, Colon, Vito, Tomasello and Gross. I don’t think he’s looked good in a single tournament in the last year.
  7. I have the same feeling about Gable. Parris seems more like a sponge for knowledge right now, while Gable seems complacent.
  8. Very excited about this. I think it’s good for Team USA. I’ll need to see Jden at 97 first before making a prediction.
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