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  1. Death tally is increasing near exponentially. If you want to scare yourself into how bad it *could* get if the current rate continued, just extrapolate out. Average of 2.5x increase every 3 days by middle of next month = 2.5^(18/3) * 1,400 = ~ 340k deaths in the US. Obviously it won’t get that bad because of the measures we’ve taken to reduce spread. The warmer weather will help too.
  2. I’m reading that Gordon submitted Downey. Expected.
  3. I’d say Snyder’s matches with Coon last year are more relevant and telling than his match with Gwiz in 2016. I’d also argue it’s far more likely Gable got a whole lot better in than year than it is Coon regressed. Recall Gable also flipped the scores on his Nelson matches that were only a year apart. Even Mason Parris has more relevant wins than Snyder for 125.
  4. Just before? You mean a year and a half before? Snyder has done absolutely nothing to suggest he is a top HW, domestic or international. He was barely scraping by Coon, who Gable walked over the last two times they met.
  5. It’s not that surprising to me. I’ve followed Ruth’s mma career very closely and knew after about 3-4 fights he was wasted potential. He became absolutely obsessed with striking and stopped training his wrestling. Pulled a Koscheck but worse. He did a couple interviews where he essentially said he loves striking and the excitement it brings and wants to be known for it in mma. His pure wrestling got rusty and his mma wrestling never progressed.
  6. Not sure. I assumed Nolf was going last chance qual to get his spot. Hopefully someone can weigh in.
  7. I think Nolf is doing the same thing. He’s going at 79, which he’s way too small for, but the experience will probably be beneficial.
  8. Thread on Nico’s injury turns into one on God, aliens, and simulation theory. Good stuff.
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