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  1. I’ve heard this said quite a lot. Source on it? I’d be willing to take that bet. Dake is simply bigger and his optimal weight is 79. Could you imagine Burroughs bumping up to 86 and taking on someone Cox. It’d be laughable.
  2. Wish they got rid of 74 and kept 79 for the Olympics. Fresh Dake at his natural weight class would run Burroughs over without giving up a point.
  3. Going with Dake. Absent Burroughs, who is probably a top 3 American of all time, Dake would very likely have 4-5 world/Olympic medals. I think he’d have at least one more gold too.
  4. Disagree. Depends on how much weight you put on the “recent” factor
  5. Cox Dake Taylor JB Snyder Dieringer The rest
  6. What a crop of legends. I think we’ll look back in a couple decades at our team next year with the same thoughts.
  7. Going to chuckle when Imar out scores him in greco.
  8. So excited to see what Carr can do. I think he ends up with at least two titles.
  9. But his horse power will be seriously negated by COX I think he’s saying if Cox goes up and and it’s only Taylor he has to contend with.
  10. I’m wondering if any of the young guns who’ve recently had success at juniors can make a serious run. Vito, Carr, Parris.
  11. I think Steveson is our 125 rep. Look at how much he improved from 2018 to 2019. In 2018 he lost to Nelson and got absolutely destroyed by Coon. Fast forward a year and he handily beats Nelson (5-1) and then beats Coon in two straight by a combined score of 21-4. I expect similar rates of improvement heading into 2020.
  12. Yeah, you’re right. I tried deleting my op but mobile sucks. But you are correct. I think it’s a relatively fair system.
  13. Yup, Cox will get a bye as well. Taylor will have to go through the entire tournament of course.
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