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  1. DT. Cael’s college success doesn’t make up for an additional World and Yarygin gold.
  2. Hopefully Cox can mentally regroup and win bronze. Don’t want him quitting like he did in Poland
  3. DT Gable Snyder Gilman Dake Cox Burroughs Yianni Gwiz Green Fix
  4. Very close. An argument could be made for either resume. Dake had an all-time great collegiate career so that counts for something. Internationally I give Taylor the slight edge. 2 world/Olympic golds (in a more competitive weight class) + Yarygin gold vs 2 golds in a less competitive weight, 74kg Oly bronze + Yarygin silver.
  5. Didn’t know about RBY. Darn. With regard to Carr, he’s wrestled 3 years in college at 157, or 3lbs more than 70kg. Lots of guys are wrestling outside of their “natural” weight class. I suspect his decision to not wrestle has little to do with 70kg, and more to do with what you touched on in your last paragraph. I’m not saying any of them should or shouldn’t. Just that I’m disappointed from a fan’s perspective they aren’t. I think Kerk and Carr have medal potential.
  6. Kinda bummed to see some of our top prospects missing from the list. RBY, Carr, Ferrari, Kerk come to mind.
  7. You need to reread my post. I said aside from matches where he was injured, Taylor has not lost since those matches with Cox. And 86kg is still considerably more competitive than 92. Yaz is a better wrestler than anyone Cox has beaten in any of his world or Olympic tournaments. Recency matters and you’re comparing a guy who can’t even win in Poland to an Olympic champ. It’s ridiculous.
  8. Gilman RBY Yianni Carr Dake Burroughs Taylor Cox or Moore 50/50 Snyder Kerk or Parris 50/50
  9. He lost to Cox at the WTT 4 years ago. And I’ll remind you, those matches were after DT had been wrestling all day. Since then, apart from his injuries, DT has not lost and has won Yarygin, World and Olympic gold in a more competitive weight class. Cox can’t even place at the Poland Open while DT is winning Olympic Gold. For now the two don’t belong in the same sentence.
  10. DT Gable Snyder Gilman Dake Hard to take anyone seriously who has Cox in the top 5, let alone above someone like Taylor.
  11. 57 - DNP 74 - Bronze 86 - Bronze 97 - Bronze 125 - Silver
  12. I don’t think he has enough time left. Buuut... if he were to go to 86kg and somehow pull a gold there (unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility) he’d have a good argument domestically. I honestly think Dake could be our world rep at 74,79 or 86.
  13. He’s talking about their active ranking. How good they are currently.
  14. Half ass effort. It’s time to go to mma Bo. This half in, half out isn’t going to work.
  15. Not having to wrestle multiple matches before meeting a fresh JB has helped Dake tremendously. Does he have a winning record against JB in those circumstances?
  16. So frustrating knowing we may not even get to see Gable wrestle in his physical prime. Well, amateur wrestling at least.
  17. With who? He had to win just to make it to the finals. Going to set the entire tournament up again?
  18. What did Jden say in his interview? At a bar and no volume.
  19. I lean Taylor but slightly. Taylor has lost a step. I don’t care what anyone says. He’s not the same beast that won Worlds or Yarygin. Then you have to consider the teammate factor. These two have wrestled hundreds of hours together. Bo, even if the lesser overall wrestler, might be able to stifle many of Taylor’s best attacks simply from being exposed to them so many times.
  20. Gilman Oliver JB DT Snyder Steveson
  21. I agree. I still favor Dake, but I’m expecting an extremely close match. 1-2 point margin.
  22. The same Vito that Lee spanked in freestyle last year, too. I don’t care what anyone says, the rest of the 125ers are relieved Lee won’t be anywhere near 100%. They know he molly wops them all otherwise.
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