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  1. so an old man is cranky and complains about how things are currently. we need someone to write an article about him
  2. flo is the microsoft zune of sports streaming
  3. there's no way cornell can win a team title because the school workload of attending an ELITE ivy league school. *sarc
  4. who is getting pushed? ok at first i was thinking this was actually an iowa wrestler from the original posting. seems like its not
  5. i guess i miss remembered. or just some of the matches i saw against good competition
  6. i love matches with last second wins. or enormous comebacks. Ness vs dennis rohn lambrect also any match that Yianni wrestles
  7. he was. but i wish he ended his college career the way he started it. as a freshman he was slamming everyone and scoring then he clammed up his JR and SR year.
  8. by far, TR Foley. he would never stop virtue signalling
  9. i just got an email from him. he said he is going to go straight to mma and train with pico
  10. excellent point Idaho!
  11. how dare you spell my name backwards!!
  12. lol at how this post digressed into UFO's and ET from wrestling.
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