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  1. fiveontwo

    Teasdale at Iowa?

    TR Foley does that all the time. huge homer for uva. has em winning a team title next year and im like pshhh!
  2. fiveontwo

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    Reece Humphrey had 2 torn acls and he barely lost to Pico
  3. fiveontwo

    Will Steveson's suspension be lifted?

    no. hes transferring to ohio state
  4. fiveontwo

    Fix oly redhirt?

    im offended by the term sooner. because im always late. so it shows preference and makes me feel bad
  5. fiveontwo

    Stop 1984ing us

    are they referring to 94B13 5+3v3n50n ?
  6. fiveontwo

    Which college coach is the best developer of talent?

    tom ryan. myles martin got better every year. also tomasellos body developed every year into just one giant neck muscle
  7. fiveontwo


    yes folk should stay.
  8. fiveontwo

    Why Did Sammy Sasso Go To Ohio State?

    b/c he wants to just lift weights and not develop in talent like tomasello, bo/micah jordan, and pretty much everyone. maybe they have a good dining hall
  9. fiveontwo

    Who is the best 157 pound NCAA champ of all time?

    TR Foley by a landslide
  10. fiveontwo

    What college produces the best freestylers?

    ohio state doesnt develop talent. they just lift weights