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  1. always root against tosu. As far as individual wrestlers, i root heavily against wrestlers that are stallers.
  2. sounds like during his college years he could have been good but not a 3 time champ or anything. hes good at takedowns in the ufc, but his opponents are also worried about getting punched, kicked, or taken down. so it might be easier for him to take ppl down in ufc than in college wrestling where there is no fear of striking.
  3. has anyone purchased a membership since they went 100% paywall?
  4. VA VCU. They probably would be able to beat UVA in only a few years!
  5. im glad some of you can explain what kmf is saying. so we know hes a roofer who goes to sleezy bars and picks up floozies.
  6. kmf confuses JC with a big post about iowa. but then JC comes back and fires off 15 posts for the last second win.
  7. i have never understood any of KMFs posts.
  8. iowa and psu are both good at recruiting and developing talent. tosu on the other hand, just recruits then makes their kids hit the weight room
  9. definitely not worth paying to read the column. 5 minutes of politics and international wrestling only once a week. i only go for the comments section maybe intermat wanted to gauge how many people would read his column if it wasnt free.
  10. im against the 1% tho. feel the bern
  11. paul wellstone was a terrible politician and wrestler
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