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  1. ive never understood how that is stalling on the bottom man when the top guy has a 2 on 1 and isnt attempting any turns
  2. no clue about if possible due to seeds but 125 - Lee Mdec anyone. not camacho tho. latona is 3-0 against camacho and this year was only close because latona slipped in first period. 133 - Fix dec RBY 141 - Eirman dec Lee 149 Sasso dec O'Connor - sasso seems unbeatable 157 Hidlay dec deakin 165 Marinelli dec griffith (ML injury and he just doesnt have a fire this year) - marinelli is hungry 174 Kem dec Romero - i wanna say starocci for 2nd place but romero seems solid 184 Brooks dec Bolen 197 Schultz dec Amine 285 - Gable dec Parris - gable is so awesome this year
  3. i think it all can be solved by just having the refs call stalling when they should be and/or just call it more often. i dont like incentivizing "sumo-ing"
  4. tosu is ranked #1 in complaining the most.
  5. hes a good staller. i dont dislike psu, but i do love seeing a staller lose. like the bullard twins at nc state
  6. obama, trump, and zahid valencia doing drugs together!
  7. i have a feeling like its more that jack is a virginian who doesnt like Dresser
  8. honest question. are HS kids not allowed to wrestle with college kids? or why is that bad?
  9. hopefully its good. i vote for having it again in NYC. madison square garden was really well organized and the food was awesome.
  10. always root against tosu. As far as individual wrestlers, i root heavily against wrestlers that are stallers.
  11. sounds like during his college years he could have been good but not a 3 time champ or anything. hes good at takedowns in the ufc, but his opponents are also worried about getting punched, kicked, or taken down. so it might be easier for him to take ppl down in ufc than in college wrestling where there is no fear of striking.
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