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  1. I thought he was going back to Mongolia and is done with folkstyle wrestling.
  2. I'm tracking 12 right now for class of 21' out of ~500. Absolutely agreed. Decommits are way overblown.
  3. I remember that storm. Surprised more teams didn't get stuck. William Penn was real good back in those days. If I remember correctly, they had 2, maybe 3, vans and decided that they couldn't make it after they had already left because they had to take IA back roads to get to the interstate. They piled their Srs. and AA contenders into one van and eventually made it. My teammate (placed 1, 2, 4, 4) won the Outstanding wrestler award and beat a William Penn kid (placed 2, 2, 3, 4) in the finals.
  4. I'm working on tracking decommits, but for D1, commits stick ~95% of the time. The majority of the ones that don't actually end up in a different division, which tells me that there was probably eligibility issues or the school probably encouraged a switch. Time committed doesn't really seem to affect. The data I'm working with is rather small right now.
  5. Most end up going NAIA. Very few actually go D1. All the placers I am currently tracking are: 149 Champ: Silva - Arizona Christian (Wonder if this sticks since their HC just left to Southeastern) 141 6th: Gonzales - Grand View 157 3rd: Herrera - St. Cloud State Not this year but... Dylan Reel National Champ in 18' is resurfacing at Ottawa
  6. He manages/does a lot of the content (docs and event coverage) for United World Wrestling. Here's his Linkedin that gives you a better run down. https://www.linkedin.com/in/timfoley3
  7. Wasn't paying attention and accidentally bought a set of 4 instead of 2 and my other ticket backed out. I've got 3 tickets available at cost ($145). Section 225.
  8. Anyone know if a school monthly pass will allow for watching on BTN+ or do you need a regular monthly pass for all the schools?
  9. Thinking about it, the 27th is the only weekend they could do it. NCAAs is a qualifying tournament. You can't hold a last chance qualifier without all the other qualifiers in the tournament. This is 2021 though... It would be, but one thing working to their advantage is being a much shorter season the weight cuts have been quite a bit less and less wear and tear from practice and competition. Who is to say any college guys qualify though.
  10. Got 4th in NJCAA wrestling for Niagara in 2020. Not on the roster this year.
  11. Just doing a little analyzing, I’d imagine it would be the weekend of the 27th. While super tight with the Trials, it really can’t be next weekend with Pelicone happening, the 13th is right before NCAAs, so you won’t get college guys, the 20th is NCAAs. I could be way off though.
  12. USA Wrestling Tweet from 22FEB - We are still working on details for Last Chance Qualifier. We promise to let everyone know as soon as the Is are dotted and Ts are crossed!
  13. I don't think FLO has it because it is not on their schedule, and being an Olympic Event it should be on one of the NBC sports where all the Olympic events are. Last time around it was "The U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials will be streamed live on NBC Sports Live Extra and broadcast on NBCSN on Saturday and Sunday." via https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2016/04/07/wrestling-olympic-trials-broadcast-schedule-nbc-streams/
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