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  1. NCAA certification process does care if he attended college in Cuba. If he has already attended a college full-time, then any ACT/SAT tests he takes now couldn't be used towards eligibility. His clock and whatnot would also be affected as well. NCAA academic requirements have nothing to do with college requirements. Some schools are higher and some are lower.
  2. Updated with the WCWA national champs and Pan-Am Qualifier wrestle offs for the women.
  3. For those that don’t now, it means that if D2 and D3 have 10 years to get to 40 programs each in order to have an officially sanctioned national tournament. I don’t have my numbers in front of me but I believe D2 is at 13 and D3 is at 19. D1 votes in April as mentioned. They have just 1. I’d say there is a very good chance D2 and D3 get there in the next few years. D1 is going to take a bit longer. Probably will take a major school or 2 to add it before it catches on.
  4. 1. No real seasons. There are competitions all throughout the year. You can see pretty much all the tournaments here, except domestic only competitions, like US Nationals. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/events 2. International wrestling is very dependent on the wrestler and what they want to do. The ranking system put in place has encouraged people to wrestle a bit more, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see some guys wrestle their domestic world team qualifier (if they had one) and worlds. Maybe another tournament for prep. That’s 10 matches or so. Some get 30+. 3. Same as above. Some US guys only compete at the World/Olympic team trials and that’s it. The US also only has a handful of tournaments a year though. 4. UWW database tracks the events that are on their calendar. Outside of that, it would be up to the tournament or country to have results. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/database
  5. Here are the brackets - https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://fflutte.smoothcomp.com/fr/event/3397/results&xid=17259,15700022,15700186,15700191,15700256,15700259,15700262,15700265,15700271&usg=ALkJrhjiMHHNvLEF4wdD9ZVlbMOsM4WPNg Tapis is the mat. 1/8 (Eights Finals) would actually be the round of 16. The easy way to remember is to double the 2nd number. 1/4 would be quarters. 1/2 would be semis. It's also the number of matches in the round or the number of guys that will be left in the championship bracket after that round. I'll guess that half the field had been eliminated from the first match you have on there to the 2nd. Instead of having 6 matches in the round robin, there were only 3.
  6. TD to his back. 6-0. Cross wrist tilt. 10-0. Had a cradle that would've scored another 4 if the period hadn't ended. TD. 12-0. Tilt. 16-0. Lamer isn't a scrub either. He was a 4x Oregon state champ and ranked #117 in our class rankings and # 16 @ 152.
  7. That’s a better way to look at it. I went through the last 5 years, including this year to see how many Redshirt Juniors were on the roster as Redshirt Seniors the next year. 20’ - 2/2 19’ - 4/5 18’ - 3/4 17’ - 5/9 16’ - 2/4 16/24 = 66% (half of those in one class) Not sure what it really means as there is no data on other programs, but it seems, at least in the last 3 years, to be pretty normal. I’d guess that the guys that aren’t going to see the lineup are the ones more likely to move on. Take 17’ for example, 9 guys starting from 1 class is unrealistic, and half of them probably wouldn’t see the lineup, so that could contribute to desire to not return.
  8. That actually doesn't seem to be the case. They have 28 guys on their roster with 16 of those being listed as having used a redshirt. All of the class of 19' are listed as freshman despite some of them redshirting. There are 8 of those. That means only 4 people that are past their freshman year, haven't redshirted. This actually makes a lot of sense to me. With the level of academics of Stanford, giving wrestlers either a year to adjust when they get there or later on when they need the ability to focus on academics for a semester or two, a redshirt provides them that opportunity.
  9. Yep. https://financialaid.stanford.edu/undergrad/how/parent.html
  10. The issue isn't that they can't redshirt later on. It's that they only get 4 years of postseason eligibility and they just lost that, unless they are going to end up being in the lineup come the Pac 12 tournament. If the guys they were replacing are out for the year, it makes a lot of sense. If they are going to be back for the postseason, it's a bit of an odd look. You can't really project that wrestler A or B is going to be there in 3 years and so taking the redshirt away this year doesn't matter. They had a guy named McKenna that was supposed to be there for 4 years too. Guys get hurt, transfer, burn out, don't wrestle to expectations, etc. I'm sure there were conversations between the wrestlers and coaches to make sure it was in everyone's best interest. For example, maybe none of them want to be there past 4 years anyways, so redshirts aren't of any use. They were just using the redshirt because they didn't need them up until this point.
  11. I was hoping it was something different. but normally when they disappear that long it is either a country change or doping. Hope he is clean (no indications that he isn't), because he would be great to add to the field at the Olympics. Another question - Does anyone know what the testing is like during a suspension? Is there any? Do you have to be tested before returning? Before people jump on me, I'm not saying Snyder lost because the other dude is doping or anything. Mohammadian was the better guy this day. I am curious of the process of returning to competition though.
  12. What's the story with Mohammadian? He has good results 13'-15' including a Bronze, but the disappears for 4 years and is looking fantastic.
  13. There are the team spots for the OTTT, yes, but there is also quite a bit on Olympic qualification as well. The spot doesn't mean a whole lot if you don't get to go.
  14. It provides ranking points for the Pan Am Qualifier. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6561898-uww-rankings-series-changes-for-2020 Worlds, Rome, and Pan Am Championships are the only shots to be seeded. They seed top 2 (must have 2 points though).
  15. I do appreciate the overview though. It is much more in depth than I had before. While the statement the court wrote may not have been necessary, why write it and include it in their opinion? Why wouldn't it apply? I get that the case wasn't directed to pay athletes like the cases are but it still has to have some bearing. What other way could they be talking about for paying athletes?
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