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  1. I've got an interview with him I'll put together in the next couple days. He has a weight he wants to be at.
  2. Women's wrestling at the NCAA level wouldn't start out as DI, DII, or DIII. They would all be mixed into one NCAA championship. See Bowling. Once they grew enough to support their own divisions they could divide it up. That would be a while, it takes 40 programs both DI and DII and 28 for DIII. There are currently 1 DI, 12 DII, and 15 DIII. DI has a long way to go and the hardest to get programs added with only 1 so far. They have 10 years to get to those numbers but can continue in emerging sport status after if good progress is shown. I don't think there is going to be an issue to get that many programs in DII or DIII. Simon Fraser is the only Canadian team in the NCAA, probably doubtful that others get added based on women's wrestling but it's possible. I'd bet they stick with freestyle and not change it. I think if they tried switching it to folk, it would destroy a lot of the momentum for adding programs. It's one of the biggest draws for women to compete in college, the ability to continue wrestling the international style instead of switching back and forth like the guys do. I know that one one of the main goals when the WCWA was started as well. I'd imagine the driving forces behind getting it added as an NCAA sport would want to keep it that way.
  3. Brown is on the roster - https://mutigers.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=7758 Olympic Redshirt - You can still be enrolled in school and on the team. Mekhi Lewis is registered at Va Tech still. It's really no different than a regular redshirt except you have to qualify for it. It basically waives the 5 years to compete in 4 to add an additional year to your clock.
  4. This is an article from back in March where he mentions he isn't sure about wrestling in college but does mention Bloomsburg, Edinboro, and Oklahoma as possibilities. Bloomsburg didn't have him in their announced recruiting class, while Oklahoma and Edinboro haven't updated their roster or announced their full class.
  5. That first seating chart is US Bank arena in Cincinnatti! https://usbankarena.com/seating Also, F just seems to be a continuation of the 100 section but identified differently. V is the same way but right above the F section. At least on one side. On the other, there is no F but only V. 670 × 410 You can kind of see some of the views here - https://aviewfrommyseat.com/venue/U.S.+Bank+Stadium/level/1/Field+Level/
  6. That video board isn't normally there. It was added for the Final Four. https://www.sportsvideo.org/2019/04/07/live-from-final-four-u-s-bank-stadium-delivers-an-in-venue-show-at-a-unique-and-gigantic-scale/
  7. In Willie's interview with him, he said he would like to join WCAP, which means enlisting in the Army. Coming to the US this late in from Cuba would probably make it difficult to be cleared to wrestle D1. If he did go the college route, I would guess NJCAA would have to be the choice, like you see out of a lot of international wrestlers (think Mongolia). To make clear, I have no idea what any of his transcripts look like or anything of the sort.
  8. Here is the Greco one - https://www.pinfallrecruiting.com/blog/fargo-men-s-greco-commits-stats
  9. I'm going to go through and do Greco as well as Women this weekend.
  10. I searched for a little bit, couldn't find anything.
  11. Here you go - https://www.pinfallrecruiting.com/blog/fargo-men-s-fs-commits-stats There are also some fun facts in there.
  12. Since he has gone 120 --> 126 --> 132 in his career, probably 141 unless he doesn't cut any or very little weight. He has another year of HS and then a potential redshirt with Red around, so it'll be a couple of years.
  13. Correct. I'll have the full list tomorrow morning. Only Oklahoma State (6) and Iowa (4) had more placers. They tied with Northern Iowa, Minnesota, and Cornell with 3.
  14. I don't. I haven't had the time to gather that together. Flo did a couple of previews that should get what you are looking for. It is behind Pro though. Juniors U16 (cadets)
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