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  1. I have my web guys do it. It's all mostly custom coded. The database I maintain actually populates the commits, PFRdatabase, rankings, and wrestler profiles. They have a script to take my database and turn it into the content you see. Lot's of moving parts so still some bugs and efficiency to work out.
  2. It's ok guys. It doesn't bother me. If it's an issue for one, it's probably an issue for more. It is something i want to fix. I prefer it be as immediate as possible as well. A PM is probably the better route to go though for sure. I do appreciate the backup though!
  3. Not asleep. It’ll be updated. It currently lags behind by about a week. One of the trade offs from moving away from the Google Sheets. Working on trying to find a way to get them updated faster.
  4. I'd guess it would be a very scaled down trials at ~8 man brackets. Wrestle it all in 1-2 days to get it done quick. Qualifiers are anyone qualified for the Olympic Trials (able to choose any weight) and then fill out the rest with US Open placers until you get to 8 (9 if you do bye to finals like before).
  5. UWW announced a little while ago that if there was a Sr. Worlds that it wouldn’t impact seeding for the Olympics. The only events that will count going forward is the continental championships, the ranking event that has already taken place, and 2019 Sr. Worlds.
  6. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/executive-board-develops-plan-remaining-2020-events Junior Worlds - Belgrade, Serbia: 4-10 December Senior Worlds - Belgrade, Serbia: 12-20 December U23 - Tampere, Finland: 23-29 November "Any competition wishing to be held in 2020 must follow the criteria as established by the Executive Board and must be fulfilled for any competitions to go ahead. The competitions must include 8 of the 10 best ranked teams and a minimum of 70% participating countries (based on prior year’s athlete attendance). To be valid, the conditions and criteria for competition must be confirmed by UWW and local organizers two months prior to the start of the competition. If the criteria is met, the best-case scenario would allow for the following competitions to take place on these dates:"
  7. I’m wrong. He was a 2019 grad. Didn’t greyshirt.
  8. Went to Pomona, CO first three years of HS. After he committed he moved out to Ithaca to train at Finger Lakes.
  9. What were the issues that were caused? The rule is fairly easy to satisfy as long as you attend the JUCO for more than a year. I can see it being a bit difficult to meet the 25% portion as that would require at least 30 credits (bachelor's is 120 credits) if you were only there for a year. Or was it getting 12 credits to actually transfer (for each semester) since it can be difficult for other schools to accept transfer credits?
  10. You won’t find it explicitly called out in the rules. It would definitely fall under bylaw 10 where it talks about unethical conduct. It would also fall under impermissible benefits (13.2) and more if it was a coach or staff member paying for it. Another factor is if the kids were of age at the party. Obviously they weren’t for alcohol, but decent chance they weren’t for the stripper as well. It’s easier to the read the NCAA rules as if everything is denied unless the NCAA says it is allowed. They can’t possibly put every circumstance in there, so it often give examples that “aren’t limited to.” It is almost always called out in the code of conduct of a university as mentioned. Probably conference rules as well.
  11. There are a quite a bunch of coaches out there that struggle tremendously with hunting kids down. There are numerous reasons why from actually being bad at it to being the only coach and not having enough time in the day. I know there are coaches that rely purely on who contacts them to recruit or pick a tournament to attend (Fargo/NHSCA/Super 32/etc.) and get all their contacts there. Every coach has what they are good at. Some are great at coaching and bad at recruiting. Some are bad at coaching and great at recruiting.
  12. Not really. Didn’t wrestle a ton. Augsburg sticks to the D3 scene, mostly. In freestyle he did though. Here’s a pretty good rundown - http://augsburgwrestling.info/index.php?title=Marcus_LeVesseur
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