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  1. Let me try this again... The first part ------ D1 wrestling coaches know that a LOI can't be signed at the time he signed it. Thus they know he was not signed to Iowa State no matter what gets put out there. The second part ------ Some coaches out there still recruit kids even if they are signed, despite it being against the rules. (Doesn't pertain to this situation but wanted to make a point that sometimes a signing doesn't stop coaches from recruiting kids.) The third part ----- Because it is not a valid signing the announcement can be for any number of reasons; the kid wanted to, a good photo op, the HS wanted to, etc. To address your questions: 1. There are coaches out there that would put misinformation out there. 2. There are coaches out there that would put pressure on a kid to maintain a commitment. It's a pretty common tactic.
  2. Coaches know there is no valid signing at that time, they aren't going to be scared away. Heck, some coaches aren't scared away by an actual valid signing. It was for the kid, the photo op, the HS, announcement, etc.
  3. This happens a lot more than people realize. Kids know that "signing" for a college is a thing and they want to be a part of it. Some divisions don't have an NLI program (NAIA, D3) and not all schools within a division participate in the NLI program (Ivies, Academies).
  4. That depends on a lot of things. Why didn't he do well? Was it a bad Fr/So year before he realized those grades do matter (happens ALL the time, especially as FR), is there a learning disability that was never diagnosed, did he just not try, was there no support/tutoring in HS, etc.? Very rarely (in my experience) are bad grades in HS because a kid just doesn't get it and can't succeed.
  5. While no side can be held to a verbal, they aren't meaningless (unless you are just talking about how no one can be held to one). The majority of verbals end up signing a NLI and a high percentage of those end up attending the school.
  6. Not officially. The signing period for the 19'-20' freshman class ended at the beginning of August. I think he announced his "signing" in September. The signing period for 20'-21' freshman class runs from 13 NOV 2019 to 1 AUG 2020.
  7. Coaches can only circumvent so much. Some schools and programs more than others. You also can't circumvent eligibility from the NCAA's view (NOT saying he is ineligible. I don't have a clue on his status). If he is going to slow down and take some other visits, especially officials, schools have to think there is a decent chance of acceptance/eligibility.
  8. You can take officials after graduation.
  9. Coaches have a pretty good idea what would get in and what wouldn't get in as soon as they look at the grades/test scores. Admissions departments would definitely look to verify as well, but they would also need to take a look at the exact classes taken in HS. D1 requires a core set of classes to be eligible, they also have a time frame some of those have to be completed in. It takes a little more to figure out eligibility than it does acceptance. Coaches aren't going to waste their time recruiting wrestlers they know they can't get in. They are going to get transcripts/test scores as early as possible. Kids can commit before or after being accepted. With that said, athletes (and others with "special abilities") get leeway at most schools for acceptance since they bring other skills to the university. How much that is is dependent on too many factors. Echemendia would be more of an unknown and would take quite a bit more time to figure out due to not being in the US until his Sr year. With his talent, it is worth taking a stab at and seeing if everything is going to work out.
  10. You can't mess with semesters in D1, so Navy can't do anything. They only thing they do with eligibility is NAPS. The only possibilities I can see are: He isn't wrestling for any number of reasons; He is no longer enrolled in school; He just isn't listed on the roster for some reason (he wasn't last year either if you look at the 18'-19' roster as Blue_Jay mentioned earlier). I'd go with #3. At the end of September they mentioned (via twitter) Prince was nationally ranked.
  11. Interview with him if you are interested, he talks a little about Snyder - https://t.co/EXr8nA8cXV?amp=1 Great start to the 21' class.
  12. When someone transfers mid-season and doesn't get a waiver meaning they have to sit out the 2nd semester that year and the 1st semester the next. Doesn't happen very often. There are no semesters of eligibility for D1. Obviously Prince doesn't fit this.
  13. Here are a few videos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCciXpdLfDjgpzzACx43tiOQ
  14. No tickets there when I finally made it in, it only took me 80+ minutes to get there to look.
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