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  1. You should research the so-called freedom of the press in France before making statements like this. Maybe use a search engine and look up Herve Ryssen jailed in France 2020. It seems freedom of the press to criticize certain groups only goes so far in France. Hypocrites.
  2. Exactly! Fundamentalism is an unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs. This is integrity. It is only recently that the word has become corrupted and used to describe groups who focus solely on selected scriptures, dogmas, and ideologies to maintain ingroup and outgroup dynamics and pursue political aims based on these dynamics. For example, Daesh, or ISIS, are described as "Islamic Fundamentalists", but Wahhabism is not "fundamental Islam", it is a sect that was started in the 18th Century. Many, if not most Muslims see it as a twisted ideology, a fake Islam. Christians in the US are also labelled "fundamentalist" as if it's a bad thing. This is sad, and it demonstrates a modern fad among many to attack any system of religious beliefs. Following your beliefs in a fundamental way isn't bad.
  3. He also got into some rare company by getting the win against Cael nine years ago.
  4. The Georgian scored 2 by attacking Taylor's ankles defensively early. Do you understand how difficult it is to score 2 on Taylor, especially at that point in his career? At 1:26, the Georgian takes a low ankle shot and misses. He follows it by digging underhooks, causing Taylor to run backwards and get put on the shot clock. Taylor's pace, as usual, is full-on and nonstop, and it doesn't surprise me that the Georgian was unable to stay with it; not many are. To say that the Georgian did a whole lot of nothing is so inaccurate as to be almost ridiculous.
  5. My own personal experience: Robbed of the NCAA tournament and disappointed at the prospect of no Olympic Games or international freestyle competitions, I stopped visiting any wrestling websites. After a period of time, I tried watching a few MMA matches. I love watching Khabib Nurmagomedov, especially his destruction of Conor Mcgregor; Mcgregor's behavior in the period before their meeting is inexcusable and unforgivable. You do not insult an opponent's religion and family, especially a man's father. He got what he deserved, regardless of his cop out that it was "all business". If it was all business, that's a business he should not allow himself to be in. Khabib wins MMA matches with wrestling/grappling skills, something that greatly appealed to me with my wrestling background. Other matches were disappointments for me, because I don't like watching a sport where a single punch usually results in a stunned opponent who is then overwhelmed and the match ends. Then I started watching some boxing, and I started with bantamweight Naoya Inoue from Japan. I quickly realized that I had never given boxing a chance, especially since so much emphasis is usually placed on the heavyweight division. Inoue quickly showed me that this sport is an art, like wrestling, and he and other great boxers have fundamental skills that are polished to a high degree. I watched all of Inoue's fights, and I enjoyed them immensely. To make a long story short, I have since explored other boxers, including Gennady Golovkin, Vasyl Lomachenko, Artur Beterbiev, and even Tyson Fury, who has made the heavyweight division so much more interesting. In those months, I never visited these forums on The Mat. A week or so ago, I came back and looked over the forums. My immediate reaction, besides surprise that Nolf was scheduled to wrestle JO, was satisfaction that I had stayed away. It seemed that the interaction among commenters had become more rancorous and unfriendly, and the ad hominem attacks were worse than ever. There was also very little content. I feel that I made the right decision. I found another sport that interests me, and I have enjoyed learning about it. It will not replace wrestling for me, and I anticipate post-COVID-19 international and NCAA wresting. Can't wait to see the next Olympics and World Championships!
  6. Change that. 56k AMERICANS die from the flu each year. Globally, 300,000 - 650,000 PEOPLE die from the flu each and every year. And that's probably a lowball figure.
  7. Snyder's God and Sadulaev's Allah are the same. There's nothing in between. Allah is the Arab word for God, and Islam is an Abrahamic faith, with firm beliefs in the validity of the Old Testament. Islam also venerates Jesus Christ, but does not consider him part of God; rather, Muslims consider him a prophet sent by God, the most perfect man that ever walked the earth, born of a virgin.
  8. I disagree completely. There may be a few Pa. fans who exhibit over-the-top exuberance for Pa. wrestling exclusively, but I think most are willing to give respect and congratulations to wrestlers and programs from other states. I have repeatedly expressed my respect and admiration for the Brands brothers and the way they run their program at Iowa. The individuals in the Iowa program are also a testament to how living right and cultivating the right attitude makes the sport greater. I don't plan on rooting for Iowa in the B10 or NCAA tournaments, but I recognize and appreciate their greatness.
  9. 30+ pounds, but that's still pretty horrible for a wrestler who the coaches hope can score some points in March. My takeaway as well.
  10. Nevills fades terribly in the third period. His endurance isn't up to snuff. We've seen this repeatedly now.
  11. I put plenty of stock in the value of Dake's 79kg. World Titles. I also feel that the cut to 74kg. hurts him, perhaps not as badly as the cut to 86kg would have hurt J'Den, but it still hurts him. And you don't want to be hurting at all if you expect to win against JB, who, as you say, has always been a clutch wrestler. Of course, the shine on that clutch has become progressively duller since the advent of Sidakov. Sidakov is the new clutch, for now anyway.
  12. Stop digging the hole deeper, man! I'm not saying the content of the post was misleading. Once I read the post, it was clear. I'm saying that you should show more care in your post headlines. It's as if a ball peen hammer is necessary to make you understand.
  13. Yeah, and "No man has ever beaten me twice" as well, right? Wasn't Sidakov a returning world medalist? Your wanting it doesn't make it so. Stick with your 50/50 statement so that I can agree with you.
  14. I agree. The biggest difference, however, is that when Sinner Manbuns makes a post, the reading public can usually understand what the topic is. With you it's not so easy. Is that a deliberate ploy to get people to click on your posts? I mean the Jon Jones post, holy sh**! Try to write a cohesive statement, man.
  15. If you beat someone who has not yet attained a world championship, you have not beaten a world champ.
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