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  1. Having watched a number of Bivol's fights, the outcome of this boxing extravaganza was what I had hoped for. Bivol is a highly trained boxer with excellent fundamentals. His speed, footwork, timing, stiff jab, and wide variety of combinations make him one of the best in the sport. Canelo is a man to be admired, just for his habit, especially recently, of taking the toughest challengers at whatever weight he is competing at. It was a mistake to go to light heavyweight and fight Bivol, one of the best, who is still in his prime at 31 years old, the same age as Canelo. Great fight. One of my biggest worries about the fight going the distance was the fact that Canelo is routinely favored by judges, and anyone who saw the first fight with GGG and thought that was a draw is out of their mind. GGG was robbed in that fight. To be honest, the scorecards in this Bivol/Canelo fight were unrealistic, with each judge scoring the fight 115-113 in favor of Bivol. All three judges had awarded Canelo the first four rounds, which is insane, considering the number of punches landed by the fighters. Bivol landed 36% of his power punches and outpunched Canelo 152-84. I don't know how they could have called the decision so close with such a lopsided output, but the fact remains that the better fighter won.
  2. I must have missed that one. When did David Taylor ever meet Sadulaev for Olympic Gold? And what was the result?
  3. Count Cael out of the group who thinks it's all him. In a recent interview he was asked how much he is actually hands on working with the wrestlers and he basically says that he tries to stay out of the way of Casey, Cody and Varner. I guess it depends how you look at the role of head coach. Cael Sanderson has worked hard to set up a system, a complicated mechanism involving many different contributing factors, that leads to great individual and team success. The actual coaching of wrestlers is an essential part of this system, but it also includes a wide variety of responsibilities that Cael handles on his own, without help from his coaching team. I imagine many of these responsibilities are administrative and formal, not his favorite part of the head coaching job, but one that he understands that he must fulfill. Regarding the coaching of the wrestlers, he gives abundant credit to his coaching staff and admits freely that it wouldn't be the same without them. Anyone who has seen Casey Cunningham in the corner or interacting with the PSU wrestlers can see the seriousness and professionalism with which he approaches his job. Casey throws the challenge brick when he wants to. He doesn't need Cael's okay for that, even if Cael is in the corner with him. In addition, anyone who notices the intense concentration of the PSU wrestlers on what Casey is saying, the respect on their faces while they listen, can see his importance as a coach. Yes, he would be an invaluable head coach for any program needing one. The question is, would he want to leave the position he has now, one that brings him so much satisfaction? He obviously feels part of a family at PSU. Does he want to leave that for greater ambition? I guess you'd have to look into his heart to find the answer to that question. I think he'll stay at PSU for now.
  4. Watch Cael's interview after the finals. Kerk was banged up pretty badly after the Steveson match, but he wrestled Mason Parris because of the team race. I guess he took the MFF because the difference between 3rd and 4th isn't so great and there were no team race implications. I agree with you that he is not a good matchup for Wood, who had a really good tournament.
  5. You can stop drinking now Vak, and start using intelligible English again.
  6. Jimmy Cinnabon: "Seriously folks, I just forgot to include the word 'second' in my original post. I meant to say 'Michigan will clinch second before the finals. I was right. Admit it!"
  7. Paging Jimmy Cinnabon. Is Jimmy Cinnabon in the house? We are looking for a follow-up comment on your bold, certain predictions regarding this match. Was it the ghost of Zain Retherford suddenly leaving ADS? Was it a sudden downpour extinguishing the fire that you were talking about? Jimmy? Are you there? Jimmy?
  8. Paging Jimmy Cinnabon. Jimmy, we took note of your prediction about this match, and we would greatly appreciate a follow-up comment. Jimmy? Are you there? Jimmy?
  9. And you've been so accurate with your predictions, Jimmy. I guess PSU can start drowning their sorrows already. Jimmy says they'll finish third, so I guess it's a lock.
  10. He won the match, but couldn't get the bonus points needed to win the dual. He was absolutely gassed.
  11. The nation is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Your question itself reeks of the regime change arrogance that permeates so much of US foreign policy. Or perhaps you are MEK?
  12. He is fantastic. He is a definite contender for NCAA champion. How could anyone see it any other way?
  13. Your posted list contains lead horses but forgot the invisible lead stallions from PSU and Iowa completely. I know! You forgot to put on your reality sunglasses before you commented. Or you just finished a pastry and it's rubbing off on you.
  14. This reminds me of the match between PSU and the Ohio State University in 2018. The Ohio State was favored, and as you probably remember, the final two matches decided it in PSU's favor, with Anthony Cassar beating an undefeated Colin Moore to put PSU up 19-15 and then Nick Nevills losing to Kyle Snyder by a regular decision. A major decision would have taken it to criteria. First, Cassar backs out of bounds in the first period of his match against Moore and gets dinged for stalling. PSU crowd in Rec Hall was very unhappy, but hey, I'm a PSU fan, and you don't back out when you're in neutral wrestling on the line. Cassar did. The announcer, the one dude from Big Ten wrestling, mentions something about how sitting in Rec Hall for matches, it's 85 degrees on the floor, the crowd is loud and knowledgeable, and it can impact your performance. It seemed to impact Moore's performance, just like it had impacted Myles Martin's performance before him when he gave up the major to Bo Nickal in the last few seconds with the turn, and like it seemed to impact Snyder's performance against Nevills in the final match. I also recall that Tom Ryan tried to convince Cael to wrestle the match in the Bryce Jordan center, promising that they would fill it with all the fans from both PSU and the Ohio State. Cael wisely kept the match in Rec Hall. Is it unfair to have duals in Rec Hall?
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