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    Nolf to 74kg

    No, I'm saying the domestic guy new to freestyle is making the right choice for his future in freestyle, especially for the Olympic trials. Get back to me after World's about who is top 3; go watch the last 8.2 seconds of JB's match against Sidikov. 8.2 seconds. Additionally, I'd call your description of Dake going to 74kg., "slimming down", the understatement of the year. Look at Dake at 79kg. Not an ounce of excess weight. He's ripped. Those 5 kg will come with a serious price tag. I've never heard Nolf described as having a lack of consistent offense from his feet, and yes, I know that you're talking about freestyle.
  2. pa in taiwan

    Nolf to 74kg

    A few things to consider: Wrestlers get old. "The GOAT" may not be what he was five to seven years ago, and he would be the first to admit it. If you want to see someone fade from too much weight cut, wait until you see Dake at 74kg.! I honestly don't think we'll see it. Nolf is making the right decision. He would never mention it, being the single-minded point scoring machine that he is, but the cut to 157 was probably starting to take a toll; look at the match with Hidlay. The cut to 70kg was worse; he probably didn't feel well, and he still was only a hair away from taking out Green. He will be at the top of his game at 74kg, if not for WTT, then for Olympic trials next year. And seriously, that is the target.
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    Joe Rogan talks Askren/JB and Sadulaev/Snyder

    What you are confused by isn't logic; it's something else. Homerism? American exceptionalism? I'm not sure. I only know that from the moment I heard people saying that Sadulaev caught Snyder in a "junior high school" move, I started shaking my head. Logic is your description of the action. Sadulaev initiated action with a crisp snatch single. He was scoring on that shot. I have no idea of how the match would have played out if he hadn't pinned Snyder. The fact that people called it a "junior high school" move rather than what it actually was, a tactic that resulted from scouting and analysis, shows the superficiality of some of the commenting and analysis here. I recommend watching the match again. It's clear that Snyder should have bailed on the chest wrap much earlier, and by the time Sadulaev sits him on his left hip and secures Kyle's left arm, Snyder's right arm is just draped over Sadulaev, easy pickings for what followed. I also salute you for your astute analysis of the 2017/2018 situation with Sadulaev, definitely undersized in '17 and still getting used to the weight, much stronger, more experienced and more comfortable in '18. I'm looking forward to their next meeting, and maybe it's good for Kyle Snyder to be the hungry one. Sadulaev is surely favored in this coming round 3.
  4. pa in taiwan

    Did anyone think.....

    BTS is a charity event, and yes, it seems that the inclusion of Askren dragged in some of the MMA garbage talk. I agree with the comment above saying that it doesn't belong in wrestling. It tarnishes a pure sporting pursuit, one of the few left in existence. I feel that the antics of FLOWrestling and its announcers and behavior also try to sensationalize things to an exaggerated extent at times, but that's just my personal opinion. They are a for-profit business, and sensation brings cash. J. Burroughs is marketing himself, and he should not be criticized in any way for trying to benefit financially from his success and fame. He has given much to the sport of wrestling, much to USA Wrestling. So let them use the smack talk in the BTS charity event; everyone agrees that it is for a good cause, and most of it was just in fun. Askren knew he couldn't win. That said, let's keep it out of Men's Senior International Freestyle Wrestling. I can cite two examples of what I consider USA wrestlers crossing the line with needless, empty talk, and one involves JB. Let's travel back in time to 2016, to the UWW Freestyle World Cup in Los Angeles. Yazdani is peaking in his career at 74 kg., and JB opts out of the event because of the birth of his child. Fair enough, family comes first. However, he then goes on to pull some kind of publicity stunt on FLO with a fake letter, supposedly from Yazdani, a "thank you" for not wrestling the tournament. First, birth of the child or not, neutral observers may have come to the conclusion that JB was dodging Yazdani. But to display the arrogance that JB did, when it was clear from comments from the Iranian coach that they were looking forward and preparing for this match, well, that was too much for me. Result: Yazdani techs Dieringer 10-0 and Iran defeats the USA. Iran sends Jordan Burroughs a gift on the birth of his daughter, some traditional Iranian art or craft. It was beautiful. Class points: Iran: 10 JB: 0 Second case of course was Kyle Snyder after his victory over Sadulaev in their first meeting. Kyle goes over the top in the post-match interview, criticizing Sadulaev's coaches for telling him that he could beat Snyder. He also states in no uncertain terms that in their second meeting, he would beat Sadulaev by a much bigger margin. I mean, man, you won on a last-minute takedown. It's not like it was a decisive victory. We know the outcome here. Sadulaev uses this perceived slight as motivation for training, and decks Snyder in their next meeting. Sadulaev mentions in an interview that he disagreed with the way Snyder trash talked after the match, and after being pinned, Snyder was asked about it. It seemed like it was the first time the idea that his comments could have been considered over the top, and he finally says "fair enough" or something to this effect. To his credit, Sadulaev talks about Snyder after the pin with the utmost respect, calling his a great wrestler and competitor, and looking forward to future meetings. Class points: Sadulaev: 10 Snyder: 0 I know that this is my personal opinion, and please, feel free to disagree. I also agree with Cael's policy of not talking to FLO anymore. Do you remember the interview with CP in which CP makes some recommendation or question about pulling a redshirt as if he were part of the coaching staff? Cael smacked him down. People will make arguments about this, saying that the public relations behavior of a Tom Ryan during the 2017/2018 season is good for NCAA wrestling, or it will grow the sport. I think it just looks stupid, as he says again and again how there will be three tests (the dual, B10s, and the NCAA Championships) and he feels that the Ohio State University is the best squad and so on. Cael stays silent, and his team wins each of the meetings. The Ohio State University squad even makes a video for the NCAA championships, saying how it's their year. Didn't happen. Criticize Cael for not granting more access, saying that he could do more for the sport. He is being himself, and I agree with it. He won't make himself a part and parcel of the FLO sensation brigade, and I salute him for being true to his concept of the sport.
  5. pa in taiwan

    Joe Rogan talks Askren/JB and Sadulaev/Snyder

    "It was middle school of Sadulaev, but he obviously worked on that and made it count. " One has to wonder that if it was "middle school" of Sadulaev to hit that move, where does that put Snyder, who was pinned with it?
  6. pa in taiwan

    The thread Yianni deserves

    "whooped the 2016 US rep, a 2x national champ and the 2018 3X NCAA champ, Hodge winner and 2017 US rep and now he convincingly beats Punia." Do you feel that Yanni "whooped" Zain? Do you feel that the intensity of Punia's recent wrestling schedule should be taken into account? I see Yanni's recent performance as compelling evidence that he is a true threat to medal in Senior men's international freestyle, but I don't take it as a given. I believe that he will be challenged at Final X.