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  1. No, TBar. If we boycott every poster who posts "trolly posts and he's just not a good poster." we would boycott half the people here. It's making the bets and not paying them that is uncool, and I would say that uncool is an understatement. It's unacceptable. We choose who we associate with, and replying to JC's posts is associating with him. I will no longer comment on any thread started by Jimmy Cinnabon or reply to his comments until he either makes good on his bets, sets up a payment plan, or at least addresses the issue as to why he has been unable to follow through on his public promises.
  2. I disagree completely. There may be a few Pa. fans who exhibit over-the-top exuberance for Pa. wrestling exclusively, but I think most are willing to give respect and congratulations to wrestlers and programs from other states. I have repeatedly expressed my respect and admiration for the Brands brothers and the way they run their program at Iowa. The individuals in the Iowa program are also a testament to how living right and cultivating the right attitude makes the sport greater. I don't plan on rooting for Iowa in the B10 or NCAA tournaments, but I recognize and appreciate their greatness.
  3. Sorry, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, and I'm providing him an opportunity to save his name. If there are any folks who made bets with him and received private messages with evidence of his donations, I'd appreciate it if they would chime in. Likewise those who made bets and have heard bupkis. Sorry, TBar, I'm not sure that I understand or am supposed to understand the relevance of that clip.
  4. The title pretty much sums it up. Has Jimmy Cinnabon posted evidence of his donations according to the terms of the bets that he made? I see that he is posting again, and I feel that this is a matter of integrity. A man is a man of his word. Well, Jimmy, have you? I am not trying to dis you, and I think that the posts you make generate a lot of controversy and debate, not a bad thing on a forum like this. That said, I witnessed the bets you made, and the thread you posted on Berge has a number of comments saying that you welched on your bets. Please provide evidence or comment with information regarding the location of the evidence on this forum. Thanks.
  5. 30+ pounds, but that's still pretty horrible for a wrestler who the coaches hope can score some points in March. My takeaway as well.
  6. Nevills fades terribly in the third period. His endurance isn't up to snuff. We've seen this repeatedly now.
  7. I put plenty of stock in the value of Dake's 79kg. World Titles. I also feel that the cut to 74kg. hurts him, perhaps not as badly as the cut to 86kg would have hurt J'Den, but it still hurts him. And you don't want to be hurting at all if you expect to win against JB, who, as you say, has always been a clutch wrestler. Of course, the shine on that clutch has become progressively duller since the advent of Sidakov. Sidakov is the new clutch, for now anyway.
  8. Stop digging the hole deeper, man! I'm not saying the content of the post was misleading. Once I read the post, it was clear. I'm saying that you should show more care in your post headlines. It's as if a ball peen hammer is necessary to make you understand.
  9. Yeah, and "No man has ever beaten me twice" as well, right? Wasn't Sidakov a returning world medalist? Your wanting it doesn't make it so. Stick with your 50/50 statement so that I can agree with you.
  10. I agree. The biggest difference, however, is that when Sinner Manbuns makes a post, the reading public can usually understand what the topic is. With you it's not so easy. Is that a deliberate ploy to get people to click on your posts? I mean the Jon Jones post, holy sh**! Try to write a cohesive statement, man.
  11. If you beat someone who has not yet attained a world championship, you have not beaten a world champ.
  12. I thank you. It's nice to see postings that inspire and create rather than criticize and demean.
  13. Nobody needs to make an excuse for losing to Iowa this year. They have an excellent squad of aggressive, motivated wrestlers. PSU will bring all they can to the big dance, as they should. For me, it just makes for an excellent boost for the sport of college wrestling. A close race would be great as well. Finals are anti-climactic when a team has already secured the team championship after the semis.
  14. Most impressive to me is the new BTN policy of uploading videos to YouTube with very little delay. Both the PSU/Iowa dual and the PSU/Wisconsin dual were available on YouTube in an insanely short period of time. I love it.
  15. Your problem is that you're not differentiating between takedowns and exposures. Blue shoots, and red tries to expose his back, not get his own takedown. The referee awards the takedown to blue because he determined that red did not expose blue. I agree with you that the challenge was related to the exposure, and it's unfortunate that we don't see the scoreboard. I feel that he was exposed, and red won the challenge. If he did, keep in mind that no takedown was scored. Of course things like this never happen in folkstyle wrestling because rolling across your back doesn't score points for your opponent.
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