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  1. Go back and watch that sweet misdirection snatch single against White in the NCAA finals, right to his back. Cassar has a few more tricks in his bag than a blast double.
  2. Thank you for posting this translation, Irani. Hassan Yazdani is an excellent ambassador for the IRI and the sport of wrestling. His modest, grateful attitude should be emulated by all wrestlers. There is not an iota of arrogance or negativity in any of his words about his opponents, who he looks at with respect and good will.
  3. I'm wondering if the announcers I heard on the UWW website (I live overseas) were the same as on Track wrestling. Does anyone know?
  4. If Sadulaev wins gold and Naifanov beats Amine, Russia will have 190 points on the tournament, and incredible achievement. Second place will be around 80 - 90.
  5. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/world-championships-36?tab=team-rankings&weight-category=256ec694-d5f7-11e9-a9fd-080027548b1b
  6. If Kazakstan wins either of their bronze medal matches, 79kg or 97kg, they will be out of reach of the US. If Dake wins gold and Snyder gets his bronze, the US will beat Iran. If Odikadze beats Snyder, Georgia will beat the US (as will Iran and Kazakstan).
  7. I'm just glad that Sidakov beat Chamizo! Here comes the NCAA season!
  8. Oh, sh**! I forgot. No political posts!
  9. Genius, you won't be persuading the people on this thread with that argument, although it's completely true. You see, the list of victims of the racist ideology of Zionism contains more than the Palestinian and Middle East victims of Israeli impunity. The very people on this thread, good deplorable Americans like myself, are also victims of this ideology through its complete control of the US government at the federal level, the US media, US academia, etc. Their tax dollars and children's lives are spent on needless wars in the region ($7 trillion was the figure Trump mentioned), free money to Israel, the complete delegitimization of the US in the eyes of the international community, etc. The constant hammering by the media on matters in the Middle East have planted the mistaken view that Israel is some kind of chalet in the jungle, the European Jewish invaders are a direct continuation of the biblical Israelis (when in reality the Palestinians are their descendants), and hey, "It's the only democracy in the region." (democracy for one ethnic group, anyway). The US victims will stand up for their oppressors, and then wonder why they can't MAGA. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.
  10. He will beat Kyle Snyder at 97kg. I don't see him making 86kg. Karimi had absolutely nothing for J'den, who appeared to be far superior.
  11. The downside of this is that Sidakov has yet to peak as a young wrestler while JB is descending the hill. Time is on Sidakov's side. He's also 2-0 against JB.
  12. Iran: 2 finalists US: 2 finalists Iran: 1 bronze US: 1 bronze, Snyder possible second (tough match with Odikazde coming) Both teams performed poorly in this tournament. Both have very promising young wrestlers.
  13. He was wrestling a far inferior opponent. You miss the fact that the JB that beat the Japanese guy is the SAME one who lost to Sidakov.
  14. Utter nonsense! 2018 World Champion Kyle Dake would have gone for the tech superiority in the first period. What the hell does David Taylor have to do with these World Championships?
  15. Of the matches I have watched, Ehsanpour vs Idrisov was the most exciting and most active. Two guys going at it nonstop for 6 minutes. I was rooting for Ehsanpour. He needs to work on finishing. He was in on the legs a number of times and failed to score a takedown. King Yazdani looked great!
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