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  1. Stanford was implicated in William Rick Singer's admissions scandal a few years ago, and this might have contributed to their strange decision to suddenly drop ten or eleven sports programs. The sailing coach from Stanford, John Vandemoer, of course lost his job and was prosecuted. Stanford expelled a student involved in the scandal, and the fallout continues to this day, as the university is facing lawsuits from at least one disgruntled student who argues that she lost a lot of time and money applying to schools (Stanford among them) involved in the scandal, and that the stain on Stanford's reputation will decrease the value of her degree. I am sure that Stanford is cooperating and hoping like hell that this thing will go away. If one student is successful in obtaining compensation, there's a strong chance that a class action lawsuit will follow.
  2. You believe he can achieve the one goal that remained "elusive", Coach Koll, not "allusive". Allusive means containing allusions and having references to something implied or inferred. Elusive means difficult to achieve. I expect Coach Koll meant the second.
  3. If the same Mohammad Hossein Askari who pinned Snyder and ragdolled Bo Nickal (tech fall) last year shows up, it's going to be a challenging task for Colin Moore. Iran has a number of VERY strong wrestlers at 97kg, and I would not call Moore the favorite over Shabani or Askari.
  4. This is a great video, and "The Cooler" sounds like a great place. That said, Chael puts a bit too much sensationalism in it for me, predicting things that I believe will NEVER happen so close to the Olympics. Do you really think that Snyder and Cox are going to go live? With all the emotion that Cox has shown, it would be idiotic for Kyle Snyder to risk injury by wrestling a live match with J'Den at this time. Additionally, his talk about JB's new series of leg attacks and the comparison with John Smith's low single misses the point. John Smith innovated and capitalized on his low single while he was in his prime. Chael says that JB is going to hit his new moves, score points and win matches with them, but I just don't see it happening at this point in his career. Hey, RTK: Chael talks about the "bubble" environment there at the Cooler. How were you able to chat with Jackson and Steveson in such an environment? Are there checks for vaccinations or negative tests, or are people just chatting openly? Dake and Taylor went live 5 feet in front of you! Again, please expand on the protocols in place to protect these Olympic athletes from infection. Thanks.
  5. You're doing a lot more than reaching; you're dreaming, or hallucinating. The most surprising thing is that there are other comments here from people who seem to think that this is a feasible and reasonable proposition. FLO: "Hey, Abdulrashid, we have a plan to set up a 'tune-up match' for you before the Olympics, which we know you see as the most important competition for you in four (five) years. You fly over here to the US some time before July and we'll have a match with you against J-den Cox. Just look at the tremendous upside for you. In a match like this, where you would have to wrestle 110% because J'den surely would bring everything he has, you could easily get injured and miss the Olympics. A win for you would be seen as expected, as you are widely considered the P4P best in the world, so don't expect congratulations. A loss for you, against the guy who didn't even make the US team because he missed weight, would be an eternal black mark on your record, and could have psychological ramifications that could derail your Olympic bid. In addition, it would totally throw off your well-planned training schedule in the run-up to the Olympic Games. The two time zone changes a few months before the Olympic Games would be great for you. Let's do it!" Russian Coaches: "Yeah, Sadulaev, go for it! A 'tune-up match' like this is certainly more important than the Olympics, especially if it's promoted by FLO!"
  6. Absolutely wrong! I would mention that Akgul is 6' 4" tall and probably walks around heavier than 125kg. Does Gable cut weight to make 125kg? Look at Akgul wrestling Snyder, and it's clear that he's a FULL 25kg heavier than Kyle and he doesn't carry a lot of excess weight around the middle. It's cool to see Tervel there in the background watching. Akgul handled him years ago when Taha was still very young.
  7. Taha Akgul has a reattack shot that makes him look like a 74kg guy. He's not just selective about offensive shots. He downblocks extremely well, and then attacks with a quick single leg shot. I don't think Gable has ever wrestled anyone on this level. It will be intimidating. Akgul just won his what?, eighth European Championship, has won the World Championship, has won gold at the Olympics, multiple Yasar Dogu golds. He is completely comfortable on the big stage, as is Geno. It will be really fun to watch how this goes. I see the potential for Gable Steveson to be the one who dethrones these guys (Taha Akgul is 31 years old), but I just don't see it this year. I think it will take focus and hard work for a few years. I may be wrong.
  8. That was really an enjoyable match to watch. Taha Akgul was in charge the entire time. Kozyrev needed a breather there with 30 seconds left, hoping that catching his breath would give him a chance to give a final blast effort. His knee didn't seem to be bothering him at all. The slap of frustration with 5 seconds left was unnecessary and he deserved the caution and one. I disagree with the next caution and one, which basically was Kozyrev starting to wrestle before the whistle, super common in freestyle. I had to watch the final seconds a few times to catch the final head butt there at the end. What an ass. He was beaten and that was not called for. He deserved the disqualification. Taha Akgul gave him a piece of his mind there at the end, and I don't know anyone who wouldn't be scared witless by an enraged Akgul, even if he did just finish 6 minutes of tough wrestling. What's your take on Steveson's chances against Taha? I imagine Akgul will come prepared for gold, and he is comfortable on the big stage. Can Gable take him out? I tend to doubt it.
  9. I'm not sure I understand why they have a Euro Qualifier and then European Championships, and the more prestigious European Championship tournament doesn't qualify the gold medalists for the Olympics.
  10. Update: Salkazanov techs Kirov from Bulgaria 10 - 0 and takes Gold. Impressive tournament, and he'll be confident coming into Tokyo. He will run into a brink wall if he meets Kyle Dake, and I seriously hope that they're on opposite sides of the bracket.
  11. Even though I called Dake in two over JB and then a gold in Tokyo, watching the European Championships makes it clear that it's not going to a cakewalk. I'm super impressed by Salkazanov from Slovakia, who wrestled excellent matches against both Chamizo and Zhamalov. Those two (Chamizo/Zhamalov) will meet in the bronze medal match and sparks will certainly fly. Zhamalov is tough, and it appears that losing in the European championships won't bode well for his chances to represent Russia at the Olympics. Dake has never met Salkazanov, though Kyle won the gold medal in the 2019 World Championships in Nur-Sultan at 79 kg while Salkazanov won bronze, losing to Hasanov from Azerbaijan 4-3. Dake went on to defeat Hasanov 4-2 in the finals. Zhamalov beat Salkazanov 3-1 at the Individual World Cup in Belgrade in December, 2020, the replacement event for the 2020 World Wrestling Championships. Zhamalov is an excellent wrestler, and just as it's a shame that the US is unable to send Kyle Dake and JB to the Olympics in Tokyo, it's also a shame that the Russians can't send Sidakov and Zhamalov. Keep in mind that Salkazanov has youth on his side, as he wrestled in the U23 tournament in 2018, taking Gold at 70 kg. He is going to be a player at 74 kg. He has had an excellent tournament. Let's see if he can beat Kirov from Bulgaria and take home the Gold. As for the Asian Championships, I watched the gold medal match and saw no threat for Kyle Dake from either of the wrestlers. I would be surprised if Hosseinkhani (Iran) or Kaipanov (Kaz) were able to keep it close with Dake.
  12. Come on back for another year, Kemdawg. Go for your goal of winning a national title. Why has nobody mentioned the possibility of him transitioning to freestyle? He has been an elite college wrestler. I don't see any place where he can break into the lineup, but stranger things have happened when wrestlers find the deep well of motivation.
  13. Those of you who are putting forward the idea that 97 kg. wrestlers can complete with the best 125 kg. senior men need to have a look at this video. Kyle Snyder is having a 2-minute go with Taha Akgul of Turkey, one of the two favorites for this year's Tokyo Olympics. I am really interested to see how Gable Steveson completes with Akgul and Petriashvili of Georgia, as he is young and explosive, and I believe that he will eventually beat one or both of them. I'm somewhat skeptical that he will do so this year. That said, look at this video of 2018 Snyder rolling with Taha Akgul. Snyder gets to legs a few times, but the sheer size and strength of Akgul flattens him out and there's not a chance that he can finish. Now notice Akgul's agility, speed, and reattacks. He wrestles like a much lighter wrestler, yet he is about 6 foot 4 inches tall and walks around heavier than 125 kg.
  14. You don't get out enough. Watch this match to see Gwiz ragdolled. The most amazing thing is that Gwiz gets to a leg two times, once even elevating it. He is completely unable to finish, as Akgul's defense is excellent.
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