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  1. pa in taiwan

    Coaching Decisions: Seeking Clarification

    I'm surprised that the general consensus here is the opinion that Kevin Jack lost the match for Hidlay, but, hey, let's give him credit because at least he offered a mea culpa. I would go a bit farther and say that USA wrestling should set up some rules about who has access to the challenge brick. Serious coaches should never become "emotionally involved" in a match to the point where they make a decision that costs an athlete his goal and potentially costs the team a title.
  2. I am not the most knowledgeable about freestyle strategies, but watching Trent Hidlay's loss to Alik Shebzukhov in the semifinal match at 86kg really left me scratching my chin and wondering about the US corner's decision to throw the challenge brick. I would appreciate it if someone could clarify the thinking behind this action, because to me the situation looked like this. Hidlay is down 2-1, with 1:10 remaining on the clock. There's a flurry on the edge, and Shebzukhov is awarded a point for a pushout. I am not addressing whether Shebzukhov stepped out first; from the angle I saw, it was close, but he didn't step out. Now the score is 3-1, and the corner throws the brick. To me, this seems like a stupid and senseless decision. There is now 1:05 remaining in the match. If the US wins the challenge and Hidlay receives the point for the pushout, the score will be 2-2, but Shebzukhov, with the only takedown in the match, will still be in the lead. (Is this statement accurate?) Without throwing the brick, Hidlay is still in the position to win the match with a takedown. Anyway, the US loses the challenge, the score goes to 4-1, Hidlay subsequently scores a takedown and loses 4-3. What was the upside of the decision to throw the challenge brick? Thanks.
  3. pa in taiwan

    Iran Wrestling News

    I was unable to understand why he was being penalized. I think the ref said something about blocking. Two caution and ones. He was just getting wrist control. The ref didn't like him; what was all the complaining about the forehead? The ref kept making a hand signal to say keep the head up or something. I couldn't understand that either.
  4. It is NOT anti-Semitic. Iranian wrestlers compete against Jews from any other country. So it clearly isn't about being Jewish. This isn't a political blog, so I will refrain from educating you about the despicable apartheid state that the Iranians refuse to compete with.
  5. pa in taiwan

    What we learned at Dogu

    Agree that Ringer looked great and J'den killed everyone in front of him without giving up a point. Agree that Green will not medal. The rest of your analysis is wishful homer thinking. Yianni, a shot at gold at 65kg? Besides the fact that he is not our representative at the weight (release ****estream of venting anger about poor officiating here), even if he were our rep I would not see him having a chance at gold. He was a hair away from being teched by an unranked wrestler. There will be no shortage of 65kg wrestlers at Worlds as strong as Musukaev; these wrestlers will also have gas tanks. JB's quarterfinal win against Salkazanov didn't seem to show a guy who "keeps improving". It showed a guy who was able to hold on for the win against a strong, younger opponent who was charging. Salkazanov's corner shouldn't have challenged the pushout. It wasn't a takedown and he would have had an opportunity for a 9-second pushout to win (Sidakov 2.0). Snyder was at a huge risk of losing his final match to a 21-year old who will probably be stronger and hungrier at Worlds. That kid will become a giant slayer, mark my words. Iran will be strong at Worlds.
  6. pa in taiwan

    Yasar Dogu

    Not bold at all! I DID mention that I wouldn't be surprised if JB beat Sidakov. Any win by Sidakov would most likely be by a bigger margin than last match, where Sidakov scored the push out to tie and win in the final few seconds. It would have been a tie without the brick of desperation. Three of the four Russians you mentioned have wins over Jordan Burroughs. "No man has beaten me twice" means nothing to me. JB is 3-1 against Tsargush, 1-1 against Geduev, and 0-1 against Sidakov. I agree with you that the field at Yasar Dogu at this weight is killer. Personally, I would love to see Bekzod Abdurakhmonov on that list. He's another gamer at 74kg. It should be great wrestling all around!
  7. pa in taiwan

    Yasar Dogu

    Sorry about posting in your quote. I agree with you that Sidakov, Burroughs and Chamizo are all in the mix here, but I would emphasize certain factors. First, international freestylers have career trajectories, they peak and develop at different times, and they mature and grow. Of the three mentioned above, Sidakov is in a significantly better place in his career trajectory. He hasn't come close to his peak, he has a deep, deep gas tank, he is handling competitors more easily, AND he defeated Burroughs and Chamizo in their last meetings. Would I be surprised if Burroughs beat Sidakov? Not greatly surprised. I also wouldn't be surprised if Sidakov handled JB by a much bigger margin than last match, either. I don't think Sidakov gets surprised by those long-distance diving double shots that JB scored 4 points on in their last match.
  8. pa in taiwan

    Yasar Dogu

  9. Micic beat world number 1 Suleyman ATLI (TUR) in his quarterfinal match. That's pretty impressive, even with the drubbing he took in the finals. He is right there with the best in the world. He should take the Olympic Redshirt and compete for Serbia.
  10. pa in taiwan

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    The fourteen 8,000+ meter mountains in the Himalayan range should be suitable for Pa.
  11. pa in taiwan

    Final X - Lincoln

    Obviously, my post was also tongue in cheek. I don't have a PayPal account, and I would never try to crowdfund without offering value in return. I'm glad to hear that your son was at Fargo; I congratulate him, and you. In a similar situation, I too would subscribe to Flo. I'm glad that you are satisfied with their product. I'm also sorry that you seem to see my reading blog updates and watching YouTube videos as "freeloading". Did you not read my lesson about freedom? "isn't that kind of frowned upon?" I guess it may be, as you use the passive voice without specifying who is doing the frowning. I imagine the investors at Flo frown on my "freeloading". Do you? I guess to be honest it's inconsequential; you see, I am indifferent to the "frowning" judges. I live my life with integrity, according to my rules and the values instilled in me by my parents, my beliefs, and my long life experience. Those values have taught me not to place too much importance on the frowning of others.
  12. pa in taiwan

    Final X - Lincoln

    I thank the people who provided the updates; it is my strong belief that there will always be those willing to post updates, just as there will always be those willing to post the matches to YouTube soon after they happen. I choose not to give flowrestling my money, so thanks but no thanks for your link. I would assume that you would choose not to send money to my paypal account for this lesson on freedom and free will when it comes to one's own earnings and property, but if I am mistaken, please let me know and I will provide you the account number and look forward to receiving your payment.
  13. pa in taiwan

    Final X - Lincoln

    IMar needs to understand that he has to have a 3 to 4 point lead with a minute remaining to win.
  14. pa in taiwan

    Final X - Lincoln

    Match 2
  15. pa in taiwan

    Final X - Lincoln

    If Gilman goes down in 2, it will represent a changing of the guard at this weight class. The young studs will be taking over. Wonder if S. Lee will be interested in giving it a go in 2020.