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  1. USA Wrestling @USAWrestling · 3 小時 Quick recap of @TeamUSA men's freestyle at #WrestleNice 57 kg - Suriano 57 kg - Gilman 57 kg - Arujau 65 kg - Diakomihalis 65 kg - Green 74 kg - Dake 86 kg - Valencia 97 kg - Snyder 125 kg - Gwiazdowski
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I guess that the World Championship at 79kg gives Dake a bye to the semis. And I agree with you; I misspoke, as I don't think Dake will beat JB easily, but I still feel that Dake will beat him. I don't think Taylor brought his best to this match; he should have racked up more points, and we know that when he lets fly, he scores in bunches. He made a serious mistake: leaving JB in striking distance. He should have tried to go into the final minute with a 5 point lead. I agree with Vakattack that Taylor wrestled a tentative match, and that's not a good approach for David. He wrestles his best when he wrestles full out and tries to score as many points as possible. As for JB, I wish that 79kg were an Olympic weight, because at this point I think that is the weight where Jordan could still perform at his best. 74kg with the current weigh-ins saps too much of his strength and endurance.
  3. Burroughs can no longer make 74 kg and be effective and dominant on the mat. Not with the current weigh-in rules. I think Dake takes him easily, but the fact that Dake will have to wrestle a tournament just to get to Burroughs should even things out.
  4. A w is a w. Taylor won. The hype of this event, and the endless interviews of JB saying "Taylor is an amazing wrestler, he's big, he's strong, he wrestles well from all positions...but I'm just better" got old fast. I imagine if they do it again, Taylor will lose some of his hesitation and score more points.
  5. By the way, eagle and the rest of the mat denizens: I apologize for linking to these youtube videos; it wasn't until an hour or so after I posted them that the idea popped into my head that people residing in the exceptional land of mammon may not be able to view them. Now eagle confirms my fears. Mea culpa.
  6. Tough handfighting, Chamizo goes on the shotclock 2 minutes into the match, Zhamalov up 1-0. Second period, 30 seconds in, Chamizo is pushing the pace, gets to a leg and an epic scramble ensues, at one point the mat ref gives him 2 but it's whitepaddled by the other officials. Finally, Chamizo puts him down and gets the 2, with just under 2 minutes left in the match. Chamizo goes into defense mode, and he's an excellent defensive wrestler. Zhamalov has trouble initiating offensive attacks, going for underhooks, at one point the ref stops and calls attention to Chamizo for circling to evade. Zhamalov goes body lock with 20 seconds remaining, and I was shocked with the ease with which he was able to lock his hands. Chamizo throws a killer power whizzer in and Zhamalov extends his whizzered arm up towards the back of Chamizo's head and attacks the near leg. Time is running out, and Zhamalov whips his arm free and is behind Chamizo with 10 seconds remaining. Chamizo goes into a strong quad pod, and Zhamalov does a rear body lock over Chamizo's left shoulder, locks his hands and finally sits back and rolls him through, scoring the takedown with just over 1 second remaining. The challenge cube comes out, of course, as the action took place near the out of bounds line and the Italians claim that it should be 1 point score for Zhamlov for the step out. The challenge fails, Zhamalov gets an additional point and wins gold 4-2. Chamizo loses with grace and they hug at the end.
  7. No, I don't really love Russia. You guessed wrong. I appreciate their talent and ability. I love to watch the Russians wrestle. Guess what? I appreciate Iran's talent and ability. I also love to watch the Iranians wrestle. True competitors. The Japanese as well. They're coming on strong in certain weight classes. The Azerbaijanis are excellent as well. Do you see what I'm getting at? I am American, and I love our team, but I also admire and enjoy watching and even rooting for the wrestlers from other nations. By the way, I don't think anyone expects a similar performance from the Russians in the Olympics. And even if they perform well, there will be no team title.
  8. The Russians are looking dominant. If they can carry this momentum into the Olympics in Japan, they will be tough to beat. They always are. Personally, I don't care about the neutral country BS; I know who they are, and they know who they are, and YOU know who they are.
  9. You should research the so-called freedom of the press in France before making statements like this. Maybe use a search engine and look up Herve Ryssen jailed in France 2020. It seems freedom of the press to criticize certain groups only goes so far in France. Hypocrites.
  10. Exactly! Fundamentalism is an unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs. This is integrity. It is only recently that the word has become corrupted and used to describe groups who focus solely on selected scriptures, dogmas, and ideologies to maintain ingroup and outgroup dynamics and pursue political aims based on these dynamics. For example, Daesh, or ISIS, are described as "Islamic Fundamentalists", but Wahhabism is not "fundamental Islam", it is a sect that was started in the 18th Century. Many, if not most Muslims see it as a twisted ideology, a fake Islam. Christians in the US are also labelled "fundamentalist" as if it's a bad thing. This is sad, and it demonstrates a modern fad among many to attack any system of religious beliefs. Following your beliefs in a fundamental way isn't bad.
  11. He also got into some rare company by getting the win against Cael nine years ago.
  12. The Georgian scored 2 by attacking Taylor's ankles defensively early. Do you understand how difficult it is to score 2 on Taylor, especially at that point in his career? At 1:26, the Georgian takes a low ankle shot and misses. He follows it by digging underhooks, causing Taylor to run backwards and get put on the shot clock. Taylor's pace, as usual, is full-on and nonstop, and it doesn't surprise me that the Georgian was unable to stay with it; not many are. To say that the Georgian did a whole lot of nothing is so inaccurate as to be almost ridiculous.
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