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  1. I beat Makharbek Khadartsev. Nuff Said!
  2. Greco is a snooze fest because of the risk/reward factor. Wrestlers at the world level just do not take enough chances on their feet. Another reason is the current rules we have in place.....Stop doing forced par terre, and bring back forced clinch for the next cycle. Also would be interesting if we brought back the “slip”....I know it’s already in place but use it more often and it needs to be better defined for the officials. At the end of the day we need to see more throws. Wrestlers at a high level just don’t do it any more because one missed throw (even if they belly out) will cost them the match.
  3. How dare you sir! There is only one DF Medicineman and myself (formerly Matburn) are DF’s humble acolytes.
  4. I think he is just as good of a coach as Cael (with a completely different style of coaching, mind you), but he doesn’t have the name Cael Sanderson. So many great wrestlers want to wrestle for the living legend. David Taylor would have won his two titles be at Iowa State had Koll been at PSU. So when you mix the name, the great coaching ability, and getting everyone from Pennsylvania it’s just a perfect storm for a dynasty. I do think Koll would have won between 2 and 5 titles. But they would have been closer and you would see some down years.
  5. Mitch Clark: NCAA Champion at 177. Don’t know his exact height but have seen him in person and he’s pretty tall. Tommy Rowland’s: 6’4” also a Champion from Ohio state he was pretty tall for a 230lb heavyweight.
  6. Like I said the kid was loaded. I’m not an expert on the current state of war with Chechnya, except to say they are always fighting someone. Back then he/his parents were really loaded and got them there though. As far as getting there, there are a lot of foreigners show up to train Dagestan. Any problems with passports would be on our side. Don’t go as a team and don’t go all at once. Should be no problem if a visa is required. All we have to do is get passed Alexander Karelin lol. I was watching a documentary on Dagestan, and a lot of foreigners were in the room. And in that one wrestling room 7 world, Olympic, etc Gold.
  7. I’d rather not say his name on here but his parents were insanely rich, he wrestled for a private school and community, and . He graduated either O3 or 04. Everyone in Georgia should know it now lol
  8. I think everyone on our freestyle team could benefit from spending a few months a year in Dagestan. Think of how many world, Olympic, Asian, and European champions are in one wrestling room. I saw a documentary and they said just at one wrestling practice at a gym there were 7. Imagine how good we would be working with all of those guys. Back in high school I know this kid that was not state championship material. He just didn’t have it. No way this kid was going to ever win state. His parents flew him out to Dagestan every summer and he becomes a 3x champion. By the time he was a junior he was teching or pinning everyone.
  9. I never said I was writing off Musakaev. Putting up all those points on Yianni was impressive and showed holes in his game, but there were also some very questionable calls in some of those scrambles. Also, that match still had a minute to go and Musakaev really needs to get in shape if he wants to do anything against an American/Iranian hyper conditioned wrestler. As far as Retherford is concerned...I really think Yianni has improved against his “nemesis”. He was beating him and then threw him in a very savvy move for four. Personally I think some of his biggest competition will be getting past Americans and making the team. If he were our rep this year I’d give him slightly better odds (40-50%chance) to place, even with 65kg being such a meat Grinder. I agree that if he keeps wrestling and stays away from major injury he will win it within the next 2-4 years.
  10. Very true! I’ve seen people do it. But I would wager that he never steps foot in the Octagon. If he does he will get lit up by your average journeyman. The analogy is very on point! The kid wanted to be a fighter and I get it, but I think he should have headed the words of my old high school coach: “Wrestling is a fight”....or in Dagestan “Fight is fight”.
  11. The thing about Pico is that he was never able to use his boxing and wrestling together. In his fights it was always either/or. He looked very one dimensional. He should look at what Colby Covington did to Robbie Lawler. Plus, I think the chin just isn’t there. If it was, it’s not anymore after the KO’s he has taken.
  12. Haha I just actually had a brain fart. I used to use spladle as a name in an MMA forum. Troll on though.
  13. Bajrang Punia is a non Contender? Silver medalist and ranked number 1 in the world. And then more recently he came back from almost being teched by Musakaev and absolutely destroyed him and his heart making him quit basically. Sure, Pico would have been close in 2016, but would get thoroughly beaten by Yianni, Zain, and probably a few others in the state if he made a comeback right now.
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