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  1. I would add Lazaro Reinoso to that list who was a Division 2 National Champion for Carson Newman. Internationally he was an Olympic bronze medalist (beat John Smith at that tournament as well), as well a World silver medalist.
  2. Very good analogy. If one of your Forte’s is strength and conditioning this will make a huge difference. When I made the move from 103 to 130 people thought I was getting into trouble or not working as hard because I was gassing, when it was simply: A: I needed to adjust my strength and conditioning and B: I needed to acclimate to the weight. After a brutal offseason I finally corrected the problem. This was only at the high school level....I can’t imagine the difference at the world level. Yaz has had time to adjust to the weight. He should adjust his Strength and Conditioning.
  3. Back in the early 2000’s Iran were slow to get to the center, always taking injury time, busting out the cold spray, etc... They were incredibly technical, but lacked conditioning. Now they are hyper conditioned and always attacking, and have kept their very sound technique. Any theories as to what happened around 2004-2008 to the Iranians?
  4. Sad to see that people like the one who started this thread care nothing for anyone else. I am a healthy person. I am a 33 year old man who works out, does cardio, and Thai boxing daily. I eat very healthy. So I’m a very low risk person. That being said, I am also a family man and I am very close to some loved ones that are at risk. My 80 year old grandparents are very healthy for their age, but they are at risk. My mother is a tad over weight so that puts her at risk. Lord knows we all have unhealthy friends who are at risk. Heck, If you care about nobody except your own family, surely as a wrestler you care about Dan Gable. At his age he at risk. This stuff is not political. I have a close family member who works at the cdc, and told me two week ago (when my main concern was the NCAA’s being Canceled) that it’s not a matter of if, but when, that the government will have to start closing schools, canceling events, etc... I suggest people that believe this is a bio weapon listen to someone who knows their stuff. Listen/watch Joe Rogan’s recent podcast (# 1439) with an infectious disease Epidemiologist. This guy breaks it down and proves just how bad it’s going to get in America. He also states that man could not come up with a bio weapon this bad. The reason it came from China is because they eat any kind of food from monkeys straight from a tree, to dogs on the street.
  5. Please read the reply above. That should clear things up. Thank you for being classy and not making it personal like a lot of people these days. I know the view is not popular to women, and other people. I mean this in all sincerity.
  6. Yes and I am a taxpayer, so I have to pay for women to wrestle at the expense of men getting scholarships FOR wrestling. Men are more exciting.... that goes for wrestling and basketball. Do I really need to go into anatomical and physiological differences between men and women for you to understand why men can do more explosive techniques,and are faster and stronger I was using basketball as an example. Think of it this way: The pinnacle of women’s wrestling is the World/Olympic level. Now how many people tune in for men’s wrestling compared to women at the world/Olympic level? A very low percentage. Haha....First post you say I’m stupid because you can’t understand what I am saying. And now I’m stupid because I believe men’s wrestling is a better product to watch. But more importantly I do not like the fact that women who have wrestled for a year getting a scholarship, and a man who has devoted his life to it and has a much higher winning percentage can not get one. Now that I’ve spelled it out for you do you understand? You can think what you want about my opinion or “stupid take” differs from you, but I am not the only one with that opinion. So...go ahead and get personal and tell me how stupid I am. I’ll take the high road and let you have the last word. Enjoy trying to tear down my character, integrity with your oh so brilliant pithy comeback. Tell me how stupid I am while you are at....I’ll be eating comfort food.
  7. Yes I am glad it finally came to my state. I don’t think women should wrestle though, period. It is at the cost of men’s scholarships, at the collegiate level that some colleges have women’s programs. That’s where Title IX came from in my post. It takes away from men’s opportunities at the Olympic level. Compared to men, it is boring. Does any basketball fan get fired up for the WNBA? Very few. This isn’t a doctorate thesis. Work on your reading comprehension.
  8. My state finally had their first girls state championship last year and i could not be happier. That being said, I had to wrestle girls while in high school (mostly at camps and out of state tournaments) and I absolutely destroyed every one of them. It was especially brutal if they caught me at a time when I needed to sweat a lot to make weight, or at a camp where they just made you keep wrestling for a certain amount of time, even if you pinned them in 5 seconds. My coach was from Iowa so he taught us to be brutal on the mat. I never did anything illegal but if you chose to step on the mat with me then It was not going to be pleasant. With all of that being said, I hated wrestling girls. It was awkward. I would not allow my daughter, should I have one some day, to wrestle boys...not even in the practice room. I ask if anyone who is for wrestling boys, have you ever had to wrestle a girl in high school? I recall the kid from one of the Carolina’s who was one of the best in the state forfeiting the first round for religious reasons. So before you say something about Iran not wrestling women, you may want to look in your own back yard at a Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, etc...and take that into account. I’m not going to get into this, but screw title IX. And John Smith said it best: “Its a mans sport”.
  9. I did not say that it was. We do not know what shape Desanto is in. He could have have torn multiple ligaments and/or tendons compared to Yianni’s torn ACL. And Yianni is a rare exception for an ACL tear.
  10. And your point is? We do not know the degree, or what was torn in his knee. I recall a guy named Nolf “winning a few matches” as well. But he did not finish the match he was injured in.
  11. I really think (and hope) this is a troll job. Here are the facts. 1. His knee was in a position that would have hurt Cary Kolat. Is he injured? I think so. When that knee was put in the same position he felt the serious pain again. He also took up injury time. Is Austin the kind of wrestler to take up so much injury time? Definitely not. He is a pace/wrestler wrestler who tires his opponents out. 2. Had Austin known he was injured he would have tried a 6 point move. I know he’s got his stuff together this year, but I wouldn’t put him past him to “relapse” and try a Kimura, a la against Micic. (This is coming from a huge AD fan) 3. Just because he didn’t limp off the mat does not mean he’s not injured. Walking is a bit different than putting your legs into crazy positions it’s not in his character to Limp off the mat just to put on a show. Some people need to brush up on middle school anatomy. 4. Taking joy in someone being injured is disgusting. The fact that he is a kid makes it that much worse. Grow up people.
  12. A lot of it depends on the referee. Some are very competent and call it the way the rule book states. But if both wrestlers are presenting themselves with head up, taking the center, and trying to score they are still forced to choose a wrestler at the end of the day. Then there are the incompetent and the corrupt officials. I can’t tell you where the incompetent ones are coming from on most passive calls, even after 20 years of being involved in wrestling as a competitor and coach. The corrupt look a lot like the incompetent ones, but usually you can tell the difference. (Look at some of the calls made in Rio 4 years ago) they let that one Ukraine wrestler bit people multiple times. And look at the Mongolian wrestler which led to the famous “striptease protest” fiasco with the coaches.
  13. Big congrats brother! It’s better to give than to receive, but you did both at the same time! Everyone deserves somebody to love!bMerry Christmas!u After 12 years of being sick with ulcerative colitis, 31 hospitalizations, 5 major surgeries, and fighting for my life for 5 years, I got my miracle cure a couple of years ago. I met the woman of my dreams a while back and she knows it’s coming soon. I will be finishing my degree this summer after having to take a medical leave after finishing my core classes. I don’t post as much as I used to (under a different name), but sometimes getting on this forum and “lurking” or posting about Df and Jadidi put a smile on my face. I’m not going to shove religion down anyone’s throat, but there are a alkkkffc still miracles today, no matter what you are going through. God bless and Merry Christmas to everyone!
  14. It’s been a while since I’ve watched that walkout(days). I’m not gay or anything like that, but dang that is a beautiful mustache. And look at his aura.
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