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  1. Sorry bout that. Everyone has a brain fart. Apologies. I’m catching your drift though and he should give it a try. We may see some stripping Koreans.
  2. Yes I have MS and HS. I only did it for a few years because I had a lot on my plate at the time. I only refd folk style and I was very liberal with calling stalling, as my high school coach is from Iowa. So I was a collar tie heavy hands guy. However, I do know when a kid is trying to score from taking a step or two back (or wrestling from the outside) as a setup and when he’s trying to stall.
  3. No I’m not suggesting that at all. To be honest with you I did not follow Oliver until he was a junior in high school. I suppose it had to be John Smith inspired somehow. He’s from the best state in the nation by far so he catered his style from someone who new there stuff or from camps/clinics as you suggest.
  4. I’ve seen plenty of John Smith tapes that you can’t find anywhere on the internet. People always go to his low single and think that that’s his go to move, But he had a nasty hi Crotch and scored a lot of duck unders from jab fakes and that Elbow control you speak of. His Par Terre(specifically leg lace) was light years ahead of anybody in America right now. John Smith created an entirely new style of wrestling that people thought would never work (I’m sure you know the story). I’ve had to study and emulate Smith back in my coaching days to help wrestlers that could score/defend with his original style that he came up with. And that was during the 56k dial up era. So, now that we’ve established that I know what I’m talking about I will proceed. That’s how wrestling works. When you wrestle a Russian/Soviet block/elite tie up guy the points don’t come easy. He would have been cautioned out under today’s rules. Yeah Burroughs has tweaked his style but he was not able to adapt at the 2016 Olympics And has not gotten it done the past two years. He’s won one gold medal in this cycle. Whining? Ha...I’m calling it like it is. In those matches against Elite wrestlers who were good from a tie (where you say Smith didn’t tie up) he would have been cautioned out today. Smith was commentating a match of Snyders at the World Cup a few years ago and he said “ The referees need to be quiet, and let them wrestle. Jordan Oliver attacks with the low single. He just doesn’t finish. I believe he would be much more effective if he could wrestle the way that he did in college under international rules. And what I mean by that is that a referee would not be on his case about backing up so that he could attack from a distance.Under the rules today, depending on the referee he is not able to create that distance which is needed to hit a low single. He is trying to hit them from a tie up or tie up distance.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I would add that a lot of his troubles are coming from the way refs/judges/UWW calls passivity. They do not realize that his jab fakes are just as much of a set up as hard hand fighting from a tie up with your head up. If John Smith were wrestling the same way that he did back in the day he would be cautioned out from matches. It also depends on the (usual terrible) international officiating. I was watching his match with Bajrang at pan ams (I think), and every time he took one step back they were on his case either verbally or officially calling passivity. He would have won if they had given him a few inches to let him wrestle. These scumbag officials who have never wrestled a match in their life make me sick...always saying “action blue/red” when there is 20 points on the board. They need to go back to Phuket, And in between screwing hookers, they need to clearly define the rules. Right now it just depends on what official crew you get.
  6. Who wins? Prime Khabib(now) Prime Gsp meeting at 165 lbs
  7. Kazushi Sakuraba...his base was catch wrestling and then he transitioned into MMA. Many people believe he had the best single leg in MMA of all time. His nickname was “The Gracie Hunter”. He was the first to beat a Gracie, he broke Renzos Arm, and then had a legendary fight with no rules or time limit or time limit against Royce. After fighting for 1 1/2 hours Gracies Corner threw the towel in. I have no Doubt if went all in on freestyle or Greco he would be very successful.
  8. Open Sat vs. every medal winner not named Besik Kudukhov from 2007-2012. Would have loved to see him against Asgarov at 60 kg in 2012.
  9. Mavlet Batirov won Olympic gold at 55 and 60. Add a world gold and bronze to that as well. He’s got to be pretty high on the list.
  10. Beat me to it! Saitiev was coming off of a dominating performance 1996 at a very young age. He was hitting what most would consider to be a wrestlers prime in 2000. I’d also add that Karelian was a heavyweight, and they generally have more longevity. Strength is the last thing to go, while for a lighter weight speed and agility’s the first to go That’s why We say John Smith was our greatest, instead of Big Bruce. That’s why we consider Saitiev the best, instead of Medved
  11. David Taylor would win this match.
  12. Yeah they all came over at the same time during a tournament held in the states. Reinoso came through legally, declaring political asylum. Wilson was MIA for a while, but made it work out.
  13. I would add Lazaro Reinoso to that list who was a Division 2 National Champion for Carson Newman. Internationally he was an Olympic bronze medalist (beat John Smith at that tournament as well), as well a World silver medalist.
  14. Very good analogy. If one of your Forte’s is strength and conditioning this will make a huge difference. When I made the move from 103 to 130 people thought I was getting into trouble or not working as hard because I was gassing, when it was simply: A: I needed to adjust my strength and conditioning and B: I needed to acclimate to the weight. After a brutal offseason I finally corrected the problem. This was only at the high school level....I can’t imagine the difference at the world level. Yaz has had time to adjust to the weight. He should adjust his Strength and Conditioning.
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