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  1. RajaThaiKnee

    Final X Pick'em Contest

    57 - Gilman LOCK 61 - Colon LOCK 65 - Yianni LOCK 70 - Green LOCK 74 - JB LOCK 79 - Dake LOCK 86 - Downey LOCK 92 - Cox LOCK 97 - Snyder LOCK 125 - Gwiz LOCK Go hard or go home!
  2. RajaThaiKnee

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?

    Lazaro Reinoso.....at a summer camp he was known as “the guy who beat John Smith”. So, being the cocky little 112 lber I was, I decided to ask him to sign my John Smith wrestling shoes. Obviously I lost and my ankles still have bruises on them from getting leg laced across 4 mats.
  3. RajaThaiKnee

    Bold Prediction

    Here’s a bolder prediction: 2020 Olympic gold medalist! He will have a tough time dealing with some other wrestlers, with a more “Russian” style so I’m predicting he makes the podium at least this year. He will have it all figured out by 2020 though. After watching him gas out Bajrang and get the better of him while he is fresh I’m calling it. Possibly this year he wins it. One of his toughest matches on the way to an Olympic gold/world championship will be at the trials. Can Cael and Retherford solve the Yianni puzzle?
  4. RajaThaiKnee

    Cassar granted 2 more years!

    I don’t like this stuff Cael’s doing with the extra 2 years. It’s one thing for Cassar to get 2 years due to an injury, but my real beef is with the Mormon mission thing. He loads his team full of Mormon’s, or converts them, and they get to go knock on doors here in America while they mature and continue to work out on the mat. It would be one thing if they were going to a third world country or an impoverished area of America and actually working the whole time. I’m a Baptist minister and have done the door knocking thing a few times. Why can’t I go on a “mission trip” and go knock on doors for 2 years and work out on the wrestling mat in my “down time”. Does anyone else find the Cael/ Mormon loophole a little ridiculous? Ps. I’m a former member(Matburn155) who lost his lost his password. I mostly just lurked back in the day unless it came to the Abbas Jadidi Photoshop contest. Shout out to my boy Medicineman. Give me a good “WWJD” photoshop for old times sake. Anyways. I’m back!