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  1. Yes but at the end of the day it’s not an Olympic Gold, and to purists such as ourselves it’s easy to see and understand. At the end of the day it’s just an excuse though, just like John Smith not winning one of his matches at the Olympics against Lazaro Reinoso. I guess what I’m trying to say is that at the end of the day Smith got it done and Burroughs did not. So to the masses or just your average Joe wrestler Olympic gold is everything.
  2. That depends on how much weight you put on world and Olympic medals. IMO two Olympic Golds trump a lot of world gold medals. Some food for thought: there are plenty of wrestling fans who have no clue who Besik Kudukhov is, but almost everyone knows who John Smith is. Does anybody remember the tear that Kudukhov went on? He was by far the best wrestler on the planet in any white class. But for whatever reason he did not get it done when all the marbles were on the line.
  3. This is great news! He’s already signed a multi year contract and they are going to turn a star into a superstar. I love whoever his manager/lawyer is for getting him another year at Minnesota to go along with the contract! When I look at what his goals and dreams are I say that this is probably the best case scenario.
  4. This was his dream. He has so many options right now and he can make a lot of money in the WWE. He can be the first highflying heavyweight. I’m thinking he will make some money and then get the itch to compete again eventually, but it may be MMA. He really needs a good solid lawyer and only commit to a certain time frame. He can make bank writing a book and he should. If worse came to worse he could always make money doing wrestling camps.
  5. He’s young and he will learn. My father started me lifting early and was a bodybuilder. And I was definitely not AJ Ferrari level but I used to do you poses in the morning and I would pump up before I walked on the beach to pick up the ladies. Add that to a very hormonal young man that is a National Championship….. what do you expect? I also think he is great for the sport! People show up for stuff like that. Yeah he may be polarizing but he’s a superstar and he puts butts in seats!
  6. Perhaps I can give you the short version of what Chael is talking about. You have to be on the list in Georgia but basically anybody who is anybody in the wrestling world can you get on the list. Oh the cooler has three ice-skating arenas four kids skating. I saw Gable Stevenson putting on some shoes to skate by the way. Anyways.... so they quarantine off one of the areas and most of the people on the list has been checked for Covid symptoms. Since it’s a skating ring the crowd area is where we are supposed to stay, but there were people walking around on the mat. I would have but I didn’t see anybody big that I know. I saw Kevin Jackson and Gable Stevenson outside of a weight room that is just outside of the skating ring. So basically I could’ve done more and had more to brag about, but out of respect I didn’t want to push it. I know this is off-topic but wow Gabriel Stephenson is a great guy. When he’s not getting ready or cooling down from a wrestling match he is a different person. He was so humble! I knew Kevin Jackson was but I guess it’s Stevenson wanting to be a professional wrestler and all that gives him the bad boy look. Any other questions I could answer I’d be glad to.
  7. This is so epic. I live 15 minutes away and I’ve gotten to see them this week. I chatted with Kevin Jackson and Gable Stevenson. I was basically sitting with all of the families. Kyle Dake and David Taylor went live about 5 feet in front of me. The cooler is so tiny and off the beaten path. We got some quality one-on-one time. Everybody was extremely nice!
  8. Hmm I’ve always wanted to meet someone who worked with Bob Lazar.
  9. So now you are asking me to bet against you about a kid deadlifting a weight in the off-season, but you want me to find it in season. If it makes you feel any better my lifts were out of season as well. You were the first to imply that it’s possible for all these high schoolers. I’m not interacting with someone who gets their laughs for calling out kids, be it Ferrari, a high schooler, or another College wrestler. Goodbye No doubt you will try to spin this as me not answering the question. Well it seems to me that this is just a rant that you are on and you are not very interested in having a dialogue. Continue to have fun pushing your narrative and refusing to engage.
  10. It’s a new form of retaining testosterone naturally. It’s kind of like keeping from “giving your girlfriend action”. And the idea is to cling onto as much crap as you can during a match. I hear that there’s a lot of pins and it speeds up a lot of matches. Powers Cleans is a startup business I have going on the side that is colon hydrotherapy. The only difference is we have to use a pressure washer since we have to take care of wrestlers after they do their 7 minute power clings.
  11. Well if it’s that important to you then contact me via personal message and I can show you the record books. But I don’t really care what you think of me. It’s that you stated that you didn’t believe that many other high schoolers kids were doing that and I don’t see you that everyone of them are. Where did I say that a lot of them were? We were in an extremely lucky situation to have who we had. I was an extremely blessed kid kid to have a father was so much knowledge and experience. You can’t start calling kids with the highest lifts all cheaters. And no I didn’t miss my calling because I was able to compete in the offspring at power lifting competition, and continued to do it for many years. My main point is you can think something it’s crazy without juicing, but would you accuse the most flexible or fastest of juicing? It’s an Innocent until proven guilty thing. I’ve had my suspicions of wrestlers who locked Horns with in the past, but that does not mean I can accuse them of something they’ve never been caught for.
  12. If Dan Gable had sons they would be a lot like Tom and Terry Brands. Tom is quoted in saying that he thought he was the right man for the job. I believe he would have done much better then Zalesky during his tenure. The thing that made Dan Gable so great as a coach was that he knew what his athletes needed to get them ready for success. Sure, anybody who has stepped on the mat can put some people through some insane practices, but Dan knew exactly the type of athlete to recruit, and had a knack for getting inside their head and saying/doing whatever must be done to make them succeed. This is something that Zalesky just did not have, but Brands, with the help of staff has improved upon. Another huge thing that no one mentions is that Gable was a very hands on coach just like Brands. Zalesky said that he was not, and it was evident watching “The Season: Iowa’s men of the Mat”. Watching that documentary (if you have not seen it then you need to) it almost seems like Zalesky was constantly tearing the kids down and trying to be tough on them. He was trying to act like Dan Gable instead of himself. And then you see Tom brands as an assistant coach also tearing guys down, but also building guys up....such as Cliffe Moore after he comes out of nowhere to win Midlands. You also saw him beating up on other wrestlers in the practice room. The difference is he was being Tom Brands and not Dan Gable, while Zalesky was trying too hard to be a “hands off” Dan Gable.
  13. I have also had the privilege of having a few conversations with his family and they are just salt of the Earth people who are not afraid to give God the glory win or lose. After seeing the way that Nate Carr, his wife, and Nate Carr Jr. carry themselves on and off the mat I’m not surprised at all. I wrestled in Georgia around the same time Carr Jr. was in High School, and that entire family knows how to raise fine Christian men that are strikingly good on the mat. Goheels1812, I would second that and be very happy if my daughter ended up dating/marrying someone like this. I know that if he stepped out of line his entire family would get to him and fix the problem before I would even have to step in!
  14. Ok so this has nothing to do with the post. You never answered my questions. So it sounds like you are just wanting a platform to push whatever it is you’re trying to push. It’s like you’re mad because there are actually people out there who love to supplement wrestling with powerlifting.... So you are calling me a liar. I may be many things but I’m not in a liar. We never kept deadlifts on the books, but I can tell and prove that I was an all American in power clings, Bench, and only all state in squat. So those are on the books. And if you took a look at some of our other athletes you would be surprised as well. That’s the difference that a really good D1 level strength and conditioning coach can make to high schoolers. Add that to the fact that we could take weight training for all eight semesters and he would train us privately during summers, and you are going to have a wrestling team that is pretty strong. He constantly preached on not doing steroids or juicing of any type. No creatine or pre workout. The whey protein had to be a trusted brand. That is all he or my father would tolerate and rightly so. My father was also a bodybuilder and started me off very young. So if you don’t believe me and question my integrity I can direct you to plenty of people who can vouch for my school and myself. So if you really want to continue this then PM me and stop being so triggered because a national champion who weighs 197 can lift what you think is impossible clean. And then you take it out on a bunch of highschooler’s (kids) because this is the way things are these days.
  15. Are you implying that myself and other wrestlers I personally knew were juicing? No it was far from easy. Who are all of these high school wrestlers that you know pulling 3.5x their body weight. Please give me names. And are you implying that they are juicing? This thread is about a college wrestler and some wrestlers are bulls. Look at Ohio State wrestlers and what some of their wrestlers could do in the last 5-10 years.
  16. I believe it easily. In high school we had a strength and conditioning coach and we could take a Weight training every semester. He was a power lifter back in his day and had he not let himself go, or they say he would have been a division one football strength and conditioning trainer. We had multiple wrestlers put up 450+ pounds. And these are high schoolers we you’re talking about. I could put up close to 450 and my weight class was 130 my senior year. Anyone who has done some hard-core powerlifting (Without any juice),knows that this is very possible!
  17. Good point! If seeds come through that will be an interesting one. Plus it features two of them big name teams. Without a doubt it would be the featured batch if there were team implications but I think will have it sealed Saturday morning.
  18. Hmmm...well I guess the rule book is a guideline then. I understand the replacement being put in at 33, but I guess they are breaking or bending their own rules after two scratches for seeds 16-32. Look I’m a realist and will admit when I’m wrong. It really does stink for some of the wrestlers who haven’t a been scouting and preparing To overtake their first-round guys bracket
  19. Everyone already has their brackets and picks filled out. I see them going with Eirman vs Lee: Two very aggressive wrestlers who put on a show two weeks ago in the Big Ten finals. And the only lost that one guy has is to the other guy. Or do they go with someone like Spencer Lee who is undefeated looking to win his third and could possibly get the Hodge and Gregorian award? I could see them doing this if Lee is about to make history and pin his way into the finals, which I think is a very good possibility. Of course the big story line would be getting the pin in the finals. Which finals matchup do you have?
  20. Eirman vs Demas...As a Hawkeye fan this one makes me nervous but I have also I loved watching Dom Demas over the years. You have a match up of a very aggressive and the most funky wrestler vs an aggressive Demas who can throw ANYONE.
  21. It seems you are correct about wrestlers 1-16. But I am correct concerning 17-32+. In the NCAA pre championship manual section 2.3 under Replacement policy: “The NCAA Wrestling Committee will select two alternates per weight, one alternate per weight class will be invited to the championships. If any wrestler withdraws or does not make weight, the alternate will be inserted into the bracket. If wrestler being replaced is seeded 1 – 16, all seeds will move up one spot, and the alternate becomes the 16 seed. If the wrestler being replaced is seeded below 16, the alternate will replace the wrestler in the same place on the bracket; there will not be a redraw of seeds below 16. Teams should notify the NCAA as soon as they know a wrestler will not be able to compete. The replacement deadline is the time of weigh-ins on the first day of competition.”
  22. Yes I’ve ran one, and while challenging for one person I do realize it’s easy to to bump everyone up. I suppose I should have elaborated: Can you imagine how many coaches would flip out? One coach would be fine with it because it’s favorable for them and another would be at war because their guy Got screwed. I’m just saying that there’s a lot of strategy going on in practice right now preparing for the person who you meet in the first round and will likely be in the rounds to come. And then you also have coaches who are going to want their wrestler(s) who didn’t qualify. Let’s say Iowa has a guy who maybe should get an at an at large bid. We’ve got Tom and Terry going to war for their wrestler (as would any good coach). Now multiply that times 78 and then that times 10 weight classes. That is 78 heated coaches and Athletic directors, fighting with everything that is in them to get their guys in contesting 10 weight classes. They will go by the rulebook and it’s a forfeit.
  23. Just call it the Riddler! It really is that slick. It needs to be studied and taught at wrestling camp. I could just see kids that are really athletic training and hitting that at the beginning of next season.
  24. Automatic forfeit. The kid walks on the mat gets his hand raised. It’s a simple as that. You realize how hard it is to seed the national championships. Have you ever been to a seeding meeting for a wrestling tournament? This thing is locked in. It’s an unfortunate thing. But as a wise man named Mr. Rourke once said: “These are the rules”.
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