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  1. Got into Harvard, Penn and Columbia but ended up a Hokie? Don't understand that one.
  2. I would have to wonder why Berryesa came off redshirt and wrestled at Edinboro at 174 if Womack was going to return.
  3. He had a brace on his knee at a match recently while in the stands. Don't think that means he's homesick.
  4. So, you're saying that there is a metric that negates a wrestlers undefeated status as well as his head to head status and "rates" him lower than the wrestler he beat recently.. The side by side comparison was in Tucker's favor as well (10-3 compared to 5-4). wrestlestat is for entertainment use only.
  5. Interesting that undefeated Tucker of Cornell is ranked below Alvarez of Rutgers at 133. They met a week ago and Tucker won. If they were to meet again, wrestlestat predicts an Alvarez victory. Help me understand how this works.
  6. He looks like he's going to a high school Prom.
  7. The names all end in "V". I assume that's a clue.
  8. Just a little tweaking to OP; 57 - Lee, Gilman, Fix ........ Fix seems to have forgotten his offense. Gilman's era will fade in Iowa. 65 - Yianni, JO, Zain....... this could depend somewhat on seeds. Just have a gut feeling that we will see Yianni at a new level. 74 - Dake, JB, Imar........IMar has brought himself into the conversation. I think JB may have lost that tiny bit to open the door for Dake. 86 - Cox, Taylor, Zahid...... Tough call for Taylor after the injury. Also, tough call on the cut for Cox. Zahid caught up with Ringer in Rome, how will Ringer respond? 97 - Snyder, Bo, Gadsen ........ Seems like a 2 horse race from the same stable but neither looked special in Rome. 125 - Gwiz, Steveson, Nelson .......... I hear Gable is good and and would like to see live evidence. it looks like Gwiz is on the wrong side of the mountain but may hang on for a final go.
  9. It's a fairly common practice in NCAA Track to recruit foreign talent. https://www.ustfccca.org/2018/06/featured/ncaa-di-outdoor-championships-where-did-they-come-from
  10. 35 seconds of scoring right there. For all those who said he looked lackluster. LOL
  11. It felt like they didn't understand the rule on Tucker's points. They sounded like the homers that they proved to be throughout the dual.
  12. Who does Cornell have to replace Ben if he's not ready to go for Rutgers? I've known a couple guys that were out for well over a month with rib cartilage issues.
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