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  1. Wasn't this binding arbitration? I was of the belief that all parties agree to accept the arbitrator's decision as final and cannot take further legal action after the ruling is made.
  2. Looks like wrestling isn't the first sport to require arbitration. Some people made it sound like the death of a wrestling.
  3. The coaches still have him for 2 more seasons whether her red shirts or not. Wouldn't they want to have an Olympic medalist with 2 NCAA titles on their team for a couple years?
  4. Maybe he just wants to have some fun without cutting weight.
  5. You pulled a head out of your ass and became a Doctor.
  6. Very good coverage of the event sent directly to my Man Cave has come a long way in recent years. Stocked fridge with no waiting line, clean bathroom with no drunk Big 10 fans, control over the person in the much. much cheaper seat next to me........ maybe even get lucky on the 2nd floor after the evening rounds. Why fly to one of the coldest places in the USA to drop some significant bucks for mystery seating?
  7. They're talking about Dean taking the shirt, not Ben D. and yes Dean is eligible.
  8. There is a flavor of Powerade that will destroy both arguments.
  9. Because you argued against people who were simply speculating, it does not make you right if their speculation turned out to be wrong. Bottom line here; Yianni wants to compete whenever he is able and people like you can cry all you want but have zero power to influence his decision. Get over it.
  10. Then he's meeting the criteria for World Team rep competition as established when Dake was tried and convicted for not meeting Dieringer while testing his injury.
  11. When she schedules a trip to Spain that doesn't include you.
  12. Not all that familiar with Schultz but Yianni sure does seem like "a breath of fresh air", as you say. Never been a fan of the look at me stuff.
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