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  1. I think you have overrated the dude at 65.
  2. Flowrestling has these 2 going at it next Friday. Are there any other matchups before the event? Can't seem to find any info on Flo but the site is not the most user friendly so I may have missed it. After writing this, I stumbled across a statement that the match would follow nine Brazilian jiu-jitsu matches. Not really anything I care to watch but I'm sure many of you have different opinions. Still would appreciate some more wrestling in the mix.
  3. Carlton Haselrig was another wrestler that did not play football in college. Played for the Steelers and made a couple Pro Bowls.
  4. A couple days have passed since Koll said he had coaching hires ready to be named one after the other. The world awaits!
  5. The story wasn't about James in Nebraska. It was about his story in NJ with his family and his experience growing up.
  6. Nothing against Ray Blake. I hope he ends up in a better place. A "layup" was the call. Any thoughts on McCoy or Tirapelle?
  7. Another perfect call by Willie on his mailbag reply recently. "FANTASTIC news from Stanford this week! Whom do you think they will look at for the head coaching position? - @TopicNext When there is a coaching vacancy, we often come up with lists of viable candidates. However, I've never endorsed a particular guy. I've never wanted to offend any of the contenders and suggest they aren't the right pick. I'll start now, though. Ray Blake should be the pick and I think going in any different direction would only add insult to what has been a mess. Alumni? Longest tenured coach on staff? Fought through the chopping block? Blake checks all those boxes. He's also highly respected in many circles, including but not limited to his native Chicago, which also happens to be hallowed recruiting grounds. He's both the qualified and the sentimental choice. Could you imagine Stanford putting the program on the chopping block, seeing their former Head Coach Jason Borrelli leave for American, reinstating the program, and then choosing someone who wasn't around for the fight? And oh-by-the-way, the staff produced an NCAA champ. This is a lay-up."
  8. You forgot about Snyder and Cox.
  9. No one. That's why his hiring took so long.
  10. The Dominican was getting moved backwards without actually stepping. He had his feet planted and Mack was pushing him like a football sled.
  11. They had to burn Kolodzik's redshirt to win that one.
  12. Dean is more likely to return to Cornell than go to Stanford. That's all I have to say about that.
  13. Regardless of how he does in Tokyo, he's most likely planning another shot in 2024. That kicks his head coaching can down the road at least until then.
  14. Dake may be busy but he is still a pretty solid draw.
  15. I had trouble with the Flo Arena being black when I used Microsoft Edge for my browser even though all other Flo options worked fine. I changed to Google Chrome and the Arena info magically appeared.
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