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  1. It's not that hard if you know the match number to look for.
  2. Does Bo still wrestle? Plenty of recent competition and I haven't seen his name on any card. Maybe I missed it.
  3. lil Marky isn't close to the others you mention. Not for a few years, if that lil.
  4. If the local high school has a match that falls at the same time as a women's card, I will go with the one that offers the most entertainment.
  5. You paint a picture of a Freestyle Virgin. He was a Jr World Champ.
  6. Wonder if we'll see guys like Dake and Cox participate. Lotta cash at stake for their RTC.
  7. There seems to be frequent problems with the score on the board being incorrect. The announcers buy into the score being right and confusion abounds from that point until the score is corrected. I've seen this in event after event where Bader and Pyles announce.
  8. On the Cornell page http://bigredbears.com/
  9. Oh...... that Maryland. Hope you had enough space for showing that list. Kicked the crap out of the Rhode Island team.
  10. Somebody wins on a pushout. Only those in attendance see it live due to technical issues. JMO
  11. If he were to become a NL, would he be forever known as Carl Valencia?
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