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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'm getting an hour of free viewing then will need to login with cable provider.
  2. He can beat a certain guy with one hand behind his back!
  3. Put down some ice and a puck and you have hockey.
  4. The only thing I'm finding is $30 tickets for in person. Don't find a PPV offer.
  5. Who is streaming this? Last I knew, Glory was hurt.
  6. I used your link and am able to watch. I have had the same issue that others mentioned with the ACC subscription required.
  7. I see Max Dean vs CJ Brucki has been added to the Sr card.
  8. Here's a link that has all the details 34 matches announced for February 25 Summit 2 hosted by PRTC and WIBN Philadelphia - Pennsylvania RTC
  9. I watched the Jr matches. When I went back to watch the Sr I get some kind of a page not found alert. Tried 2 devices with same result.
  10. Is this the results of the cancelled match?
  11. Curious which alternate(s) you regard as the 3rd best on their team.
  12. Should I remove the Track bookmark from my favorites list?
  13. Started listening to the Rokfin broadcast unaware that McKenna was the guy doing the talking. Thought the guy was doing a great job and then found out it was Joey. Superb job. Has he done this before? He gave insight to strategy similar to Tony Romo's NFL style and calmly explained scoring details that often leave us scratching our heads.. I'll take him behind the mic on any live event.
  14. Thanks for your help. I have it now. You Cornell guys are OK! BTW - do you know if Fernandes and Darmstadt are wrestling? One promotion show them and another shows Demetrius Thomas and Loew.
  15. I'm new to Rokfin and am trying to watch the HS matches but can't figure out how. Others are commenting that they can't find a link either. Anybody out there that can help would be very appreciated. There's also a button called "$2 tip channel" that I'm not familiar with. Help!
  16. I find talk of an asterisk to be pretty frickin strange in any sport with wrestling being the strangest. You play the hand you're dealt. BTW - Yianni was slotted for 149 with Josh Saunders in the 141 spot before Cornell got put on ice. Maybe we need an asterisk at 149.
  17. It's not that hard if you know the match number to look for.
  18. Does Bo still wrestle? Plenty of recent competition and I haven't seen his name on any card. Maybe I missed it.
  19. lil Marky isn't close to the others you mention. Not for a few years, if that lil.
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