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  1. You're right. It was the 2019 - 2020 season that he wrestled 113.
  2. I'm wondering about the size thing, as well. I could be wrong but I'm remembering him at 113 his last year in HS.
  3. It's comical that you still believe THAT was the reason the Deans split from Spartan RTC.
  4. I think the plan is for Bartlett to drop to 141.
  5. I have seen T-shirt collections turned into quilts.
  6. Are we talking about the 400 pound Chris Taylor?
  7. I think Wade Schalles should be on this list. He gets credit for inventing the spladle and was known as the Plastic Man. And, although his resume has been shortened by injury, Ben Darmstadt sure fits the description.
  8. Max Dean isn't very good at Freestyle.
  9. Here's a quote from the Flo people to lead up to their forecast, "Team points are calculated using hypothetical tournament points based on individual weight class rankings. Dual meet results are not factored into the rankings, nor are subjective opinions considered. " I think the difference between your numbers and Flo's is due to you are using the seeded number and Flo is using the ranked number.
  10. I think Hidlay was cutting a huge amount to make 157. I wonder what he walks around at.
  11. Thank you for the effort. Noticed that AJ Burkhart of Lehigh is listed as a New Yorker. He did wrestle in NY at Waverly initially then went across the border into PA to wrestle in Athens to finish up his HS years.
  12. Lajoie was a 3X Michigan State champ. Not from NY. You can count Teemer.
  13. What criteria was used for BIG seeding that put the undefeated Rivera behind Eireman?
  14. When do we get the news??
  15. This reads like a NJDan post.
  16. Sounds like Army should have entered their JV team. They all have the wins.
  17. Watching an Iowa match and the camera drifted over to Marinelli's wife a couple of times. It got me thinking about how common or rare it is to be married and have to deal with "family" issues along with D1 wrestling and education requirements. Seems like a tough situation. A guy I wrestled with was married with a couple kids but he spent time in the Army prior to college so he was a little older than the rest of us. I remember he had some distractions at times. Who else among our current crop goes home to a wife when practice is over?
  18. Interesting situation in the Hillger vs Fernandes match yesterday. Fernandes on top throws in the boots and is pretty high. Hillger has the brute strength to stand up, first in a tripod, then on his feet. He grabs both of Fernandes legs so that he (Fernandes) can't get out of the boots. He gets hit with a stall because he hasn't returned Hillger to the mat. After shaking one leg free, Fernandes is trying like crazy to get a foot on the ground when he gets hit with a second stall call. Anyone else see this?
  19. Should be a solid 0% due to a guy named Yianni. Even if Bartlett won Big 10, he'd need a Yianni loss in EIWA along with ACC, Pac12, Big 12 and SoCon favorites to all drop like rocks.
  20. What is the current rule for the move at the level you coach? Just curious if it's allowed or illegal (which it should be).
  21. I was looking forward to Humphreys vs Hartman over the weekend in Army's huge upset of Lehigh but it didn't happen. Is Humphreys hurt or is there more to the story?
  22. I think ribbons are more cost effective.
  23. Fix made little effort to get the fall to take team score to criteria. He settled for go behinds on the edge of the mat and took shots that were not the type that go to the back. He constantly let the guy up without much of an attempt to turn. He wrestled a perfect match if a tech was his goal. I don't get it. Were the Cowboys toast even if Fix got the fall?
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