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  1. Oh...... that Maryland. Hope you had enough space for showing that list. Kicked the crap out of the Rhode Island team.
  2. Somebody wins on a pushout. Only those in attendance see it live due to technical issues. JMO
  3. If he were to become a NL, would he be forever known as Carl Valencia?
  4. Amazing how many loser critics a World Champ can have.
  5. Sad news. This was the guy I pointed to whenever HS wrestlers wanted to give up the sport to concentrate on football. RIP.
  6. Seeing Steven Keith's name made me think of Corey Jantzen.
  7. Kollin Moore, 110-11. 3x AA with sr year top seed lost to the Covid-19. 3x B1G champ, Hodge runner up. Guy should get a look. Fix. Forecasting the future .
  8. Oh yeah. He will have 3 NCAA titles before he finishes his ORS year.
  9. Princeton peeps were pretty happy about win over Cornell at the time of the burning. High price.
  10. Was the guy that stuck Zain the same one that Yianni beat a couple weeks ago?
  11. This evening at 6pm. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-03-09/2020-ncaa-di-wrestling-selection-show-date-time-how-watch
  12. When Kolodzik dropped the redshirt, the Princeton team trophy talk started.
  13. That was most likely the stall call on Lee.
  14. Berreyesa is a good Greco wrestler but is just a very average folkstyler.
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