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  1. Who does Cornell have to replace Ben if he's not ready to go for Rutgers? I've known a couple guys that were out for well over a month with rib cartilage issues.
  2. I don't see DeSanto doing anything wrong against Purdue. I watched the end several times and the Purdue wrestler is the only one causing trouble. DeSanto has earned his stripes in the past but I really don't see his wrongdoing here.
  3. Where did his injury come from if not the off mat incident? He only wrestled for a very short time after that and stopped while holding his ribs in obvious pain.
  4. I've been wondering how it would work out with them competing for spots with Berreyesa, Dean, Darmstadt and Furman next year. The answers are slowly coming into focus.
  5. f Colon drops into the mix, where does his world medal put him? Does he have history with anyone at this weight?
  6. Definitely and unfortunately 2. So how does this get seeded? Zain, JO, Joey, Yianni, Lee, Frank, Eirman, ?
  7. It could happen. He woke up Fix with a move that is typical of his tool set.
  8. Yep, 2 titles. And he was the spark for the current situation.
  9. What's this rearview mirror talk?
  10. I only come to these boards for wrestling related discussion. I haven't voted in 30 years because it really is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. So, if I say "stick to", it's because I could not possibly care less about anyone's political drivel.
  11. I would be interested to see the takedown numbers for each team. Not too pretty for Cornell. I'm sure Koll will use it as something to build on.
  12. Darmstadt was constantly getting muscled from neutral. Yet, he was still in control of the outcome until he got hit with the stall call late in the 3rd period that tied it up (including the RT point that was in hand). Then he took an silly half assed shot that cost him instead of taking things into OT.
  13. DanGerMan


    Maybe DP learned how to beach wrestle from an Amish prof.
  14. I was looking at the Cornell schedule. What is the "Cornell Open"? Have never heard that one before.
  15. He would need to get Greg D's approval. jk
  16. With all the shirts of whatever type sitting out, Cornell could incredibly have a chance against this M'Hawkin' crew.
  17. I hope Dake reads this before it's too late so he knows what he's in for. Probably unaware of these new rules.
  18. High School students take redshirts?
  19. It's red. Another Russian influence.
  20. I agree with all of these. Gable situation is the only question mark.
  21. Wasn't this binding arbitration? I was of the belief that all parties agree to accept the arbitrator's decision as final and cannot take further legal action after the ruling is made.
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