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    DanGerMan got a reaction from wrestlingnerd in Current top three   
    Just a little tweaking to OP;
    57 - Lee, Gilman, Fix ........ Fix seems to have forgotten his offense. Gilman's era will fade in Iowa.
    65 - Yianni, JO, Zain....... this could depend somewhat on seeds. Just have a gut feeling that we will see Yianni at a new level.
    74 - Dake, JB, Imar........IMar has brought himself into the conversation. I think JB may have lost that tiny bit to open the door for Dake.
    86 - Cox, Taylor, Zahid...... Tough call for Taylor after the injury. Also, tough call on the cut for Cox. Zahid caught up with Ringer in Rome, how will Ringer respond?
    97 - Snyder, Bo, Gadsen ........ Seems like a 2 horse race from the same stable but neither looked special in Rome.
    125 - Gwiz, Steveson, Nelson .......... I hear Gable is good and and would like to see live evidence. it looks like Gwiz is on the wrong side of the mountain but may hang on for a final go.
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    DanGerMan reacted to klehner in Matteo Pelicone Rome -- Saturday Thread   
    Well, he scored seven points in the first 16 seconds, and only four points in the next 19 seconds, so he was clearly gassing.
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    DanGerMan reacted to Cradle1 in Matteo Pelicone Rome -- Saturday Thread   
    Another sluggish performance by Kyle Dake- it took him a full 35 seconds to tech Olympic and World Medalist Demirtas.  Clearly, this guy can't win at an Olympic Weight.
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    DanGerMan reacted to Mphillips in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    It came from the initial 'throw' at the beginning of the match and he felt something a, 'pop' if you will. That something hurt enough that he couldn't hold on to the assassin and get the pin.  It was after the assassin that the bleachers came into play.  The damage was done.  The bleachers,  as I've now explained a few times had no bearing on the injury.  
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    DanGerMan reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Be a lot cooler if we knew...   
    Not really - just looks that way cause he's got a swollen head (caused by beating Dake in all those fantasy match-ups no doubt).
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    DanGerMan reacted to WF89 in 57 KG US rankings   
    Colon is has a world bronze medal, I think he gets the 2 or 3 seed.
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    DanGerMan reacted to BigTimeFan in 57 KG US rankings   
    Why all the fuss over seeds? Is it just interesting or is there some advantage to be higher seeded? You have to make the team. That’s all that matters. Best argument is that you might get an easier set of matches but 57kg is so deep that I think it hardly matters. 
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from Perry in Best Wrestlers in Cornell History   
    Yep, 2 titles. And he was the spark for the current situation.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from hammerlockthree in Best Wrestlers in Cornell History   
    Yep, 2 titles. And he was the spark for the current situation.
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    DanGerMan reacted to Antitroll2828 in The ORS and Cornell's Tanking Strategy   
    I think no doubt yianni and dean get it done but idk about Darmstadt this year, just sloppy, doesn’t look good right now at a very deep weight. I could also see Cardenas keeping him out of the lineup next year, Cardenas seems to make huge jumps every time I see him and getting into the Cornell room he can be the real deal right away
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    DanGerMan reacted to okwrestle in 1972 NCAA Champions   
    Gary Barton looks like a cast member for the Walking Dead
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    DanGerMan reacted to nhs67 in Trent Hidlay’s Weekend   
    He got hit for stalling once in OT. Same as Deprez. They literally did the same exact thing the first 22 seconds of rideouts.
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    DanGerMan reacted to gimpeltf in Cornell   
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    DanGerMan reacted to calot in Richard Perry accident   
    He was at the Farrell walking around and talking with people.
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    DanGerMan reacted to BigTimeFan in Richard Perry accident   
    I was afraid to see the update. This is wonderful. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to ionel in Jim Jordan   
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    DanGerMan reacted to TBar1977 in Jim Jordan   
    Better than Schiff. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to DocBZ in Bill Farrell Discussion Thread   
    There are plenty more events to qualify. The big 2 are the Olympic Trials Qualifier (OTW know as Senior Nationals) in December 2019 (top 5 qualify) and the Final Olympic Trials Qualifier (Last Chance) in March 2020 which is only open to non-qualifiers (top 2 qualify). So that's a minimum of 7 more qualifiers per weight. This is not even including 2020 NCAA champions and Pan Am games.
    After yesterday there are now 24 qualifiers across 6 weights so about 4 per weight already.
    Bottom line is if you are a top 10 guy at your weight you "should" qualify in one way or another.
    Video explanation below...
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    DanGerMan reacted to Marcus Cisero in Intermat   
    He is more than annoying - ever read comments from his viewers? He's been told quite often to leave out the politics, yet he amps it up even more the following week. They need to fire this guy yesterday and replace him with someone focused on ONLY wrestling.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from Eagle26 in Bo Nickal to Finger Lakes?   
    He would need to get Greg D's approval. jk
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from Gantry in Bo Nickal to Finger Lakes?   
    He would need to get Greg D's approval. jk
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    DanGerMan reacted to lu1979 in Who's #1   
    He isn't taking an Olympic Redshirt.  He is spending his senior year of High School at the Olympic training center just as Kyle Snyder and other wrestlers have done.  
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    DanGerMan reacted to Chrissn2001 in Who's #1   
    PD3 has contributed more to wrestling in the last 5 years than Cael Sanderson and PSU.
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    DanGerMan reacted to Perry in Who's #1   
    FLO and Beat the Streets don't seem to understand that they need more room for safety beyond just the mat. Pretty laughable they didn't think about (or maybe they just don't care) something so obvious. This isn't nearly as bad as the beat the streets stage from a safety standpoint but should have still been addressed. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to Chrissn2001 in Who's #1   
    How about invest in a bigger mat?  
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