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    DanGerMan reacted to gimpeltf in American University wrestling?   
    I would think so but don't forget Notre Dame in the 90s.
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    DanGerMan reacted to moveurfeet32 in Kolat not wasting any time   
    Looks like he's already made a splash to the Navy Program...Beats #18 Lehigh for their 1st win in 10 years over them 21-9...He has 55 guys on roster and great facilities...I think Navy in the near future will start having some great results.
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    DanGerMan reacted to Plasmodium in Finesilver   
    He won his last match.
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    DanGerMan reacted to bnwtwg in Hey Flo! You should broadcast JB vs DT on YouTube for FREE!   
    Marlboro is always looking for young faces to sponsor
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    DanGerMan reacted to ionel in Hey Flo! You should broadcast JB vs DT on YouTube for FREE!   
    Hey BigTenFanboy!  If you want to grow the sport's viewer base why don't you convince the BigTen Network to put all their 2021 content on YouTube for free.  What better opportunity to expose the sport to the world than to broadcast the events on the largest video streaming platform in the WORLD.  As a Fanboy of I'm sure they will listen to you.  ;)
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from cjc007 in PRTC-@WIBN_Philly MATCHES   
    lil Marky isn't close to the others you mention. Not for a few years, if that lil.
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    DanGerMan reacted to Lurker in PRTC-@WIBN_Philly MATCHES   
    Wouldn't it be funny if JB beats Dake this year, Dake goes back to 79 next year, but loses to Hall.  DT with all those chances, but here comes lil Marky...
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    DanGerMan reacted to hammerlockthree in Downey vs Pyles   
    Flo is all about promoting the sport and Downey is out of shape....could be a good one...
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    DanGerMan reacted to Maximus Meridius in ‘Parity’   
    Let the market decide. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to Wrestleknownothing in College Season ??   
    Fear of Carlton Haselrig.
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    DanGerMan reacted to gimpeltf in Lehigh Schedule is out   
    Because the Ivies are actually in the Ivy League and Lehigh isn't.
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    DanGerMan reacted to quaker118 in Voting on the 8 greatest college matches   
    I’ve been to over 30 NCAA tournaments and I’ve got Gwiz-Snyder as one of the all time great matches. Gwiz going for his third and the match lived up to the hype. Gwiz like Trenge just needed to run for a few seconds to win. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to Lurker in Rate your top Ten...   
    No actually meant top ten. Reason being is some people, myself included, may have an example where they feel like Cox/Snyder is a 51/49 thing at 97kg...with both being higher than anyone they have for say 65kg. (If that makes sense)
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    DanGerMan reacted to NJDan in Mark Hall?   
    Seems impossible for both to be true.
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    DanGerMan reacted to mbowlsby in RTC Cup   
    There's definitely room for improvement for us. The event was a test and there will likely be some adjustments next year (e.g. # of teams, weigh-ins both days, roster makeup, etc...). The goal for the first year was to see if the concept worked for wrestlers, coaches and fans. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to Le duke in RTC Cup   
    I’d like to see Hidlay vs Marinelli.

    Also, Flo learned from their mistakes. No terrible gaps between matches, good streaming. Well done.

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    DanGerMan reacted to lu1979 in RTC Cup   
    I just have to say that this was an awesome event that Flo produced.  This is a great format and there were so many great matches I lost count of them.  This was great for the wrestlers and the fans. Great job Flo Wrestling.
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    DanGerMan reacted to AnklePicker in RTC Cup   
    Great event. Ran smoothly, feeds were clean, outstanding level of competition. Can’t wait until fans can attend. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to calot in 150 8-Man Bracket   
    He announced it.The plan was to see how he felt if he felt good he was gonna try it.Hes  realistic and knows he's to small to compete with the best  at 74KG.
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    DanGerMan reacted to 1032004 in Any chance we have an all-minority Olympic team?   
    I know it doesn’t matter, just find it interesting that some say wrestling is a racist sport, but some of the best in the country (and world from our country) are minorities.
    57: Vito (he counts right?  Outside shot but not impossible)
    65: Oliver/Green (I’m not counting Yianni, I think his parents were born here?)
    74: JB/Imar
    86: Zahid (probably longest shot)
    97: Cox
    125: Steveson
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    DanGerMan reacted to AHamilton in Any chance we have an all-minority Olympic team?   
    Greek-Americans and Russian-Americans are minorities?
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    DanGerMan reacted to HokieHWT in Ivy league seniors   
    So, the guy bombarding this forum about his forum for Cornell, doesn’t read a pretty significant post from Rob Koll on his forum about guys taking the year off....
    This is meta-trolling. This guy is living in 3020, while we are stuck in hellish 2020.
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    DanGerMan reacted to gimpeltf in 195 Bracket...   
    Dean Martin and Foster Brooks?

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    DanGerMan got a reaction from CA_Wrestler in Zahid is back   
    Somebody wins on a pushout. Only those in attendance see it live due to technical issues. JMO
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from Mphillips in Zahid is back   
    Somebody wins on a pushout. Only those in attendance see it live due to technical issues. JMO
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