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    DanGerMan got a reaction from LHU125 in Running List of Cancelled Events   
    If your Cornell at Lehigh match is cancelled, wouldn't you like to be aware of it before trying to attend?
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    DanGerMan reacted to Elevator in ASU v Iowa State dual cancelled this Sunday...   
    I once rented a car in Detriot to drive back east in the middle of NCAA tourney because of bad weather and flight cancellations expected and a meeting I could not miss on Moday.  Pulled off the highway to watch a bunch of the finals matches and got the sports bar I found to switch NCAA wrestling on from the NCAA March Madness (one of several t.v.'s).   Cost me a $20 - well worth it!
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    DanGerMan reacted to uncle bernard in Scuffle   
    idk what you’ve seen out of facundo and lee that make you think they’re better than edsell. those guys are all about the same to me. fringe qualifiers. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to Lunaticfringe in Wisconsin is pretty good this year   
    Based on past history and body shape, I predict Hamiti is the 8 seed and wrestles Marinelli in the quarters
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from nhs67 in Ridiculous 125 and others   
    Yianni also removed.
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    DanGerMan reacted to klehner in New Midlands   
    I believe Rokfin.  Use that subscription you just got for the Collegiate Duals.  And pay your $10 PPV.
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    DanGerMan reacted to flyingcement in New Midlands   
    Seems to be a questionable decision at best.  The silver lining to the replacement tournament is that I now have something else to watch with my new rokfin sub
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    DanGerMan reacted to ugarte in Darmstadt?   
    I don't think this has any basis in reality. He has been dealing with back injuries since 2018 when he got hurt, possibly at the NCAA tournament itself, where he barely escaped the QF and did a semi-slide to 6th, getting pinned twice. He then missed a full year recovering from surgery. When he came back, he tried to go 184 because his height seemed like it would be even more of an advantage a weight down, but at 184 he was totally sucked out and weak and was struggling against top 20 competition; when he returned to 197 he got back to blitzing the opposition (he ragdolled Brucki) with the exception of a blip against UNC's Whitman. He was cruising in his match against Columbia when they rolled out of bounds and Darmstadt slammed into the bleachers - i've never seen a guy as excited to win by injury default like Sam Wustefeld was.
    It's possible that his back issues have returned in the year-plus he's had off but there's no reason to think it had anything to do with Dean. Dean didn't even look all that great against Cardenas and Cardenas (as good as I think he is) doesn't have Darmstadt's resume.
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    DanGerMan reacted to 9insoft in Darmstadt?   
    Ugarte you are the closest over the target.
    Whitman=Covid before we knew what it was…
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from red blades in Darmstadt?   
    No rumors, Grey's newsletter before the Binghamton Open said Darmy wasn't competing due to injury. He has yet to compete.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from NonspecificJargon in Max Dean   
    If and when Darmstadt is healthy, Cardenas will be sitting.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from Possum_hollow in Fig-4 on the head   
    This forum is clueless about wrestling but toss out a question about covid and we have a plethora of experts.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from bnwtwg in Fig-4 on the head   
    This forum is clueless about wrestling but toss out a question about covid and we have a plethora of experts.
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    DanGerMan reacted to leshismore in Fig-4 on the head   
    All of them have GOOGLE PH Ds 
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    DanGerMan reacted to flyingcement in Live from the Rokfin duals!   
    haha pretty sure those were the team ranks... ?  
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from ionel in Fig-4 on the head   
    This forum is clueless about wrestling but toss out a question about covid and we have a plethora of experts.
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    DanGerMan reacted to tigerfan in Wrestler Vaccinations   
    When did making medical decisions for yourself become selfish? 
    What are the chances you’ll be hospitalized if you’re involved in an auto accident at 85+ mph, compared to being hospitalized from Covid? How many of the thousands of people I see driving those speeds are so altruistic that they feel entitled to shame/insult people who choose differently regarding vaccines?
    When will people of every political stripe stop trying to use the coercive power of the government to force others to live according to “approved” norms?
    I applaud anyone, wrestlers included, who stand up to mandates/policies/regulations that are adopted out of fear and sacrifice freedom. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to CoachWrestling in Legality of 4 point stance and Ferrari’s wrestling style   
    Anyone else feel that hanging out in a 4 point stance should not be allowed, similar to freestyle? It stalls all action, it’s horrible. After watching Ferrari last night, he does nothing in close matches. On the feet he stalls in a 4 point stance and on top he just crotch rides and runs people out of bounds. It’s horrible wrestling. 
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    DanGerMan reacted to gimpeltf in Iowa lineup probables for Florida   
    Are you trolling here? The term is usually reconstruct but essentially it is a replacement.
    They'll take pieces of a hamstring or patellar tendon (that's how mine was done) or get from a cadaver or a gor-tex artificial piece.
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    DanGerMan reacted to potentiallydangerous in Superfood On College Rosters   
    Rocky Mountain oyster
    Greg Bulsak
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    DanGerMan reacted to hammerlockthree in PSU & Southern Scuffle   
    The only person oblivious enough to think Dean learned a bow and arrow at PSU is Tbar....
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from AHamilton in Terry Brands   
    Maybe it's a typo and he meant "storm the beach". Like they did in Normandy.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from denger in Cliff Keen Brackets - Results - Arguments   
    Frank Molinaro had stones.
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    DanGerMan reacted to BobDole in RIP Bob Dole   
    Fake news, I'm sitting here with JFK, Jimmy Hoffa, Elvis, and Tupac as I type this.
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    DanGerMan reacted to gimpeltf in Cornell at Cliff Keen   
    Near Frankfort

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