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    DanGerMan reacted to Jrr277 in Jesse Dellevechia (sp?)   
    If you're talking about the NCAA finalist from Rider, I thought he was finished with college wrestling. He's listed as a coach for Army. He could just be wrestling as a graduate like others used to in the Midlands.
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    DanGerMan reacted to ionel in PSU vs Cornell   
    Wonder if yours and mine are long lost sisters? 
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from nom in Griffith goes down!   
    That will rank with the biggest upsets of the year.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from red blades in Yianna vs Abas   
    The error that Grey pointed out was a really stupid call by the ref which was unrelated to the technical violation. Yianni up 2-0 gives up the escape to make it 2-1. Shortly after, there is a scramble and the ref has a brain fart and forgets that the wrestlers are in neutral. He calls Yianni for locked hands. During the scramble, the grabbing of the uniform happened and was not immediately called.
    The referees conversed and awarded the point for locked hands making the score 2-2. THAT IS WHEN Grey talked to the ref explaining that they were in neutral so locking hands is OK. 
    The refs huddled again and took away the locked hands point making it 2-1 AND gave the point for the grab.
    I have no idea what Yianni's cry gesture was about but he may have just been busting Koll's balls. My takeaway from this bout is that Yianni belongs at 141 when Hunter Richard returns. 
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from NJDan in Vito's match   
    The ref was awful but he never reached 2 swipes. It appeared (in person) that Vito was close to a pin but the ref only did ONE swipe on 2 different times. Everyone was as puzzled as you but no points were given because he never counted high enough.
    The ref was inconsistent on stalling, stopping stalemates, starting from referee's position along with blatant mistakes.
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    DanGerMan reacted to ugarte in Yianni Anti-Duck   
    i'm pretty sure the second semester is going to be vito-dom-yianni-hunter but today is going to be greg-vito-saunders-yianni with an outside shot of handlovic at 141 because he finished higher than saunders at the bearcat
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from NJDan in Yianna vs Abas   
    This ^
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    DanGerMan reacted to Lurker in Yianna vs Abas   
    If even you know what he meant, why would he need to get a clue?
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from Mphillips in Glory ducks Iowa   
    No guts, no Glory.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from hammerlockthree in Cornell finally announces starting lineup!   
    LaJoie took a kick to the head Sunday that could keep him out. Darmstadt and Richard did not compete at Binghamton presumably due to injury. This is just my common sense guess as to what the lineup will be.
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    DanGerMan reacted to red blades in Cornell finally announces starting lineup!   
    Or it means Mike Grey has taken a page from Rob Koll's playbook - keep 'em guessing!
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    DanGerMan reacted to nhs67 in Michael Beard   
    I was being a smarty pants.  I knew the plan was Foca at 174 all along.
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    DanGerMan reacted to Idaho in Diakamilhalis @149?   
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    DanGerMan reacted to LordNelson in Diakamilhalis @149?   
    Interesting...Latest I've been told is Yianni is staying 141, doesn't want to get too big for 65kg. Who knows though, things change fast in these times. 
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from CoachWrestling in Darrah to Stanford?   
    When I was being recruited, charisma was all that mattered. I went to a community college cuz the coach was wicked smooth. My Mom loved him.
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    DanGerMan reacted to ionel in IOWA VS PSU DUAL   
    These predictions are all fine and good but with current supply chain issues if Iowa doesn't recieve their Geritol shipment the lions will be rolling thu them old hawkeyes like ... well you know ... that green stuff thru a goose.  :0
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from wrstlingfan937 in IOWA VS PSU DUAL   
    Seems like an awful lot of bonus points being thrown around here. Not buying in.
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    DanGerMan reacted to Mphillips in "Lee's knees"   
    NJSuperdan is on it.
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    DanGerMan reacted to MadMardigain in Looking at tomorrow   
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    DanGerMan reacted to flyingcement in Covid in 21/22   
    I would like to see us evolve the headgear to also include a mask. But each wrestler will have a customized design like in Mexican Lucha Libre.  Just have the N95 technology over the mouth hole and problem solved

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    DanGerMan reacted to Hotkarl712 in Flo is not in Oslo   
    Thanks for clearing up what every single other person knew
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    DanGerMan reacted to Eagle26 in Flo replays   
    You all are never gonna let me live this down, huh? Lol

    If I need to know anything about wrestling or sports, I ask@ShakaAloha because he knows more than me.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from Mphillips in Flo replays   
    I would think that ShakaAloha could tell you.
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    DanGerMan got a reaction from Eagle26 in Flo replays   
    I would think that ShakaAloha could tell you.
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    DanGerMan reacted to Lurker in Of the times David Taylor and Kyle Dake have wrestled since starting college, who has won more?   
    If OP is actually serious about this question, it only confirms my every suspicion.  
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