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  1. Maryland

    Kyle Snyder (3x World/Olympic champ, 3x NCAA champ, 1x World silver, Jr World champ)
    Helen Maroulis (3x World/Olympic champ, 5x World medalist)
    Lloyd "Butch" Keaser (World champ, Olympic silver, 2x NCAA AA)
    Kelly Ward (NCAA champ, 3x NCAA finalist)

    Others: Rico Chiapparelli (NCAA champ, 3x NCAA AA, Sr US Open champ), Pat Downey (WTT / Final X champ, NCAA AA, Jr World silver), Bill Simpson (NCAA champ), Mack Lewnes (3x NCAA AA (2nd, 4th, 4th))

    Toss-up between Ward and Chiapparelli for the final spot.

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