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  1. I didn't know people cared about Flo's rankings? Don't get me wrong, I'll look at the rankings occasionally if I can manage to get myself through the poor writing the precursors it. That being said, I take great comfort in the fact that these things should work themselves out on the mat in a little over a week and that we won't have to depend on Flo to tell us how we should think.
  2. He's been kind of overlooked in this whole thing- Dude's a solid true freshman- wasn't sure what I'd see from him in the tournament but he's definitely for real. Bright future for this kid!
  3. I feel like I knew what Austin O'Conner's mom looked like before I saw her.
  4. You could see on the video an exchange between Desanto and the folks who are on the floor. The guy said something to him and he turned back and said something else- the coaches rushed him past. I wish I could read lips
  5. I'm glad you asked- no correlation whatsoever...I was using it as an opportunity to shamelessly name-drop. LOL! :D But I think I speak for everyone on this forum when I say "thank you" for illuminating (pun completely intended) our understanding with your intimate knowledge of ultraviolet light. I'm going to try to work it in to conversation at my local bar - I have no doubt it'll go swimmingly!
  6. I agree with Spladle- Dake did what he was supposed to do- I did expect Gadzhiyev match to be a bit more competitive though not sure why. As far as the weight cutting, I remember talking to Rob Koll while we were waiting for a flight and I asked him if Kyle Dake fake tans. Koll told me Dake is so serious about his training methods that he would never subject his body to something "unnatural." Apparently, he just goes around without a shirt - I guess I would too if I looked like him without one! LOL! :D My point is, if Dake is that concerned about the details, we shouldn't be worried about him weight cutting- he's doing it the right way.
  7. Maybe your being too hard on him? DT looked every bit the world beater after wrestling Myles Martin. He just beat a 5x World and Olympic Champ in JB- and can you remember JB ever being out of a match at the end? So perhaps we cut Taylor a little slack here- he controlled the match for most of it and shut it down 90 seconds out. I mean, even pre-injury he wasn't steamrolling Torreblanca from Cuba- they were close matches and you probably weren't worried then.
  8. I enjoy all the quality loss/moral victory for JB comments. LOL! It's like listening to SEC football fans! Difference in this match: JB not getting DT to bite on fakes and DT was heavy on the head. That and 10 extra pounds - DT's hard to finish on anyway. Too little too late for JB but in all honesty, he wasn't really in cleanly all match- made it interesting with the pushouts in the last 90 seconds once DT started backpedaling. Interesting match but DT controlled the action most of it. After seeing that, I'd take DT at that weight 7 of 10 matches.
  9. 1/2 FS - 65 kg: Z. RETHERFORD (USA) v. A. DESTRIBATS (ARG) - YouTube
  10. Here you go: 1/2 FS - 65 kg: A. DESTRIBATS (ARG) v. J. DIAKOMIHALIS (USA) - YouTube
  11. They wrestled at Pan Ams last March. Score was 7-4 Yianni in the end but that's flattering to Destribats- garbage time points . . . match wasn't really super competitive IMO.
  12. COVID's bumming me out, and I can't help but think that I paid money to watch Nate Jackson take on, umm . . . some dude who qualifies for Senior discounts at Denny's, Ethan Lizak vs. Matt McDonough (who managed for forget what freestyle wrestling was after a half-decade layoff), Snaulty (if I may be so cool as to call him that), get teched for the umteenth time in a row on another card. Not to mention waiting around with baited breath between all the Mike Mal Thinking Man pauses and finger convulsions (a la Randy "Macho Man" savage) for him to say something super astute. . . still waiting . . . There were some good matches thought, and I don't mind the RTC matchups and play for pay stuff, I guess I just hope it goes back to the way it was before at the international level. I read what I wrote and it just makes me sound bitter- maybe I am?
  13. All the usual suspects! I'm glad to see Gazhimagomedov back, I don't care what weight he's at right now, and also Ramonov at 65. Kuular is also fun to watch at that weight. I like Baev at 65kg- he's too small for 74 IMO. Regardless, I love me some Russian Nats- the level of wrestling up and down the brackets is always stellar!
  14. There may have been cheating, but neither wrestler can complain they were cheated in the amount of time they were given to turn each other on top. Can't help but think our Freestylers today would be better in par terre if they knew they got 45 seconds to turn someone or not get turned.
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