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  1. I just contacted them- they're having issues. You'd think after 5 days of the event they would have learned how to stream it properly. I suggested they get rid of Mike Mal and hire some additional video technicians. They responded by offering me a 20% discount on my membership. LOL!
  2. Is anybody else having problems with the Flo feed?
  3. I think it's pretty clear. From 2017 (Excluding 2017 Worlds which hurts Snyder & Burroughs and to a lesser degree J'Den), here are the numbers. I think "current" has to be a few years anyway just to get a usable sample size. Results are all matches, domestic & international: 1) David Taylor - Since Dec. 2017, has went 54-0, winning a World Championship and Olympic Gold. He's P4P King right now. Let's look and see how some others have fared over that same time period: 2) Kyle Dake - Since Dec. 2017, has went 58-2, winning 2 World Championships and Bronze at Olympics. 3) Kyle Snyder - since Dec. 2017, has went 68-6, winning Silver & Bronze at World Championships and Olympic Silver 4) J'den Cox - since Dec. 2017, has went 42-5, winning two World Championships 5) Jordan Burroughs - Since Dec. 2017, has went 44-8, winning 2 bronze medals at World Championships I put Snyder ahead of Cox because he actually wrestles and the same dude who has denied him Gold twice would likely also deny Cox. Thoughts?
  4. Thank you for proving my point.
  5. or you could just watch the match and see for yourself . . .
  6. I don't think Nolf looked small, only because the people he wrestled against were also coming up in weight. That being said, hard to judge him in a match with Starocci, who just a few months ago was wrestling against the likes of Nickel and Myles Martin at 86kg. On the last day of a tournament with no weigh in looming, he was probably outweighed by 20-25lbs by Starocci who's strong for 86 kg. That's a tough ask for anyone.
  7. You shouldn't be sorry- you're not wrong and just saying what the rest of us are thinking. Pyles I can put up with but I cannot deal with Mike Mal- nails on a chalkboard for me. Maybe it's the whole "Thinking Man" pauses with no end product or that he's trying too hard or something. . . I just mute the matches and watch them without commentary. . . unfortunately.
  8. LOL! To his defense, he doesn't actually specify what he is a BigTimeFan of. He just as well could be a fan of Tim Lincecum aka "Big Time Timmy Jim!"
  9. I don't know . . . better wrestler finishes those . . . Bajrang isn't known for world class defense.
  10. It's as competitive as any other Muskakajev match NJ Dan- dude out-talents his opponent, gases, then let's them back into the match in the end for a competitive looking score.
  11. Scroll down to Friday . . . https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/olympic-games/en/results/wrestling/olympic-schedule-and-results.htm
  12. I think you're absolutely right. This was my thought as well.
  13. 65 kg is lopsided on the top half, especially with DESTRIBATS mixed in LOL!- looks about the same as Worlds in Budapest back in '18 when the draw basically gave Bajrang a pass to the finals- not too much different here- I have Aliyev coming out of the bottom side with Otoguro topside.
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