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  1. All the usual suspects! I'm glad to see Gazhimagomedov back, I don't care what weight he's at right now, and also Ramonov at 65. Kuular is also fun to watch at that weight. I like Baev at 65kg- he's too small for 74 IMO. Regardless, I love me some Russian Nats- the level of wrestling up and down the brackets is always stellar!
  2. There may have been cheating, but neither wrestler can complain they were cheated in the amount of time they were given to turn each other on top. Can't help but think our Freestylers today would be better in par terre if they knew they got 45 seconds to turn someone or not get turned.
  3. Besides Angle? Dunno...but I do know I could watch Kurt Angle wrestling videos all day long. Dude won the Olympics after a broken neck- just nuts. Which brings me to my next question- who wins this freestyle match at 97kg- Kurt Angle or Kyle Snyder? J'den Cox?
  4. As most of you probably already know (but worth mentioning for those who don't), Trackwrestling has released it's video archive of UWW events to all of us for free. Don't know how long it's going to last so this is your chance to watch all those international matches you wanted to see. WARNING: Its not the easiest to navigate but if you want to watch something bad enough, you'll find a way. . . Here's a good starting place: https://www.trackwrestling.com/PortalPost.jsp?threadId=353470076
  5. mmmm.... I dunno. You did say "when they arrive here, step right in to being the best in U.S. collegiate wrestling, even with little understanding or training in mat wrestling." Nobody on your list was able to do that. As for the second part, I completely agree- silly.
  6. why is everyone so sure he won't continue to be our 97kg rep? Did I already miss the Olympic Trials while holed up in my bunker?
  7. as 100% correct as an opinion can be . . . lol!
  8. I respect your opinion about my alleged stupidity- I'm sitting here at my desk staring at a 100 rolls of TP and 20 hand sanitizers so you may be right. However, our current world teamer has exactly 2 world matches and is 0-2, exiting in the first round each time so send JO or Yianni- I'm fine with either. As Scramble mentioned earlier, Zane just seems to lose it on one match every tournament and you can't have that at the world level . . . or trying to qualify for the world level.
  9. Agreed. you get a like for the Metcalf reference!
  10. can you imagine how your kitchen table must feel after getting pummeled? :D
  11. Sadulaev fought off his back . . . just saying . . .
  12. unfortunately for Zain, more often than not his one bad match is his first (in world tournaments that count he's 0-2 in the first round). Today he just got caught but as you pointed out . . . Both Yianni's and JO's styles are more fitted to freestyle imo
  13. I tried to say earlier that Zane shouldn't be our rep
  14. I just downloaded Tor browser so I can watch UWW . . . as a bonus, I can also buy hand sanitizer on the black market for $50 a bottle.
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