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  1. Ghadzhiyev didn't know what hit him. On a secondary note, I get tired of seeing these Eastern Europeans lay around the mat for like, minutes after they lose.
  2. I don't know what a black belt freestyler is, but Abe's half was pretty weak (no pun intended). Vito comfortably 6-2, maybe more.
  3. I'm sure they sell the rights to Ding Ding Ding. Johnny, tell him what he's won!
  4. I don't really look at it like that. I lived overseas for 10 years where I didn't have to pay to watch UWW events. Existentially speaking, I'm the same person regardless of my geographic location at any one point in time, so why should I have to pay now based on something so trivial as longitude and latitude? Cornell lawyers have nothing on me! haha!
  5. If Arujao strikes Gold, he's certainly earned it. If David Carr expects to do the same, he'll have to run a similar gauntlet! He's got Russian first match, Iranian second match. If he prevails, his reward is returning champ Ghadzviyev from Azerbijan in the semis. Good news is if he makes it through, his finals matchup will likely be against some dude from Turkmenistan or Bahrain or something. LOL!
  6. Download the TOR browser- you can see it anytime you want on UWW website using this browser
  7. Draw didn't do Brooks any favors- first two matches tough . . .Arujao also has a tough opening round too. Here's my predictions as if anyone cares. Realistically I see us with 4-5 medals, 1-2 Gold. Arujao - silver or bronze Tagg - DNP Thomas - bronze- looks like a pretty good draw for him and I think he's gotten a lot better in the last year Braton Lee - DNP- a good motor won't make the medal rounds here. I'd have preferred to see Teemer here (returning medalist), or even Sasso. Carr - Gold Brooks - Gold or Bronze based on his draw Hilday - DNP or Bronze (bronze is the best he can do at this weight) Davidson - DNP Sloan - DNP Parris - DNP
  8. Where's it harder to get a match . . . Big 10 Championships or International Freestyle wrestling tournaments? lol!
  9. Fortunately, this whole thread, except for the parts about Pat Downey, will be inconsequential when the Israeli gets teched 10-0 in the first period, by a Swede no less.
  10. Don't know if I agree. It's hard to tell at this age how they will do as seniors. Some guys come into their own later- we've had many guys represent our country on the world team that didn't even get a whiff of cadets/juniors or even University worlds. I think Robbie Howard has a lot of potential.
  11. Hungarian by way of Russia . . . but yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
  12. Awesome! I kind of feel like you can't post something like this and then end with "I'd probably even favor him over Snyder if Snyder is in his path" as if maybe you're not sure what you just wrote! LOL!
  13. 92 kg is one of the weaker weight classes overall. Karimi will be his closest competition- don't underestimate Karimi though- he's dangerous.
  14. I talked to Ryan Johnson at USA Wrestling on Tuesday. He said they're definitely getting a block of tickets and he should know something about it end of this week. I purchased some online anyway (cheap enough- about $13 ticket for lower level left or right of center) and if USA Wrestling gets better tickets then I'll go with them.
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