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  1. LifeintheRed

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    Hungarian by way of Russia . . . but yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
  2. LifeintheRed

    The World Team (so far)

    You're not wrong.
  3. LifeintheRed

    If Cox medals at World's...

    Awesome! I kind of feel like you can't post something like this and then end with "I'd probably even favor him over Snyder if Snyder is in his path" as if maybe you're not sure what you just wrote! LOL!
  4. LifeintheRed

    The World Team (so far)

    92 kg is one of the weaker weight classes overall. Karimi will be his closest competition- don't underestimate Karimi though- he's dangerous.
  5. LifeintheRed

    Anybody Going to World's?

    I talked to Ryan Johnson at USA Wrestling on Tuesday. He said they're definitely getting a block of tickets and he should know something about it end of this week. I purchased some online anyway (cheap enough- about $13 ticket for lower level left or right of center) and if USA Wrestling gets better tickets then I'll go with them.
  6. LifeintheRed

    Anybody Going to World's?

    I just bought tickets off this site. Managed to get two days worth before my card got frozen and I got a call & text from my bank alerting me to suspicious activity. Suspicious indeed! lol!
  7. LifeintheRed

    Anybody Going to World's?

    Post things here that can help others going to Worlds also. i.e. good plane/hotel deals, any local knowledge about getting around, best seating in the arena and how to buy tickets, social etiquette etc.
  8. LifeintheRed

    Wrestling promotion

    Someone's with a lot of Pesos, right Peso? LOL!
  9. LifeintheRed

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?

    Definitely not the best, but arguably the most famous was Mario Lopez aka Slater from Saved by the Bell. We wrestled at a J. Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camp one summer. He had probably 3 years on me and at least 25 lbs but I won, because even if I didn't, I would never admit losing to this guy. LOL!
  10. LifeintheRed

    Sorry, I'm all out of reactions for the day!

    ha! I would like this comment but. . . well . . . you're the first one to figure that out- normally people just think I'm a Nebraska fan!
  11. Didn't know there was a limit- rookie move! :D I'll see you all tomorrow with a fresh set!
  12. LifeintheRed

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?

    I see what you did there (either intentionally or unintentionally) lol!
  13. We're leg grabbers- always have been. Our young kids don't learn throwing proficiently or consistently. Additionally, there's a lot that can go wrong in big matches if you don't execute correctly. IMO, our feet wrestling has never been a problem - international wrestlers don't typically like our aggressive style and pushing of pace on our feet. Rather than throwing, I'd like to see us be better in par terre.
  14. LifeintheRed

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    I heard IMAR already reached out to Franklin Gomez as a training partner! :D