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  1. why is everyone so sure he won't continue to be our 97kg rep? Did I already miss the Olympic Trials while holed up in my bunker?
  2. as 100% correct as an opinion can be . . . lol!
  3. I respect your opinion about my alleged stupidity- I'm sitting here at my desk staring at a 100 rolls of TP and 20 hand sanitizers so you may be right. However, our current world teamer has exactly 2 world matches and is 0-2, exiting in the first round each time so send JO or Yianni- I'm fine with either. As Scramble mentioned earlier, Zane just seems to lose it on one match every tournament and you can't have that at the world level . . . or trying to qualify for the world level.
  4. Agreed. you get a like for the Metcalf reference!
  5. can you imagine how your kitchen table must feel after getting pummeled? :D
  6. Sadulaev fought off his back . . . just saying . . .
  7. unfortunately for Zain, more often than not his one bad match is his first (in world tournaments that count he's 0-2 in the first round). Today he just got caught but as you pointed out . . . Both Yianni's and JO's styles are more fitted to freestyle imo
  8. I tried to say earlier that Zane shouldn't be our rep
  9. I just downloaded Tor browser so I can watch UWW . . . as a bonus, I can also buy hand sanitizer on the black market for $50 a bottle.
  10. Cuban default because he lost his first match so no semis for him
  11. not to sound like an old fuddy-duddy but I remember not too long ago when folks wrestled because they loved the sport and the international competition. Now as a fan, I'm disappointed at all the quality matches that just don't happen- at intl. and college level. I get it but I don't.
  12. This would be ideal if the Olympics were going to take place this year
  13. I think they might get better recruits if they got rid of the shorts and rash guards
  14. Much has been made of the physical aspect of this, but what about mental/emotional part? I wrestled a girl in the first round of a tournament when I was a 105 lb high school freshman What if I had lost? I was an awkward freshman trying to fit in and losing to a girl would have ruined my life (or so I thought). I had everything to lose and nothing to gain. It was the most nervous I'd ever been before a wrestling match. Among the nervous thoughts was "what if I accidentally touch her boob . . . or worse!"
  15. Careful what you ask for Frankie. . . your win over Gazi was fortunate.
  16. I object your honor . . . speculation. :D I was at worlds- I saw what he did and I cheered for him- I'm no Christian Pyles. But, he's 0 for never won vs. Zahid and even Mark Hall in college and I don't think the result would be different in freestyle. Besides, give me Myles Martin over Myles Amine 99 times out of 100. Hell, gimme Nate Jackson- that's guy's got some stuff.
  17. pin or not, no ref calls it. It'd be like calling an offensive foul on Michael Jordan for pushing off of Byron Russell in game 6 of the 1998 finals. A little dramatic but you get the point.
  18. I respectfully disagree with your assessment . . . and take particular exception to the part where you bolster your argument by claiming beating Germany's #2 as an accomplishment of some sort. With all due respect to you and Myles Amine, he is second tier in USA at 86 which is why he is wrestling for San Marino and frankly, his road to the finals at Euros was egregiously cupcake-ish- not like he had anything to do with that or is complaining about it.
  19. Is kegger a synonym for kilogram? Not sure that one's gaining traction.
  20. having read a number of posts, I've decided irani is actually a computer program designed to test the limits of our human psyche . . .
  21. Got it. Isn't that the nature of most message boards though? Anonymity lends itself to that I feel like. . .
  22. I've heard the Flo guys on FRL mention at least 5 times in various episodes that this this is the worst wrestling message board out there. I can't understand why they think that- its not like there's a bunch of competition out there. I don't hold it against them that none of them can/have actually wrestled at any kind of competitive level. It's weird to me. Can anyone shed some light as to why this message board is the worst?
  23. His ego is the only thing injured.
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