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  1. From what I know, they are also both signed to compete for a German Bundesliga Team, near the Dutch border. I think they also spend some time there to train.
  2. Meanwhile all brackets are released. JB and Chamizo could meet in the final, but I guess somebody will forfeit
  3. 74kg is going to be the highlight of the tournament, if nobody forfeits to avoid a match. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/74kg-highlighted-trio-top-five-wrestlers-20-total-world-medals?fbclid=IwAR0mSuyzhzx4qQGb7c2r0zkN1kXB8D_zqDvP_2VQH3WNi-A6_Q9-b_OkF7M
  4. Well, it wasn’t the most exiting one :) but it’s still interesting from a fan perspective, how some country’s like USA, Iran or Russia decide, and how it plays out, who is going to wrestle at the Olympics, so it was still a good match to watch
  5. Are the matches of Zare and Taheri on YouTube? My coach always speaks very high of Zare, but I just saw a few matches of him, him vs bilal makhov from Russia for example
  6. Hmmm... I think there are a few names who are very likely to win a gold medal. Sadulaev in 97kg, Taha akgul or geno petrashvili
  7. Greco but Frank Stäbler won world championships in 67kg, 71kg (and 72kg but I guess the jump from 71 to 72kg doesn’t count)
  8. Steinforth started wrestling at 5 years old, he won a couple of fifth places at European or world champions in the age groups and he was enlisted in the military as a member of the sport divisions, because in Germany it's the "best thing" to earn some money while being in a Olympic sports and the talent to produce some good results. In 2019 he was our number 2, but our number 1 turned the world championships down because of injury and Steinforth was his replacement. Also he wrestled in the German Bundesliga for Wacker Burghausen, which won the League, in 2019 he fought notable Opponents like Timur Bizhoev (Russia) and Mihail Sava (Moldova) Here are some matches from the German Nationals : Semifinal match Final He also made it to the quarterfinals in 2018 world championships and lost against Sidakov.
  9. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/pan-american-championship-entries The entry list are online! In two weightclasses (61kgs and 92kgs) just two guys entered the competition.
  10. I've heard nurov is from Dagestan, too. Sadulaev and nurov train often times together, they both know each other very well, maybe that's why nurov could score this points
  11. Not really different rules, the major difference between Bundesliga and international wrestling is 15 points different for a tech win and not 8 points in greco or 10 in freestyle
  12. First of all I agree with you but Honestly, I don't understand much from folkstyle and I don't know how good the Programm from the university of Buffalo is, maybe you can tell me that :) but in the case of lars schäfle I don't think it's the wrong choice to give him a Scholarship because he won two senior titles at German championships and represented Germany at junior//U23 Europeans and World championships. In my opinion the German federation need to step up and create a own scholarship Programm to support our talents. If any German wrestler decides to achieve a scholarship in the states I'm totally fine with it but there should be alternatives in Germany. We only got 2 or 3 highschools with wrestling Programms and afterwards the "only" way to get any Form of scholarship to proceed wrestling is in joining the military or police.
  13. Well... Definitely more money than in Germany :-/ in the lower classes you can be happy if you get 20€ after competition for food. In the upper classes of the leagues the athletes get a little more money but it's not a lot, Denis Kudla won bronze in the Olympics and just received 10k. An den Ersteller des Threads : schreib mir mal bitte eine Message hier, ein alter Schulfreund hat sich nämlich damals für ein Stipendium für Ringen beworben, bekommen und sein Studium dann auch in den USA beendet, vllt kann ich da einen Kontakt herstellen und er dir helfen bzgl Anforderungen etc. Edit : Actually there is a German wrestler, Lars Schäfle, on a Scholarship for Wrestling at the University of Buffalo. Lars is the 2018 and 19 gold medal winner of German senior nationals at 86kg. http://www.ringen-sbrv.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=354:lars-schaefle-in-usa&catid=11&Itemid=101
  14. Nevermind -.- just saw the title of the video and was to excited to first watch and then post and did the opposite instead.
  15. Saw this on uww Facebook page
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