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  1. Just thought somebody might want to watch a few matches Alejandro Valdez vs Akhmednabi Gvarzatilov 65kg freestlye Akhmed Magamaev vs Nurmagomed Gadhziyev 97kg freestyle Arsen Musalaliev vs Ali Shabanau 87kg Freestsle Edit : also Sharif Sharifov fought Elizbar Odikadze this Saturday and I'm looking to find a video
  2. Actually I think it will be not a good match to watch... Like you said, Askren is excellent with his Grappling but "no match" for the BJJ of Maia and we already saw a fight between Maia and Woodley. I think the Match will be similar to Maia vs Woodley, Maia will try to take Askren down and Askren is good enough to avoid the takedowns of Maia. I also think it would be stupid to fight with Maia on the ground, because it's simply a great risk, he won against a bunch of wrestlers like Neil Magny, Chael Sonnen, Rick Story and Jon Fitch but also lost against every Wrestler that avoided his Takedowns, just to name a few : Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington, Woodley, Munoz and Weidman
  3. I don't know it either, but I can suggest they might get more money if athletes medal at certain events and maybe it's just the prestige to have Kyle Snyder in the room everyday to attract athletes to join Penn state // nlwc
  4. Well, Dudarov is a exception I think, our freestyle team isn't really the best and besides of 86kg and maybe 97kg it will take years to produce wrestlers with the chance to medal. He's the only one we thought with a realistic chance to medal and he did a great job but it should be noted, he isn't the typical German freestyle wrestler
  5. You sure about that? Maybe if they remove the shoes..?
  6. Should he be listed in this list? Then also micic should be listed in 57kg
  7. Born in Chechnya, but grown up in Germany and started wrestling in 2002 in Schifferstadt
  8. Don't know if trackwrestling works in Germany :( but it works by now I can't explain the 1 point either... Belarus was wrestling really dirty but I must admit, he did a "good" job against JB, didn't thought he'll be able to score anything or make it a close match
  9. Tuned in right now, unfortunately the schedule stream seems not to work properly, I don't know who is wrestling next
  10. Well, from now on just watch mat b... Bajarang first, then rashidov, third match Germany and afterwards Fix
  11. On Mat D is currently rus vs Egypt and afterwards micic I don't think I can use trackwrestling but I thought about a chatbox for the forum, like IRC Chat or something
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