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  1. Just thought somebody might want to watch a few matches 


    Alejandro Valdez vs Akhmednabi Gvarzatilov 65kg freestlye


    Akhmed Magamaev vs Nurmagomed Gadhziyev 97kg freestyle 


    Arsen Musalaliev vs  Ali Shabanau 87kg Freestsle

    Edit : also Sharif Sharifov fought Elizbar Odikadze this Saturday and I'm looking to find a video 


  2. Actually I think it will be not a good match to watch... Like you said, Askren is excellent with his Grappling but "no match" for the BJJ of Maia and we already saw a fight between Maia and Woodley. I think the Match will be similar to Maia vs Woodley, Maia will try to take Askren down and Askren is good enough to avoid the takedowns of Maia. I also think it would be stupid to fight with Maia on the ground, because it's simply a great risk, he won against a bunch of wrestlers like Neil Magny, Chael Sonnen, Rick Story and Jon Fitch but also lost against every Wrestler that avoided his Takedowns, just to name a few : Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington, Woodley, Munoz and Weidman

  3. 47 minutes ago, FishfinderAK said:

    Guess I am confused by the whole RTC thing.

    Let’s start w a few questions. Where does this money come from? What benefit is there to the RTC to bring in a big athlete?

    I sincerely apologize for my ignorance.

    I don't know it either, but I can suggest they might get more money if athletes medal at certain events and maybe it's just the prestige to have Kyle Snyder in the room everyday to attract athletes to join Penn state // nlwc

  4. 14 hours ago, maligned said:


    3. We're too caught up in the nation on the uniform. We think it's "weak" because Spain or Germany or Slovakia have a chance. Those are real guys with real credentials against top guys from around the world. They are not the typical western European reps.

    Well, Dudarov is a exception I think, our freestyle team isn't really the best and besides of 86kg and maybe 97kg it will take years to produce wrestlers with the chance to medal. He's the only one we thought with a realistic chance to medal and he did a great job but it should be noted, he isn't the typical German freestyle wrestler 

  5. 1 hour ago, BallandChain said:

    Currently using track wrestling as a workaround.

    Don't know if trackwrestling works in Germany :( but it works by now 


    1 minute ago, BallandChain said:

    I can explain what just happend but JB wins 11-10.  Was losing 10-10 on criteria. Big scramble on the edge. Was awarded 2. Belarus challenges the 2. Jb gets awarded the step out for the win. 

    F that dude from Belarus, skumbag all around. I dont think many will disagree when you watch the replay. 

    I can't explain the 1 point either... Belarus was wrestling really dirty but I must admit, he did a "good" job against JB, didn't thought he'll be able to score anything or make it a close match

  6. Hey folks, I got a bit of free time and decided to make this thread. I will update the first post after each day and count all the qualified weights per nation at the end of world's. 

    Greco Roman 6 weights in total (60kg, 67kg, 77kg, 87kg, 97kg, 130kg) :

    Germany : 3 (67kg, 87kg, 130kg)

    Russia : 3 (60kg, 67kg, 97kg) 

    Uzbekistan : 3 (60kg, 77kg, 87kg)

    Iran : 3 (60kg, 77kg, 130kg)

    Kazakhstan : 2 (60kg, 77kg) 

    Ukraine : 2 (60kg, 87kg)

    Armenia : 2 (77kg, 97kg)

    Turkey : 2 (97kg, 130kg)

    Cuba : 2 (67kg, 130kg)

    Hungary : 2 (77kg, 87kg) should be noted, the two qualified weights are brothers and both in the final. 

    Georgia : 2 (97kg, 130kg) 

    Serbia : 2 (67kg, 97kg)

    Japan : 1 (60kg)

    Egypt : 1 (67kg)

    Denmark : 1 (67kg)

    Kirgisistan : 1 (87kg)

    Belarus : 1 (87kg)

    Sweden : 1 (77kg)

    Polen : 1 (97kg)

    Estland : 1 (130kg)

    Women Freestyle 6 weights in total (50kg, 53kg, 57kg, 62kg, 68kg, 76kg) :

    China : 2 (50kg, 53kg)

    Azerbaijan : 1 (50kg)

    Romania : 1 (50kg)

    Kazakhstan : 1 (50kg)

    Japan : 1 (53kg)

    Greece : 1 (53kg) 

    Prk (don't know what this is) : 1 (53kg)

    That's the list so far, I will update it this evening or tomorrow morning and will continue to update it until the competition is over, feel free to discuss. 


  7. 2 minutes ago, Chet said:

    Father time has caught up to Vlasov. Maybe he'll get on a good Russian supplement program and make a run in 2020?

    Maybe, I think he can medal at the Olympics but at first he need to qualify his weight. 

    Did you guys noticed the top 6 in 97kg? All 6 are from Europe, which will give the "lesser" European guys a good chance to qualify at the qualifier tournament! 

  8. 1 hour ago, whaletail said:

    From your earlier post, it seems like the DRL teams actually use lower level German wrestlers (who wouldn't be able to make the national/world team anyway), but higher level foreign wrestlers.  Is that correct?

    And if I read it right, there are only 4 DRL teams across all of Germany?  Or just in Baden-Wurttemberg?  Whereas the original amateur leagues sill have many teams within each region?

    Finally, do those wrestlers - all foreign, I guess - of Ringer or Gwiz' level get paid a decent salary (~100,000+ euros per annum), or only around 1K euros per match?

    It is correct, at the moment only lower lvl German wrestlers compete in the DRL, it's to high of a risk to compete in the DRL if you still want to be considered for worlds or Europeans. In Germany the Coaches pick the Nationalteam and since the federation and the DRL are not in good terms they could end up losing their position in the team. For example, a few Germans signing with the DRL : Mohammed Yeter got kicked out a few years ago of the nationalteam because of weight issues. Ibrahim Fallacara ended his international career a few years ago and just wants to wrestle in the league.

    The DRL and the amateur league uses high lvl foreigners, in the first season of the DRL Schifferstadt hired most of the U23 Team of Georgia because the Coach and Manager in Schifferstadt knew the U23 Coach of Georgia. 

    Currently the DRL league contains 6 Teams (5 German and 1 Belgium) and it's suggested and there are rumors about the DRL clubs wanting to get back under the roof of federation. Also it's unlikely that new clubs will enlist in the DRL because often times a club in the highest league got more than one team in the amateur leagues and it could hurt the career of all wrestlers, nobody wants to risk the career of the wrestling offspring. Also it might be bad for the club as well to join the DRL, because the majority of visitors are regional wrestling fans and a big minus is, the attending folks often times can't interact with the foreigners like they can interact with German wrestlers due to language barrier. 

    Hmm! About the payroll I can't say anything, mostly because I don't know it. The budget of Ispringen under the Federation was approximately 400k euro just for the wrestlers and what I heard a few years ago was Soner Demirtas (Bronze Olympics 2016 74kg freestyle) earned round about 25k during the season, flights and everything got obviously paid. I think Gwiz and Dieringer will have 3-4 Fights, because it would be too expensive to let them stay in Germany for the whole season and it's nuts to fly every week from the US to Germany for 6 minutes of wrestling so I suggest they will cash in 8-12k in total. 

    Edit Also it should be noted, in Eastern Europe a payroll of 8-12k is much more than 8-12k in the US due to living costs 

  9. 2 hours ago, Mphillips said:

    Thanks Graverobber.

    This sounds like it works much like the Bundesliga Soccer Association?  Is that a fair statement the way the teams are relegated and/or promoted?

    Yes, on a lot smaller scale obviously, an average Bundesliga match will be attended by like 600-1500 visitors, depending on the team, location and everything. Playoff finals can be up to 6000 visitors.

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