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  1. On 1/30/2021 at 2:20 AM, wrestfan said:


    125, there are 4 favorites actually, or maybe 5. Zare, Taheri, Hadi, Mohebbi and Foroutan. Hadi is aging and Mohebbi apparently didn't impress the coaches recently. Foroutan is new to the weight and Taheri has a poor international record, so yes I think Zare is the main favorite but he lost to Taheri in 2020 World Team Trials. Taheri has no chance to medal at the Olympics but he still can beat anybody in Iran to make the team which is terrible! Zare had hard time to score on him and Taheri won 2 of their 3 matches during the trials. (and was supposed to wrestle at the 2020 Worlds)

    Well, it wasn’t the most exiting one :) but it’s still interesting from a fan perspective, how some country’s like USA, Iran or Russia decide, and how it plays out, who is going to wrestle at the Olympics, so it was still a good match to watch 

  2. 8 hours ago, TripNSweep said:

    I think he has maybe at best a year or two.  If he has any more than that then expect some borderline kids to go hang out in a foreign military for a few years.  If I had a kid who maybe wasn't ready to wrestle in college right away, either from a physical or mental standpoint, I'd encourage them to enlist in the military and develop whatever they lacked and then when they were finished with their enlistment, try wrestling in college.  I know that some foreign military service is comparable to what you would see if you were in the reserves or national guard here, so a lot of their free time could be spent wrestling or doing physical training.  

    Steinforth started wrestling at 5 years old, he won a couple of fifth places at European or world champions in the age groups and he was enlisted in the military as a member of the sport divisions, because in Germany it's the "best thing" to earn some money while being in a Olympic sports and the talent to produce some good results. 

    In 2019 he was our number 2, but our number 1 turned the world championships down because of injury and Steinforth was his replacement. Also he wrestled in the German Bundesliga for Wacker Burghausen, which won the League, in 2019 he fought notable Opponents like Timur Bizhoev (Russia) and Mihail Sava (Moldova) 


    Here are some matches from the German Nationals :


    Semifinal match


    He also made it to the quarterfinals in 2018 world championships and lost against Sidakov. 


  3. 2 hours ago, TripNSweep said:

    Lower tier programs are a better place for foriegn guys usually.  If they go bust, the admin doesn't care usually.  But if Brands or Sanderson gave a full scholarship to some foriegn guy who went bust, it would be pretty bad for them until they could unload him. Some guys could pan out great but no guarantees being good at freestyle means you'll thrive in folk.


    First of all I agree with you but Honestly, I don't understand much from folkstyle and I don't know how good the Programm from the university of Buffalo is, maybe you can tell me that :) but in the case of lars schäfle I don't think it's the wrong choice to give him a Scholarship because he won two senior titles at German championships and represented Germany at junior//U23 Europeans and World championships.

    In my opinion the German federation need to step up and create a own scholarship Programm to support our talents. If any German wrestler decides to achieve a scholarship in the states I'm totally fine with it but there should be alternatives in Germany. We only got 2 or 3 highschools with wrestling Programms and afterwards the "only" way to get any Form of scholarship to proceed wrestling is in joining the military or police. 

  4. 8 hours ago, TripNSweep said:

    Not an expert or claim to be.  But I do know that foreign wrestlers who come here are surprised that even the top guys don't make much from wrestling.  In some places in Europe they think Americans get paid so well but they're pretty shocked at how little if anything guys make to wrestle here.  They think everyone gets Kyle Snyder or Jordan Burroughs kind of money.  

    Well... Definitely more money than in Germany :-/ in the lower classes you can be happy if you get 20€ after competition for food. In the upper classes of the leagues the athletes get a little more money but it's not a lot, Denis Kudla won bronze in the Olympics and just received 10k.

    An den Ersteller des Threads : schreib mir mal bitte eine Message hier, ein alter Schulfreund hat sich nämlich damals für ein Stipendium für Ringen beworben, bekommen und sein Studium dann auch in den USA beendet, vllt kann ich da einen Kontakt herstellen und er dir helfen bzgl Anforderungen etc. 

    Edit Actually there is a German wrestler, Lars Schäfle, on a Scholarship for Wrestling at the University of Buffalo. Lars is the 2018 and 19 gold medal winner of German senior nationals at 86kg.


  5. Just thought somebody might want to watch a few matches 


    Alejandro Valdez vs Akhmednabi Gvarzatilov 65kg freestlye


    Akhmed Magamaev vs Nurmagomed Gadhziyev 97kg freestyle 


    Arsen Musalaliev vs  Ali Shabanau 87kg Freestsle

    Edit : also Sharif Sharifov fought Elizbar Odikadze this Saturday and I'm looking to find a video 


  6. Actually I think it will be not a good match to watch... Like you said, Askren is excellent with his Grappling but "no match" for the BJJ of Maia and we already saw a fight between Maia and Woodley. I think the Match will be similar to Maia vs Woodley, Maia will try to take Askren down and Askren is good enough to avoid the takedowns of Maia. I also think it would be stupid to fight with Maia on the ground, because it's simply a great risk, he won against a bunch of wrestlers like Neil Magny, Chael Sonnen, Rick Story and Jon Fitch but also lost against every Wrestler that avoided his Takedowns, just to name a few : Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington, Woodley, Munoz and Weidman

  7. 47 minutes ago, FishfinderAK said:

    Guess I am confused by the whole RTC thing.

    Let’s start w a few questions. Where does this money come from? What benefit is there to the RTC to bring in a big athlete?

    I sincerely apologize for my ignorance.

    I don't know it either, but I can suggest they might get more money if athletes medal at certain events and maybe it's just the prestige to have Kyle Snyder in the room everyday to attract athletes to join Penn state // nlwc

  8. 14 hours ago, maligned said:


    3. We're too caught up in the nation on the uniform. We think it's "weak" because Spain or Germany or Slovakia have a chance. Those are real guys with real credentials against top guys from around the world. They are not the typical western European reps.

    Well, Dudarov is a exception I think, our freestyle team isn't really the best and besides of 86kg and maybe 97kg it will take years to produce wrestlers with the chance to medal. He's the only one we thought with a realistic chance to medal and he did a great job but it should be noted, he isn't the typical German freestyle wrestler 

  9. 1 hour ago, BallandChain said:

    Currently using track wrestling as a workaround.

    Don't know if trackwrestling works in Germany :( but it works by now 


    1 minute ago, BallandChain said:

    I can explain what just happend but JB wins 11-10.  Was losing 10-10 on criteria. Big scramble on the edge. Was awarded 2. Belarus challenges the 2. Jb gets awarded the step out for the win. 

    F that dude from Belarus, skumbag all around. I dont think many will disagree when you watch the replay. 

    I can't explain the 1 point either... Belarus was wrestling really dirty but I must admit, he did a "good" job against JB, didn't thought he'll be able to score anything or make it a close match

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