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  1. 9 minutes ago, Billyhoyle said:

    I'd define success as being a top fighter in the UFC (not necessarily champ, but at least earning a title fight or being in the UFC for a number of years). If he stayed in wrestling, Nickal would be near the top in the 2024/2028 cycles for world/olympic teams.  So for Nickal to be successful in the MMA, I'd define it as competing for world titles.   I have no doubt that any top wrestler can go and win secondary promotions like Bellator and whatever PFL is, but there's a huge jump in talent between those and the UFC. There's no way to know a priori if somebody is going to be able to achieve that level of success, no matter what accolades he has had in wrestling. 


    And if you want to make an argument that all of these guys are successful because they're making a living fighting in secondary promotions, we can just agree to disagree on that.  

    I can understand your point and agree with it on several terms. In case of bo nickal, I agree with you, anything but Ufc and maybe titleshots would be disappointing. 

    I think, if you can make it to the top in secondary promotions like strikeforce or even bellator, you are still a successful mma fighter and could be a top 15 guy in the Ufc. Best example is gegard mousasi, he lost his last fight against Lovato but I would still consider him a top 10 guy or even more if he stayed in the Ufc. 

    Wasn't on my mind to make an argument about this whole topic, just wanted to share my thoughts and opinions about it :) 

  2. 3 hours ago, Billyhoyle said:

    Impossible to say until we see him in the UFC. Here's a list of some notable wrestlers who had limited success in MMA:

    Lawal/Askren/Rosholt/Rosholt2/Pico/Lance Palmer/Caldwell/Honeycutt/Paul Bradley.  These are highly decorated wrestlers, and I'd say Askren is the only one who did moderately well out of the bunch, and that was just because of his ability to promote himself and make $$$ beating up scrubs.  In reality, he probably would have been out of the UFC years ago if given the chance.

    Well, what is limited success in mma, when you fight in one of the top promotions? Like Ufc, bellator, strikeforce, pfl or rizin? Palmer won the first pfl tournament and 1 million dollar, Lawal was strikeforce and rizin champion and the heavyweight Rosholt had an good run in the Ufc but was cut because of his style 

  3. 3 hours ago, Billyhoyle said:

    Askren’s two fights have told me that he is going to take a lot of damage from any top fighter. He can steal a win like he did against Lawler, but eating punches and knees like he has is no recipe for long term success. At best he’s going to be a .500 fighter against these guys with KO power because he has none so they don’t have to show him any respect. 


    Glad we agree on Pico though.

    Totally agree, but not every fighter will be a champion, that's life. I think still he could win a couple of fights in the Ufc, maybe not the top guys but what about fighters like Neil magny, Kevin Lee or even Demian Maia (tbh, if Maia can't get the takedown it will be an ugly striking match)? I definitely would watch any of these matchups and I hope he sticks around for at least one or two fights. 

  4. 13 minutes ago, Billyhoyle said:

    Well, the question of whether Askren is actually a top fighter has been answered. I’m not sure why anyone thought he could wrestle has way through the UFC-that simply doesn’t work anymore. I’d see both him and Pico retire-Askren to coaching and Pico to international wrestling. 

    Don't agree with that... Masvidal fight with just 5 sec don't tell anything about his ability to wrestle, since Askren is in the Ufc he only fought Lawler (ex champion) and Masvidal (rank 4 or 5), I want to see him at least one or twice more against Opponents from Rank 7-15

    Pico really should come back to wrestling, with 22 years of age, he can go back to mma after 2024, or pick the right gym and right opponents. 

  5. Wasn't he retired already? He had an amazing run in mma, claiming the bellator and one fc belt but he is to one dimensional for the Ufc right now... I remember his no contest against Luis Santos, he got a bit beat up in those 2 minutes until the eyepoke and I think against striker with good takedown defense he will take unnecessary damage. 

    The Ufc should hire him for broadcasting and I bet he's a good coach, so maybe this could be the future for him. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Plasmodium said:

    The Dake debacle has run its course for me.  The rules will change out of necessity next year and we'll all be a little weaker because of it.

    It is time to pick sides.  I'm going with Ringer.  It is destiny for those of us who speak German via google translate - Die + Ringer == The + Wrestler   Lass uns gehen Cowboy!!!


    Well, not entirely correct to translate "die Ringer" in the wrestler, but tbh, as a foreigner I favor Dieringer over Dake because it's funny his nickname is wrestler in German xD

  7. 7 hours ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    I know this sound like a stupid thing to say about a returning world champ... but Sidakov is looking good.  Too good.  

    I underestimated him a bit previous to the event, because of his layoff since worlds, hopefully dake will in the same place as Sidakov when coming back from injury. But the whole Russian freestyle men team looked really good, 4 gold and 2 bronze, not bad. 

  8. 20 hours ago, Gantry said:

    Always good to see more posts from a non-American perspective, thanks!  Will keep an eye out for Hemmer...

    She won 2-0 :) with luzie manke in repechage and francy rädelt in the finals we may got two more medals. I'm looking forward to 97kg and 130gr, etka Sever and Jello Kramer got U23 medals and I hope they can win a few fights or even a medal, but Sever wasn't impressive at German nationals last month, he placed 5th. 

  9. 22 minutes ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    I agree, good for them and I wish they would wrestle for USA.  

    But both are good enough right now to be at least national team members for us.  Micic would be in serious contention to be our rep at 57kg, and with what Amine has accomplished in his last two international tournaments, I wouldn't doubt that he could make top 3 at 86kg.  

    But I can't blame them for not wrestling for the US... I guess it's a bit like in Russia, if you're number 3 or 4, you might could be a world champion but you will never get the chance to wrestle at those tournaments, maybe you know Kakhaber Khubezhty from Russia, he won against numerous world medalist in the German Bundesliga but never got the chance to wrestle at worlds as a senior. 

  10. 49 minutes ago, Coach_J said:

    The Amines have biological ties to San Marino and I'm sure the finances are not a huge issue for his family (good people and well to do in the area).  Novochkov, Habat, Micic, Amine, Abounader, etc., I'm glad they are getting a chance to further their careers.

    Good for him, I was wondering because I know a bit of the financial support system in wrestling in Germany and it's not really good, so I was wondering how a small country like San Marino handles it. I think it's "best case" for athletes like Amine and Micic to wrestle for country's like San Marino and Serbia, maybe they could have an international career under the Flag of America but maybe not. Serbia got a few good greco wrestlers but I don't think San Marino got a lot of good wrestlers, so it's good for him to be the number one there, have success and maybe get some money for flights or something else 

  11. 8 hours ago, Gantry said:

    That's pretty great, the COUNTRY he's representing is smaller than the college he's representing.

    I'd love to know how he has citizenship there, a grandparent maybe?  With 30K people it's not an easy task to be a descendant of one...

    I'm asking myself, how is the sponsorship for athletes from San Marino? Just 30k people and gross domestic product of 2million. Maybe the athlete have to pay for flight, hotel and everything else 

  12. Well, from German perspective "good results" from the freestyle team. I remember a few years ago everybody said Dudarov will always be Nr 4/5 in Germany but he improved well and won bronze against silver world medalist. 

    Nina hemmer will wrestle tomorrow for bronze, hopefully she can win but to be honest, I'm looking forward to world championships greco because we got a few wrestlers with chances to medal

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