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  1. Here's another interesting twist to 65kg.... What if Gomez from PR decides to drop down to 65 for the Pan Am Qualifier?
  2. 4 years at a re-education camp is great motivation.
  3. PRK = People's Republic of Korea = North Korea
  4. Does anyone know why Pino Hinds is representing Cuba at 130kg? Is Lopez injured or did he lose in a qualifier?
  5. Every time we start talking greco roman wrestling a folkstyle fan has got to pull a Rulon Gardner out they a$$. Rulon Gardner was good, but compared to Dremiel Byers, Rulon Gardner ain't sh!t.
  6. I really miss 2010. Both Team USA's men's greco and freestyle were equally pathetic and didn't get a single medal. Switching up the teams may have been an option that year to garner better results.
  7. Father time has caught up to Vlasov. Maybe he'll get on a good Russian supplement program and make a run in 2020?
  8. Fix is the ultimate homer pick from Willie. I am surprised he didn't pick Coon to win it all in Greco!
  9. This had nothing to do with security or politics. It was simple. Lee Greenwood was booked to perform at the opening and closing ceremonies for this event, but the organizers overlooked his demand to wear Jadidi's low-cut singlet from 1996 for his 25 minute rendition of "God Bless the USA" and he pulled out and Team USA rightly left with him. No one disrespects Lee Greenwood's demands!
  10. Agreed. Iran should go around to other countries and demand they spend exorbitant amounts of money on developing infrastructure for their events and provide all their top delegates with lavish expensive accommodations and then leave after a 16 days and watch as the host city goes through a decade of economic ruin!
  11. Does anyone have any predictions for Rio 2016 wrestlers that will drop dirty on the retests of their samples? Maybe Putin will ask Trump if he can borrow Seal Team Six to raid the WADA labs in Montreal?
  12. Snyder was a World Silver medalist in 18. You have him listed as Bronze.
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