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  1. " he thumbed his nose at their precious sh!t style of wrestling..." I bet he now wishes he didn't. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.....
  2. Bey and Hancock competed at the Senior Worlds, yes? Pico had all the talent in the world, but he chose his path and as it been stated on here before, he never won a "meaningful" Senior-level competition. Am I incorrect?
  3. When he was 14-15 years old, many on here were saying this and that and he's gonna whip this guy and do this, win the Trials, The Open, The Olympics, but he didn't. I am not knocking his talent, but he gambled and lost. In MMA, let's be frank, he has a glass jaw. He's tough against like talented (or less) fighter, but he has not been able to hang with people ranked above him. WE ARE STILL WAITING>
  4. Was never able to win the big one. Stick to MMA, be a decent fighter and earn some money for your future. This guy he just fought was 279th in the division.
  5. Indeed it's time to hang it up....but, if he would have boxed Maia, he would have won. Going to, and staying on the mat was a bad decision.
  6. Jesus Wilson was the biggest "dogger" I've ever seen....dirty wrestler, too. If it's out there, watch Wilson vs Jason Kutz in the World Team Trials...maybe 2003?
  7. Exactly, you believe that? Lemme guess, he's(O'Steen) non-profit, too. hah Any strong accountant can make you look as if you are operating in the red, just ask the occupant of the White House.
  8. Gross? I think it's great and if you (every one of you) had the opportunity to represent another country and compete in the Olympics, you would. If you say you wouldn't, your're lying. Sean Bormet is all class and the way he supports his athletes is fantastic!
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