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  1. Indeed it's time to hang it up....but, if he would have boxed Maia, he would have won. Going to, and staying on the mat was a bad decision.
  2. Jesus Wilson was the biggest "dogger" I've ever seen....dirty wrestler, too. If it's out there, watch Wilson vs Jason Kutz in the World Team Trials...maybe 2003?
  3. Exactly, you believe that? Lemme guess, he's(O'Steen) non-profit, too. hah Any strong accountant can make you look as if you are operating in the red, just ask the occupant of the White House.
  4. Gross? I think it's great and if you (every one of you) had the opportunity to represent another country and compete in the Olympics, you would. If you say you wouldn't, your're lying. Sean Bormet is all class and the way he supports his athletes is fantastic!
  5. I've been saying for many years, it's time to import some Greco coaches.
  6. The Bundesliga matches are a good time. The fans are great and they have interesting rules. I saw Frank Chamizo wrestle in the Bundesliga, before he became Frank Chamizo...It's a great thing and a great way to make some extra $$.
  7. I would love to give a whistle to those guys, let them ref, I can be a coach in the corner and then critique their job as an official online.
  8. And I will tell you, the head of their federation flies around the world like he is a Rockefeller.
  9. If anyone knows Esteves, contact him and let's set up a GoFund or something similar. I think that would be a good thing!
  10. Rohn vs Lambrecht was insane....Great call! Kelly vs Penrith another doozy Caldwell vs Metcalf
  11. KJ is a great coach and a great guy who has, and will continue to do great things for USA Wrestling. We're lucky to have him.
  12. So you would take Pico, who "was" a very solid wrestler, who almost wins, over Yanni who you say, "Squeaks by?"..I am no Yanni crusader, but he has consistently won at all levels and I am pretty sure who beat Pico, handily.
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